Sakamoto desu ga?, part 3

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Let’s just say it’s been a stressful day, so I wanted some comedy in my life. I’ve also been wanting to read something with a glasses wearing protagonist (I have no explanation >.>; ), so it seemed like the perfect time to read this xD

Sakamoto desu ga


I don’t own this manga, so I’ll be reading fan translations online. I am going to be doing shorthand as I read.  These descriptions are really more of a reminder to myself about what all I have been able to read so far.  Sorry if this bothers anyone!  I will do a full description on the final review page of each series I read.

Every post past this point will be a spoiler, so please read ahead with caution!

ch15: it’s sports day, and class 1-2 is excited to win with Sakamoto in their class, but Sera reminds them that they could impress girls if they take out Sakamoto. they delay him in stage 1 for snagging bread off of rope, but he wins and gives part of his bread to the other runners like the good guy he is. stage 2, the human pyramid, also fails; Sakamoto gets all the fangirls, even the old ladies. stage 3 is the relay, and Sera ties Sakamoto’s shoelaces together. Sakamoto runs like a cheetah instead and somehow gets in the lead anyway. when he passes the baton to the girl, though, she drops it because it was slippery (it was in his mouth). Sakamoto asks Sera (who finishes the race) to please protect her drive since she didn’t give up despite everyone hating on her. Sera takes the heat off her by stripping during his run. the school’s so disgusted they forget about the girl. during lunch, she says he looks handsome sometimes 😉
ch16: for the festival, the delinquents are making cotton candy, and someone who’s been gone returns. he wants to know who Sakamoto is, but <awesome guy> won’t say. he gets injured for withholding the information. Sakamoto’s class is making “unknown things” out of balloons, but motivation is low. 2 girls are still willing to try, though, so Sakamoto does help. 2 classmates still think it’s stupid and leave, and scary guy approaches them. the next morning, all the class’s hard work has been shredded, and Sakamoto’s been framed
ch17: scary guy says the wanted posters are a game for the festival, so people start chasing Sakamoto to get the reward. the 2 slackers come back with more balloons to help put the exhibit back together since Sakamoto’s not around to help (so Idk if they’re guilty for shredding it?). the delinquents cause a distraction so Sakamoto can evade capture and later explain about the bad guy, Fuuze. he’s a bored adult who likes to eliminate the popular kid from schools because he can; he manipulates people with a game that isolates the popular kid. when Sakamoto gets back to class, he gets isolated but realizes how to fix it. he leaves, and a girl called A-ko/Eiko confesses to popping the balloons. the 2 slackers get hyper sensitive to it and incriminate themselves, and Eiko turns out to be Sakamoto with helium. they just wanted to be included, and they feel bad now. everyone teams up, and with the delinquents, their class event turns into a success thanks to cotton candy. Fuuze vs Sakamoto doesn’t seem to be over yet
ch18: 3 girls recall when they met Sakamoto. 1, during exams; she dropped her eraser because her hands were cold. Sakamoto caught it and rubbed it against his desk to warm it before giving it back; her hands stopped being cold. 2, terrible storm on the way to school flipped her umbrella. Sakamoto’s umbrella was also broken, but he appreciated the rain; now she loves rain. 3, she dropped her new textbooks, and Sakamoto caught them. she’s kept her stuff orderly ever since. Kubota recalls meeting Sakamoto when his band-aid fell off and almost exposed the pimple on his ring finger. Sakamoto picked it up and put it back. all the girls are jealous xD
ch19: Kubota gets sick, and his mom takes his place at school in order to get close with Sakamoto again. she works very hard to seem like her son, and Sakamoto doesn’t even realize who she is until during gym class. I’m honestly impressed that she repressed her urges so well! all she’s wanted is to touch Sakamoto, but when she falls and he offers to help her up, she stands by herself because she realizes it’s wrong to trick Sakamoto with her son’s image. after gym, the boys are hyper fixated on boobs, and Sakamoto gets their attention off “Kubota”. she asks him to be her friend, and he agrees ❤ she’d broken a dish during gym (what chopsticks rest on; Idk why she brought it with her), and he’d fixed it for her ❤ also her son’s recovering xD
ch20: it’s Christmas, and Sakamoto gets invited to a group date by a couple college guys who need a 3rd. the guys talk smooth, so he’s convinced to join. the girls aren’t interested at first, but this is Sakamoto; he finds a way to steal the show, as always. he leaves after epic karaoke that overfills the room with fans, leaving the 2 guys alone
ch21: my fave delinquent (his name’s Hayabusa) has 3 younger siblings and no mother. his father met a woman and wants him to meet her at a fancy, French restaurant because he may marry her. Hayabusa begs Sakamoto to teach him etiquette, but there’s no time, so Sakamoto acts as his hands during the meal (baggy clothes, y’all). things go well; the dad and lady leave, and on the way home, Hayabusa and Sakamoto run into them getting mugged -except the woman set this up to steal from him! to save his father’s reputation, Hayabusa switches with Sakamoto and acts as his hands, defeating them all. dad passes out during the struggle, and Hayabusa carries him home, vowing to help cover his slack since he’s just doing his best for his family
ch22: Sakamoto’s never seen snow, so Atsushi (OG delinquent fanboy) decides to teach him about snow. between snow angels and snowmen, he feels inferior and Fuuze (called Fukase here? did I get it wrong before?) re-appears and tells him to challenge Sakamoto one-on-one and win or else he’ll never be Sakamoto’s equal. so they have a snowball fight, and Atsushi holds his own, but the cold’s getting to him. Sakamoto gives him a couple heating pads to help, but he still feels like a failure. Fuuze/Fukase tries to turn him against Sakamoto -“if only he wasn’t here” (so rude xP)
ch23: the year’s almost over, and Yuu-chan’s sharing pics. Atsushi wants a couple of Sakamoto, but he won’t let himself speak up even though pics are free. he’s so tense he won’t even attend the meeting of delinquents. Fukase (I think I was wrong before, oops xD) is going to fail again, and now Hayabusa’ll be in his class next year. he warns the others that if they don’t hold something dear tight in their hearts then Fukase can corrupt them. poor Atsushi gets corrupted T~T during the graduation speech, he goes up to the stage with a baseball bat and tells Sakamoto to disappear T^T
ch24: Sakamoto uses Atsushi as part of his speech, and when Atsushi falls from the balcony, Sakamoto catches him, even when Atsushi hits him with the bat, he won’t let go. he goes so far as to get pants in order to save Atsushi from himself, and it’s beautiful. Atsushi doesn’t get in trouble because the teachers don’t realize it was a real attack. in the infirmary, Sakamoto talks to Fukase who says graduation is like a stormy sea; he’s not willing to face the future and he thinks himself strong for it. Hayabusa’s ready to go take Fukase down himself, but Sakamoto has an idea. when the graduates leave, Hayabusa and the rest of the delinquents bow to him then carry him like a wave out of the room. he doesn’t come back to the school, and some say they see him on the beach later with a surfboard.
the year is ending, and Sakamoto’s transfering to the US to join a space program like he’s always wanted. Sera vows to become a comedian, Ai will get a killer body, and Atsushi will study until he can travel overseas, too. Kubota will never forget all that Sakamoto has done for him; they’ll all be friends forever. the class as a whole tries to pie Sakamoto as he leaves, and they fail. he catches a pie and leaves with it. Hayabusa comments that Sakamoto’s not really going to the US, and Sakamoto simply says “who knows” T.T the gym teacher sees Sakamoto last but doesn’t recognize him because he has pie all over his face
and so ends “Sakamoto Desu Ga?”. I’ll have my final review up next time, so please click here to read it!

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