Kamisama Hajimemashita

I used to read this years ago when it was still ongoing, and this past week, a friend mentioned that it was finally completed.  I didn’t intend to do another shoujo, but I used to love this series!  I wanna know how it ends!!  So, here we go!

Kamisama Hajimemashita (image from: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kamisama_Kiss)

I don’t own this manga, so I will be reading fan translations online.

Every post past this point will be a spoiler, so please read ahead with caution!


Review time!

4 stars

Plot: 1/2 star. I thought the plot for this manga was Nanami becoming a strong land god, with her developing relationship with Tomoe being secondary. After the Izumo conference ended, though, all her land god training seemed to stop, and the focus of the story became almost exclusively about her and Tomoe’s relationship. Other things happened, sure, but that was the main focus for the entire story. The entire land god plot line seems like it got left behind and forgotten. The story of Nanami and Tomoe’s relationship did get told, though, so I will give this half a star.

Art: 1 star. I love the art in this. It’s a bit shaky at the start of the story, but most series tend to be that way. I love everyone’s expressions (Tomoe’s expression when he sees Nanami in chapter 108 was so heartbreaking; it conveyed so much unguarded emotion, and it still touches me to my core!  There’re so many incredible expressions throughout this manga, but I had to point that one out specifically). The transitions are easy to follow, and all the character designs are eye catching. The difference in demons, and all the little background characters are so fun to look at, too!

Story Progression: 1 star. I think this story progressed well. There weren’t any slow parts, really, and though things kept happening, it didn’t feel too busy. I loved reading this because there was always something new going on; I even took a day off work just to finish this manga xD Despite everything going on, it didn’t feel overly busy. Each new event was its own story element that made sense and built my interest rather than overwhelming me. There were some lore and character interactions that bothered me, but those never hindered the story. I’ll talk about those more when I go over the Enjoyment section.
Genre: 1 star. This manga is definitely romance (comedy) and supernatural. Supernatural could be replaced with fantasy, but I think they’re fairly interchangeable here. A lot of the scenes are little comedic moments, so that definitely seems to fit.
Enjoyment: 1/2 star. I hate to give this only half of a star. I LOVED reading this series; I was obsessed with it while I was reading it! But… I ran into some translation problems at the end that really made a lot of things not make sense. Unfortunately (possibly) because of that, the ending didn’t sit well with me. I did cry during the wedding! It was beautiful and seeing everyone again was a delight! But when it was all said in done, I just sat back and went… huh. (rants are about to happen)
Why did Tomoe and Nanami have to leave the shrine? As plain humans, they can’t be in the demon’s world -aka, the mystical world of the shrine. Okay, I can live with that. So, why did they go back after only 10 years? I thought their promised return would be at the end of their lives where they came to make an offering and there’d be this heartbreaking reunion for Mizuki, or even to pray for their child’s impending marriage, or you know, little moments like that! But instead they can come back after just 10 years and stay indefinitely? Then what was the point of them leaving?! They’d be -at most- in their 30s; they have a lot of life left as humans! And what was the deal with Mizuki and Mamoru? As a plain human, Mizuki couldn’t stay Nanami’s familiar, right? Or did he? Could he, why or why not? Did he ever make a contract with Mikage? And Mamoru! I thought he was going to become a plain monkey, but I didn’t see him in the human world. Did I overlook him? Would he return to being a shikigami back at the shrine?
Also, Akura-ou. I loved that he became a little girl; that’s a disturbingly good fit for him personality wise xD But I thought the deal was that his soul would rest within Ako until more potion fell in 100 years, and then he could be re-incarnated. Or did they use the last 2 drops of potion to re-incarnate him early? I thought Izanami wanted to wait for some reason?
And can we talk about the endings for other characters? What was Ami’s life? Did Kurama go to get her soul at the end as he promised? Would she even still remember him? What was her life like? And speaking of Kurama! If tengu are supposed to stay celibate on the mountain and there are only men, how did Kurama’s father have him? How are children born?! And Himemiko and Kotarou! I want to know their story!! Did she have the baby? What did the baby look like? Was Kotarou allowed to just stay as a human in her swamp with her? Was there some kind of revolt?
And back to Mikage shrine, did visitors ever come back? We literally only saw 1 during the entire manga, and her back went out by chapter 15 (I think).
And can I finally talk about Furball? Why in blue blazes did he ever tell TOMOE that Akura-ou was off to kill Yukiji? I understand why he told Akura-ou where to find Yukiji; that was his assignment, but why did he then tell Tomoe that Akura-ou was finally moving? And on the mountain of fire (this might’ve been translation errors), why did Yatori -after getting Akura-ou’s body- offer it to Tomoe? His 500 year goal, thrown away in an instant. Was he trying to trick Tomoe? Did he really only care about the body and not the person of Akura-ou?  Then why try to give it away!? Everything about Furball bothered me, honestly. How could he say he never talked or spoke up, but then he’s literally the driving force behind Akura-ou and Tomoe’s split, leading to Yukiji’s death, Akura-ou’s death, and almost Tomoe’s death. But no one recognizes him as the “mask” on Yatori? He seems like the follower Akura-ou talked with the most (Tomoe wasn’t a follower), who lived the longest, and came back the most, but Akura-ou doesn’t remember him?
The army of the war god didn’t do anything at the mountain. I don’t think they were ever even drawn. Kuromaro sewed Nanami and Tomoe’s past together -which was incredible-, and she faded away after her contract was complete, as she said she would. So, why didn’t she pass on? What was the point in bringing her back at the end? I would’ve loved if she and Ookuninushi could’ve formed some sort of relationship, or if she at least agreed to become a god again. (Also), she decided to step down from being a god (didn’t get cast out, literally just decided to stop being a god) because she felt too separated from mortals? So instead she stayed secluded, bringing death and darkness to the area of any who called on her, and only managed to bring 1 fate together, and then came back even lonelier? Loneliness seems like a very recurring theme in this manga, but in Kuromaro’s case, it just didn’t make sense to me. It was tragic almost to the point of being over exaggerated.

