The Day of Revolution, part 0

I wanted to read something else next, but then I stumbled over a picture I took of a manga I found at a convention.  I decided I should go ahead and read this one next since it’s been waiting in my phone xD

The Day of Revolution (image from:

Honestly, I didn’t realize it was so short when I decided to read it, but whatever!  It had the tagline of being a genderbent story plot line, so it caught my eye xD  I do not own this manga, so I will be reading a translation online.  I am going to be doing shorthand as I read.  These descriptions are really more of a reminder to myself about what all I have been able to read so far.  Sorry if this bothers anyone!  I will do a full description on the final review page of each series I read.

Every post past this point will be a spoiler, so please read ahead with caution!

ch1: we’re on the roof with the delinquents! our main character is one of them xD Kei Yoshimura. he’s from a dysfunctional family with a father that won’t even look or talk to him. he’s doing badly with his classes, so he skips a lot with his friends. class pres has come to bring him back to class, but he doesn’t want to go. all his buddies like that he’s small and feminine -so does the class president-, but Kei hates it. when Kei feels lightheaded and faints, he’s taken to the doctor where he finds out (at the age of 15) that he’s a girl. his mom asks what he wants to do, so he decides to listen to the doctor and try to be a girl, though he’s pessimistic and thinks it may destroy their family faster. his -now her- mom decides it’s time their family to deal with its problem, even if it breaks everything (geez; I knew this would be a genderbent, but what have I walked into? I found some drama!)
Mom makes Kei and Dad talk. Dad opens up about his upbringing. he was raised harshly and punished if he was loud. he hated how he was raised, but when his own son got loud, he punished him in the same way. Dad became terrified of himself, so he secluded himself from his son. because he’s awkward and Kei thought he was hated, a rift formed. Mom (apparently Keiko) knew all this, but just let it happen because she hoped Kei acting out would resolve everything, but things just got worse, so she got depressed. since Kei’s starting over as a girl, though, Dad’s decided to try starting over, too. now, Kei tells her doctor about her new gender, and the doctor reveals that she totally could’ve just stayed a boy xD poor Kei had no idea… she wants to change back to a boy, but Mom already bought her a whole new wardrobe and Dad even bought a kimono for her coming of age ceremony, so too bad! Kei’s a girl now; it’s been decided xD

ch2: Kei’s friends miss him -now her, but they don’t know that. we’re given a lot of names, but I’m not recording them because this is a short manga >.>; class pres is named Kawada Hiroaki (I’m recording it because I feel like he’ll show up more). Kei’s been renamed Megumi. she took 6 months off school, is repeating 10th grade, and has had surgery to look more feminine; because of the expenses, she’s at the same school again. she has a girl coach (her doctor’s niece who wants to be a counselor) to help her act more feminine named Yutaka Makoto. shenanigans happen, and basically all of her old friends now suspect she’s living as a girl now xD apparently the kanji for Megumi and Kei is the same; same last name; same face… apparently these guys aren’t stupid. they try going through her classmates to talk to her, but Megumi and Makoto turn down each invitation. finally, the four come in person for questioning. they convince the girls to come to the roof, and finally, Megumi admits to being Kei. now that Kei’s Megumi, all the boys realize they’re in love with her and want to marry her. Makoto reminds them that dating comes first, so now, they all want Megumi to choose who she wants to date

ch3: one senior wants the roof back, so he (and his two underlings(?)) interrupt, but they leave when the class president causes a fuss. now the senior’s plan is to kidnap the girls (either of them) to get the roof back. later, Megumi thanks Makoto for all her help so far, and Makoto vows to take care of Megumi if she can’t marry a guy ;D so now 5 people are in love with Megumi xD
Megumi still feels uncomfortable changing with girls, so after PE, she leaves quickly and immediately gets kidnapped by the seniors. she agrees to go with them because they threaten harm to Makoto if she doesn’t. Makoto realizes she’s been taken and runs off to find her old friends. Megumi sucks at keeping secrets, so the senior figures out she’s the same person, and now he wants to date her, too (because why have just a hostage when your hostage could also be your cute girlfriend?). he tries to force himself on her and when even his friends say he’s going too far, he explains he’s mostly just trying to hold her down to control her; can’t have a loose hostage. but Megumi gets scared; she never got attacked like this as a boy; she’s lost her fighting confidence now that she’s a girl because girls don’t fight back (…what? that’s the wrong mindset). she manages to catch him off guard and punches him in the face/kicks him where it hurts, and gets away just as Makoto and the gang arrive. Megumi declares she’d rather spend her life with Makoto than a guy (she’s now scared of men), and the guys decide they need to show her the good parts of men

