Hibi Chouchou

Hibi Chouchou (image from: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hibi_Ch%C5%8Dch%C5%8D)

I decided it was time to read some shoujo; it’s been a while, and this one caught my eye. I didn’t intend to read a long one, but the art looks cool, so here we go!

Every post past this point will be a spoiler, so please read ahead with caution!


Review time!

5 star review

Plot: 1 star. The plot for this series seems fairly simple. The main girl, Shibazeki Suiren, wants to get to know Kawasumi, the only guy at school who isn’t falling over himself whenever she enters the room. The story mostly follows the development of their relationship. Sub-plots do show up such as karate tournaments or even different characters getting relationships and even Suiren working hard to come out of her shell, but none of these sub-plots seems like the main plot. They happen in the background, and there’s no real consequence or even drive for these plots to be accomplished. The final fight between Kawasumi and Atohira doesn’t even show us who won; not every character gets into an established relationship by the end; and Suiren doesn’t seem to have a significant change in her life by her strives to be more extroverted. Overall, I think the story does stick to its plot since we do see the progression of Suiren and Kawasumi’s relationship. The manga does a good job of focusing on this relationship instead of getting side-tracked by other characters and sub-plots.

Art: 1 star. This art style is so cute! It’s soft and airy, and the lines are very clean and thin. The use of shadows and textures was nice and helped with the dynamics of the different scenes. Even though Suiren didn’t talk much, I was able to see how she felt about different characters by her reactions and expressions. Every movement, action, and reaction was very easy to follow.

Story Progression: 1 star. Honestly, I really enjoyed the writing. There were times when I would read a chapter and not much seemed to happen, but when I’d go to write about it, I’d end up writing a lot xD This manga is very subtle with its writing and story telling, but somehow, all those subtle, little moments ended up meaning a lot to me and showing me the deeper side to these characters. As you can see from my full reviews, I’d read 20-30 chapters at a time because I wanted to know what would happen next. This wasn’t because there was so much going on, but simply that the current story thread was leading me to continue reading! There are not many distractions in this manga -which I enjoyed-, so whatever was going on became the main focus of the characters and me as a reader. I became invested because they were invested, and it was a really wonderful journey.

Genre: 1 star. Shoujo, romance, and slice of life definitely cover this manga. I am not sure if school life and slice of life are different; I have a feeling that it depends on the site you’re reading from. I would say those are the same since school life is still part of slice of life (when you’re a high school student, school is your life; it makes sense to me). Really, I can’t think of any other genres that would describe this manga better.  Your main character is a girl who falls in love at school, and the rest of the manga follows her time in high school; if that’s not shoujo, romance, slice of life, I’m not sure what is xD

Enjoyment: 1 star. I was surprised how much I loved this manga and these characters. Honestly, I had been looking for an over-the-top shoujo so that I would stop giving everything 5 stars, but I found this jewel instead, and I am so thankful ❤ Seeing this sweet, gentle love story was incredibly refreshing ❤  I loved how adorable and sweet and awkward Suiren and Kawasumi were together xD ❤  I like how hard Suiren worked to grow the relationship, and I loved when Kawasumi finally realized he needed to put work in, too! ❤  I liked how the focus wasn’t always about the love story.  I also liked how subtle each chapter and character was. I liked that everything took time, and that the characters had to figure out their flaws and strategies to better themselves and their lives.  I liked the slice of life, daily challenges and struggles felt by high school students.  I liked the friendships and relationships and how those grew and changed over time.

This story has reached and/or surpassed my criteria, so it has earned 5 stars!
I definitely recommend this manga to anyone who is looking for something sweet, refreshing, and adorable ❤

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Hibi Chouchou, part 3

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Hibi Chouchou  (image from: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hibi_Ch%C5%8Dch%C5%8D)

I decided it was time to read some shoujo; it’s been a while, and this one caught my eye. I didn’t intend to read a long one, but the art looks cool, so here we go!  I am going to be doing shorthand as I read.  These descriptions are really more of a reminder to myself about what all I have been able to read so far.  Sorry if this bothers anyone!  I will do a full description on the final review page of each series I read.

Every post past this point will be a spoiler, so please read ahead with caution!

ch70: Idk who won, but when Kawasumi arrives at Suiren’s house, he’s smiling, and she hugs him ❤ she doesn’t ask. also Ichi and Atohira get into their desired universities (Atohira’s going to live on campus which his sisters dislike -btw, he has 2 sisters). the 3rd years graduate (Atohira, Ichi, and Koharu and her friend), and now our characters are 3rd years. Yuri, Suiren, and Meguna are in class together while Kawasumi, Ryosuke, and Aya are in a different class together. Aya worries about Suiren being without her, but Yuri reassures Aya

ch71: Meguna realizes that Aya may like Ryosuke, but Aya denies it vehemently. When Meguna asks the others, they had no idea it was a possibility. later that day (it’s Kawasumi’s birthday!), Kawasumi and Suiren go to the beach where they had their first excursion (Idk why they translated it as excursion). Suiren says she loves him, and he says he wants to be with her forever. she trips over herself, and when he helps her up (she finally noticed him trying and let him xD), he pulls her close, and are they about to finally kiss?!

ch72: they don’t xP a lady runs up chasing her dog and the moment is ruined xD Kawasumi’s conscious of the fact that they’re outside, but Suiren says she doesn’t mind that. she confesses that this is where she fell in love with him. once he’s sure she’s actually ok with it, they kiss!!! <3333 the next day, Aya makes a lunch for Ryosuke to apologize for hurting his hand, but she can’t give it to him. she eats both lunches, but still goes to the cafeteria to buy him some bread. it’s the last piece, and he really wants it, but when he offers it to her because he thinks she wants it. she gives it to him, and he thanks her, but she tells him that he’s too loud (like a tsundere)

ch73: this chapter is mostly about Aya’s feelings for Ryosuke. Suiren saw her buy the bread for him, and Aya realizes that. she’s also thankful Suiren didn’t tell anyone else, but Suiren does ask about her feelings for Ryosuke which Aya wasn’t expecting; she definitely didn’t want that. but she tells Surien…eventually. Suiren ends up staying over at Aya’s house to get the full story. basically, Aya has a crush she never wanted. she also worries that she’s not good enough to stay by Suiren’s side, but Suiren promises to always be her friend. Suiren also realizes that while she’s grown up running away from her problems by being quiet, Aya has also been running away from her problems by deflecting people/boys. Suiren realizes that Aya’s still running and wonders if Aya realizes this herself (deep stuff, Suiren)

ch74: on the way to school the next day, both girls reflect that life won’t be the same after high school. Mina’s friends try to confront Aya during lunch, but Suiren runs in, causing an uproar. the uproar brings in Ryosuke, and Mina declares there’s no problem because she trusts him. the cafeteria cheers for them, and they leave xD I think this helps Aya move on =) she later reflects that she doesn’t want to be an adult; she just wants to stay like this, in high school, with her friends, forever. but it doesn’t work that way. everyone starts thinking about what they’ll do when they graduate. Meguna’s thinking of becoming a nurse, and apparently, Kawasumi wants to become a rehabilitation doctor; Suiren wants to become a patisserie

