Hibi Chouchou, part 1

Hibi Chouchou (image from: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hibi_Ch%C5%8Dch%C5%8D)

I decided it was time to read some shoujo; it’s been a while, and this one caught my eye. I didn’t intend to read a long one, but the art looks cool, so here we go!  I am going to be doing shorthand as I read.  These descriptions are really more of a reminder to myself about what all I have been able to read so far.  Sorry if this bothers anyone!  I will do a full description on the final review page of each series I read.

Every post past this point will be a spoiler, so please read ahead with caution!

ch1: main girl: Suiren; gorgeous and attracts a lot of attention. best friend: Shimuzu Aya; looking for a boyfriend but has no takers. they’re both new students! the only boy not captivated by Suiren’s gaze is a guy in glasses called Kawasumi; he’s also a new student (I think they all just entered high school). Suiren and Aya have known each other since elementary school. back then, Suiren was picked on by boys who liked her, so for middle school, the girls decided to go to an all girls school. the girls fells in love with her, too, though, so Suiren and Aya decided to go to a co-ed high school. Suiren’s always been quiet, but the bullying and attention made it worse. now she doesn’t smile or speak. a month later! when an upperclassman takes Suiren’s bag -dumping it by accident- Kawasumi goes to help; apparently he’s a fighter (or at least a martial artist from his gi). he scares off the upperclassman, puts her stuff back in her bag, then gives it back to her, but he still won’t look at her. he and his friend Ryosuke get surrounded by more upperclassman later, but Kawasumi takes them all out. Suiren actually seeks him out to give him a smile. he looks away, but he is a little flustered now ❤

ch2: not much happens in chapter 2. Kawasumi is confessed to by an upperclassman, but he turns her down because he’s not good at talking to girls. Suiren hears the confession and his response; she’s glad he’s not dating that upperclassman. the upperclassman puts a love letter in his locker, though, and is really pushy about dating him. he keeps saying no, but Koharu (her name) won’t take no for an answer

ch3: Ryosuke Takaya gets jealous that Kawasumi had 2 girls on him at once xD but Kawasumi explains that Suiren was probably just returning the help he’d given her with her bag before. Suiren says the same thing to Aya. both friends are skeptical, but they accept it for now. apparently Kawasumi is more talkative now. the next day, rumors are flying at school, but Ryosuke shuts those down. after, Kawasumi tells Suiren (her name is Shibaishi Suiren) he’s sorry for the trouble and that she won’t have to worry anymore. so she decides not to worry anymore. (he is more talkative <3) Aya and Yuri (their new friend) figure out that Suiren likes Kawasumi

ch4: I didn’t make any notes while reading this chapter >.<; not much happened. Koharu declared herself a butterfly because a butterfly can choose any direction it wants and go there. the school has been calling Suiren a takane no hana (a beautiful flower that’s out of reach) because she’s beautiful but unreachable. Suiren finally realizes that she likes Kawasumi, and she wants to become a butterfly

ch5: it’s school trip time! 1st years go to the beach, and 2nd years to the amusement park! Suiren decides to go on the trip (she hasn’t gone since elementary school). girls set up the bbq while boys prepare the volleyball net for the tournament (btw, there’s a tournament). Aya is good at cutting veggies. Suiren gets hit by a rogue volleyball -so does Aya-, so later Kawasumi asks if she’s ok. she calls his name on the beach!

