Thanks so much for stopping by my blog!  As it says, this is a blog where I plan to review completed manga series.  Why am I doing this?  Because I love manga!  But not all manga is created equal, and honestly, there have been many times where I wished someone could have warned me in advance…

Maybe you feel the same?  So I created this blog so I can rate series as I read them and give everyone my thoughts on the series.

But I’m not just here to rip on manga! Too many times I have also wanted to gush over a series, but I have no one to tell (without getting annoying), so I thought that this would be a great place to talk about manga!

The good, the bad, and the crazy!  I want to read all the manga there is!!

Manga will be spoiled here,
so if you do not want spoilers,
then you may be looking at the wrong site!




Most of the manga that I will be reviewing will be from websites.  As such, I use the advanced search options to limit the genres that I read.  Unfortunately, I will not be reading every genre of manga out there.  There are a few genres that I just don’t like, so I won’t be reading them unless you recommend a series for me to review!

Here are the genres I won’t read:
–   Horror
–   Tragedy
–   Doujinshi
Doujinshi may seem strange, but since those are more like fanfiction in manga form, then I just don’t have a desire to read them (I love fanfic, but I’m here to rate manga).  Horror and tragedy are just genres that depress me or make me anxious, so I will not choose to read those on my own.
However, there are some series like “D. Gray-Man” that are technically considered horror!  I have read part of that one (it’s not completed yet -5/15/18), and I do enjoy it.

If there is a series that you want to recommend to me, please let me know!  I will gladly read it even if it’s one of the genres listed above!  Since those genres are on my restricted list, I won’t know about some manga unless you tell me!



On this blog, I will be rating manga from 0 to 5 stars.  Each star represents a category that I will be judging the manga on.

  • Plot: How well does the manga stick to its plot?  Does it resolve the plot?  Does it start or develop a plot?
  • Art: How does the art look?  Can I understand what is going on (expressions, fight scenes, transitions, etc.)? This is the artistic side of the story.
  • Story Progression: This is the writing side of the story.  How well does the story progress?  Am I bored out of my mind because nothing’s happening?  Am I unable to put the manga down because so many important things are happening?
  • Genre: How well does the manga follow the genre listed with it?
  • Enjoyment: How much did I enjoy the manga?  Did I hate it?  Was it alright?  Did I love it?

The stars may not be listed in this exact order every time, but I will be using these criteria to rate the manga I’ve read.  On each star, the manga may receive no star, half a star, or a full star.  I will also give a description for the rating of each star.



This is my first blog, so please be kind and understanding as you read.  The formatting here may not be the easiest, but I will be working hard from here on out to create a helpful and resourceful site!