ch75: Suiren and Aya run into Atohira who tries to get Suiren to make him bread; she instead challenges him to make it himself. apparently he does a really good job, surprising them xD all the girls want to go to the fireworks festival, but the weather acts up, and it gets cancelled; Kawasumi still shows up and he and Suiren run to the grounds regardless. she wants to remember all of their time together forever; good and bad ❤ montage to graduation; everyone graduated!! during the ceremony, some younger class men rush the stage and confess to Suiren, but she actually stands and rejects them in front of everyone. guys, she SPOKE in front of EVERYONE. she’s shaking, but she did it; I’m so proud of her ❤ Kawasumi actually goes to the stage to make the younger class men leave then announces in front of everyone that he will protect her from now on, so if anyone else wants her, they’ll have to face him <x3 now he has a reputation as a cool guy xD the whole friend group leaves the school at the same time before Kawasumi whisks Suiren away. as they’re walking, he says that once he’s graduated, they should become a family <3333 she asks if he’s proposing, and he says he’s not yet, but he will then if she’s ok with it. she nods, and they’re both blushing so, so much; I love it <333

ch75.1: just a collection of colored pics ❤

ch75.2: so this side chapter is about “what if the 4 main guys became idols” xD it starts with Atohira being approached by a talent scout, and he says he’ll do it only if the other 3 join him. Ryosuke’s all for it, but Ichi and Kawasumi take some convincing. or rather, Ichi needs 1 talk from Ryosuke, and he’s in for his friend. Kawasumi decides he can’t do it, and Ichi tells him “too bad, you’re doing it” (not in those words) xD so they become idols, and it’s a success xD there’s an interview thing at the end, and I’m suddenly reminded that Idk Kawasumi’s first name o_o what is his name?! there’s also a short comic at the very end for Halloween, and the Kawasumi brothers go as SP agents (special police, maybe?). I love that they invent their own hand signs to communicate silently; that is so seriously adorable and Idek why!

ch75.3: we see when Suiren and Kawasumi go the movies for the first time together; this happened back when Kawasumi’s arm was fractured. he falls asleep easily in movies, and while he’s asleep, she holds his hand ❤

ch75.5: we see Kawasumi during the summer break when he and Suiren weren’t spending time together (or at least the first day). he thinks about her a lot

ch75.6: chapter on Yuri and Daisuke! he confesses to her on her 17th birthday, and they start dating for real ❤ this chapter shows the progression of the relationship and how hard it is while they’re apart. even though they talk every day, it’s a 2hr bus ride to see each other, and buses are expensive. Yuri has to work more to afford the bus fair which means she can’t see him as often. their weekly visits become monthly, and then every other month. Yuri starts to doubt why he’d still want to be her boyfriend when they so rarely get to be together. he’s able to visit for a full week, and they both show their concerns that the other may find someone else. when faced with this, though, Daisuke decides they need to make a ton of happy memories; they don’t have time for sadness because they have to make the most of every moment while they’re together; it’s only half a year left before he’s done with school; they can make it! he kisses her at the water park ❤ but then he has to leave again; the week is done… then we fast forward to her first year of college! they’ve decided to live together, so they go looking for a place ❤

ch75.7: Koharu’s chapter starts with a break up ='( this girl seriously needs a break from bad love! I want her to be happy! (a relationship does not guarantee happiness, and not everyone wants a relationship, and that’s ok, but Koharu wants a relationship and is searching for love, and dang it, I want her to find it in SPADES! she’s had enough heartache!) Koume (her friend since the start of the series) gets her to work part-time at her family’s bar, and the one night she works is when Atohira shows up (=.= I don’t like him. I don’t like him for her. I don’t like him). she still likes him even though she’s tried to let go of her feelings. she’s kept up with his life even though he’s made no attempt to stay in contact (that makes her sound a bit like a stalker). she even offers to walk him home, and he finally has enough sense to instead offer to walk her home. she asks if they can hang out as friends, and he agrees, and she’s so thrilled at even this little bit of time with him (*sigh* she’s too good for him). they hang out once every few months. at some point, she says she’ll make lunch for him every day. so even if they’re not even hanging out, she still takes him a lunch. even in the rain, in the wind, when she’s sick; always, everyday. he knows she likes him, but she won’t tell him. back when they were in high school, she said she wouldn’t tell him yet, so he’s been waiting for her to say it; she’s just too stubborn because it’s for real for her; it means too much. he finally calls her out on the lunches, and she says she makes them because she wants him to think of her at least a little, so she makes them as a reminder of herself for him. once, he called her a nice person, and now, he mentions that he wouldn’t want to date someone he didn’t find nice. now that she knows she has a chance, she finally confesses that she likes him, and he kisses her (like he’d really been wanting to, actually; I’ll give him a few points). he pulls away with a soft, little smile, and she wonders where they’ll go from here <end chapter> *beats head on desk* he better make her happy

ch75.8: it seems like the original one shot of Hibi Chouchou. it didn’t have Aya as Suiren’s main protector, so they skipped that and made Kawasumi her protector almost as soon as school started. I definitely prefer the full story… I was hoping this final chapter would show her relationship with Kawasumi after college, like, them getting married or even just a quick panel of her going to welcome him home and then it showing a picture of their wedding as she says “welcome home” and he replies “I’m home” (have I read too much manga? is it very obvious?). the one shot is cute, though. they play shiritori every day and it’s how she confesses to him and how he ends up saying her first name ❤ the very last few pages of the manga show the main girls together ❤ Koharu’s complaining because she wants Atohira to say sweet things to her more (like that’s going to happen xD he likes messing with her too much xD). Aya excuses herself early because she has plans with a friend… who’s a boy~! ❤ there’s hope ❤ the scene skips over to the Kawasumi, Atohira, and Daisuke getting a drink at Koume’s bar xD they talk relationships a little ❤ turns out Atohira tells everyone else he likes Koharu; he doesn’t mind letting people know (she probably just wants to hear it even more which would be too troublesome for him; she wants romance, and he’s just not that kind of guy. she’s also insatiable and a romantic. she’ll just have to be happy with what she can get and realize that he shows that he cares in his own way. their relationship will take work). end of manga xD

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Hibi Chouchou, part 2

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Hibi Chouchou (image from: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hibi_Ch%C5%8Dch%C5%8D)

I decided it was time to read some shoujo; it’s been a while, and this one caught my eye. I didn’t intend to read a long one, but the art looks cool, so here we go!  I am going to be doing shorthand as I read.  These descriptions are really more of a reminder to myself about what all I have been able to read so far.  Sorry if this bothers anyone!  I will do a full description on the final review page of each series I read.

