Soul Eater, part 7

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Soul Eater

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I do not own this manga, so I will be reading fan translations online.  I am going to be doing shorthand descriptions on each chapter.  These descriptions are really more of a reminder to myself about what all I have been able to read so far.  Sorry if this bothers anyone!  I will do a full description on the final review page of each series I read.

Every post past this point will be a spoiler, so please read ahead with caution!

ch31: while trying to get on the train and deal with the enemy, Kidd decides to do skateboard tricks over the desert hills xD Pole Fisher disconnects the rear cars -that Kidd and co are in…then jumps there to avoid Mizune’s attack xD he gets to the main car again (with Kidd and co in tow) and tries to get the demon tool “Eternal Spring”, but Kidd defeats him and gets the tool first. Part of the tool is the wind-up key that Kidd grabs, but the other part is the box it was in. Inside the box are the signatures of Eibon and Shinigami-sama! Fisher says they knew each other, but before he can say more, Sid kills him.
back in Death City: the party ends, and Chrona walks back to Shibusen alone (always a mistake), and along the way, Medusa shows up. she asks Chrona to look for Shibusen’s secret vault and spy on everyone. Chrona tries to resist because she doesn’t want to betray her friends, but Medusa pressures her with faked parental affection (>xP). Chrona agrees, and Medusa leaves

ch32: Kidd’s trying to do research at the library, but since he’s a 1 star technician, he can’t see past level 1. 3 star technicians have access to level 2, faculty can access level 3, and only death scythes and senior technicians can access level 4. turns out the book Kidd needs was (probably) borrowed by Medusa; it was never returned.
elsewhere in the school: everyone wants to hear Soul play piano. Maka listens to trance fusion; everyone else looks down on it, even Black Star xD also elsewhere: Shinigami-sama sends Justin Law to help Azusa draw out the Kishin; she’s the eyes, and he’s the legs. Chrona tries to find the secret vault, but she gets caught by Marie who’s lost. Ragnarok pretends that he and Chrona are also lost, and Marie spends the next 2 hours getting them back to Chrona’s room; Marie’s very directionally challenged xD Erika visits Chrona on Medusa’s order. they give Chrona a pen that has a microphone; she has to put that with Marie so they can hear what’s going on. but the pen actually has a snake that has the microphone. Chrona puts it in Marie’s coffee, and she unknowingly drinks it. Chrona’s happy that Medusa might praise her, but when she thinks of Marie, she cries.

ch33: Arachnophobia’s found Eibon’s demon tool “Tempest”/”Brew”. We meet 1 star students: Kilik Lunge (pot technician to the pots of fire and thunder), Ox Ford (spear technician to the demon lightning spear, Havar D. Eclair), and Kim Diehl (lamp technician to demon lamp, Jacqueline O. Lantern Dupre). Sid goes after Mifune while Justin fights Giriko. Stein and Marie go into the barrier, but then our students are attacked! Ox and Kim will fight them off while everyone else goes into the barrier to see what happened to Stein and Marie; Ox apparently loves Kim who’s only looking for a rich guy, so Ox continues to study hard. Kilik also stays behind to fight (he and Black Star have a bro-fist moment). inside the barrier, everyone sees Shinigami-sama

ch34: inside the barrier, we see the past. Arachne lured Shinigami-sama to the area, then blew up the facility, causing the magnetic field. according to modern Arachne, Brew is Eibon in that it’s very special. Kim gives the retreat signal after Stein and Marie stay within the barrier for the allotted 20 minutes, ending an epic duel between Sid and Mifune. Stein’s too filled in insanity to continue, so our students begin searching for the tool while he and Marie evacuate; staying in the magnetic field for more than 20 minutes makes you an afterimage, and you can die. they run upon Mosquito who has the demon tool! since his current body’s already at the 20 minute limit, he reverts 100 years younger to become stronger. someone new appears

ch35: it’s Eibon! an afterimage anyway. Kidd hesitates, but Black Star and Maka start fighting. Mosquito’s form from 100 years ago was his toughest; our students must match wavelengths in order to beat him! while Soul deals with his inner demon, it calls him by his last name, Evans. outside the magnetic field, Kilik and Ox won, and Marie and Stein make it out of the field. Marie tries to keep the other students out by threatening expulsion, but they go in anyway. inside, Mosquito’s just too powerful; Soul worries about the black blood infecting the whole group, but his blood demon assures him it shouldn’t. he’s going to play the piano in his soul (wat) to make their group soul resonance work; Soul hopes his insanity will reach them (which makes way more sense than his soul creating audible music for everyone to hear and attune to; letting his insanity from the black blood touch them so they can feel each other makes much more sense). then Eibon appears again, and Kidd acts surprised? (didn’t this already happen at the start of the chapter?)

ch36: …. the site I’m reading has the same chapter for ch 35 and ch 36… I’m going to skip to ch 37 then; Idk what I missed along the way, but woops

ch37: Soul’s demon monologues; it wants him to play his piano of insanity; apparently, Soul’s blood is boiling; he tries to act cool and remain aloof, but it’s not how he feels; some people in his past made him look at the world with spite and without enjoyment; he’s been bored as his soul rots as he resists himself (or that’s my understanding of the monologue; it’s very interesting). with Soul playing, everyone can synchronize their fighting. just before it seems they’ll win, Soul stops the fight. he realized Mosquito could keep transforming, but their group is out of time; Mosquito lets them go. the group meets up with Kilik and Ox; Kilik lends a shoulder to Black Star who’s fighting for breath (I think he stayed in Demon Blade mode too long; I think his soul took a hit). everyone makes it out of the barrier, and Marie greets them with a hug and a threat of punishment xD Sid charges Maka with giving a mission report to Shinigami-sama. back at Baba Yaga Castle, Mosquito informs Arachne that Brew is broken; she’s fine with that since no one else knows; Shibusen will think she has the functioning tool which is a good enough bluff/reward for her. somewhere on Earth, Erika gives the real Brew to Medusa who admits she planned the whole thing, including Stein’s insanity through Marie thanks to the snake microphone inside of her; when Stein and Marie try to resonate, it’ll trigger Stein’s insanity (which counteracts why Marie was chosen as his parter, since her wavelength is supposed to calm his insanity). back at Shibusen, Shinigami-sama decides to call in Internal Affairs, aka: Mole Hunter Buttataki Joe (this translation has a note that “buttataki” means “beat the s*** out of”… seems an appropriate name).

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