There were just a lot of unanswered questions or things that didn’t make much sense to me. I’m sorry if my questions have upset anyone else, but this world was so amazingly crafted in the beginning, and it just felt so unfulfilling to see so many things left unexplored or unexplained.

Because of all this, I clearly can’t put this manga on the Recommended list, but I enjoyed it all the same, and I liked the lore and world building.  I think the time travel stuff was handled well, and I enjoyed the flip flopping to the past.  I think this story may’ve gotten away from the mangaka, but if they make more manga, I’ll definitely look it up someday =)


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Kamisama Hajimemashita, part 7

Part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4, part 5, part 6

I used to read this years ago when it was still ongoing, and this past week, a friend mentioned that it was finally completed.  I didn’t intend to do another shoujo, but I used to love this series!  I wanna know how it ends!!  So, here we go!

Kamisama Hajimemashita (image from: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kamisama_Kiss)

I don’t own this manga, so I will be reading fan translations online.

I am going to be doing shorthand as I read.  These descriptions are really more of a reminder to myself about what all I have been able to read so far.  Sorry if this bothers anyone!  I will do a full description on the final review page of each series I read.

Every post past this point will be a spoiler, so please read ahead with caution!

ch133: they take a carriage to the mountain of fire; Ako is scared of heights. they try to dissuade the god of war from killing Kirihito, but he’s set on it. there’s a barrier around the mountain; if broken, they’ll know where Kirihito is. Kirihito orders Yatori to break the barrier, but the backlash goes after Kirihito. Kikuichi jumps in the way and is heavily wounded; he can’t walk, so Yatori stabs him. Kirihito is TICKED, but Yatori reminds him of their mission. once Kirihito becomes Akura-ou again, Yatori is fine dying for what he’s done. Kirihito’s cool with that. the army comes, and Yatori tells Kirihito to run; he’ll hold them off and meet Kirihito later. the closer she has gotten to Kirihito, the more Ako remembers: she’s Kirihito’s mom. she’d go all the way to the bottom of the world to find him, and now, she has… time to bring him home