Every post past this point will be a spoiler, so please read ahead with caution!

ch35: they go on a date! it’s short though xD Kawasumi doesn’t know how to act so he walks really fast, and even though she wears plain clothes, Suiren wears new-ish shoes. they’re not broken in, so her feet get hurt and start bleeding. that guy from Kawasumi’s middle school (I forgot his name because I don’t like him >.>) shows up and points this out to Kawasumi who feels bad. after bandaging her foot, Kawasumi carries her home on his back ❤ she says she’ll wear sneakers next time and the times after that. he asks what about if it rains, so she say she’ll wear rain boots and bring an umbrella. he asks about typhoons and snowstorms (thinking of future seasons), and she says they’ll think on it then. so they’re both planning for the future ❤ so cute ❤

ch36: the guy from middle school is back (the manga has reminded me that his name is Atohira xP), and he has another friend with him that they know (but I haven’t gotten a name yet). Ryosuke is terrified xD so after forcing a meal out of Kawasumi’s family, Atohira says that Kawasumi and Suiren will break up soon, then appears in his room. apparently he and the other guy (Ichi-something; they haven’t said more than Ichi-kun or Ichi-chan) used to do Karate but Atohira quit because of “that time”. he also says that as long as Kawasumi does karate, then he will not. Ichi-whatever is focusing on baseball now that he’s in high school; he doesn’t talk much. elsewhere, Suiren wonders why/when Kawasumi started liking her

ch37: the final exam is coming just before Christmas, so everyone decides to study at Kawasumi’s house -without telling him xD Suiren even introduces herself to Kawasumi’s mother -with his help ❤ Yuri’s birthday is the 24th, but they make plans to meet on the 25th ❤ buuuuut, Suiren fails her exam and has to do extra lessons for 3 days, starting on the 25th Dx what’ll she do?!

ch38: so he still has club, so their schedules don’t conflict. Yuri convinces her not to say anything beforehand, but when he shows up, she does tell him because she’s ashamed. he says it’s fine; he still has club anyway. for Christmas, he got her a reference book to help her study (he couldn’t think of anything else, but that’s still sweet ❤ they studied together after all; it’s useful) ❤ she got him gloves, but he didn’t wear them. instead he held her hand ❤ and they went to look at the local Christmas tree ❤

ch39: Suiren asks Kawasumi to visit a shrine with her on New Years, but he can’t because he already has plans, but he gets her number. she spends all day with Aya and Yuri, but he doesn’t call… until after midnight for the real New Year ❤ she says she wants to see him, so he runs over. he has plans later, so they decide to go to a shrine together now ❤

ch40: she has to sneak back inside to get her hat and shoes, and Aya wakes up and catches her >.<; Aya does cover for her a little, though, by fixing the stuffing Suiren put in the bed. Suiren and Kawasumi go to a smaller, closer shrine and both get small luck for the year xD he walks her home, but neither want to leave. she knows he has to wake up early for other stuff, though, so she sends him off ❤ she really is very brave and strong for this relationship. I’m really amazed by her ❤

ch41: Ryosuke’s birthday is on New Year’s! Kawasumi gives him a piece of gum because Ryosuke gave him a corn chip for his birthday xD karate training (at their old dojo; this isn’t their school training) is in the freezing water today, and for some reason Atohira’s there. he chose a highschool without karate because he didn’t want to lose while he was in his prime (…. prime doesn’t end until your mid20s at the earliest, but whatever, Atohira; your choice). he challenges Kawasumi to a match.

ch42: Kawasumi doesn’t call during the rest of break, and Suiren worries about calling his house phone (he doesn’t have a cell phone), so she never calls him. when they get back to school, he has a fractured bone in his left arm. so I guess Atohira won. speaking of, he shows up at the cafe when Kawasumi and Suiren are eating together and sits again =.= Suiren seems troubled that Kawasumi never called her though…

ch43: I should mention, for a while, they’ve been calling Suiren “Shibazeki”; I guess the translation changed her last name, so I’m not sure which is right (Shibazeki has been used longer), but I’m just going to keep calling her Suiren.
back to the manga, we see that Atohira did win. Kawasumi keeps trying to train or run or basically just doesn’t let himself fully rest like he should. Suiren is jealous of his love for karate, but she wishes him luck with it anyway. Atohira was hoping she’d tell him to stop and that he might actually listen to her. he points out that she probably does want him to rest even though she’s not saying it

ch44: …. um… so they leave; on the walk home, he says he’ll walk her home everyday; she asks if they could stop somewhere sometimes; he says yes. it’s all good. Aya and Suiren wait at the cafe for him, and Atohira shows up, then Kawasumi joins them. Atohira talks way too much, too abruptly. Kawasumi says he’ll work hard at karate and his relationship with Suiren; Atohira says Suiren is bottling things up, so they’ll break up; Atohira brings up that Kawasumi didn’t answer before what’s good about Suiren; Kawasumi says there’s lots that’s good about her, and Aya grabs Suiren, tells Kawasumi to stay away from her, and leaves. …. what. the. crap, Aya!!

ch45: Kawasumi calls Suiren later and says sorry. he also explains that he couldn’t say something in front of everyone (which she already guessed). he explains that every other guy kept calling her the takane no hana, but he didn’t see her that way; she wasn’t unreachable, she was just easy going and ok with her situation (I’m paraphrasing). he wants to get to know her more, but he doesn’t feel comfortable saying stuff in front of people. she understands. at school the next day, he apologizes to Aya who apologizes back. Kawasumi and Suiren decide to see a movie after school

ch46: it’s Valentine’s Day! Suiren makes chocolates for Aya, Yuri, and Kawasumi ❤ the girls get their chocolates early, but she hesitates to give Kawasumi’s chocolate to him. she tries at lunch, but when she sees Koharu walk back solumnly, she can’t bring herself to do it. he runs after her, though, and asks for the chocolates, so she give them to him (aww, he finally put in effort; good for him ^^). Ryosuke also got chocolates, and they weren’t just friendship chocolates! he has an admirer named Mina!! he is dazed ❤ also now that his arm is healed, Kawasumi will be going to practice again and can only walk Suiren home on Wednesdays

ch47: Ryosuke tries to talk to Mina, but she keeps ignoring him… he gets depressed, but when she ignores him twice, he decides to give up… Kawasumi asks her about it during lunch, and she says it wasn’t a mistake; she gave him chocolate because she likes him. Kawasumi tells Ryosuke the good news, so Ryosuke starts worrying about White Day again xD Kawasumi also has to think about White Day (March 14, btw), but he also has to think about Suiren’s birthday on March 3rd! also, at the beginning of the chapter, Atohira showed up again, and Kawasumi finally told him to stop calling Suiren by her first name ❤ good boy ❤

ch48: Kawasumi and Ryosuke go shopping for White Day, and Ryosuke’s adorable ❤ a shopkeeper helps Kawasumi get something for Suiren (Kawasumi does limit it to a necklace of some sort, but she recommends one). on her birthday, Suiren tells her mom that she’s dating Kawasumi ❤ they decide to hide it from her dad, though xD at school, Kawasumi calls Yuri from Ryosuke’s phone and asks if he can spend lunch along with Suiren ❤ Yuri agrees, so she steals Aya away for a bit so that Kawasumi can give Suiren her present. it’s a butterfly necklace (<3333333333333333) he doesn’t even know what that means!!!!! she wanted to become a butterfly instead of being a flower out of reach, and he gave her a butterfly necklace!!! that’s so freakin’ adorable!

