Kamisama Hajimemashita, part 2

Part 1

I used to read this years ago when it was still ongoing, and this past week, a friend mentioned that it was finally completed.  I didn’t intend to do another shoujo, but I used to love this series!  I wanna know how it ends!!  So, here we go!

Kamisama Hajimemashita (image from: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kamisama_Kiss)

I don’t own this manga, so I will be reading fan translations online.

I am going to be doing shorthand as I read.  These descriptions are really more of a reminder to myself about what all I have been able to read so far.  Sorry if this bothers anyone!  I will do a full description on the final review page of each series I read.

Every post past this point will be a spoiler, so please read ahead with caution!

ch6: Nanami convinces Koutaru to meet with Himemiko, and with Tomoe’s magic and Nanami’s skills, they make her look like a human. Himemiko still likes him, but Koutaru says he doesn’t remember her -I think he remembers it very vaguely though. On their date, two guys show up to hit on Himemiko. Nanami wants to step in, but Tomoe reminds her she can’t intervene; she can only support them from a distance (give them a push). She uses a charm to nudge Koutaru forward xD it works, though; he steps in to save Himemiko

ch7: Nanami doesn’t feel like going to school since she’ll be teased, but then she finds out an idol she adores has transferred to her school so she goes xD Tomoe makes her wear a cat hat to hide the mark on her forehead, and everyone at school ridicules her for it xDD even the idol!! she’d rather go home, but she knows Tomoe’ll gloat, so she tries to deal with the rest of the day. but she forgot her lunch. she decides to buy bread, but suddenly, she has money in her pocket; it’s Kurama’s! he says he gave it to her when he found out she wanted bread (liar!!)! Tomoe is having none of this, so he shows up in over the top fashion to deliver her lunch <x’DDDD omg, Tomoe x’DDD he makes a big deal about calling her their beloved master and pointing out that Kurama’s money’s under his chair, he better leave Nanami alone; dear school friends please take care of their beloved Nanami *brb; I’m dying*

ch8: Nanami’s going back to school now! Tomoe tries to make her wear the hat, but she slips out, taking only 1/3 of the extravagant lunch he made. poor Tomoe xD Kurama tries to offer her a ride, but she refuses and tells him that she hates him. Tomoe has to watch over Nanami since she didn’t take the cat hat, but he’s a crap guard who falls asleep and dreams about his old life; apparently he had long hair, carried swords, and often(?) beheaded people; he was surrounded with blood, and oh, how he misses it (this should scare me, but it just makes me more curious about his past…. craaaaaap).
meanwhile! Nanami gets called to the roof by Kurama! he wants to know why she hates him; it’s because he’s an arrogant airhead. she tells him to lose the arrogance if he wants friends, but he should leave her alone. after she leaves, he reveals himself to be a tengu! Tomoe jumps into action, and Kurama reveals that he wants to eat Nanami’s heart to become the land god, then Tomoe can serve him 😉 Tomoe is glad that Nanami’s weak because it means he gets to fight more >D he turns Kurama into an ostrich and chases him with a ball of fire; if Nanami eats him, then Kurama will be a part of the land god, that’s good enough, right? >D this causes a commotion at school which Nanami stops. she scolds Tomoe then takes care of Kurama’s wounds. poor Tomoe xD

ch9: we meet the god of lightning, Princess Narukami. Mikage stole Tomoe from her, but now that Nanami’s the land god instead, she’s going to see if Nanami is worthy of Tomoe. Nanami goes to school none the wiser; since Tomoe knows Narukami is coming, he can’t follow her to school, so he sends Onikiri and Kotetsu with her. unfortunately, Narukami goes to Nanami’s school, not the shrine. when Tomoe realizes and gets there, Nanami’s already been grabbed by Narukami who offers to take over the shrine. Nanami refuses, but Narukami won’t taken no for an answer. enter Tomoe! he goes to attack, but Narukami hits him with the lucky mallet she got from the god of wealth; it turns Tomoe small!!!!!!! Nanami tries to reach him, but Narukami takes Mikage’s mark

ch10: Narumaki’s now the land god for the shrine, so the will o’ the wisps must follow her T.T she promises to turn Tomoe back if he becomes her familiar, though. Nanami and Tomoe try to figure out where to go now, but Tomoe’s getting a fever. Nanami tries to take him to a doctor, but it’s closed, but she runs into Kurama! he explains that Tomoe’s body is smaller, but his power isn’t, so even a doctor can’t stop the fever caused by his power build-up. when he wakes up, he asks for some sasamochi which Nanami makes him -with Kurama’s money and kitchen xD he’s actually being very nice about all of this xD

ch11: Tomoe is irritated because he has to be taken care of. Kurama helps Nanami figure out that she just has to steal the mallet, and they can return Tomoe to normal. before she can try, though, Narukami’s lion-dog familiars arrive and extend the offer to Tomoe. Nanami refuses, but Tomoe leaves her to return to the shrine. he didn’t like her caring for him the most…