ch6: but she can’t say anything else, so he starts to leave. then she splashes in the surf before slipping. he tries to help her, then retracts his hand. then they both get distracted by sea gulls. he offers his hand again to help her, but she doesn’t see it and stands on her own. these. two. are. so. adorably. awkward! they stand in the surf together until Ryosuke runs over. there’s another game tonight, and Kawasumi wants to win (he’s competitive)! Suiren tells him good luck, and he yells “Yes!” before running off; they’re both flustered, and it’s adorable ❤ Suiren’s friends do their best to help her out ❤

ch7: oh gosh; a lot of cute stuff happened in this one! Suiren called Koharu annoying and (silently) declared herself as her rival -finally! Koharu actually left Kawasumi alone for the rest of the day because of it. Kawasumi also learned that Suiren doesn’t talk -to boys especially (like she learned about him with girls). when they met after that, they just bowed because neither could speak (so cute!! how is that so cute?!). now Kawasumi is starting to notice/look at Suiren more

ch8: not much happened this time… Kawasumi does judo. he’s overthinking about Suiren, but (through friendship shenanigans on Yuri’s part and Ryosuke’s obliviousness) he realizes that when Suiren is looking down from the roof, the only thing she could be seeing is him and Ryosuke eating lunch. it seems to make him happy to realize this

ch9: Aya invites Ryosuke and Kawasumi to eat lunch with them, and Yuri invites Ryosuke and Aya to the store to get more food, so Suiren and Kawasumi are left alone on the roof. Suiren (eventually) asks why he eats fast, and he says it’s because he’s not used to these situations. she says she hopes he can get used to them, and he agrees ❤ by the time everyone is back, they’re sitting and not talking again xD when Kawasumi and Ryosuke leave for their run, Suiren says to the air (to Kawasumi) that she likes him ❤ YOU GO, GIRL! one step at a time!

ch10: simple chapter; not much happened ❤ Suiren looks forward to seeing Kawasumi every day, but when lunch arrives, she hides. Yuri brings her back, and they all eat together, and Kawasumi finally joins the conversation. Suiren’s so happy that she smiles, and when Ryuosuke almost sees it, Kawasumi immediately makes him look away xD all the girls notice, and it’s great ❤

ch11: it’s time for summer vacation! everyone but Aya has extra lessons. Yuri wants to go to the fireworks festival, but Suiren doesn’t go, so Aya won’t go, and Kawasumi also doesn’t go to festivals. Koharu tries to give Kawasumi a strap for his phone, but he doesn’t have a phone xD Aya gets a job at a nearby restaurant, so she walks Suiren to school every morning and will pick her up in the afternoon (Suiren gets approached by strangers too often to walk alone). Koharu jumps Kawasumi after school because she got his schedule from the 2nd years; he runs off, and Suiren runs after him

ch12: they get caught in the rain, and Suiren asks if he wants to go to the fireworks festival; he says no because it’s so crowded. he walks her back to Aya. Yuri was watching the whole time and thinks she needs to be more direct in asking him to go WITH her, together! Yuri writes a note for Suiren to give him, but when Koharu shows up, she ends up dropping it. she asks him herself, and he agrees <333

ch13: Ryosuke’s going to the festival with his little bro, and Yuri and Aya will go together, but Suiren and Kawasumi go by themselves. Suiren actually has to sneak out and back because her mom would worry too much if she knew Suiren was going to a festival xD Kawasumi comes to pick her up. they sit away from everyone, but when the fireworks start, they’re not in a good place to see it, so Kawasumi buys masks for both of them so they can stand in the crowd ❤ he leads her there with his fan which they both hold onto (almost holding hands! ❤ ) during the show, though, she moves the mask off her face, and Ryosuke sees her. with a guy. and he flips out! Kawasumi rushes her out of there, and they end up holding hands. he apologizes for everything, but she can’t think of what to say. she wishes he was her boyfriend; she doesn’t want to hide them, but she also knows they’re not together yet. she mentions Ryosuke so Kawasumi takes her hand and starts running again, but she lied xD

ch14: back at school for a reason! someone saw Suiren with a boy; it must be a boyfriend! Ryosuke tries to refute it, but Koharu worries it was Kawasumi. she tries to get an answer from Suiren, but her only answer is that it wasn’t not him (Suiren shook her head). later Ryosuke’s still complaining about Suiren having a boyfriend, and Kawasumi asks the profound question of “why would it have to be a boyfriend?”. Ryosuke points out the effort of the yukata and brings up that Kawasumi wouldn’t go with just anybody, would he? and Kawasumi acknowledges he wouldn’t. Koharu approaches with Suiren behind her, and both of them blush ❤