ch49: he puts the necklace on for her, but realizing how close they are after, he apologizes and steps away. she steps closer and they hug (oh my heart!!! I wasn’t prepared for this amount of cuteness!!!!) ❤ winter’s almost over which means new semester and maybe new classes! Aya, Yuri, and Ryosuke end up in the same class, and Suiren and Kawasumi are in a class together now =O also the girl sitting behind Suiren is named Sotomura Meguna; I hope she’s nice

ch50: Meguna nominates Kawasumi and Suiren to be class reps together, and the guys in the class freak out, so that doesn’t happen xD she wanted to get it settled quickly, I guess (I think it would’ve been better not to bring it up, personally). Mina is also in the same class as Aya, Yuri, and Ryosuke! so Ryosuke now has a girlfriend xD and Aya’s annoyed by it (but she’s not interested in love and she’s mean to him anyway, so I don’t think it’s serious..? I hope it’s not…) the guy Yuri liked at work is in a long-distance relationship, so she’s out of luck in love… but Koharu and her friend are going to a mixer, and they need 2 more girls! now they’re all going together xD Atohira’s there, too =O (Aya thought he looked cool; I think it’d be nice if they worked out)

ch49.2: (apparently I got off in my numbers somewhere… I think I forgot to count an extra chapter as <something>.<something>, but this should set me straight now) we see how Mina started to like Ryosuke (Takaya Ryosuke is his full name), and it’s actually pretty sweet ❤

ch50: Atohira got tricked into going to the mixer because it’s one of the guy’s birthdays which reminds him that it’s also Kawasumi’s birthday (wait, it’s Kawasumi’s birthday? our Kawasumi?! no answer on that, btw). this causes a stir because Koharu’s there. Atohira leaves, she chases him (sorry, Aya; looks like you won’t be paired with him after all. that would’ve been interesting, but your personalities really would’ve clashed anyway…). she finds out he does Karate, waits for him, and asks if he really doesn’t want a girlfriend *facepalm* she does have a thing for strong guys…

ch51: Atohira rejects Koharu because he wants to focus on karate, so she says she’ll cheer for him instead. he seems to like this. also, it is Kawasumi’s birthday xD he asks Suiren to buy him a bottle of tea from a vending machine for a present xD she’s not happy about it, but she hopes to redeem herself next year. he felt weird bringing it up before >.<; Atohira’s in his house again xP he tries to take Kawasumi’s tea, but Kawasumi won’t let him. Suiren wants to plan a birthday party for Kawasumi for Wednesday, but he calls her and says he can’t walk her home for a while because of an upcoming tournament xP

ch52: the boys in class cause a riot if Kawasumi and Suiren even look at each other >xP because of this Kawasumi tells Suiren that they probably shouldn’t talk in class. she agrees and even Aya sees his point, but that doesn’t make it hurt any less… Meguna is also joining the other girls for lunch now ❤ Suiren is starting to feel very lonely and unsure of herself <=( she’s worried she’ll lose Kawasumi

ch53: we see a flashback of Kawasumi and Atohira in middle school. Atohira won the last time they fought, but then quit karate by going to an industrial school. Kawasumi’s always looked up to him, so that’s why this next tournament is so important. for this reason, he’s super focused and doesn’t want to mess anything up by causing Suiren problems in class (but by ignoring her, you’re making her lonely xP he’s not good with girls; he doesn’t know, but still!!!). on an unrelated note, Mina and Ryosuke are adorable ❤ on another note, I think Ichi is Kawasumi’s older brother? Idk yet; they don’t look very similar, but I know Kawasumi has at least one brother. now it’s time for the tournament, but Suiren isn’t there yet…

ch54: Kawasumi wins against Atohira for the first time! he calls Suiren right away! but he was so focused on the match, he never even told her when it would be… she would’ve gone to support him if she’d known… now it’s time for the school trip, and the 2nd years go to a theme park! there’s a myth that if couples kiss at the top of the ferris wheel, they’ll be happy for the rest of their lives. when Suiren approaches Kawasumi to ask him to ride with her, they get chased by the boys in the class, so they run to the ferris wheel. she just wants to be happy with him, so she tells him about the myth and says she wants to kiss him. I wonder how badly his head is about to explode… they haven’t even hugged a 2nd time; they still blush just thinking about it

ch55: the ferris wheel has to stop for maintenance while they’re on the top. he moves like he might kiss her, but he stops when he realizes the guys from class can see them. he doesn’t want to kiss her because of the myth, but he does want her to be happy. she tells him that she wishes he’d told her about the tournament and that he’d call more and that she wants to see him more; she wants to know him and talk during class. she starts crying. she wants to know he thinks about her, and he says that he does; he’s thinking about her seriously, and he’s sorry. they get off the ferris wheel without kissing, and he walks away while she goes to her friends crying. she doesn’t know how to fix them

ch56: it’s Wednesday now. they haven’t talked since the trip. she wants to talk to him, but she gets scared of what’ll happen this time (ugh, I feel this so much; I get it). he runs to the cafe to meet her. Atohira shows up again xP he basically speaks for both sides. Kawasumi acknowledges that he didn’t manage karate and his relationship well; they weren’t balanced. when he walks her home, it’s raining. they carry separate umbrellas and don’t walk near each other. she drops her umbrella and hugs him from behind, asking him to stay with her. he hugs her back and says he always will <x,3 they decide they need to go at their own pace. now it’s almost summer time again

ch57: they’ve decided to keep their distance from each other, so they’re on an unofficial(?) break. Suiren thinks they’re still dating. the class changes seating, and Kawasumi’s sitting behind her now ❤ he doesn’t walk her home anymore, and they don’t talk at school. she still likes him, though, and without talking, he asks her to go to the festival with him by slipping her a note ❤ she agrees even though it’s still some time away. she’s glad he’s still thinking about her ❤ also Yuri’s talking to Daisuke from the mixer! Suiren wishes her luck and offers to help anyway she can if Yuri needs her ❤ now it’s time for the festival, and Suiren puts on her yukata ❤

ch58: this year, they decide not to use masks. and they play some of the games =) Ryosuke’s worried, but they stand firm about not wearing masks this time. Kawasumi’s good at the shooting game; Suiren is not xD she does good at another game where you hook a balloon, though, and she keeps doing little happy dances which are adorable ❤ Kawasumi thinks so, too, but he can’t say it right xP when classmates start seeing them holding hands, Kawasumi decides to carry her princess-style instead; he’s not hiding anymore ❤ they talk during the firework show, and he admits he was lonely without her. she was lonely without him, too, and he says he would’ve run over anytime if she’d just told him. so now they realize they need to actually talk to understand each other (it only took a year, but they’re finally getting it ❤ ) they hold hands and go to see the rest of the fireworks together ❤

