Dousaibou Seibutsu, part 0

Y’know what I haven’t read in a while?  Shounen ai!  Let’s get on that!

Dousaibou Seibutsu(image from:

General warning/disclaimer: For those who don’t know, shounen ai translates to boy love.  It differs from yaoi in that -as far as I can tell- there is generally no explicit sex, but rather, it just focuses on the relationship between boys.

I don’t own this manga, so I’ll be reading a fan translated copy online. I am going to be doing shorthand as I read.  These descriptions are really more of a reminder to myself about what all I have been able to read so far.  Sorry if this bothers anyone!  I will do a full description on the final review page of each series I read.

Every post past this point will be a spoiler, so please read ahead with caution!

chapters 1-3 were about two boys named Nakagawa and Yokota.  they met in class and somehow became friends. Yokota loves baseball and tries hard at everything, but he fails a lot. Nakagawa doesn’t try very hard at anything (until Yokota inspires him), but he seems to always succeed. they admire those things about the other (1’s devotion and enthusiasm to never stop trying, and the other’s cool demeanor and natural abilities). their friendship progresses to hanging out at each other’s houses (or I guess the manga only shows it once) to staying the night. as Yokota sleeps soundly, Nakagawa decides to mess with him for being so clingy, first by pinching their nose (no response), to then kissing him (because why not). next day, as Nakagawa sleeps on the roof, he’s kissed in return; turns out Yokota was totally awake xD or at least not totally asleep. Nakagawa decides to stop thinking so much and kisses him again to prove it wasn’t an accident/that he didn’t regret it. they become a couple after that (this manga really just focuses on them; nothing about their parents or other friends).
they decide to live together for college (Nakagawa gets in, and Yokota doesn’t). Nakagawa prays every day that they’ll have a red string of fate bind them together forever (which is actually super sweet in my opinion). they vow to never change and to always love each other ❤

ch4: new story, new boys! they meet in a secluded room that no one enters. they take turns hanging out there separately, but over time, begin hanging out together. they study together and such, and during one’s nap, the other kisses him (this is familiar). instead of returning the kiss, he holds hands. the kisser’s also a high jumper (named Kana, btw), and he encourages the other to try it. turns out other guy (Yuuji) is not successful his first time. Yuuji asks if Kana jumps to reach heaven; Kana’s confused. during summer and fall, Yuuji doesn’t come back… Kana goes to look for him, is given no help from his teacher, and must ask each teacher individually for their name roster in order to find his friend’s name -because they don’t know anything about each other. Yuuji left a note to his friend. he tells Kana to meet him in the secluded room and confesses that he likes him. Kana runs there and hugs his friend tight, proclaiming his love. Yuuji had died, and this was just his ghost waiting for Kana one last time (T.T)

ch5 & 6: new boys! only now one’s an angel! angel = Yuki; other guy = Sakaki. when Sakaki was a kid, he wanted to be a princess for Halloween, but 1 year, he stopped asking for that. he finally realized he was a boy; he couldn’t be a princess. he also had no parents, so no one would buy him a dress. that year, he was a scarecrow instead, and he met an angel. years later, the angel (Yuki) came to find him on earth. because even though Sakaki had given up being a princess, Yuki had never forgotten vowing to be his prince. he even left his 6 brothers (most were jerks but 1 was nice) to stay on earth just to be with Sakaki. 6 months flew by, and only after spotting a feather from said nice bro did Yuki open up to Sakaki about the life and family he’d left. Sakaki says it’d be nice if the brothers could reunite, and Yuki is reminded that as long as he’s with Sakaki, he’ll never be alone, and that’s enough to drive off any sadness.

ch7: new boys! college guy = Midori; high school kid = Sora. college kid’s in training to become a kindergarten teacher. his neighbor (Sora’s) in love with him. because of Sora’s parent situation -I think they work a lot?-, they spent a lot of time together growing up. Sora thinks Midori only sees him as a kid, and Midori’s actually really tired of playing the kind big brother; he wants a relationship with Sora! through a little girl’s tantrum, Midori says he’s going to marry the female teacher, but Sora finds out about it. when Midori brings him food later (which’s usual still because parents), Sora kisses Midori and says he doesn’t want him to get married, Midori confesses it was a lie, and they become a couple. the little girl finds out later and throws another tantrum


My full review will come next time, so to read it, please click here.

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