Hibi Chouchou, part 3

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Hibi Chouchou  (image from: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hibi_Ch%C5%8Dch%C5%8D)

I decided it was time to read some shoujo; it’s been a while, and this one caught my eye. I didn’t intend to read a long one, but the art looks cool, so here we go!  I am going to be doing shorthand as I read.  These descriptions are really more of a reminder to myself about what all I have been able to read so far.  Sorry if this bothers anyone!  I will do a full description on the final review page of each series I read.

Every post past this point will be a spoiler, so please read ahead with caution!

ch70: Idk who won, but when Kawasumi arrives at Suiren’s house, he’s smiling, and she hugs him ❤ she doesn’t ask. also Ichi and Atohira get into their desired universities (Atohira’s going to live on campus which his sisters dislike -btw, he has 2 sisters). the 3rd years graduate (Atohira, Ichi, and Koharu and her friend), and now our characters are 3rd years. Yuri, Suiren, and Meguna are in class together while Kawasumi, Ryosuke, and Aya are in a different class together. Aya worries about Suiren being without her, but Yuri reassures Aya

ch71: Meguna realizes that Aya may like Ryosuke, but Aya denies it vehemently. When Meguna asks the others, they had no idea it was a possibility. later that day (it’s Kawasumi’s birthday!), Kawasumi and Suiren go to the beach where they had their first excursion (Idk why they translated it as excursion). Suiren says she loves him, and he says he wants to be with her forever. she trips over herself, and when he helps her up (she finally noticed him trying and let him xD), he pulls her close, and are they about to finally kiss?!

ch72: they don’t xP a lady runs up chasing her dog and the moment is ruined xD Kawasumi’s conscious of the fact that they’re outside, but Suiren says she doesn’t mind that. she confesses that this is where she fell in love with him. once he’s sure she’s actually ok with it, they kiss!!! <3333 the next day, Aya makes a lunch for Ryosuke to apologize for hurting his hand, but she can’t give it to him. she eats both lunches, but still goes to the cafeteria to buy him some bread. it’s the last piece, and he really wants it, but when he offers it to her because he thinks she wants it. she gives it to him, and he thanks her, but she tells him that he’s too loud (like a tsundere)

ch73: this chapter is mostly about Aya’s feelings for Ryosuke. Suiren saw her buy the bread for him, and Aya realizes that. she’s also thankful Suiren didn’t tell anyone else, but Suiren does ask about her feelings for Ryosuke which Aya wasn’t expecting; she definitely didn’t want that. but she tells Surien…eventually. Suiren ends up staying over at Aya’s house to get the full story. basically, Aya has a crush she never wanted. she also worries that she’s not good enough to stay by Suiren’s side, but Suiren promises to always be her friend. Suiren also realizes that while she’s grown up running away from her problems by being quiet, Aya has also been running away from her problems by deflecting people/boys. Suiren realizes that Aya’s still running and wonders if Aya realizes this herself (deep stuff, Suiren)

ch74: on the way to school the next day, both girls reflect that life won’t be the same after high school. Mina’s friends try to confront Aya during lunch, but Suiren runs in, causing an uproar. the uproar brings in Ryosuke, and Mina declares there’s no problem because she trusts him. the cafeteria cheers for them, and they leave xD I think this helps Aya move on =) she later reflects that she doesn’t want to be an adult; she just wants to stay like this, in high school, with her friends, forever. but it doesn’t work that way. everyone starts thinking about what they’ll do when they graduate. Meguna’s thinking of becoming a nurse, and apparently, Kawasumi wants to become a rehabilitation doctor; Suiren wants to become a patisserie

ch75: Suiren and Aya run into Atohira who tries to get Suiren to make him bread; she instead challenges him to make it himself. apparently he does a really good job, surprising them xD all the girls want to go to the fireworks festival, but the weather acts up, and it gets cancelled; Kawasumi still shows up and he and Suiren run to the grounds regardless. she wants to remember all of their time together forever; good and bad ❤ montage to graduation; everyone graduated!! during the ceremony, some younger class men rush the stage and confess to Suiren, but she actually stands and rejects them in front of everyone. guys, she SPOKE in front of EVERYONE. she’s shaking, but she did it; I’m so proud of her ❤ Kawasumi actually goes to the stage to make the younger class men leave then announces in front of everyone that he will protect her from now on, so if anyone else wants her, they’ll have to face him <x3 now he has a reputation as a cool guy xD the whole friend group leaves the school at the same time before Kawasumi whisks Suiren away. as they’re walking, he says that once he’s graduated, they should become a family <3333 she asks if he’s proposing, and he says he’s not yet, but he will then if she’s ok with it. she nods, and they’re both blushing so, so much; I love it <333

ch75.1: just a collection of colored pics ❤

ch75.2: so this side chapter is about “what if the 4 main guys became idols” xD it starts with Atohira being approached by a talent scout, and he says he’ll do it only if the other 3 join him. Ryosuke’s all for it, but Ichi and Kawasumi take some convincing. or rather, Ichi needs 1 talk from Ryosuke, and he’s in for his friend. Kawasumi decides he can’t do it, and Ichi tells him “too bad, you’re doing it” (not in those words) xD so they become idols, and it’s a success xD there’s an interview thing at the end, and I’m suddenly reminded that Idk Kawasumi’s first name o_o what is his name?! there’s also a short comic at the very end for Halloween, and the Kawasumi brothers go as SP agents (special police, maybe?). I love that they invent their own hand signs to communicate silently; that is so seriously adorable and Idek why!