ch59: Suiren calls Kawasumi, but since it’s his house phone, his older brother answers; yep, it’s Ichi from before. he hangs up on her because he’s a jerk. Kawasumi calls back shortly after, and they go on a date. Kawasumi decides they should try lots of stuff to learn more about the other one. turns out, they have nothing in common, but they’re both glad they know that now. Yuri calls Suiren and asks for help, please come to the cafe. they race over, and Yuri asks them to go on a double date with her xD

ch60: well, she actually wants them to follow her on her date and give her advice xD I know they’re dating, but they’re basically the worst people to ask xD Suiren agrees immediately and Kawasumi’s talked into it. Daisuke’s sweet and cute; he keeps texting on the date, but (turns out) he’s asking his friends for advice. when they’ve inevitably discovered, it all works out. Daisuke thinks she’s cute, but he’s bad with girls. Suiren speaks up for Yuri and says she’s sweet and cares for others more than herself. Daisuke and Yuri decide to try going out again on their own this time. Kawasumi praises Suiren later for being brave enough to stick up for her friend ❤ he reflects that this is his first time seeing this side of her, though

ch61: the girls have some girl talk. things are going well between Yuri and Daisuke, though they’re not officially dating yet. Meguna asks if Aya likes anyone, and she says she doesn’t. she looks too long at Ryosuke in the hall, though, and I think Mina notices. Suiren blames her own weakness for why Aya doesn’t like anyone. later, Suiren and Aya run into Atohira. Suiren asks how she can be strong in heart like him; he says he’s not strong in heart, he just doesn’t read atmospheres (that’s for sure). he says it’s something she has to strive for on her own, but then asks her to treat him cheesecake at the cafe; I guess he’ll teach her after all (?)

ch62: when Kawasumi meets her at the cafe, she tells him about her meeting with Atohira. he asks why she can’t ask him for advice, and she says it’s because he’s kind, but she also thinks it’s because she’s like Atohira (I mean, -ish?). when he walks her back, he gives her a hug before they part (<3) and says that if Atohira says anything awful, then she should tell him ❤ when Aya drops her off at the cafe, he asks if Suiren is weak because of Aya. Suiren says no and Aya leaves, and Suiren tells Atohira not to hurt Aya. he says he just wanted her to realize. he points out that singling out Kawasumi will make the other guys mad, so why not just greet everyone. she’s terrified, but he tells her that change is hard. he’s dealt with similar reactions from girls that she’s been getting from guys, but he doesn’t let it bother him. when she leaves the cafe, she’s immediately approaced by two guys and freezes up, so Atohira calls her over and walks her home. he realizes she has the same aura as Kawasumi’s older brother, Ichi, and starts to understand her more(?). when they depart, he’s mildly flustered xP (I seriously don’t like him, and I’m not sure why. but he needs to stay away from her; she has Kawasumi!)

ch63: Suiren manages to say a greeting to the class which leaves them all stunned. Aya doesn’t ask how the meeting with Atohira went. during lunch, Kawasumi goes to the roof to check on Suiren. they stand inside at the top of the stairs while her friends eat outside on the roof. she asks if he was worried, and he says he always worries about her. she moves closer to hold his hand, they both blush, then he kisses her on the cheek!! GO, KAWASUMI!!! he leaves while she’s still stunned <333 later that night, Atohira’s over at his house and asks why Kawasumi hasn’t asked him about the meeting. Kawasumi answers that he’s not going to ask Atohira; he’d ask Suiren. Kawasumi asks why he’s mad, and Atohira says he’s not, then leaves to hang out in Ichi’s room. Ichi asks him the same thing, and he again says he’s not angry (these bros got your number, Ato)

ch64: the cultural festival is coming up, and this year, you need a ticket to get in, so Koharu tries to give one to Atohira. he refuses, though, and points out that it seems like she’s already in love with him. she thinks she may just be in love with love. when he sees Suiren later, he steals her away for a little bit to ask her some questions. he confesses that he’s kind of interested in her, and she’s very troubled and not ok with this. he tries to get to know her, but he realizes that she could only have feelings for Kawasumi (who shows up and saves her without realizing it <3). Atohira runs into Koharu later, and she gives him the ticket anyway. she says she won’t confess yet and asks if there’s anyone he likes. he says there’s not, but there might be someone who fits the bill. she comments that he looks like he’s already in love, then walks away crying, lamenting that she didn’t even get a chance to confess this time before she was rejected (she really is getting the short end of the stick in this manga; shot down by two guys; jeez!). they both reflect they can’t let go of their feelings yet (her for him and him for Suiren)

ch65: everyone’s getting ready for the cultural festival! Suiren has to stay behind to help with the maze while Kawasumi goes to club. Aya’s supposed to walk her home, but Atohira steamrolls his way in instead >xP he drags her home even though she’s terrified >=( he decides he needs to find something to dislike about her and finds out she likes baking bread; he likes bread; they both like melon bread; crap this isn’t going to plan. and he realizes she’s kind and gentle even if she dislikes something. he likes her looks, too. he realizes the only way to get over her is if she rejects him, so he confesses to her (he’s not trying or wanting to break her and Kawasumi up; he already knows it wouldn’t work).

ch66: when he asks for an answer, she almost throws up; she’s not used to this kind of confrontation (or it might just be the gross melon bread from before). she says she’s sorry, so it’s close to a rejection. he goes out for curry with Ichi later. when Kawasumi asks Suiren about it, she tells him he doesn’t have anything to worry about (because she promised Atohira she wouldn’t tell him). Kawasumi goes to Atohira to ask him, and Atohira says he’s not acting like a man. time for the cultural festival! even though Atohira threw away his ticket, Daisuke makes him come along. Yuri, Aya, Ryosuke, and Mina’s class do a takoyaki stand (which Aya rules at), and Suiren and Kawasumi’s class do a maze. when Kawasumi sees Atohira, he brings up that Atohira said he’d leave Suiren alone, and Atohira says he’s not being manly

ch67: Koharu’s class is doing a traditional Japanese cafe. her friend drags over Atohira who doesn’t look happy xD he eats in her cafe, and she thanks him, but he was never there for her, and she doesn’t even know it <=( I’m tired of her heart getting broken… before Atohira can leave, Kawasumi finds him at the gate and tries to convey that he’s always looked up to Atohira, but Atohira’s being obtuse and leaves on a sour note. this bums Kawasumi out; he wants to be together with Suiren, but it really sucks that this guy he’s looked up to his whole life won’t acknowledge him or even listen to him

ch68: Atohira doesn’t hang out at Kawasumi’s house anymore. it’s already New Year’s, and Kawasumi’s still gloomy about it. Suiren goes to the shrine with Yuri because Aya’s working and Kawasumi’s at the dojo. Yuri gets a call from Daisuke (they’re dating now ❤ he’s about to go to college to become a hairdresser, though, so it’ll be a long distance relationship), and Suiren says she should go. Suiren gets overwhelmed by the crowd though and runs into Atohira and Ichi. Atohira convinces her to spend the day with them and takes her to an amusement park. she suffers through many rides before Atohira gets her on the ferris wheel with just him. *eternal anger*

