Rurouni Kenshin, part 3

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I keep falling behind on reviewing manga >.<; during this quarantine, I keep reading ongoing series. so to make up for that, I’ve decided to review another one of the series that I own. it’s always faster for me to read something I can hold in my hands >.>; so, here we go!

Rurouni Kenshin (image: )

Since I own this series, I will be reading the official English translation. I have the omnibus volumes.
“Shinomori Aoshi was once the leader of Edo Castle’s elite guard, the Oniwabbanshuu. When the shougunate was overthrown, Aoshi and his men were deprived of both home and purpose. All that’s left to them now are their fighting skills, which they’ve put to service as a mercenary guard for the industrialist Takeda Kanryuu. However much sympathy Kenshin might feel for the Oniwanbanshuu, he’s sworn to stop Kanryuu’s corrupt plans. But in order to do so, he’ll have to defeat Aoshi, a shinobi prodigy and master of a deadly twin-sword style.
Later, Isurugi Raijuuta, a swordsman of incredible strength and ferocity, requests Kenshin’s aid in reforming Japan’s swordsmanship schools, to save them from their decline in the modern age. Although Kenshin is intrigued by Raijuuta’s ideals, he’s disturbed by his increasingly brutal methods. Sanosuke runs into some trouble of his own when he’s reunited with a member of the Sekihou Army -the doomed civilian-run unit that they both served in during the revolution- who’s determined to exact revenge from the Meiji government.”
I am going to be doing shorthand as I read.  These descriptions are really more of a reminder to myself about what all I have been able to read so far.  Sorry if this bothers anyone!  I will do a full description on the final review page of each series I read.
Every post past this point will be a spoiler, so please read ahead with caution!
ch23: Kenshin fights Han’nya while Yahiko sits on Sanosuke’s shoulders (omg, that’s so adorable). Kenshin has some trouble at first because Han’nya’s tattoos create an obstacle illusion, but measuring with his sword, Kenshin figures it out and cracks Han’nya’s mask which hides his true face
ch24: Han’nya deformed his own face in order to be a master of disguise. his loyalty to Aoshi is absolute since Aoshi gave him a home and a purpose. Han’nya was almost killed by his parents and left in the woods where he somehow managed to survive before eventually meeting Aoshi who let him join the Oniwanbanshuu. Kenshin asks for Han’nya knew Megumi’s past -he did. Kenshin defeats him, and they continue on. 2nd guy (Shikijou) lets Kenshin and Yahiko escape so he can fight Sanosuke. he doesn’t think Sanosuke will be a challenge; Sanosuke’s mad now xD
ch25: Shikijou’s strong enough to throw Sanosuke around, and 1 headbutt makes Sanosuke stagger, but there’s no conviction in him; he’s all about the battle. he started working for Aoshi after he (only 13) defeated the fully grown Shikijou -who was working for the Ishin Shishi. Aoshi promised strength, so Shikijou switched sides. Sanosuke’s not impressed. with his conviction, he beats Shikijou before passing out himself. now, Kenshin and Yahiko face Aoshi
ch26: Yahiko’s told to stand back so Kenshin can fight Aoshi xD Aoshi uses a kodachi sword which is known as the shield sword (its shorter length makes it less powerful, but its light weight makes it great for parrying blows); Kenshin knows these are a pain to fight against. turns out Aoshi also knows martial arts which he uses to attack while defending with the kodachi. also, he taught Han’nya, so he’s even better. history lesson time @.@;
Yoshinobu, the last shougun of the Tokugawa area, left Osaka Castle during the battle of Toba Fushimi and went to Edo. he hid at the Kan-Eiji Temple in Ueno and left Katsu Kaishuu in charge. that guy met with Saigou Takamori, and they agreed to leave Edo Castle out of the battle. and thus the Oniwabanshuu didn’t get to fight in the Bakumatsu period.
which is why Aoshi is still battle hungry; he knows they could’ve secured victory if they’d been given a chance. they would’ve set fire to the city and killed the leaders during the confusion, leaving the footman to fall in battle. he’s still all for this plan, even during times of peace. he just wants to fight and prove his group’s strength. Kenshin’s not happy. while they keep fighting, Kanryuu tries to figure out how to get rid of Aoshi and Kenshin at the same time, and Megumi keeps considering her dagger <=(
ch27: Kenshin’s struggling against Aoshi, but he has a counter attack forming. Aoshi with a kodachi’s formidable because he controls his opponent’s range; Kenshin takes that control from him, so Aoshi uses his full skill and downs Kenshin. Yahiko prepares to battle to his last breath -Aoshi almost regrets having to kill him-, but Kenshin stands again; he blocked with his scabbard and took half damage. Kenshin catches Aoshi’s blade (supposedly martial arts don’t have a technique for this, but all 500 kenjutsu sword styles do?) and shoves the hilt into Aoshi’s throat xD (Idk why that makes me happy; maybe because I’m ready for Kenshin to take Aoshi down? he’s too focused on the past while Kenshin focuses on the future and what he can do to continue bettering the world)
ch28: after a 2nd hit -and a counter from Aoshi-, Aoshi’s defeated. he’s only unconscious for about 10 seconds, and Kenshin asks him why he didn’t become an officer after the Bakumatsu. Aoshi says he got tons of offers, but none for his men, so he stayed with the Oniwabanshuu that couldn’t move on in the Meiji era. Kanryuu reveals a gatling gun. minor history time:
it was invited in 1861 by an American doctor (Dr. Gatling) and brought to Japan after its use in the American Civil War by the Union. it’s 1 of the 3 great machines of war, alongside the armored ship /Stonewall Jackson/ and the Armstrong gun. it became well known in Japan after its use in the 3rd battle in the Boshin War by Minister Kawai Tsugunosuke
the gun Kanryuu has can shoot 200 bullets per minute. its shots wake up Sanosuke and all the previously defeated Oniwabansuu. Kenshin’s able to dodge the shots while carrying Yahiko -because Kanryuu’s not trying hard?- but Aoshi gets shot in the legs when he makes Kanryuu mad. Kanryuu intends to become a weapons dealer after making enough money from opium dealing; he thinks money will give him more power than Kenshin or Aoshi could ever have with their abilities. the Oniwabanshuu sacrifice themselves one after the other in order to save Aoshi, also giving Kenshin enough time to get his sword (also Han’nya told Kenshin where Megumi is). Kanryuu tries to shoot Kenshin, but he’s out of bullets. I love Kenshin’s line here ❤ “If you’re going to beg for your life, pray to your beloved money!!” <333 so good! <33 they leave Aoshi to grieve and continue on ahead

that’s all I have time to read this time, so if you would like to keep reading along with me, then please click <here>.

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