The Day of Revolution

I wanted to read something else next, but then I stumbled over a picture I took of a manga I found at a convention.  I decided I should go ahead and read this one next since it’s been waiting in my phone xD

The Day of Revolution (image from:

Honestly, I didn’t realize it was so short when I decided to read it, but whatever!  It had the tagline of being a genderbent story plot line, so it caught my eye xD  I do not own this manga, so I will be reading a translation online.

Every post past this point will be a spoiler, so please read ahead with caution!


Review time!

3.5 stars

Plot: 1/2 star. Main character (male) -for medical reasons- decides to become a female. She’s supposed to dress like a girl, act like a girl, talk like a girl, etc. and even has someone with her at all times to help her learn. By the end of the series, she does voluntarily -and successfully- look more feminine. I can’t fully tell by the dialogue if she speaks like a girl, and she has a boyfriend, so I guess she’s acting like a girl? Honestly, it still feels like she has a long way to go, but she does have a lifetime to master this plot line; I just don’t feel like she’s there, yet.
Art: 1 star. I like the art of this. I like the different tones used, and the faces are very expressive. The story and panels flow well, so it’s easy to understand what’s happening.

Story Progression: 1 star. This manga has a lot of shenanigans xD There’s always something going on: someone else falling in love with Megumi, her old friends showing up out of nowhere, etc. If this was a longer series, the constant shenanigans would get on my nerves, but since it is so short, it is tolerable. Even when there could’ve been a lull in the story, they did a time skip to keep the shenanigans going. And even after two years, the same shenanigans were still going on; nothing had changed in two years! Story wise, it did seem like too much was happening, but that’s probably just a preference thing rather than actual criticism. Each chapter had a new and different joke, and in a way, the chapters were very episodic. Other than the main plot, each chapter completed its own story without bleeding over.
Genre: 1/2 star. For some reason, only shoujo is listed, and really, that’s not enough in my opinion. It seems very obvious that this is a comedy manga with shoujo or romantic tendencies, but the entire story is centered around comedic actions and reactions; that’s the driving force more than anything. Slice of life/school life could also be used since it’s set at school, but these characters aren’t dealing with slice of life problems; they’re dealing with comedic problems that are off the wall rather than realistic. Really, it should be comedy, shoujo; maybe romance. Heck, maybe it could be considered a reverse harem!  I’m not sure if genderbent is a genre, but it would also definitely apply.  I can only give this half a star since the comedy is so integral to the story, and it was left out.
Enjoyment: 1/2 star. This was an alright manga. It was short, so it didn’t have time to make me fall in love with it, but it also had a lot of little things that got on my nerves, so I’m glad it wasn’t any longer. It really does seem like a reverse harem; one girl who everyone falls in love with, but like too many harem manga, there is /no reason these characters should be in love with the main character/. The only time anyone tries to explain it, their reason is “she’s so beautiful!” (but beauty’s in the eye of the beholder, so I wasn’t wowed) or Mikoto explained that he admired her for being brave enough to change her entire life. What he didn’t know was that she tried to back out of it immediately, and she complained a lot about her new life choice in the beginning. So, she didn’t seem all that brave to me (wanting to become a doctor and take over the family hospital -by 8th grade!- seems way more admirable to me; kudos to Mikoto for being awesome and working towards his dream). Her four old friends got on my nerves a lot; they were way too pushy and also too dense to listen to Makoto’s advice and give Megumi space. They could have given her space, wooed her slowly, taken secret dates one at a time, played up on their old friendship and ties, but NO! They jumped the gun at the stop and continued steamrolling down that hill for the next 2+ years -in canon- with no signs of stopping or moving on or living their own lives. It was a shallow story, and if the comedy elements were to my taste, I would probably have liked it more, but as it was, I can see why I forgot I’d read it in the past. Mikoto and Makoto were my favorite parts to the story xD I love how Makoto manipulated everything and everyone; she was very interesting to watch ❤ Mikoto is just adorable, and I do admire that he’s going after his dream of being a doctor even if that means he has to deal with his horrible all boys’ school. He’s willing to go at Megumi’s pace and is willing to fight for her when opposition arises. He’s the golden boy of the series, and he can throw some good punches to boot -only when they’re necessary though ❤


To read my full review of this manga, please click <here>.

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