ch134: Yatori uses the countless bodies within him to hold off the army. as Kirihito approaches the mountain, Tomoe rushes him, trying to stop him; Tomoe intends to use Kirihito as Nanami’s life sacrifice. on the battlefield, Mikage uses his power to stop Yatori from moving. the mask of Yatori subdues Tomoe, but now Ako’s there. she calls out to Kirihito, promising he’s not alone, she’s his ally and she always will be. Yatori-mask (gonna’ call him Furball from here) tries to make Kirihito ignore her; if he knew she’d be such a pain, he’d kill her as many times as it took. when Kirihito hears that, he unmasks Furball, calls him ugly, and says he should never come back. Tomoe is beside himself xD Furball’s so upset, he blames Ako and moves to kill her again. Kirihito -trying to dissuade himself the entire time- runs to jump in the way and hugs her

ch135: Yatori stabs Kirihito and then breaks. Tomoe has a final conversation with Akura-ou, and this time, Akura-ou’s the 1 leaving him. Akura-ou changed after becoming human; he wasn’t as strong, so he had to compensate more, reach out more; he made relationships, and those changed him. his heart is full of all his important people thanks to being human. he asks Tomoe to watch after his mom before fading away. the bud in Nanami’s pocket has bloomed. Tomoe asks her if he can change, too, and she says yes before offering him the flower. btw, Kirihito returned the life he stole from Nanami

ch136: somehow Tomoe doesn’t understand what this flower is, so Nanami explains it to him. elsewhere, Kuromaro is ready to give up on life, but Ookuninushi doesn’t want her to. she says it’s too late to love, but that’s what could save her (maybe); her heart is empty because she won’t let others in; she’d rather let it all end.
back on the battlefield: Yatori snaps out of it and knocks Ako away from Kirihito. he vows to get Akura-ou’s body and fulfil his wish to join with Akura-ou. Nanami explains that a body without a heart isn’t what Yatori wants; it’s the heart that matters, not the form. Yatori tells her shut up and moves to attack her, but Tomoe (our Tomoe) prepares to fight. Yatori realizes he’ll lose, so he goes after Akura-ou’s body. Tomoe asks Nanami to break his familiar contract so he can go after Yatori; apparently it just takes a kiss xD he’s off!

ch137: over in Okinawa, the evolution potion only creates 1 drop every 100 years; Kurama took all of it, so now it’s all gone. Mizuki’s depressed, and Otohiko’s noisy. a drop lands on Otohiko, and Mizuki freaks out to preserve it xD back to the mountain! Tomoe has no trouble walking on the mountain; he controls fire, after all. he has a convo with little Akura-ou who follows him. Akura-ou wants to know what to do now, and Tomoe tells him to do whatever; Tomoe will always find him again. Akura-ou’s very happy about this ❤ Tomoe finds Akura-ou’s body, then Yatori finds him; Yatori couldn’t find it on his own. they have a fight; Tomoe wins easily; Yatori reveals he started all this, and Tomoe tells him not to get arrogant; it would’ve happened anyway, Akura-ou was no-one’s puppet. somehow after beheading Yatori, he combines with Akura-ou?

ch138: so… there’s a new translator, and I’m having some trouble following it now… Yatori takes over Akura-ou’s body, but the cells aren’t regenerating anymore; too much time has passed, so Yatori decides to leave the mountain. Tomoe pursues him, and Yatori thinks Tomoe wants to become Akura-ou, and Yatori’s cool with this? elsewhere, Nanami uses the robe of feathers to enter the mountain. she finds the mirror that houses Ookuninushi’s soul and gets pulled in by him. there she meets Kuromaro (this translator’s calling her something different, but I’ll stick with what I know) who tries to push Nanami away, but Nanami’s been wanting to thank her for everything; it’s only thanks to her that everything happened. Kuromaro just wanted to feel appreciated; she’s happy now

