Dengeki Daisy, part 1

I’m trying something new to select manga. I put everything recommended to me or that interested me in a list and used a random number generator to decide!

And the winner is….! *drumroll* Dengeki Daisy!

Dengeki Daisy (image:…0.0..0.129.1467.0j13……0….1..gws-wiz…….0i131j0i10.Lmn75bT-9YU&ved=0ahUKEwisg4746ZfkAhXymuAKHYTXD9IQ4dUDCAc&uact=5)

I actually own this one (that’s how it made the list) xD I’ll try to stay impartial, but spoiler alert, I really liked this series! Not sure how it’ll rate because it’s been a few years since I’ve read it, but we’ll find out together!

The back cover reads:
“After orphan Teru Kurebayashi loses her beloved older brother, she finds solace in the messages she exchanges with DAISY, an enigmatic figure who can only be reached through the cell phone her brother left her. Meanwhile, mysterious Tasuku Kurosaki always seems to be around whenever Teru needs help. Could DAISY be a lot closer than Teru thinks?
One day at school, Teru accidentally breaks a window and agrees to pay for it by helping Kurosaki with chores around school. Kurosaki is an impossible taskmaster though, and he also seems to be hiding something important from Teru…”

I am going to be doing shorthand as I read.  These descriptions are really more of a reminder to myself about what all I have been able to read so far.  Sorry if this bothers anyone!  I will do a full description on the final review page of each series I read.

Every post past this point will be a spoiler, so please read ahead with caution!

ch1: a lot happens in chapter 1 xD we meet Teru, our main girl, who’s constantly bullied by the student council and their fans because she’s poor. I’m not sure how this school works, but all council members are rich and their families make donations. anyway, Teru and her friends are usually picked on, but Teru gets it the worst. she’s become the leader of her group, though, because she never gives up. she’s also a scholarship student who’s always at the top of the class. she has a cell phone that connects her to Daisy; they message regularly, but she never tells Daisy about her problems. through reasons, she accidentally breaks a window, and the school custodian, Tasuku Kurosaki, tracks her down. her friends want her to play dumb because she can’t afford to fix the window, but Teru’s moral compass won’t let her, so she confesses. Kurosaki then drags her away to do manual labor to work it off while he plays mahjong instead xD
the school’s computers are down due to a hacker (Teru says “cracker” because -and I quote- “A “hacker” refers to a person with exceptional computer skills. A “cracker” is someone who uses such skills for wrongdoing.” I’m not sure this is right, but whatever). when the council takes Teru’s phone, making her panic, Daisy sends a message threatening the council. from there, they’re excessively nice to Teru. the student council president asks Teru to ask Daisy to fix the computers because Mr. Arai, the council’s advisor, changed numbers and wiped out scholarships, etc. Daisy revealed himself as a hacker to the council member he’d threatened but not to Teru. she asks for Daisy’s help for the 1st time on behalf of the council, so Daisy fixes everything and exposes Mr. Arai -also Mr. Arai and the president were dating so the pres couldn’t turn him in.
later, Teru asks Kurosaki if he’s Daisy, but he denies it. turns out he was lying, but Teru believes him. and that’s just chapter 1 @.@;;; loooots of info, but I remember LOVING every panel the first time I read it, and it’s still really great xD

ch2: Teru goes out with her friends, but she gets knocked over, and everything in her bag falls into the street. people help her pick everything up, but her cell phone is gone. she searches in the rain but gets sick. she still tries to go to school, but Kurosaki figures out she’s sick and takes her home. she still tries to go look for the phone, but Kurosaki threatens her life xD he gets her to give him Daisy’s e-mail so Daisy can get the phone back for her. while she’s resting, Kurosaki tracks down the phone and returns it to her, but she’s delirious with sleep and thinks he’s Daisy. she thanks him from the bottom of her heart, and they all feel better for it. Kurosaki then puts her to work once she’s able to come back to school; now she has to pay off all the medical stuff he’d bought to take care of her cold xD also -forgot this last time- Teru’s brother died a year ago

ch3: Teru’s friends start crushing on Kurosaki, but Teru’s adamant that he’s a jerk xD later, she sees the council pres with a boy. she gets concerned and tells Kurosaki, and he mentions that he always sees the pres eating by herself at lunch. Teru makes an effort to eat with her, and they fight, but at least they communicate xD Teru even mentions the quality she likes in boys! when the pres (I should learn her name >.>; ) tries to break up with the boy, she mentions that her friend (aka Teru) warned her about him ❤ he drags her into his car, and Teru jumps in, too, so they’re both kidnapped. Kurosaki sees it and has Boss -he owns a café that Kurosaki frequents (he even bought Teru food there once) tail the car. Teru tries to send a message to Daisy, but the kidnappers stop her. while she and pres fight to fend them off and cause a ruckus, Kurosaki shows up and scares off the kidnappers with a weedwhacker. Teru tries to thank him, but he’s ticked. by the end of the chapter, Teru realizes that Kurosaki has the traits she likes in a guy -someone who holds you responsible for your mistakes and who will cheer you up and who has an unexpected side to them. Pres also figures out that Kurosaki has feelings for Teru

ch4: Teru meets an acquaintance of her brother, Mr. Takeda. he’s been hired as the new computer teacher since Mr. Arai got fired, but he knows Kurosaki and knows that Kurosaki is Daisy. he also tries to pressure Teru to give him info about her brother, but she shuts him down. he hires people to break into her apartment to find the data instead, but they find nothing. Teru runs to the café and finds Kurosaki. he lets her stay with him then goes on a man-hunt to stop Takeda. he asks Boss to find Teru a new apartment, and during their banter, Kurosaki admits that he’s in love with Teru but that he also caused her brother’s death, so he doesn’t deserve her

extra side chapter: Boss warns Kurosaki about pushing himself to reject Teru. he then paints a vivid scene that embarrasses Kurosaki to no end xD

end of volume 1! I forgot how much keeps happening to Teru xD
to read part 2, please click here.

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