ch12: back at the shrine, Narukami explains he must serve her with his life, so he runs away and hides despite his fever xD Nanami returns Kurama’s key to him after cleaning the room he was letting her use. he gives her one of his feathers so she can see what demons see; Onikiri and Kotetsu have been crying by her, but she couldn’t see them! Narukami’s ready to destroy the shrine to find Tomoe; they need her help to save it! she returns with them and makes a deal with Narukami; if she can find Tomoe -something Narukami can’t do- then Narukami must return him to normal size. Tomoe was hiding in the mirror of Mikage ❤ Narumaki says she doesn’t need a familiar that’s not loyal to her, so she gives Nanami the lucky mallet and returns the land god mark to her. Nanami returns Tomoe to normal size, but now his hair’s long, and everyone is quite attracted to him xD he kisses Nanami to re-seal their contract ;D

ch13: poor Nanami has been all a flutter around Tomoe ever since xD Himemiko invites Nanami for a moon viewing tea party, so Tomoe’s making arrangements to get her a kimono to wear. she doesn’t know how to wear one, so Tomoe’s going to dress her. she wears her school uniform instead xD Tomoe’s still pessimistic about Himemiko and Koutaru because humans and demons shouldn’t be together. Nanami says it’s not impossible, but Tomoe vows to never love a human -poor Nanami. Himemiko still looks human because she’s meeting Koutaru again (if she uses demon magic, then she’ll lose the guise; I’m impressed she’d kept it this long). the three local carp princess sisters steal Tomoe away for a while, and while they’re alone, Himemiko dresses Nanami in a kimono; she can tell Nanami’s feelings for Tomoe. since Nanami helped her with her love, now Himemiko wants to return the favor (so sweet) ❤ when Tomoe sees Nanami, the carp sisters demand he choose the most beautiful one of them to be his partner, and he chooses Nanami in order to escape them. poor Nanami’s heart can’t take his smooth words, though; good luck, Tomoe xD

ch14: Nanami saves a white snake at school, but it puts an engagement mark on her, so it’ll be coming for her. Tomoe also gets his hair cut by the tanuki geisha from the red light district; Nanami and Tomoe both messed up xD Tomoe goes to school with Nanami to protect her; he transfers in as “Mikage Tomoe” (aww, I think it’s sweet that he took Mikage’s name ❤ ). Tomoe falls asleep while Nanami’s finishing her class duties, so she takes the ledger to the office alone (that was a mistake). Nanami’s taken away, and Tomoe realizes too late

ch15: Nanami wakes up at the Yonomori Shrine; the snake’s name is Mizuki, the shrine’s familiar. the two shrine spirits are rude, little pranksters xD back at Mikage Shrine, Tomoe is depressed, but he vows to get Nanami back. back at the Yonomori Shrine, Nanami discovers that this shrine has no god

ch16: Mizuki explains that this shrine was built because kids kept drowning in the local river, so his god came to be; she was a water goddess, but since she was born from the needs of the local people, she faded when they left. Tomoe realizes there’s only 1 white snake in the land who’s old fashioned enough to use the snake’s engagement ring without thinking of the consequences, so he finally finds the shrine; it’s under a large pond created by a dam. the village has been gone for a long time… he comes to save Nanami and starts to burn the shrine which doesn’t even exist, only the plum tree outside is real. Mizuki asks him to spare the tree his master loved. Tomoe has no intention of sparing it xD but Nanami asks him to stop. she tells Mizuki that she’ll come back when he’s lonely but that she can’t stay here. Tomoe sulks when they leave xD he also realized how fragile she is; he has to work harder to protect her

ch17: Nanami got sick, but she has to go to school, or she’ll have to repeat a year! she sends Tomoe in her place since he can transform. his transformation isn’t exactly right; he made her too hot -and her chest too big xD Kurama can’t tell she’s not Nanami, so he keeps trying to get on her good side which just makes Tomoe ticked xD turns out the miasma at school is getting thicker; a demon got in. Tomoe finds it and eventually turns it into a sucker which he gives to Kurama while disguised as Nanami xD he vows to come to school with Nanami from now on to make sure she’s safe xD

ch18: Mizuki came to visit the sick Nanami since Tomoe wasn’t around xD he brought the time rotation incense burner to show Nanami how Tomoe really is/was; it can bring souls to the past (why did he casually bring that?). Nanami’s soul is transferred into the body of a girl in the past. “her” village was attacked by demons, and she finds a beaten child who turns out to be a demon. before the demon can get her, Tomoe-of-the-time appears and kills it before also trying to attack Nanami. she fights back -which he seems to like- before he’s interrupted by the evil king. Nanami escapes while Tomoe’s talking. when asked if he saw the local beauty, Yukiji (I’m guessing Nanami got in her body), Tomoe says he hasn’t. Nanami wakes up in her own time and body, and Tomoe returns shortly. he kicks out Mizuki and continues to care for Nanami who was almost afraid because of the Tomoe she met in the past, but she is relieved to be back with the Tomoe she knows

ch19: Nanami’s back at school! and so are Tomoe and Kurama xD the girl from before -Ami- wants to thank Kurama for saving her, so she asks Nanami for help. Nanami uses a charm to make Kurama like air so people will leave him alone. since Ami can see obake/ghosts/demons, she manages to spot him when he calls out to her. Tomoe admonishes Nanami for trying to make humans and demons get along again. he says she needs to consider the consequences before she does stuff. later, a 1st year tells Nanami she’s in love with Tomoe and can Nanami not go home with him today? Nanami agrees then regrets it and realizes she’s also in love with Tomoe ❤ he doesn’t go with the 1st year and instead comes to find Nanami; she’s his 1st priority, stop trying to make him get along with other humans, they don’t matter to him; only she does. they go home together

To read part 3, please click here!

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