ch139: Yatori gives Tomoe the offer to join again, and Tomoe almost agrees, but he remembers Nanami and how disappointed she’d be, so he refuses. as Yatori tries to leave, though, Kuromaro leaves him, ridding him of his last protection against the mountain. his 1 wish in life isn’t granted, and he dies with Akura-ou’s body. Nanami appears over the horizon, and Tomoe goes to it. everything’s finished -except Nanami lost the soul mirror. they’ll look for it together ❤

ch140: they find it, but it’s empty xD everyone meets at Izanami’s castle to figure out what to do about Akura-ou. his body still exists and still can’t be destroyed, and his soul still exists as well. Mizuki shows up with the evolution potion, but it’s only a drop; the gods aren’t convinced this will do anything. Izanami decides they’ll wait 100yrs, then give the potion to Akura-ou, and then he can reincarnate. in the meantime, Ako’s willing to let Akura-ou’s soul into her body so he won’t be alone. after all, 100yrs from now, Nanami and Tomoe may be gone. this is all agreed upon, but Ookuninushi’s not happy. he lost Kuromaro and feels useless, but he finally remembers Tomoe’s wish

ch141: everyone returns to their world -except Mikage; he’s still visiting in the underworld. Nanami intends to make Tomoe a familiar again, but she’s suddenly too embarrassed to kiss him. Kurama comes over, and they all eat together; Mikage even shows back up. a god appears outside; it’s Ookuninushi here to grant Tomoe’s wish! Mikage intervenes, though. can Tomoe really be human? and if he’s human, Nanami has to be human, too; they can’t stay at the shrine anymore, and Nanami couldn’t have a familiar. Nanami asks for 1yr to think about it; she wants to graduate 1st, then they’ll give an answer

ch142: Mizuki’s terrified of losing Nanami, but he’s trying to hide it and stay positive for her. Mikage finds an injured demon bird and gives it to Mizuki to care for; it’s only calm with him. Nanami’s planning to get a job to save money for later, so she’ll be home even less from now on. Mizuki flees the shrine and goes to Kurama; he’s a crow, he can fix other birds right 8D Kurama gives him medicine, and Mizuki refuses to leave until the bird is healed. Kurama gives him insight into why he really ran away; he’s like a kid throwing a tantrum; he needs to actually talk with Nanami, even if it won’t change anything, it’ll make him feel better. Mizuki denies all of this *sigh* the bird recovers, and Mizuki panics when it tries to leave. then Nanami walks in. they have the talk; Mizuki begs her stay forever, but she can’t; this was always going to happen. she holds him until he calms down. he stays to thank Kurama for his time
btw, Tomoe sneaks a kiss, so he’s her familiar again

ch143: Nanami overworks herself and ends up getting sick. Tomoe tries to pose as her and do her job while she recovers, but he quickly realizes he has NO idea what he’s doing. he runs to Mikage crying and asks if he can be paid to do shrine work instead. Mikage agrees and offers 1,000 per day, but Tomoe says it’s too much; just 500 would be enough. they sign a contract (Mikage, you should know to never sign a contract with a fox xD such a sweet, trusting man). during her next shift, Tomoe’s still working as her, so Nanami goes to see how he does. he does it aMAZINGLY. when he finds her, he makes it clear that he wants to make all her dreams come true; he wants her to be happy and live freely, so she can rely on him because his dream is to fulfil her dream. he also got paid for the 500yrs he worked for Mikage, so they’re loaded now xD