ch4.1: now everyone at school knows that Kei became Megumi xD to keep the senior away from Megumi, her friends threaten….to basically rape him if he ever goes near her again. so the senior is no longer a problem. but her friends are still overbearing, and now she’s traumatized that all guys want to assault her like the senior tried to. on the first day of summer break, the guys show up, so she runs to Makoto’s. turns out Makoto has a little brother (I think I’ve read this before… this is seeming familiar). Makoto explains that not all guys want to rape girls; those are sickos and psychos who would do that. the only way to get her friends to stop hitting on her is to get a boyfriend, either one of them or someone strong enough to fight off all four. Makoto’s brother’s back; his name’s Mikoto; he goes to an all boy’s school; he’s in 8th grade, and he lives in the dorms. he comes home during breaks. his situation is a lot like Kei’s was; he’s small and cute, so guys hit on him. only like Megumi, they also try to have their way with him, so he’s gotten good at keeping his guard up and fighting them off. Megumi realizes that she’s not scared around Mikoto, but he has no defenses against her; he keeps blushing every time she gets close or hugs him (me thinks he already had a slight crush on her since he’s known about her this whole time and has been seeing her pictures). back at her mom’s house, the boys get a bad feeling xD

ch4.2: Megumi goes to Makoto’s house every day now, and the first thing she asks is where Mikoto is xD she doesn’t even realize how much she seeks him out until Makoto points it out. Megumi asks Makoto not to say anything, but Makoto still manages to convince both Megumi and Mikoto to go out together (“boy shopping”, meaning video games, CDs, bikes, arcades, etc). her guy friends find out she’s spending time with Mikoto and decide it’s time they pay Makoto a visit. Makoto tells them exactly what’s going on, her thoughts on the matter, even her master plan and where they went. now to the date! Mikoto wants to be a doctor and take over the family hospital which Megumi thinks is admirable; he thinks her changing her entire life and working so hard at it is admirable. when she hugs him because he’s precious, the guys show up with Makoto

ch5: at first glance, they think Megumi may only like Mikoto because he’s small, but he has a fire that the leader (his name’s Shinmei) worries about. he tries to threaten Mikoto who in fact fights back; they call him a thief and Megumi their idol; he says maybe the idol wanted to be stolen (you go, Mikoto!). when Megumi sees them messing with Mikoto, she jumps in and says he’s nothing to worry about; he’s just a middle schooler (ouch; low blow). the guys get her to keep talking, so she says some stupid stuff that hurts his feelings (dang it, Megumi; why’re you so dense?!). he realizes the guy’s plan, though, but also realizes Megumi does see him that way. Mikoto remembers that Makoto’s been trying to toughen him up for this, so he realizes he needs to get Megumi to see him as a man or at least stop letting her defend him. Makoto stops the guys from intervening in order to keep things fair xD Mikoto declares that he may be young now, but he’ll work to become a man Megumi can love because he already loves her as a woman. she blushes SOOOO much, and the guys realize they’ve lost. Makoto’s happy though xD

ch6: Day of Fate (this seems like a different story now). nope, nvm; same story, different time! now Megumi and Makoto are 3rd years, and a 2nd year transfer student has fallen in love with Megumi at first sight! Makoto approves of him and spreads word through the school that he should be left alone. she evens sets up a time and place for him and Megumi to talk; Megumi doesn’t want to, though; she’s already in a relationship! Makoto says just to use that as an excuse if she has to xD the four guys return to intervene -even though they already graduated! transfer guy declares he won’t give up even with them as obstacles, but he doesn’t know the rest of the obstacles ahead of him xD

ch7: over to Mikoto! he’s been dating Megumi for 2 years now, but they haven’t made much progress. most of the time, they’re just running away from the guys/Makoto instead of being able to actually date. he finally finds out that Megumi actually likes him, though; she’s not just dating him for convenience! they decide to try kissing (they haven’t kissed yet? O.o), but Megumi decides it feels wrong if he kisses her, so she kisses him instead xD he’s ok with it; he still got a kiss. he’s glad they’re finally making progress; he’s been in love from the start. but he still has to deal with the guys at his school, so he knows he has some more growing up to do xD

And that’s the manga!  I think I have read this one before, but it was a long time ago; I didn’t remember it very well.  My full review will come next time, so please click <here> to read it.

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