ch69: Atohira acts like a spoiled child; it really shows this one time, but I think that’s why I don’t like him much; he doesn’t put much thought into the others around him. some people he does, but mostly… he does things for people’s benefit even if it hurts them. honestly, I do admire that about him, but he doesn’t take the time to make the wound less or to say or do things more gently. he just acts and lets pieces fall where they might, and I find that careless.
in this case on the ferris wheel, he behaves like a child. he wants her to figure out why he wanted to ride with her then gets petulant when she can’t figure it out, so he makes her ask him instead of just telling her xP they talk some. he asks about Kawasumi; he acknowledges that he considers Kawasumi a friend and that he’s been worrying about him. she admits she’s jealous of Atohira because Kawasumi looks up to him so much. at the top of the ferris wheel, he kisses her cheek, and she has to work not to hurl xD he makes Ichi walk her home…which means his house. when Kawasumi gets home (what is his first name? O.o), he realizes she met Atohira and asks how he’s doing. later, Atohira gives a letter of (mostly) challenge to Kawasumi, saying this will be their last fight. he tells Suiren, and she promises to wait for him at her house after

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Hibi Chouchou, part 1

Hibi Chouchou (image from: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hibi_Ch%C5%8Dch%C5%8D)

I decided it was time to read some shoujo; it’s been a while, and this one caught my eye. I didn’t intend to read a long one, but the art looks cool, so here we go!  I am going to be doing shorthand as I read.  These descriptions are really more of a reminder to myself about what all I have been able to read so far.  Sorry if this bothers anyone!  I will do a full description on the final review page of each series I read.

Every post past this point will be a spoiler, so please read ahead with caution!

ch1: main girl: Suiren; gorgeous and attracts a lot of attention. best friend: Shimuzu Aya; looking for a boyfriend but has no takers. they’re both new students! the only boy not captivated by Suiren’s gaze is a guy in glasses called Kawasumi; he’s also a new student (I think they all just entered high school). Suiren and Aya have known each other since elementary school. back then, Suiren was picked on by boys who liked her, so for middle school, the girls decided to go to an all girls school. the girls fells in love with her, too, though, so Suiren and Aya decided to go to a co-ed high school. Suiren’s always been quiet, but the bullying and attention made it worse. now she doesn’t smile or speak. a month later! when an upperclassman takes Suiren’s bag -dumping it by accident- Kawasumi goes to help; apparently he’s a fighter (or at least a martial artist from his gi). he scares off the upperclassman, puts her stuff back in her bag, then gives it back to her, but he still won’t look at her. he and his friend Ryosuke get surrounded by more upperclassman later, but Kawasumi takes them all out. Suiren actually seeks him out to give him a smile. he looks away, but he is a little flustered now ❤

ch2: not much happens in chapter 2. Kawasumi is confessed to by an upperclassman, but he turns her down because he’s not good at talking to girls. Suiren hears the confession and his response; she’s glad he’s not dating that upperclassman. the upperclassman puts a love letter in his locker, though, and is really pushy about dating him. he keeps saying no, but Koharu (her name) won’t take no for an answer

ch3: Ryosuke Takaya gets jealous that Kawasumi had 2 girls on him at once xD but Kawasumi explains that Suiren was probably just returning the help he’d given her with her bag before. Suiren says the same thing to Aya. both friends are skeptical, but they accept it for now. apparently Kawasumi is more talkative now. the next day, rumors are flying at school, but Ryosuke shuts those down. after, Kawasumi tells Suiren (her name is Shibaishi Suiren) he’s sorry for the trouble and that she won’t have to worry anymore. so she decides not to worry anymore. (he is more talkative <3) Aya and Yuri (their new friend) figure out that Suiren likes Kawasumi

ch4: I didn’t make any notes while reading this chapter >.<; not much happened. Koharu declared herself a butterfly because a butterfly can choose any direction it wants and go there. the school has been calling Suiren a takane no hana (a beautiful flower that’s out of reach) because she’s beautiful but unreachable. Suiren finally realizes that she likes Kawasumi, and she wants to become a butterfly

ch5: it’s school trip time! 1st years go to the beach, and 2nd years to the amusement park! Suiren decides to go on the trip (she hasn’t gone since elementary school). girls set up the bbq while boys prepare the volleyball net for the tournament (btw, there’s a tournament). Aya is good at cutting veggies. Suiren gets hit by a rogue volleyball -so does Aya-, so later Kawasumi asks if she’s ok. she calls his name on the beach!

ch6: but she can’t say anything else, so he starts to leave. then she splashes in the surf before slipping. he tries to help her, then retracts his hand. then they both get distracted by sea gulls. he offers his hand again to help her, but she doesn’t see it and stands on her own. these. two. are. so. adorably. awkward! they stand in the surf together until Ryosuke runs over. there’s another game tonight, and Kawasumi wants to win (he’s competitive)! Suiren tells him good luck, and he yells “Yes!” before running off; they’re both flustered, and it’s adorable ❤ Suiren’s friends do their best to help her out ❤

ch7: oh gosh; a lot of cute stuff happened in this one! Suiren called Koharu annoying and (silently) declared herself as her rival -finally! Koharu actually left Kawasumi alone for the rest of the day because of it. Kawasumi also learned that Suiren doesn’t talk -to boys especially (like she learned about him with girls). when they met after that, they just bowed because neither could speak (so cute!! how is that so cute?!). now Kawasumi is starting to notice/look at Suiren more

ch8: not much happened this time… Kawasumi does judo. he’s overthinking about Suiren, but (through friendship shenanigans on Yuri’s part and Ryosuke’s obliviousness) he realizes that when Suiren is looking down from the roof, the only thing she could be seeing is him and Ryosuke eating lunch. it seems to make him happy to realize this

ch9: Aya invites Ryosuke and Kawasumi to eat lunch with them, and Yuri invites Ryosuke and Aya to the store to get more food, so Suiren and Kawasumi are left alone on the roof. Suiren (eventually) asks why he eats fast, and he says it’s because he’s not used to these situations. she says she hopes he can get used to them, and he agrees ❤ by the time everyone is back, they’re sitting and not talking again xD when Kawasumi and Ryosuke leave for their run, Suiren says to the air (to Kawasumi) that she likes him ❤ YOU GO, GIRL! one step at a time!