ch144: it’s been 10 months since the underworld incident. Nanami got accepted into university! she wants to go into child care ❤ Tomoe will get his test results after graduation which’s in 3 weeks. on that day, Tomoe and Nanami have to give their answer to Ookuninushi. Ami and Kei also bring up marriage; will it be before or after Tomoe’s human? what’s the ceremony going to be like? Nanami’s not sure Tomoe’d be interested in all that, but she does like the thought of being a bride ❤ Nanami asks Tomoe about all the demons; will she see them after she’s no longer a land god? no; she won’t; she thinks it’s lonely, and he gets mad because she shouldn’t need anyone but him xD Kotarou shows up, asking Nanami to go check on Himemiko; he hasn’t heard from her in a month. when Nanami tries, the guards turn her away, but her main guard helps them sneak in the back. Himemiko can’t leave the swamp right now because she’s PREGNANT! (man, that relationship progressed O.o; ) Kotarou doesn’t know yet. Himemiko wanted to have the wedding before the baby, but she fears Nanami may be the 1st to marry. Tomoe doesn’t see the point in the ceremony; it’s just a contract, nothing special, but if Nanami wants it, then of course they’ll do it. does Nanami want a ceremony? she says it’s too much trouble; it’d too much for her. Himemiko has her whisked off to a dressing room; she’s not convinced by that answer xD

ch145: while Nanami’s changing, Tomoe and Himemiko get to talk. apparently, the only way Himemiko’s allowed to keep her child is if she breaks of contact with all humans from now on; that’s why she hasn’t contacted Kota even though she still wants to marry him; her swamp won’t allow it. Nanami comes out in several wedding dresses, and Tomoe sees how happy she is; he decides a wedding would be alright. he proposes again, and Nanami agrees ❤ back at the shrine, Mizuki’s sad that Nanami’s leaving him, but he’s reminded by Mikage that times change; maybe Mizuki can meet Nanami again

ch146: Kurama comes by to tell Nanami that he’s returning to the mountain. he only now finds out about the wedding xD Nanami sends invitations to everyone, so we get to see how they’re all doing ^^ Ami’s also invited, of course, and she gets a text to meet with Kurama! he came to tell her that he’s going back to his mountain and quitting the idol life. she asks if they can still meet, and he says no. he keeps wanting to touch her, but he won’t let himself. when he leaves, she calls after him saying that she will wait for him, no matter how long it takes! he wants to earn his father’s position, not be given it, so he has to study and learn and grow like the other tengu. it may take a long time, but Ami’s willing to wait T^T

ch147: Ami and Kei come to help before the wedding! they won’t let Tomoe see Nanami’s dress even though he’s already seen it xD Kurama comes over to tell them he’s going to the mountain. the little forest demons come to congratulate Tomoe, too. even Kotarou appears for advice: should he come to the wedding. Tomoe tells him no; there’s too much opposition; he’s not strong enough to face it; there’s even a pregant girl -btw, Himemiko’s pregnant. Kotarou gets fired up, thanks him, and leaves. Kurama wants advice about Ami, too, but he won’t ask for it xD the guys decide to have 1 last drinking contest; BACHELOR PARTY! xD Nanami drops Ami and Kei off before returning to the shrine; Okiniri, Kotetsu, and Mamoru remind her she won’t see them after tomorrow and ask that she never forget them; they will always protect her. Mamoru will be around, but he’ll just be a normal monkey now ='( Mizuki loses the drinking contest, but Tomoe and Kurama are still going xD Mikage asks Nanami if she wants him to find her father in time for the wedding, but she says no; she’ll do that herself as an adult. she considers Mikage like a father since he’s been looking after Tomoe ❤

ch148: graduation day! Kurama and Tomoe get surrounded by girls, of course xD Ami tries to talk to Kurama since he said this would be the last time they meet. she gets pushed in the crowd, but he catches her. he apologizes, though; he can’t ask her to wait for him. he wants her to live a long happy life full of love and memories, but if at the end, if she’s lonely, he will come for her; will that be ok? she says yes ❤ (just like a fallen angel xDDDD ) all the other girls want this, too, so he makes a crap promise to all them, too. Mizuki comes to take Nanami and Tomoe to the wedding. on the long road, they first meet Himemiko who helps them get dressed. they continue to meet their friends and everyone who’s contributed to their life (and I need a tissue; hold up *sniffles* )

