Soul Eater, part 5

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I do not own this manga, so I will be reading fan translations online.  From this point onward, I am going to be doing shorthand descriptions on each chapter.  These descriptions are really more of a reminder to myself about what all I have been able to read so far.  Sorry if this bothers anyone!  I will do a full description on the final review page of each series I read.  Thank you for understanding!

Every post past this point will be a spoiler, so please read ahead with caution!

ch20: Maka and Soul continue ahead while Chrona deals with Ragnarok. Kidd gets his first taste of the Kishin because he’s so perceptive to souls. Kidd fights the immortal Free but gets distracted by the ruins around him and how they fit together (Free likes assemling puzzles too). Black Star appears and begins fighting Free alongwith Kidd. Kidd realizes that Free is just an illusion (also Kidd is afraid of immortals because they’re cheaters). Erika and Free arrive at the Seal Sanctuary where the Kishin is. the craziness of the Kishin almost makes Free and Erika kill themselves while caught it in.

ch21: Stein and Medusa keep fighting. Spirit recalls that it’s his job to keep Stein in check. growing up, Stein was hard to control; doctors thought it was from a past trauma, but it was Stein’s own boredom and fear of stagnation; he never did anything too bad though because he feared what he’d become. he rejects Medusa’s invitation because the selfish rules of man (or a witch) aren’t enough to keep him in check; he needs the rules of a god. and his god lets him dissect things for him.
Kidd and Black Star arrive to try and stop the Kishin’s revival. as Kidd shoots Free, Black Star goes after Erika who’s carrying the black blood. Black Star cuts open the container of black blood. except he hallucinated and cut the statue. the kishin is revived.
while Medusa is distracted, Stein cuts her in half and laughs. the kishin begins filling out his old skin

ch22: Kishin screams when he sees Erika, making her scream too. Black Star goes to fight the Kishin without Tsubaki who refused to change into her demon sword mode (because she knew she’d absorb his soul). Kishin knocks Black Star and Kidd out with one hit/flick each. as the Kishin escapes, Maka grabs the end of a scarf to try and stop him
back in town, Blair and Mizune are fighting to the cheers of the local men. Maka loses hold of the Kishin, and Soul protects her from the fall with his own body.
Free and Erika make it to the surface by Free climbing out of the hole Kishin made; Shinigami-sama is free because Free bluffed about the barrier’s time limit xD
Shinigami-sama fights Asura, but he can’t defeat him without a death scythe. Asura escapes because he knows Shinigami-sama’s limited area. Shinigami-sama tells Sid to alert all the death scythes to come to Death City.
Stein finally kills Medusa. except that one snake escaped

ch23: Death scythe, Europe chief, Justin Law appears. other Europe and West Asia are on missions. South America can’t be understood, and Africa has blocked them. Justin, Spirit, and 2 others have arrived. Oceania chief, Marie Mjolnir, and East Asia chief, Azusa Yumi. Marie wants to get married, and Azusa used to be the student council president. we learn the most immediate problem with Asura’s revival is his wavelength of insanity which encourages the insanity in a person’s soul to come out; it’s not as effective on priests and clergymen. Spirit will stay as Shinigami-sama’s weapon, and Marie will be Stein’s partner.
Our kids (not Liz) play basketball; the losing team’s captain must do a punishment. Maka’s captain because Black Star’s trying to be considerate, and when her team loses, she has to go on a date with her dad who barfs from happiness
Marie will be living with Stein since she hasn’t had time to get an apartment, and he has the space. her soul’s wavelength is positive, so it should slow his insanity

ch24: Chrona doesn’t know how to talk to zombies, so Sid asks Maka to show her around school, and Marie -after being found by them- becomes the chaperone. Shinigami-sama confiscated all of Ragnarok’s souls, so he’s tiny now. after exploring the school, Chrona doesn’t think she can handle it, so Maka tells her to write a poem. it’s so depressing, it sends Maka, Marie, Black Star, and Soul into the corner to huddle in depression; Chrona and Sid join them
Maka, Soul, and Chrona are sent to Loew Village in the Czech Republic to investigate the oldes golem that recently acted violently (which should be impossible). Enchanter Sou is the only one willing to take them to the old golem; he’s leading them into a trap though. the golem appears!

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    1. My advice is to take notes on whatever you want to write about. It helps to include references and pictures, even just as reminders for yourself but also for your readers. I take notes on what I’m going to write about using the “Notepad” feature on my computer; this lets me write basic texts in a simple format, and I often save the reference links to my subject (for me, it’s manga, obviously) there, as well. I use Microsoft Paint to copy and cut pictures to add to my article. I’m sorry that that’s all the advice I have ^^;


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