Sakamoto desu ga?

Let’s just say it’s been a stressful day, so I wanted some comedy in my life. I’ve also been wanting to read something with a glasses wearing protagonist (I have no explanation >.>; ), so it seemed like the perfect time to read this xD

Sakamoto desu ga


I don’t own this manga, so I’ll be reading fan translations online.

Every post past this point will be a spoiler, so please read ahead with caution!


Review time!

2.5 stars

Plot: 0 stars. As far as I can tell, this manga doesn’t have a plot. Each chapter is very episodic and self contained. Each chapter has its own purpose, but it’s usually “<classmate> wants to mess with Sakamoto; Sakamoto turns it around”. So, even the mini-plots of the series fail. Since it does not develop a plot, nor do the mini plots pan out, I have to give this 0 stars.

Art: 1 star. I like the art in this manga. Each character looks unique; they have different facial structures and body types, as well. I can tell what’s going on in each panel, and expressions are always well done. I actually really love the shading in the hair and eyes; it’s very picturesque.

Story Progression: 1/2 star. Like I said before, each chapter is self contained and episodic. Since they don’t form a cohesive story, it’s actually harder for the manga to keep my attention. There’s nothing to draw me into the next chapter which isn’t a bad thing, but I didn’t get sucked into this story. I honestly got bored a lot >.<; I have to give this only half a star since it couldn’t keep my attention. A lot of people really enjoy episodic series, but I am not one of them >.>;

Genre: 1/2 star. This manga is listed as a comedy, but I didn’t laugh very much. In all honesty, I laughed the most at the end of chapter gags than I did in the actual story. This isn’t to say the manga is not funny. This sort of humor appeals to a lot of people -I’ve heard a lot of praise about this series which is why I decided to read it! Unfortunately, it’s just not my kind of humor. I can only give this half of a star since I did not find it funny despite it being a comedy. You could maybe also call this a school life, maybe slice of life, maybe even supernatural (since I’m half convinced that Sakamoto’s an alien).

Enjoyment: 1/2 star. This manga was alright. I got bored a lot, and I didn’t find it funny, but the shenanigans were interesting, and the art was nice. Despite always knowing that Sakamoto was going to succeed, I was never able to guess how he would do it. This manga surprised me in a lot of ways. It had some really touching scenes; it could be a bit disturbing in other times. The art made me feel a lot thanks to linework, line weight, shading, etc. It’s expressive. This isn’t a bad read, and if it was my kind of humor, I probably would have loved this series. Since I wasn’t miserable (but I also wasn’t elated), I’ll give this half a star.


Sorry if I seem harsh in this review. I really didn’t think this manga would score so low, but here we are <=/  I can’t put this on my recommended manga list, but I do think that you should check it out if it fits your type of humor or if you enjoy episodic series.

To read my review from the start, then please click <here>.

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