ch149: wedding time. everything goes smoothly. when the gods arrive, it’s time for Nanami and Tomoe to go to Ookuninushi. 1 god takes the humans home. a ride is offered to Kotarou, but he stands firmly with Himemiko ❤ 1 day, Nanami promises to return.
flash forward 8 years. Nanami’s been a teacher for kindergartners, but she’s retiring now that the school year is over because she’s pregnant ❤ nvm, it’s been 10 years O.o Tomoe’s retiring, too, and his poor predecessor, omg x’D Tomoe started a company and within 2yrs, made it huge. also, he’s still in contact with Akura-ou who’s apparently a little girl now?! xDDD still willful; this might suit him actually…
Nanami’s dream since the wedding has been to return to the shrine once she and Tomoe had become strong enough to live alone. now, it’s almost time. she got an ultrasound, and they’re having a boy ❤ they return to the shrine after the baby’s born ❤
the end

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Kamisama Hajimemashita, part 6

Part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4, part 5

I used to read this years ago when it was still ongoing, and this past week, a friend mentioned that it was finally completed.  I didn’t intend to do another shoujo, but I used to love this series!  I wanna know how it ends!!  So, here we go!

Kamisama Hajimemashita (image from: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kamisama_Kiss)

I don’t own this manga, so I will be reading fan translations online.

I am going to be doing shorthand as I read.  These descriptions are really more of a reminder to myself about what all I have been able to read so far.  Sorry if this bothers anyone!  I will do a full description on the final review page of each series I read.

Every post past this point will be a spoiler, so please read ahead with caution!

ch110: the servant of zan is still with Tomoe and Nanami, so the robe hasn’t been returned and the storm hasn’t stopped. he’s scared of Unari who’s a necessary evil; she’s terrifying, but she also gets rid of those who intend harm, so the sea is safe. poor Kurama’s still lost. he accidently finds the sleeping Unari and sees her face. she never wanted anyone but her future husband to see her face, so she decides he must marry her. she gives him a potion to change him into 1 of the ocean, and he steals it to return Ami to normal. Unari’s ticked, so she tries to kill him, and then Mizuki arrives and also looks at her face -um, oops?!

ch111: Unari’s the daughter of a mermaid and 1 of the dragon clan; unfortunately, she took after her dragon father and has horns and some scales on her face; her mother called her ugly and encouraged her to wear something over her face so she wouldn’t experience pain. Mizuki recognizes her loneliness and offers to marry her instead since Kurama has to find Ami. she decides to release Kurama and says that Ami’s been released into the sea. now alone, Unari treats Mizuki to foods she made, and they get to know each other a bit. she panicks when her face covering is pulled off, so Mizuki wears it instead; she’s not sure she should trust him; she’s already been used and betrayed twice recently, but Mizuki compliments her eyes and doesn’t tell lies, and she chooses to believe him. she sings a song to stop the storm and has the winds spread the news of their upcoming marriage. Tomoe hears about it xD Kurama hears the song and is inspired to sing his own in the hopes of finding Ami. even with most of her memories gone, she remembers his song and comes to him. he gives her the potion, and she’s turned human again; her hair’s longer though, and she’s naked xD thankfully, Kurama has clothes for her (thanks, Kei!). she tells him that she remembers their time underwater and confesses she likes him, the real him that loves to fly. he blushes ❤

ch112: some sea hooligans come to harrass Unari then try to pick on Mizuki, so Mizuki asks a larger sea snake to bite off 1 of their heads then sends them out to sea; he’s stronger than he looks (he’s really in his element, too O.O). elsewhere, Kurama returns Ami to Kei then flies off; a classmate with a camera (who likes to extort people; what a jerk) may or may not get a pic of him? Nanami decides she must return the robe of feathers herself since she promised it; obviously Tomoe’s going, too, & the servant. demons can apparently breathe and talk underwater? (they are super overpowered). Nanami has to use an air gourd xD Unari asks Mizuki about Nanami, and he explains his relationship as Nanami’s familiar; she saved him from his sorrow, so she will always be his most important person. Unari’s not sure she can trust a human -land god or not-, but Mizuki says she’ll come around; Nanami has that effect. sure enough, Nanami arrives with the robe of feathers, convincing Unari. she also runs out of air, so Tomoe kisses her to give her some air back; he also did this to mess with Mizuki xD Unari realizes Mizuki really is like her; he’s not the #1 for his #1, just like she’s not his #1 even though he’s her #1

