Soul Eater, part 8

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Soul Eater

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I do not own this manga, so I will be reading fan translations online.  I am going to be doing shorthand descriptions on each chapter.  These descriptions are really more of a reminder to myself about what all I have been able to read so far.  Sorry if this bothers anyone!  I will do a full description on the final review page of each series I read.

Every post past this point will be a spoiler, so please read ahead with caution!

So, for those who have heard of the anime, this is where the anime and manga differ. This blog isn’t about reviewing anime, but Soul Eater is one of those series that goes very differently in the anime than in the manga, and the split in continuity happens with the character we met last time, Buttataki Joe. He changes everything. And that’s all I’m going to say about that. Back to the manga!

ch38: Joe and Marie had a relationship previously, but Joe broke it off. Spirit calls Joe “BJ”. Sid’s partner’s full name is Mira Nygus, and she’s a “demon knife”. Sid’s full name is Sid Barrett. Justin Law was ordered to start searching for the Kishin on May 22nd. Marie came in sexy and confident to the interview with Joe xD he’s so shaken; I love it! and Spirit’s just laughing it up (in secret) xD and Spirit’s trying to give her pointers on stressing her ex, but she doesn’t get it (I love how this manga has light hearted moments with serious ones xD ) Joe senses the disturbance in Marie’s wavelength and guides her into destroying it with her “Internal Generation”, frying it.
back with our crew of kids, Black Star’s been examined by Nygus. she tells him he can’t use Demon Blade mode anymore because he’s only human; his soul is worn out, and more exposure will kill him. feeling like he has to prove himself, he challenges Kidd -who’s literally a god- to a duel. Maka overhears frog Eruka ((sorry I’ve been spelling her name wrong)) mention Medusa to Chrona.

ch39: Maka realizes that Medusa is alive. Maka literally runs into Medusa, but she doesn’t realize it’s her because Medusa looks like a little girl (Rachel). Stein also calls Joe “BJ” ((is it BJ?)). Stein’s no longer smoking; if he can resist smoking, then he can resist the insanity. Joe’s the first technician to be able to break through a witch’s soul protect! Joe asks Marie out to dinner, wanting to renew their relationship, and she says yes ❤
the fight between Black Star and Kidd: (I actually had to stop and take a breath during this; it’s so intense) Black Star’s inferiority complex is blocking his soul wavelength; even Kidd says that despite his faster speed and stronger strength that Black Star is actually weaker now than when they first fought. Black Star’s eyes get stars in them like his father, White Star; Sid says that he’s going down the path of the kishin. Kidd tells him to stop, and he tells Kidd to kill him (insert breath here). it took an innumerable number of blows to put Black Star down (insert heart breaking here).
in Death City: Stein smokes a cigarette. Joe’s late getting to the restaurant because he’s following his soul perception. he detects seven witches and insanity from lots of sources, including Soul’s Black Blood. he follows the insanity, but… the next we know, Marie was stood up at the restaurant, and Stein’s being arrested for BJ’s murder.

ch40: Spirit, Sid, Nygus, and Marie believe that Stein is innocent; Marie leaves with Stein to find BJ’s killer; the others will report that Stein escaped and took Marie. as Marie cries, Stein finally looks focused again (insert hope blooming).
elsewhere: Tsubaki asks Black Star to come to her family’s home in Japan; he agrees since he wants a break from school. also, apparently he and Maka are Japanese, so it sounds interesting to him.
at Maka and Soul’s apartment: Soul can tell that Maka’s troubled. she promises to talk to him about it tomorrow and feels better. when she goes to talk to Chrona the next day, though, Chrona’s gone. Maka’s convinced it’s Medusa. ((This is a really short chapter compared to the others…))

ch41: Maka and Kidd (and weapons) go to Russia on a mission. while Maka and Soul go ahead, Kidd starts to worry about the symmetry in his home, and Liz realizes the factory is a monster, so she lets them leave xP inside, Maka and Soul are attacked by the Flying Dutchman (he’s back!) who declares himself a prisoner of insanity; he also says The Clown will rise to give people their freedom. the clown appears, and it has the same wavelength as Asura

ch42: Maka fights the clown, and it tries to infect her with its insanity. Blair steals the Flying Dutchman’s hat xD the clown gets to Maka, but Soul frees her from the insanity; she realizes that it is courage that lets you fight insanity; Soul also explains that souls are fascinated by insanity which is why they can fall into it so easily, but with courage, one can resist it, though the ride is exciting (that was my poorly worded take away anyway). Maka’s soul can be described with the sound of G, very straight forward. their Witch Hunter evolves into Warlock Hunter

ch43: Blair lures the Flying Dutchman into the trap intended for her, and it kills him. Maka and Soul defeat the clown, but it’s soul isn’t edible(?). turns out the Flying Dutchman survived (there was a lot of blood though)! Blair tricks the Flying Dutchman to press the self destruct button; it only affects him and the factory, so everyone else is fine xD
back at Shibusen, Sid admits that he let Stein go, and Shinigami-sama is fine with it. they got an anonymous tip that 3 students were witches. one of them is Kim! she looks like a tanuki! (that’s so cute, but this is seriously bad)

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