Seishun Otome Banchou!, part 1

After Soul Eater, I wanted to read something I’ve never read before, but then I realized I wanted to read something simply hilarious to get me ready for the unknown. So, I have chosen one of my favorite manga. Sadly, there is no official English translation right now, so I will be reading from fan translations online.

seishun otome banchou!Google finally failed me! I had to get this image from:

I do not own this manga, so I will be reading fan translations online.  I am going to be doing shorthand descriptions on each chapter.  These descriptions are really more of a reminder to myself about what all I have been able to read so far.  Sorry if this bothers anyone!  I will do a full description on the final review page of each series I read.

Every post past this point will be a spoiler, so please read ahead with caution!

ch1: Hirata Mihane, main character, daughter of the infamous “dark demon” and the “mad hound woman”, got the worst of both her parents genetics; her nickname at school is Satsujinki xD her best friend, Maria, who is a quarter Irish, got the best of her parent’s genetics, and she loves how interesting and expressive her friend, Mihane, always is xD Mihane is in love with Touma, the pretty boy in her grade, but everyone always misreads her expressions, so all his friends think that she hates him.
seeing her stare, he tries to confront her -like trying to pick a fight with her- and she ends up confessing because she can’t think of what else to do xD before he can reject her, she asks for 3 days so they can get to know each other, and he actually agrees to a date! Maria is actually very little help when it comes to getting mentally and physically ready for the date (Maria is such a troll xD )
the date starts awkward, but Touma wants to get to know the real Mihane, so she loosens up. when some girls start to badmouth him for dating someone so ugly (so rude; I think she’s pretty cute when she’s not going crazy), Mihane attacks them SPECTACULARLY! Touma laughs for the rest of the date, so before day 2, Mihane does her best to learn how to actually cook.
she stays up all night to make something that looks good, but when she takes it to Touma, she hears his friends laughing about their date and saying he only did it for a bet. she confronts them by grabbing a CHAINSAW, cutting through the door, pummeling all of Touma’s friends, but she can’t hit Touma. she says that even if it was for a bet or just to mess with her, she had fun. she runs off crying and forgets the lunchbox, which Touma finds.
Mihane yells at the sky about handsome men being jerks, and Maria tries(?) to help? when Touma shows up and bows in apology. Mihane turns away from him/refuses the apology, so he throws her now empty bento box at her head xD he left a note in the box to tell her that her cooking was tasty (awww~!). when she turns back to talk to him, he’s collapsed from his stomach ache; he still got poisoned by her cooking despite all her hard work to learn xD Mihane picks him up PRINCESS STYLE to take him to the hospital (he is impressed by her strength xD )

ch2: it’s been a month, and Touma never gave a reply to Mihane’s feelings, so Mihane thinks she’s been rejected. Maria points out through some trolling that Mihane should just ask him -or give up (such a heartless troll, Maria; you really are an adorable devil xD ).
so, Mihane casually stalks Touma but gets found out by his friends who somehow think it’s a good idea to taunt her by bringing up the time she wielded a chainsaw against them. she lashes out and knocks all 3 friends out. she then helps Touma carry them to the infirmary. he still hasn’t looked at her, so she thinks she’s hated, but then he glances at her and bursts out laughing. he explains he didn’t ask her out as a prank or a bet before and that he really did have a good time; he’s been holding back because it’s rude to laugh at someone so much. she confesses she thought he hated her, and he admits that even if she hates him, he could never hate her (Mihane, I’m dokidoki-ing right there with you!). he still doesn’t answer her confession, but she’s happy just to know that she’s not hated ❤
when girls see them near each other and begin to question his tastes, though, Mihane decides to ask Maria to help make her pretty again. Touma’s main friend (the one with a hat) is named Fujiki. many make-up shenanigans later, Touma finally talks to Mihane one-on-one, and he finds out why she started all this make-up stuff. he thinks it’s best when she’s her real self, but he’s not looking to get a girlfriend right now. Mihane goes NUTS! the room is left in disarray, but Touma is unharmed. feeling embarrassed, she jumps from the window -2 stories up-, lands easily, poses and everything, then runs off embarrassed. Touma found the whole thing amazing.
when seats are re-assigned, Touma swaps with someone in order to sit next to Mihane (that’s called giving MIXED SIGNALS, Touma!)

