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This is the only yaoi I own, and I have read it several times, but I’ll try to stay partial.  Since I do own this manga, I’ll be reading the official English translation instead of from a site.

The back cover reads:
“Keisuke’s incredibly handsome best friend Masayuki has always rubbed him just a little bit the wrong way.  Maybe it’s because Masayuki is rich, carefree, and so stunningly handsome that he can, and does, have any girl he wants?  But one day, when Keisuke accidentally wears his older sister’s panty hose to gym class, it’s suddenly his hot friend who’s doing the rubbing…on Keisuke’s panty hose-clad legs!  Has he unwittingly unleashed a secret fetish that will change their relationship forever?”

This manga is one volume long with six chapters and a three side comics at the end.  My review will be below, and if you continue reading below the stars, you will see my explanation and my recounting of what I read.

Warning: I’m going to start this review by saying that this is a yaoi.  If you are not comfortable reading about men having sex with each other, then this is not the manga for you.  You should avoid any manga that say “yaoi”, “BL” (boy love), and maybe even “shounen ai” if two men together makes you uncomfortable.
I should state that I love this manga not for the sex but for the relationships.  I am a sucker for a good romance, and this one has one of the best (between men) that I’ve ever read.  Let’s just get started so you’ll know what I’m talking about.

Every post past this point will be a spoiler, so please read ahead with caution!


It’s review time!

Crescent Moon review

Plot: 1/2 star. This one doesn’t really have a stated plot… If I had to try to find one, it would be whether the class decides on what to do for the cultural festival, which, yes, they do. So, in that regard this manga completes its plot. The action of the story revolves around Keisuke and Masayuki’s relationship, though (and man, what a joy that is to read). The manga isn’t just about them, though; there’re so many wonderful characters who each have their own lives! Since I’m so torn about the plot, then I’ll have to give this only half a star.

Art: 1 star. I love the art in this manga. The hair styles and shading, the GORGEOUS eyes, the character designs; I love it all. This is one of the most beautiful manga I’ve ever read just in regards to how the characters look. Each character is unique and easy to recognize. The diverse expressions are fantastic. I can tell what happens in every panel, but I also discover more each time I read the manga! There are so many little details that make each reading wonderful.

Story Progression: 1 star. This is a short manga, just one volume, so it’d be hard to get bored. But I absolutely don’t. I love this manga. I love the writing and all the different character interactions. The pace drops sometimes between scenes, but only for a page or so. I definitely am not bored or overwhelmed.

Genre: 1 star. This is definitely a yaoi. There is sex, so please just be prepared. There is also tons of humor, so I would add Comedy as part of the genre, but since that wasn’t listed on Google, then I’ll just stick with what was listed.

Enjoyment: 1 star. I wish I could give more stars for this. This is by far my favorite yaoi, and if you couldn’t tell from the rest of my review, I absolutely love this manga. I love how all the character’s interact. I love that the first openly gay character in this yaoi isn’t girly or a push over. I love the way Keisuke and Masayuki’s relationship develops. I love that there are straight characters in this yaoi!! I love the supportive family dynamic. I like the character struggles for those who don’t have supportive families because it seems more real. There’s a ton of comedy in this manga, but it’s also so real with emotions and conflicts, and I love that.

So even though this series does not have five stars, I still highly recommend it,
so I’m going to put it on the “5 Star” page.

If you’d like to read my full review, please click here.

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