Sakamoto desu ga?, part 2

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Let’s just say it’s been a stressful day, so I wanted some comedy in my life. I’ve also been wanting to read something with a glasses wearing protagonist (I have no explanation >.>; ), so it seemed like the perfect time to read this xD

Sakamoto desu ga (image:

I don’t own this manga, so I’ll be reading fan translations online. I am going to be doing shorthand as I read.  These descriptions are really more of a reminder to myself about what all I have been able to read so far.  Sorry if this bothers anyone!  I will do a full description on the final review page of each series I read.

Every post past this point will be a spoiler, so please read ahead with caution!

ch7: there’s a teacher that dislikes how Sakamoto’s always almost-late. since other teachers seem to turn to him to discipline students, he decides to catch Sakamoto breaking a rule in order to lecture him about his near-tardiness. throughout the chapter, he’s unable to, until finally in his own class, Sakamoto eats rice, provoking the teacher and being sent to stand in the hall. The teacher goes to check to make sure Sakamoto’s actually reflecting on his misconduct, but Sakamoto got kicked out on purpose because there was a dying sparrow in the hall, and he’s feeding it some of his rice (which is sort of sweet, but as far as I know, rice is bad for birds -which is why many people stopped throwing rice at weddings; it harmed the birds in the area). the teacher decides to be more lenient on Sakamoto’s almost-tardiness but still dislikes how Sakamoto scrapes by every day.
ch8: we see Sakamoto excel in several classes. in cooking class, he saves a slug within the lettuce. in art class, he draws someone’s inner and outer selves in one picture (Aina is both an orangutan and an angel, apparently). and during an emergency drill, a student from his class gets left behind while everyone else escapes the fire in the science lab. this student was in the restroom when the fire broke out. Sakamoto runs inside, douses himself in water, wraps a handkerchief around his nose and goes after the student. Sakamoto lowers him in a makeshift pouch before jumping out the window with a makeshift parachute.
on a side note, I think I laugh more from the random scenes at the end of the chapters than I do during the chapter itself x’D
ch9: the delinquents from class decide to dig a pit fall trap to demonstrate how “bad” they are. Sakamoto disappears into it, and they spend most of the chapter asking around to figure out where he went. a 2nd kid falls into the trap, and the delinquents realize a 2nd hole was dug. it seems impossibly deep, so the leader believes it leads to Brazil (the other side of the world) and thinks Sakamoto must be there. he jumps down because he wants to reach Sakamoto, saying admiring Sakamoto means more than simply watching. turns out, the hole’s not deep. also turns out, Sakamoto’s been in town without his school uniform on because it was in the cleaners; no one recognized him without it. he finds the delinquents and says he saw them digging and decided to help in their endeavors to find a hot spring. the leader returns Sakamoto’s uniform button that he’d thrown down the hole.
ch10: we’re seeing a lot of recurring characters now =O Hayabusa (worked for the big boss from ch5) has gotten curious about Sakamoto. as the leader of the 2nd years, he doesn’t like this 1st year getting so much attention. he tries to ask the big boss about Sakamoto, but big boss is still too traumatized. elsewhere, Kubota is asking Sakamoto for advice about a new hairstyle. Hayabusa asks to borrow Sakamoto’s face, so Sakamoto uses clay to imprint his image and hands it off. the girls in class go nuts and attack Hayabusa for it. he destroys it and calls Sakamoto out for later. Sakamoto tells his friends he can’t go because he has cleaning duty. Hayabusa’s lackeys overhear and decide they need to give Sakamoto incentive. they steal his shoes, so Sakamoto draws shoes over his socks xD they steal his ruler, so he uses a teacher’s straight hairstyle to hang a poster. so they shave Kubota’s head, and now Sakamoto’s mad. he meets Hayabusa outside and takes off his own glasses. it’s serious time O.O;
side note: I love that Sakamoto has the sparrow with him now ❤ Sakamoto seems to have a real soft spot for animals
