Seishun Otome Banchou!, part 2

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seishun otome banchou!

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I do not own Seishun Otome Banchou! (since it hasn’t been translated into English).  I’m reading from fan translations online.  I am going to be doing shorthand descriptions on each chapter.  These descriptions are really more of a reminder to myself about what all I have been able to read so far.  Sorry if this bothers anyone!  I will do a full description on the final review page of each series I read.

Every post past this point will be a spoiler, so please read ahead with caution!

ch7: Mihane oversleeps and is running late to school, so she jumps a fence and dumps everything out of her bag, leaving behind a notebook of poems about her love for Touma. Fujiki finds it and reads it out loud to the class, but the names are coded (poorly; everyone figures out she’s writing about Touma) and there’s no author’s name. Mihane denies writing it and even throws Konno under the bus as a suspect. Touma decides they should put the notebook back, but he, Fujiki, Maria, and Mihane stay behind “see who the owner is” -even though Maria and Mihane know who it is. it gets late, and Fujiki and Maria fall asleep. Touma asks again if Mihane wrote the notebook, and she continues to deny it. with no other course of action, Mihane goes to get a bat from the sports closet to hit Touma over the head to wipe his memory!! Omg, girl!!! he decodes her name as beauty wing before she can hit him, and she goes on a rampage xD he thinks she looks so cool doing it!! x’DDD but he also realizes he might really die this time, so he reads more to figure out that a hug will stop her rampage. it works xD (my poor neighbors; I can’t stop laughing at this manga). she asks what he thinks of the poems, and he starts fixing her grammar and kanji xD poor girl

ch8: the class is going on a 3 day Rinkan trip, and Mihane & Maria are in Touma’s group with all his friends; Touma’s team leader. during the hike, Fujiki and Touma fall into a cave, and Mihane and Maria fall in after them when they try to find them. no one’s hurt, but Fujiki’s panicking and Maria’s scared, too. Mihane knows how to survive in the wilderness, though, because she goes on trips with her grandfather every year, including ancient ruins and deserted islands. Touma’s calm because he’s read books. while they hike back to the trail, Touma starts getting more flustered around Mihane who’s so calm and confident. he tries to sort out his feelings while they take a break, but then a bear appears. Fujiki and Maria get away, but Touma stays behind to try and help Mihane and act as her shield if nothing else. she’s so moved, she fights the bear x’DD she’s so intense, she scares it off, and help arrives as Mihane carries Touma princess-style to safety (he passed out after receiving a head injury). once he’s safe, Mihane passes out, too.
Fujiki tells Touma all then when he wakes up later, so Touma runs off to see Mihane. she passed out from hunger before; she’s fine xD but he was worried; he won’t let her go–! (dokidoki) then his friends open the door, pushing them into an accidental kiss

ch9: Mihane’s shocked, Touma’s panicking, they’re both so worked up and freaked out and being adorable teens that Touma’s head injury re-opens; while trying to treat it, Touma’s friends see them and think she’s attacking him xD Touma sets them straight before returning to the infirmary. later that night, Touma can’t sleep, so Fujiki talks to him and convinces him the heart-racing experience is the suspension bridge theory; meaning that the exhilaration of the moment is what caused his heart to race, not Mihane. Touma goes to sleep after that, but Mihane doesn’t sleep all night. by the next morning, she’s convinced herself to act normal and to not get her hopes up! she’s leveled up her cool factor, though, so when she greets Touma good morning (looking super cool), he blushes and responds like a nervous school girl xDDD Maria finds this wonderful and begins trolling the situation
the group’s supposed to write a report about their trip so far, but Touma can’t concentrate, and it’s bothering Fujiki, so Fujiki takes matters into his own hands and makes Touma ask for Mihane’s e-mail address. They’re both flustered, so Fujiki and Maria leave them alone. they manage to exchange e-mails, and Mihane’s really happy. Touma realizes then that he’s liked her all along. over with Fujiki and Maria, Fujiki worries about Touma getting betrayed again.
later that night, Mihane’s trying to write an e-mail to Touma, but it’s too long, so Maria re-writes a short version that gets sent by accident xD when Touma reads it, he tells Mihane that he likes her, too <3333 and he asks her to be his girlfriend