ch15: I didn’t write notes again… Koharu’s not giving up yet, but she’s lost her motivation. school’s back in session! Kawasumi’s avoiding Suiren more; he can’t be near her for long without rushing off with an excuse. I think he realized he might like her, but he doesn’t know how to deal with it yet

ch16: didn’t write notes again xP Koharu’s being normal, like everyone else-normal, when she talks to Kawasumi now. Kawasumi still has to rush off around Suiren, and he worries he’s becoming like the other boys; he’s still trying to figure himself out (I getcha, boy). Suiren worries he won’t talk to her anymore after the tournament, so Yuri suggests they work on conversational skills. but it doesn’t go well. turns out Yuri also has someone she likes, and she has trouble talking to him, too. Suiren and Aya want to meet him, but Yuri refuses because she doesn’t want him to fall in love with Suiren and she doesn’t want her friends to see her be embarrassing (I get you, girl).

ch17: it’s almost competition time (now they’re calling it karate, so Idk if it’s karate or judo). during their lunch jog, Kawasumi and Ryosuke witness a confession to Koharu from some random guy who’s a jerk. he won’t leave her alone, so Ryosuke jumps in. this jerk decides to threaten Ryosuke’s club, so Kawasumi steps in, showing how strong he and Ryosuke are and that they’re about to compete; does this jerk really want to take them on? the jerk runs away, and Koharu falls for Kawasumi all over again (dang it xP). Koharu asks Suiren what she likes about Kawasumi, but she can’t answer. Koharu declares she’s not giving up, and Suiren continues to practice speaking. they all come to see the competition, and Suiren wishes Kawasumi good luck. Ryosuke is beside himself that she spoke xD

ch18: when Ryosuke realizes Kawasumi might like Suiren, he tries to reassure his friend that it’s fine; all the guys like her. Kawasumi shoots back if they genuinely like her, though, and Ryosuke realizes this is more. he asks if Kawasumi genuinely likes her, but he doesn’t answer. Kawasumi ends up winning the tournament. Suiren asks Kawasumi to eat lunch with them more slowly now, but he refuses and says he will not eat with them anymore. Koharu pulls him away, tells him Suiren likes him and realizes he can’t like Koharu because he likes Suiren but that he doesn’t know how to handle these feelings. she leaves crying. Ryosuke realizes Suiren is giving Kawasumi special treatment and mentions that it seems like she likes him, and Suiren nods

ch19: when lunch rolls around, Ryosuke wants to sit on the roof with the girls, but his bromance wins out, and he eats with Kawasumi. Koharu sits with them, and Kawasumi allows it! when he goes to run, she and Ryosuke talk, and Ryosuke realizes many things. like that it was Kawasumi who went with Suiren to the festival, and they like each other. he reflects on their friendship and realizes Kawasumi’s always been cool, but when he mentions it to Kawasumi, he says that he thinks Ryosuke is the cool one (bromance). Ryosuke wishes for Kawasumi’s happiness more than Koharu’s

ch20: Koharu confesses again, but Kawasumi doesn’t return her feelings. she tells him to stop being kind to her, then, and to go somewhere else (though she’s the one who keeps eating with them, so Idk..?)

ch21: welp, Kawasumi eats in the classroom now xD he got dislodged from his spot because of Koharu (I get it, but still, I wish he hadn’t caved). Ryosuke wants to help fix things with Suiren, so they devise to have them all eat at a cafe after school. through some trickery it works, but it’s uncomfortable for most everyone (Suiren’s having a great time). she asks Kawasumi to come back, then rushes out. Ryosuke convinces Kawasumi to go after her. she offers to walk him home even though she’s clearly terrified, but he instead says that he’ll take her home (she’s trying so hard <3)