ch11: before the fight can start, a policeman(?) sees the teens and calls out to them. they say they’re just playing push-sumo (or something), and the policeman decides to be the ref -because he loves his game. (basically, two opponents push each other until 1 has to move their feet to stay standing. whoever moves their feet loses). so, of course, the game goes on forever; it starts raining. the lackeys decide to try tripping Sakamoto to help their boss, but their boss sees them and gets onto them, saying that he would rather die than win with their help (he’s taking this very seriously). Sakamoto raises his arms, and everyone thinks he’s trying to hail down lightning. the boss still wants to fight, but then Sakamoto pushes him back– into a cab. he was just calling a cab xD he said the rain would give them colds. the lackeys fess up to shaving Kubota’s hair, and the boss is mad at them. Sakamoto has them buy supper ingredients as an apology. they all arrive at Kubota’s house and give him wakame (which I think is believe to increase hair growth?), and they all apologize to Kubota. he invites them all to eat with him -Sakamoto’s vanished by the time they get to the house, btw. later, we see Sakamoto with the nurse, helping her with stuff. he’s gotten a cold, but instead of letting her treat him, he ties a negi onion around his neck like a tie (they’re a folk remedy for colds according to the translation notes)
ch12: some younger boys make a game of kicking a rock all the way home from school (if you lose it, you lose). Sakamoto’s doing the same ahead of them, but he’s way better and most of the kids are impressed. the leader’s mad because he’s impatient to grown up and do that, too. the next day, they’re going to walk the white line without falling. Sakamoto’s already doing it, and the leader decides they have to follow if they ever want to grow up. they follow until it’s dark out, and the line ends. Sakamoto offers a roll of toilet paper to the leader, but he slaps it away, thinking it’s an insult. instead, it unrolls and forms a new white line for them to follow. at the end, the kids see one of their moms and they bolt. but the leader goes back for Sakamoto’s autograph, tearing off part of the toilet paper to get it (this was a kind of sweet chapter; I felt the boy’s energy and determination)
ch13: the class president secretly takes pictures of Sakamoto, and in a picture, she spots a ghost. she wants to warn him about the haunting but doesn’t want to reveal that she’s been taking his picture. she asks Kubota what to do, and he says she might be similar to the ghost. she finally realizes this is true when she hides and takes pictures of him from the shadows, being separate from reality and in the shadows, like a ghost. during a “rapid capture” series, she realizes the ghost is trying to say something; it’s a love confession to Sakamoto. she feels so compelled to tell him of this ghost’s feelings that she prints the pictures and shows him how the ghost says it. he walks off to do her copying assignment that she neglected, and she feels like she’s become hated by him. but he photocopies his face saying “thank you” back. the ghost stops haunting him, and the class prez now feels confident in taking his picture openly
ch14: the delinquents want Sakamoto to rent them some 18+ videos because they can’t get past the curtain. they hold a dvd he wants hostage, so he agrees. he gets a massive collection for them, and they guide him to the register, dodging 3 of their classmates. but when Kubota’s mom’s in 1 of the sections, Sakamoto detours and gets caught by Aina! he smoothly changes the subject from his dvds and even hides them on a shelf so they go unnoticed. at the register, he’s greeted by a manager who believes he’s not 18 yet. the manager tries to shake Sakamoto up by questioning his age, but Sakamoto powers through, saying the dvds will be returned THAT NIGHT and even looks at his watch (a hand-drawn rolex) and says that time is money, can we hurry this up? the manager is so mind blown that he allows the transaction (btw, Sakamoto used a rental card from 1 of the delinquents -which belonged to an older brother). when Sakamoto hands off the dvds to the group, they invite him to watch with them, but he says “oh look at the time” to his fake watch and leaves x’DDD they believe Sakamoto’s not mentally ready to see these sorts of dvds, and if he’s not ready, then how could they be ready? they return all the dvds immediately
and that’s it for this time!  To keep reading with me, then please click here.

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