ch10: Mihane’s so surprised she punches herself in the face to make sure it’s not a dream. it’s not; it’s real. she goes to hug Touma and falls out of bed xD (Rinkan is apparently the name of her school). she’s glad to have had such a nice dream and goes to school as normal. there Touma greets her for the first time as Mihane (he’s been saying Hirata up to this point); it wasn’t a dream!! apparently after his confession, Mihane was so happy she danced into the night and yelled to the forest that she was a winner; when she finally passed out, Maria took her home. Touma thinks it’s charming that Mihane expressed her feelings with her whole body; Mihane’s moved that he’s so open minded xD they continue to be adorkable all the way to school, and everyone notices
when Konno confronts Mihane about it later, Mihane decides that they shouldn’t tell anyone that they’re dating because of what it’ll do to Touma’s reputation; he shuts her up by feeding her his doughnut xD he doesn’t care what others say because it’s none of their business, and he and Mihane shouldn’t let other people affect their happiness. she’s reassured by this, but throughout the day, people keep talking behind their backs, judging them, and it ticks her off. but Touma helps calm her down and reminds her not to focus on them. Maria and Fujiki watch from afar, and though Maria’s happy, Fujiki is still concerned for his friend.
before leaving, Touma has to go return a book, and while Mihane’s waiting for him, she gets attacked by Micchan, friend of Kanon, with a HAMMER! Mihane’s fine, but she’d like to know why a stranger just attacked her with a hammer; she’s told to mind her own business. … (I don’t think Micchan’s very smart; she seems quite impulsive, instead of thinking things through).
through flashbacks, we learn that Touma went out with Kanon in middle school. and at the end of the chapter, they meet again (dun, dun, dunnn)

ch11: Touma agrees that he knew Kanon in middle school but he says they weren’t close, which Kanon also said. Mihane decides to trust her boyfriend, and they go eat sweets together. once Touma’s home, he deletes Kanon’s number from his phone (good boy; finally moving on is hard, but it’s healthy); through this we learn her full name is Mimori Kanon. later, he calls Mihane who thinks it’s her mom, so she answers the phone by yelling; she apologizes when she learns it’s Touma xD Mihane has to get groceries from the next town, and Touma agrees to go with her; the trip quickly turns into a competitive race, but Touma’s feeling better by the end. the fact that he was off at all has Mihane worried, though.
Micchan (actually Hirota Michiru) confronts Mihane later and reveals to her that Kanon and Touma dated; she’s sure Touma’s only dating Mihane to help himself forget Kanon. Mihane knows he’s not like that, but she still has to know for herself what happened. Maria -who knew Micchan previously because their uncles were close- tells Mihane that Kanon was the one who cheated on Touma and ended the relationship.
Touma made a box lunch for Mihane, and even though it’s delicious, she can’t forget what Micchan said or how confused her heart feels, so after the meal (after school?) she goes to meet Kanon

ch12: while meeting with Kanon, Mihane learns the truth. Kanon pretended to cheat on Touma to make him hate and forget her; he always put her first and himself last; she hated that he wasn’t taking care of himself. she wants him to end up with someone who cares for him equally and can spoil him sometimes, someone who’s able to be there for him. Kanon’s about to go overseas to study; she can’t give him that kind of time, so she broke up with him in a cruel way. even though Mihane’s learned a lot, she still doesn’t know what to do. she brings all of this up to Touma and even throws in her own insecurities about “why would he choose me?”; he’s disappointed in her and leaves. the class changes desks again, and he’s no longer sitting by her; she’s not sure what to do anymore, but she’s convinced he already hates her because she is insecure. when she tries to talk to Touma again, Micchan appears and asks him to meet Kanon again. he agrees.
Mihane tries to let him go, but she realizes that she has to be true to herself, and truly, she likes him. she races to the meeting and does the best entrance ever, sweeping Touma off his feet and holding him princess style while she delivers an amazing speech about her feelings and telling Kanon that she (Kanon) must be true to herself too and become happy because Mihane will make sure Touma becomes happy. she whisks Touma away, and Kanon tells Micchan she’s pretty sure Touma was going to tell her the same thing (aww, understanding) ❤
while running away with Touma in her arms, Mihane trips and immediately apologizes for everything; she’s sure Touma must hate her and want to break up, and she can’t blame him; she let her insecurities create doubt and rift between them, and she didn’t trust him. he forgives her and tells her that she healed the scar Kanon left in him a long time ago (AWWW!! <333 ) Mihane calls him Yoshihiro for the first time and asks him to make lunch for her again, and he agrees ❤

ch13: “Being pushed into a corner is what every girl in the world wishes for.” …. this is the opening line to this final chapter, and I just cannot even anymore x’DDDDD
so Mihane and Maria device a plan to try and make this happen. they get Touma to play hide and seek with them, so he can be “it” and chase after Mihane– except that doesn’t happen. Mihane becomes it. and she chases him into a corner. and it’s hilariously beautiful, and I’m still laughing, and it’s been at least five minutes since I finished reading this chapter, and I’m still laughing about it. Please go read this; it’s so amazing <x’DDDDD

I need this series to be translated into English. I need to own this series somehow. (and according to the picture at the top, this series is 3 volumes long, not a one shot like I thought, so my bad there, but I still really want to own it!)

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