ch22: they walk… kind of together. he keeps lagging behind, and it almost turns into this cute game, but they’re both so awkward and quiet. Suiren wants to talk to him, but she can’t find the words. he only walks next to her when other guys approach, so they leave her alone. she asks him to walk next to her, and he does it <3333 when they reach her house, she wants to ask him to eat lunch with them again, but she knows it’s not her choice, so she just thanks him instead. he says he’ll walk her home again next time ❤ when he gets home, Ryosuke’s there. Kawasumi says he wants to work hard at this by himself; he doesn’t want help, and Ryosuke supports him ❤ at school the next day, Kawasumi says he can walk Suiren home on Wednesdays if she doesn’t mind waiting, and she agrees ❤ good job, Kawasumi!!

ch23: the next Wednesday, she worries he may’ve forgotten, but she still waits for him, and he shows up ❤ he ran there because he didn’t want to make her wait ❤ (also the cultural festival is coming up). they manage to have a little conversation, and I think she realizes she needs more things to talk about, so she starts taking notes on each day (I guess to tell him; I feel that right now with this blog xD). btw, her class is doing bowling, and his class is doing a haunted house. the next week, he says he doesn’t have club activities on the day before and of the cultural festival, so he can walk her home then, too ❤ she agrees. she also bans formal speech xD

ch24: the classes are almost ready; tomorrow’s the day! but Yuri accidentally knocks over something. she says she’ll fix it herself, but the whole class pitches in, and they fit it together. when Kawasumi walks her home, Suiren suggests that they walk around together

ch25: it’s the cultural festival! Ryosuke’s in a scary costume xD an old classmate shows up, saying that Kawasumi walked Suiren home, and the school freaks out. Kawasumi says they’re not dating, and everything calms down. Suiren asks if he wants to do the haunted house, so they go in together. he takes her wrist to help her through, but she says he didn’t take her wrist at the firework festival… instead, he took her hand. he realizes he must work harder to be able to walk with her ❤

ch26: Yuri’s last name is Kudou; Kudou Yuri (I think it’s funny this manga hasn’t introduced people with their full names xD). before they leave the haunted house, Suiren says she doesn’t want to cause trouble for Kawasumi by holding his hand. he says she can cause him trouble and holds her hand tighter ❤ when they try to leave though, Ryosuke makes them drops hands and even pushes them back into the haunted house because of the stir they’re making. Suiren asks Kawasumi how he feels about her

ch27: he says he thinks she’s like the takane no hana (she’s beautiful but out of reach), and she thinks he’s wrong; she doesn’t want to be that! she asks if he could fall in love with her, and his brain kind of break a bit xD poor boy.. he’s trying, but she is too. she’s trying to reach him, and he’s trying to just wrap his head around all of it. he finally admits that he likes her, but then he bolts xD

ch27.5: the origins of the masks! they’re from an anime that’s popular in the manga. Aya and Suiren are big fans, and Yuri gets curious about it, so they all watch it together. at the same time, Ryosuke’s little brother wants to watch it, so Ryosuke rents it and they watch it at Kawasumi’s house. Ryosuke goes to sleep during the show, but Kawasumi watches it. the kid bro finds his bear mask, but he take it back and hides it. turns out the bear is a jerk, and Yuri’s mildly traumatized by the show (I get you, girl). Kawasumi doesn’t like the bear either, but when the kid says he should give up the mask, he refuses xD

ch28: he waits outside for her and apologizes for running off, but also says they can’t walk around together. she’s whisked away to the roof for lunch by Aya and Yuri, and Ryosuke buys them some food before going to eat with Kawasumi. Kawasumi asks for advice, admits it’s mutual attraction, and Ryosuke brings up that they’d normally be dating then. this breaks both of them, though xD after lunch, Kawasumi has to work the booth, so he doesn’t see Suiren who stays hidden on the roof with Aya (Yuri went to the concert). they meet after the festival at the cafe, even though they didn’t mention it before

ch29: the annoying boy from his middle school shows up xP apparently his name is Atohira (they’ve said it before; I just didn’t bother to write it down). he decides to stay and “eat cheesecake” (aka: be a pain), so Kawasumi and Suiren leave. Kawasumi keeps saying sorry, but she doesn’t know why. she asks what he’s thinking about, and he says he was thinking she’d be happier if they talked. she takes his hand and asks what would happen if they started dating (YOU GO, GIRL! YOU’RE TRYING SO HARD, AND I’M SO PROUD OF YOU!)!