ch10: simple chapter; not much happened ❤ Suiren looks forward to seeing Kawasumi every day, but when lunch arrives, she hides. Yuri brings her back, and they all eat together, and Kawasumi finally joins the conversation. Suiren’s so happy that she smiles, and when Ryuosuke almost sees it, Kawasumi immediately makes him look away xD all the girls notice, and it’s great ❤

ch11: it’s time for summer vacation! everyone but Aya has extra lessons. Yuri wants to go to the fireworks festival, but Suiren doesn’t go, so Aya won’t go, and Kawasumi also doesn’t go to festivals. Koharu tries to give Kawasumi a strap for his phone, but he doesn’t have a phone xD Aya gets a job at a nearby restaurant, so she walks Suiren to school every morning and will pick her up in the afternoon (Suiren gets approached by strangers too often to walk alone). Koharu jumps Kawasumi after school because she got his schedule from the 2nd years; he runs off, and Suiren runs after him

ch12: they get caught in the rain, and Suiren asks if he wants to go to the fireworks festival; he says no because it’s so crowded. he walks her back to Aya. Yuri was watching the whole time and thinks she needs to be more direct in asking him to go WITH her, together! Yuri writes a note for Suiren to give him, but when Koharu shows up, she ends up dropping it. she asks him herself, and he agrees <333

ch13: Ryosuke’s going to the festival with his little bro, and Yuri and Aya will go together, but Suiren and Kawasumi go by themselves. Suiren actually has to sneak out and back because her mom would worry too much if she knew Suiren was going to a festival xD Kawasumi comes to pick her up. they sit away from everyone, but when the fireworks start, they’re not in a good place to see it, so Kawasumi buys masks for both of them so they can stand in the crowd ❤ he leads her there with his fan which they both hold onto (almost holding hands! ❤ ) during the show, though, she moves the mask off her face, and Ryosuke sees her. with a guy. and he flips out! Kawasumi rushes her out of there, and they end up holding hands. he apologizes for everything, but she can’t think of what to say. she wishes he was her boyfriend; she doesn’t want to hide them, but she also knows they’re not together yet. she mentions Ryosuke so Kawasumi takes her hand and starts running again, but she lied xD

ch14: back at school for a reason! someone saw Suiren with a boy; it must be a boyfriend! Ryosuke tries to refute it, but Koharu worries it was Kawasumi. she tries to get an answer from Suiren, but her only answer is that it wasn’t not him (Suiren shook her head). later Ryosuke’s still complaining about Suiren having a boyfriend, and Kawasumi asks the profound question of “why would it have to be a boyfriend?”. Ryosuke points out the effort of the yukata and brings up that Kawasumi wouldn’t go with just anybody, would he? and Kawasumi acknowledges he wouldn’t. Koharu approaches with Suiren behind her, and both of them blush ❤

ch15: I didn’t write notes again… Koharu’s not giving up yet, but she’s lost her motivation. school’s back in session! Kawasumi’s avoiding Suiren more; he can’t be near her for long without rushing off with an excuse. I think he realized he might like her, but he doesn’t know how to deal with it yet

ch16: didn’t write notes again xP Koharu’s being normal, like everyone else-normal, when she talks to Kawasumi now. Kawasumi still has to rush off around Suiren, and he worries he’s becoming like the other boys; he’s still trying to figure himself out (I getcha, boy). Suiren worries he won’t talk to her anymore after the tournament, so Yuri suggests they work on conversational skills. but it doesn’t go well. turns out Yuri also has someone she likes, and she has trouble talking to him, too. Suiren and Aya want to meet him, but Yuri refuses because she doesn’t want him to fall in love with Suiren and she doesn’t want her friends to see her be embarrassing (I get you, girl).

ch17: it’s almost competition time (now they’re calling it karate, so Idk if it’s karate or judo). during their lunch jog, Kawasumi and Ryosuke witness a confession to Koharu from some random guy who’s a jerk. he won’t leave her alone, so Ryosuke jumps in. this jerk decides to threaten Ryosuke’s club, so Kawasumi steps in, showing how strong he and Ryosuke are and that they’re about to compete; does this jerk really want to take them on? the jerk runs away, and Koharu falls for Kawasumi all over again (dang it xP). Koharu asks Suiren what she likes about Kawasumi, but she can’t answer. Koharu declares she’s not giving up, and Suiren continues to practice speaking. they all come to see the competition, and Suiren wishes Kawasumi good luck. Ryosuke is beside himself that she spoke xD

ch18: when Ryosuke realizes Kawasumi might like Suiren, he tries to reassure his friend that it’s fine; all the guys like her. Kawasumi shoots back if they genuinely like her, though, and Ryosuke realizes this is more. he asks if Kawasumi genuinely likes her, but he doesn’t answer. Kawasumi ends up winning the tournament. Suiren asks Kawasumi to eat lunch with them more slowly now, but he refuses and says he will not eat with them anymore. Koharu pulls him away, tells him Suiren likes him and realizes he can’t like Koharu because he likes Suiren but that he doesn’t know how to handle these feelings. she leaves crying. Ryosuke realizes Suiren is giving Kawasumi special treatment and mentions that it seems like she likes him, and Suiren nods

ch19: when lunch rolls around, Ryosuke wants to sit on the roof with the girls, but his bromance wins out, and he eats with Kawasumi. Koharu sits with them, and Kawasumi allows it! when he goes to run, she and Ryosuke talk, and Ryosuke realizes many things. like that it was Kawasumi who went with Suiren to the festival, and they like each other. he reflects on their friendship and realizes Kawasumi’s always been cool, but when he mentions it to Kawasumi, he says that he thinks Ryosuke is the cool one (bromance). Ryosuke wishes for Kawasumi’s happiness more than Koharu’s

ch20: Koharu confesses again, but Kawasumi doesn’t return her feelings. she tells him to stop being kind to her, then, and to go somewhere else (though she’s the one who keeps eating with them, so Idk..?)

ch21: welp, Kawasumi eats in the classroom now xD he got dislodged from his spot because of Koharu (I get it, but still, I wish he hadn’t caved). Ryosuke wants to help fix things with Suiren, so they devise to have them all eat at a cafe after school. through some trickery it works, but it’s uncomfortable for most everyone (Suiren’s having a great time). she asks Kawasumi to come back, then rushes out. Ryosuke convinces Kawasumi to go after her. she offers to walk him home even though she’s clearly terrified, but he instead says that he’ll take her home (she’s trying so hard <3)

ch22: they walk… kind of together. he keeps lagging behind, and it almost turns into this cute game, but they’re both so awkward and quiet. Suiren wants to talk to him, but she can’t find the words. he only walks next to her when other guys approach, so they leave her alone. she asks him to walk next to her, and he does it <3333 when they reach her house, she wants to ask him to eat lunch with them again, but she knows it’s not her choice, so she just thanks him instead. he says he’ll walk her home again next time ❤ when he gets home, Ryosuke’s there. Kawasumi says he wants to work hard at this by himself; he doesn’t want help, and Ryosuke supports him ❤ at school the next day, Kawasumi says he can walk Suiren home on Wednesdays if she doesn’t mind waiting, and she agrees ❤ good job, Kawasumi!!