ch75.3: we see when Suiren and Kawasumi go the movies for the first time together; this happened back when Kawasumi’s arm was fractured. he falls asleep easily in movies, and while he’s asleep, she holds his hand ❤

ch75.5: we see Kawasumi during the summer break when he and Suiren weren’t spending time together (or at least the first day). he thinks about her a lot

ch75.6: chapter on Yuri and Daisuke! he confesses to her on her 17th birthday, and they start dating for real ❤ this chapter shows the progression of the relationship and how hard it is while they’re apart. even though they talk every day, it’s a 2hr bus ride to see each other, and buses are expensive. Yuri has to work more to afford the bus fair which means she can’t see him as often. their weekly visits become monthly, and then every other month. Yuri starts to doubt why he’d still want to be her boyfriend when they so rarely get to be together. he’s able to visit for a full week, and they both show their concerns that the other may find someone else. when faced with this, though, Daisuke decides they need to make a ton of happy memories; they don’t have time for sadness because they have to make the most of every moment while they’re together; it’s only half a year left before he’s done with school; they can make it! he kisses her at the water park ❤ but then he has to leave again; the week is done… then we fast forward to her first year of college! they’ve decided to live together, so they go looking for a place ❤

ch75.7: Koharu’s chapter starts with a break up ='( this girl seriously needs a break from bad love! I want her to be happy! (a relationship does not guarantee happiness, and not everyone wants a relationship, and that’s ok, but Koharu wants a relationship and is searching for love, and dang it, I want her to find it in SPADES! she’s had enough heartache!) Koume (her friend since the start of the series) gets her to work part-time at her family’s bar, and the one night she works is when Atohira shows up (=.= I don’t like him. I don’t like him for her. I don’t like him). she still likes him even though she’s tried to let go of her feelings. she’s kept up with his life even though he’s made no attempt to stay in contact (that makes her sound a bit like a stalker). she even offers to walk him home, and he finally has enough sense to instead offer to walk her home. she asks if they can hang out as friends, and he agrees, and she’s so thrilled at even this little bit of time with him (*sigh* she’s too good for him). they hang out once every few months. at some point, she says she’ll make lunch for him every day. so even if they’re not even hanging out, she still takes him a lunch. even in the rain, in the wind, when she’s sick; always, everyday. he knows she likes him, but she won’t tell him. back when they were in high school, she said she wouldn’t tell him yet, so he’s been waiting for her to say it; she’s just too stubborn because it’s for real for her; it means too much. he finally calls her out on the lunches, and she says she makes them because she wants him to think of her at least a little, so she makes them as a reminder of herself for him. once, he called her a nice person, and now, he mentions that he wouldn’t want to date someone he didn’t find nice. now that she knows she has a chance, she finally confesses that she likes him, and he kisses her (like he’d really been wanting to, actually; I’ll give him a few points). he pulls away with a soft, little smile, and she wonders where they’ll go from here <end chapter> *beats head on desk* he better make her happy

ch75.8: it seems like the original one shot of Hibi Chouchou. it didn’t have Aya as Suiren’s main protector, so they skipped that and made Kawasumi her protector almost as soon as school started. I definitely prefer the full story… I was hoping this final chapter would show her relationship with Kawasumi after college, like, them getting married or even just a quick panel of her going to welcome him home and then it showing a picture of their wedding as she says “welcome home” and he replies “I’m home” (have I read too much manga? is it very obvious?). the one shot is cute, though. they play shiritori every day and it’s how she confesses to him and how he ends up saying her first name ❤ the very last few pages of the manga show the main girls together ❤ Koharu’s complaining because she wants Atohira to say sweet things to her more (like that’s going to happen xD he likes messing with her too much xD). Aya excuses herself early because she has plans with a friend… who’s a boy~! ❤ there’s hope ❤ the scene skips over to the Kawasumi, Atohira, and Daisuke getting a drink at Koume’s bar xD they talk relationships a little ❤ turns out Atohira tells everyone else he likes Koharu; he doesn’t mind letting people know (she probably just wants to hear it even more which would be too troublesome for him; she wants romance, and he’s just not that kind of guy. she’s also insatiable and a romantic. she’ll just have to be happy with what she can get and realize that he shows that he cares in his own way. their relationship will take work). end of manga xD

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