ch29.5: we see the original meeting of Kawasumi and Suiren from his perspective ❤ apparently, when he was surrounded by the three upperclassmen, he did very little; pushed two back, dodged some punched, and let them beat each other up while he got his glasses.

ch30: neither of them have dated before, so they don’t seem to know how it’s done. Kawasumi even asks what it means to date (such deep questions). Suiren’s dad comes back! he’s been gone for half a year, and she finally tells her parents that she likes someone (I guess they just never asked xD). they want to meet him, then decide just to see him, so she tells them he’ll drop her off after school. she thinks they’ll just stay inside, see him from a distance, and be ok. oh, naive girl; I would’ve thought the same at your age, but no; parents don’t generally work like that. they come outside and invite him in xD

ch30.5: we see Aya during part of the cultural festival. she’s a little lonely now that Suiren has Kawasumi. she’s happy for her friend, but it’s hard to see the person you’ve been protecting and looking out for no longer need you. Ryosuke offers to walk her hom,e but she refuses xD

ch31: Suiren actually gets mad at her parents for this (silently), but they just want to meet him; Papa is especially worried. he’s gone on business trips a lot, and he wants to know this guy who’s apparently walking his daughter home. Kawasumi agrees to come in for dinner, and they talk a little. Kawasumi does like Suiren, but they’re not dating, yet. he doesn’t know how it works. Suiren walks him back outside, and her parents stay inside to give them privacy. he says he’s sorry he can’t give her an answer yet, but he is thinking about it. this is enough for her for now

ch32: Yuri’s birthday is Christmas eve (random info). Suiren gets a fever, and the nurse calls her mom to take her to the hospital. in the meantime, she’s in the infirmary. Kawasumi and Ryosuke stop by, but they don’t see her because she’s sleeping; she wakes up to hear Kawasumi tell her to take care. in the next cot is Koharu. she still likes Kawasumi, but she’s trying to give up on him. because she asks, Suiren tells her that they’re not dating, but when Koharu continues to be annoying, she pulls the curtain back and goes to sleep xD she’s out of school for two days, and though she’s already been working hard, she realizes that she needs to work harder, so when she sees Kawasumi again, she tells him good morning instead of simply bowing quietly. this is done in a busy hallway, though, so I’m sure it’ll have repercussions.

ch33: aaaaaand it does. everyone freaks out, people start remembering the old rumors, and someone even saw them walk home together. when he’s questioned, Kawasumi calmly removes the hand from him, turns to Suiren, and tells her good morning. everyone erupts; all the guys start saying it to her, and Aya and Yuri whisk her out of there. Suiren remembers why she started shutting down to start with; she didn’t like the attention. now all the guys are confessing to her and trying to talk to her, and she rejects all of them with a shake of her head. Kawasumi asks Ryosuke what it means to date, and Ryosuke says to just jump in, don’t think, and don’t question it at the start; you just do it (not the best advice in my option, but whatever). so, Kawasumi walks through the crowd and asks her if she’ll go out with him. in front of everyone. one guy even had the gall to say Takane-chan (meaning Suiren) belonged to all of them -which is bull; she belongs to herself.

ch34: Suiren nods and accepts Kawasumi. the school explodes. every guy is looking at her with tears and him with anger. they follow him to class and club and when he goes jogging just to get a look at him, and none of them are happy. it’s only after school when Suiren waits for him after his club that anyone says congrats, and it’s their friends. Kawasumi walks her home, and he asks if she wants to go somewhere this Sunday ❤

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