Crescent Moon, part 2

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Crescent Moon

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I actually own this series, so I will be reading the official English translation rather than reading from a website.

The back cover reads:
“Mahiru Shiraishi has an uncanny ability to bring good luck to everyone she touches -except herself. She’s constantly haunted by a recurring nightmare that ushers her to a dreamworld. There, she encounters a tribe of demons -a werewolf, vampire, fox, and bat- called the Lunar Race. Destiny calls when they need her help to recover their source of power, the stolen “Teardrops of the Moon”. In this fantasy adventure, Mahiru must battle the rage between the human race and the Lunar Race, whose powers are awakened by the dark side of the moon.”

Crescent Moon has 25 chapters through 6 volumes. My review will be below, and if you continue reading below the stars, you will see my explanation and my recounting of what I read.

Every post past this point will be a spoiler, so please read ahead with caution!

May 21, 2018
I only made it to chapter 10 tonight, but I still need to write about what I read. So it’s finally been revealed who “those kids” are, the group of professionals that I mentioned last time. They are known as “Dawn’s Venus”, and they are a group of humans with the sole purpose of exterminating the Lunar Race.

In Dawn’s Venus, we’ve met three characters. Keiko Himura, the seer (she goes to Mahiru’s high school, and aside from her visions and predictions, she seems to have no other interest in helping the group. In fact, she has a bad relationship with the leader -but at the end of chapter 9, it’s hinted that there’s some sort of history between them -seems to me that she had a little crush going at some point~), Mutsura, the bowman/illusionist (we know the least about him), and Hokuto Koudokui, the leader.

Hokuto is descended from the Koudokui family which has apparently been tasked with exterminating the Lunar Race. Now, the role has fallen to Hokuto, and he is all for it. That’s really all we know so far.

So plot wise, what has happened is that our gang (Nozomu and Misoka) have found Akira. Unfortunately, they also get captured by Dawn’s Venus. Mahiru does her best to save them, but she’s never taken action before, and she’s scared out of her mind. Turns out she can resonate with the Teardrops of the Moon -which I forgot, they did recover the third Teardrop by chapter 7. When she resonates with one Teardrop, it affects the other Teardrops, so Mitsuru (who was revived by a Teardrop of the Moon) can hear all of Mahiru’s panicked thoughts. So, he comes to rescue her (and the others)!

During the rescue scene, Mahiru unconsciously gives Mitsuru a power boost which inflates his ego. He almost kills Dawn’s Venus with lightning, but he is stopped by Misoka who is apparently half human. Our main characters then prepare to return home, and Mahiru makes the announcement that she wants to become the bridge between the Lunar Race and the human race.
And so ends chapter 9. I’ll start back with chapter 10 next time!

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