ch23: the next Wednesday, she worries he may’ve forgotten, but she still waits for him, and he shows up ❤ he ran there because he didn’t want to make her wait ❤ (also the cultural festival is coming up). they manage to have a little conversation, and I think she realizes she needs more things to talk about, so she starts taking notes on each day (I guess to tell him; I feel that right now with this blog xD). btw, her class is doing bowling, and his class is doing a haunted house. the next week, he says he doesn’t have club activities on the day before and of the cultural festival, so he can walk her home then, too ❤ she agrees. she also bans formal speech xD

ch24: the classes are almost ready; tomorrow’s the day! but Yuri accidentally knocks over something. she says she’ll fix it herself, but the whole class pitches in, and they fit it together. when Kawasumi walks her home, Suiren suggests that they walk around together

ch25: it’s the cultural festival! Ryosuke’s in a scary costume xD an old classmate shows up, saying that Kawasumi walked Suiren home, and the school freaks out. Kawasumi says they’re not dating, and everything calms down. Suiren asks if he wants to do the haunted house, so they go in together. he takes her wrist to help her through, but she says he didn’t take her wrist at the firework festival… instead, he took her hand. he realizes he must work harder to be able to walk with her ❤

ch26: Yuri’s last name is Kudou; Kudou Yuri (I think it’s funny this manga hasn’t introduced people with their full names xD). before they leave the haunted house, Suiren says she doesn’t want to cause trouble for Kawasumi by holding his hand. he says she can cause him trouble and holds her hand tighter ❤ when they try to leave though, Ryosuke makes them drops hands and even pushes them back into the haunted house because of the stir they’re making. Suiren asks Kawasumi how he feels about her

ch27: he says he thinks she’s like the takane no hana (she’s beautiful but out of reach), and she thinks he’s wrong; she doesn’t want to be that! she asks if he could fall in love with her, and his brain kind of break a bit xD poor boy.. he’s trying, but she is too. she’s trying to reach him, and he’s trying to just wrap his head around all of it. he finally admits that he likes her, but then he bolts xD

ch27.5: the origins of the masks! they’re from an anime that’s popular in the manga. Aya and Suiren are big fans, and Yuri gets curious about it, so they all watch it together. at the same time, Ryosuke’s little brother wants to watch it, so Ryosuke rents it and they watch it at Kawasumi’s house. Ryosuke goes to sleep during the show, but Kawasumi watches it. the kid bro finds his bear mask, but he take it back and hides it. turns out the bear is a jerk, and Yuri’s mildly traumatized by the show (I get you, girl). Kawasumi doesn’t like the bear either, but when the kid says he should give up the mask, he refuses xD

ch28: he waits outside for her and apologizes for running off, but also says they can’t walk around together. she’s whisked away to the roof for lunch by Aya and Yuri, and Ryosuke buys them some food before going to eat with Kawasumi. Kawasumi asks for advice, admits it’s mutual attraction, and Ryosuke brings up that they’d normally be dating then. this breaks both of them, though xD after lunch, Kawasumi has to work the booth, so he doesn’t see Suiren who stays hidden on the roof with Aya (Yuri went to the concert). they meet after the festival at the cafe, even though they didn’t mention it before

ch29: the annoying boy from his middle school shows up xP apparently his name is Atohira (they’ve said it before; I just didn’t bother to write it down). he decides to stay and “eat cheesecake” (aka: be a pain), so Kawasumi and Suiren leave. Kawasumi keeps saying sorry, but she doesn’t know why. she asks what he’s thinking about, and he says he was thinking she’d be happier if they talked. she takes his hand and asks what would happen if they started dating (YOU GO, GIRL! YOU’RE TRYING SO HARD, AND I’M SO PROUD OF YOU!)!

ch29.5: we see the original meeting of Kawasumi and Suiren from his perspective ❤ apparently, when he was surrounded by the three upperclassmen, he did very little; pushed two back, dodged some punched, and let them beat each other up while he got his glasses.

ch30: neither of them have dated before, so they don’t seem to know how it’s done. Kawasumi even asks what it means to date (such deep questions). Suiren’s dad comes back! he’s been gone for half a year, and she finally tells her parents that she likes someone (I guess they just never asked xD). they want to meet him, then decide just to see him, so she tells them he’ll drop her off after school. she thinks they’ll just stay inside, see him from a distance, and be ok. oh, naive girl; I would’ve thought the same at your age, but no; parents don’t generally work like that. they come outside and invite him in xD

ch30.5: we see Aya during part of the cultural festival. she’s a little lonely now that Suiren has Kawasumi. she’s happy for her friend, but it’s hard to see the person you’ve been protecting and looking out for no longer need you. Ryosuke offers to walk her hom,e but she refuses xD

ch31: Suiren actually gets mad at her parents for this (silently), but they just want to meet him; Papa is especially worried. he’s gone on business trips a lot, and he wants to know this guy who’s apparently walking his daughter home. Kawasumi agrees to come in for dinner, and they talk a little. Kawasumi does like Suiren, but they’re not dating, yet. he doesn’t know how it works. Suiren walks him back outside, and her parents stay inside to give them privacy. he says he’s sorry he can’t give her an answer yet, but he is thinking about it. this is enough for her for now

ch32: Yuri’s birthday is Christmas eve (random info). Suiren gets a fever, and the nurse calls her mom to take her to the hospital. in the meantime, she’s in the infirmary. Kawasumi and Ryosuke stop by, but they don’t see her because she’s sleeping; she wakes up to hear Kawasumi tell her to take care. in the next cot is Koharu. she still likes Kawasumi, but she’s trying to give up on him. because she asks, Suiren tells her that they’re not dating, but when Koharu continues to be annoying, she pulls the curtain back and goes to sleep xD she’s out of school for two days, and though she’s already been working hard, she realizes that she needs to work harder, so when she sees Kawasumi again, she tells him good morning instead of simply bowing quietly. this is done in a busy hallway, though, so I’m sure it’ll have repercussions.

ch33: aaaaaand it does. everyone freaks out, people start remembering the old rumors, and someone even saw them walk home together. when he’s questioned, Kawasumi calmly removes the hand from him, turns to Suiren, and tells her good morning. everyone erupts; all the guys start saying it to her, and Aya and Yuri whisk her out of there. Suiren remembers why she started shutting down to start with; she didn’t like the attention. now all the guys are confessing to her and trying to talk to her, and she rejects all of them with a shake of her head. Kawasumi asks Ryosuke what it means to date, and Ryosuke says to just jump in, don’t think, and don’t question it at the start; you just do it (not the best advice in my option, but whatever). so, Kawasumi walks through the crowd and asks her if she’ll go out with him. in front of everyone. one guy even had the gall to say Takane-chan (meaning Suiren) belonged to all of them -which is bull; she belongs to herself.

ch34: Suiren nods and accepts Kawasumi. the school explodes. every guy is looking at her with tears and him with anger. they follow him to class and club and when he goes jogging just to get a look at him, and none of them are happy. it’s only after school when Suiren waits for him after his club that anyone says congrats, and it’s their friends. Kawasumi walks her home, and he asks if she wants to go somewhere this Sunday ❤

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