ch3: Konno Amika, another girl in the class, gets to sit on Touma’s other side (I think she also swapped). when Touma continues to pay her attention and be nice, Mihane goes to Maria for advice/help. Konno shows up and acts like Mihane doesn’t exist (that’s called bullying >=( ).
the next day(?), Maria steals Mihane’s textbook so Mihane has to share with Touma -good job, Maria; you go, girl! this proves that Konno doesn’t want Mihane near Touma -which was obvious anyway. also, Maria’s name is apparently Ono Maria, and Touma’s name is Touma Fujima (or Fujima Touma? Idk which; the teacher called him Fujima). later that day, Konno’s rampaging at Mihane’s foot locker. while waiting for Konno and her friends to leave, Mihane overhears that the only reason Konno likes Touma is because he’s handsome and she’s cute; she doesn’t care about him or his personality. Mihane attacks her and her friends by flipping up their skirts just in time for Fujiki and Touma to see. Fujiki thanks Mihane and Touma laughs and says she’s amazing. after everyone goes home, Fujiki reminisces that Mihane only does stuff like that when people bad mouth Touma, and Touma reflects that he’s a terrible person

ch4: they’re making cupcakes in home ec! Mihane can apparently make desserts well because she learned from her uncle who studied as a patisserie in France for 10 years. she wants Touma to try her cupcakes, but he says he’ll just look. Konno convinces him to eat them but also try hers “so she can improve”. Konno’s mother is also a professional chef. I love how Mihane makes cupcakes; she’s so intense during the process then so calm while they bake xDDD Maria tries her cupcake, and it’s delicious! but she still gets poisoned… she’s now more immune to poison, though, so bonus! also, she got to take pictures of Mihane for her horror blog xD
the next day, Konno swaps out Mihane’s beautiful looking cupcakes with terrible looking ones, then eats the tasty ones. this backfires. while Mihane’s looking for the cupcakes she actually made, Konno gets sick while Touma is fine, so he realizes that Konno ate them! he goes off to find Mihane once he gets the other cupcakes back from Konno, then eats one. she tries to make him spit it back out, but he doesn’t, so he gets sick. Mihane carries him like a princess again, but he’s way more embarrassed since they’re at school. she quiets him with the handsome face of a prince xDDDD he thinks she looks so cool x’DDD

ch5: Touma gets a lot of confessions. Mihane accidentally overhears one and gets caught by Touma. she offers to be his bug repellent because of her “hideous” face, but he refuses. she thinks it’s because he doesn’t want her around that much. still, when girls start appearing at class, Mihane takes it upon herself to intervene without Touma realizing (not her best plan; if guy says “no”, maybe actually listen to his request) because she knows he doesn’t like hurting their feelings by turning them down. Fujiki points this out to Touma because he really had no idea. the next time a confession happens, he holds up a mirror and startles Mihane. she explains why she’s doing it, and he calls her annoying. she’s shocked, hurt, but she realizes and accepts that he’s right; she’s been harassing him and going against his wishes; that’s not what friends do or what people should do (this manga writes beautiful characters; they’re both ridiculous and amazingly real). Mihane leaves to go cry into the sunset with Maria

ch6: Mihane’s still dwelling on angering Touma, and it’s literally affecting her character xD so Maria hits her in the face with her bag, then gives her sagely advice (tough love, Maria; sometimes we need that from our friends). Mihane tries to follow Maria’s advice, but that’s easier said than done (I feel you, girl). after getting bored in the infirmary, she leaves and runs into Touma who was coming to give her a set of notes. while they chat, a group of girls see them, so Mihane runs away because she doesn’t want to cause him any more trouble.
while sitting in the park after school, she overhears girls from another school planning to ambush Touma and make him cry (apparently his name is Touma Yoshihiro; I have no idea where Fujima came from before). she’s not sure what to do; he doesn’t want her to intervene anymore, but he’s literally going to be attacked! she takes the hit in his place, even knowing it may make him mad at her, but he drags her out of there after and gives her his jacket to wipe her face with. he sees her as a girl, and he didn’t want her involved because he knows being called ugly all the time has to affect her; he was trying to protect her from herself. it really did bother her, and the fact that he noticed, makes her cry into his jacket again -but she gets pie all over her face again xDDD he calls her his important friend, and she realizes he must be the kind of person who falls in love gradually ❤

This is supposed to be a quick one shot, but I forgot how long it was.  To read more of my review, click <here>.

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