ch113: Unari gives her returned robe of feathers to Mizuki and tells him to return with Nanami; he vows to come back on this day every year to see her. he really seemed to like her… Ami’s ok! she’s always hungry though. the school trip can continue! but Tomoe makes Nanami stay at the hotel to sleep; Ami’s fine, but Nanami isn’t. Tomoe’s a tyrant, but it’s (mostly) out of love xD she does sleep, and she feels better for it. there’re fireworks outside which everyone watches. Nanami and Tomoe kiss, and Mizuki watches the fireworks’ reflection on the ocean; it’s not as painful for his eyes and suits him better (I like to think he’s watching the fireworks with Unari <3)

ch114: school trip time! some groups are going swimming, and some are going sight seeing! camera girl leaves her group to go sight seeing; she wants to prove Kurama’s true self xP she tries to get dirt on him from Nanami then Tomoe but strikes out. she prefers to be on her own and finds other girls boring and stupid. while they’re sight seeing, the servant of zan returns and grants the witch’s blessing, a rain of light that humans can’t see. Kurama gives feathers to Ami and Kei so they can see it, too; a feather falls, so camera girl picks it up and sees the demon world; she falls in by accident, and before she can be caught by the demon chasing her, Tomoe saves her. she’s returned to the human world, terrified, and is comforted by the silly human girls with their silly talk and silly flowers. it’s nice

ch115: Mikage asks Tomoe to visit the shrine maiden as he did once in the past. in the past, Tomoe had to deal with a hyper child who turned out to be the shrine maiden. she deceived him completely. when he comes again, that little child is now a very old woman. Tomoe’s faced with the lifespan of a human for the 1st time, and he’s scared for Nanami. what will he do when she becomes like this? can he change?

ch116: Tomoe wants to become human again. Nanami’s so shocked, she can’t answer. she likes that he’s learning more about humans and becoming tolerant of their behavior, but she doesn’t think he’s considered the bad stuff like acme, disease, getting old, no powers, etc. but becoming human’s nearly impossible, so it’s no problem; it’ll take a while to find a way, so they have time, no worries! except Kurama still has that potion that made Ami human again. Kurama offers it to Tomoe, but Nanami intervenes; she doesn’t want Tomoe to become human; it scares her; she doesn’t want to die with him…

ch17: they fight and go home separately; he tells her that she doesn’t understand how fragile demons are. at the shrine, Mikage asks Nanami to go to a funeral with him; an old friend has passed. this friend -a demon- loved a human girl until she died, and after her passing, he was so heart broken that he couldn’t move. he became a tree poisoned by his love for her. everyone tried to make him stop, but he wouldn’t let his love go. when he finally died, everyone celebrated his freedom. Mikage points out that this could become Tomoe and Nanami. if it does, Mikage vows to watch over Tomoe until he passes. Nanami doesn’t want this; love shouldn’t be a poison; she won’t let Tomoe become like this or like before when she’s gone! back at the shrine, she and Tomoe talk some. he says when she’s gone, he wants to look back over their lives and say it was fun; she’s glad he won’t let it destroy him. she trusts him enough to give him the potion back and asks that he wait to drink it until she graduates. NOPE! he drinks all of it now xD he’s learned to stop waiting when he comes to her! the potion turns him into an actual fox x’D

ch118: Mikage will do some searching; there may be a god that can fix this. in the meantime, Tomoe won’t let Nanami near him, but he lets Mikage pet him. Nanami wants to pet the fluff, too!! when she goes out to buy a better brush for Tomoe, Kirihito finds her. he remembers her from 500yrs ago, and she finally realizes that he’s Akura-ou (she’s been trying not to think about it; she didn’t want to know). he reveals that Tomoe’s the 1 who killed him, and she says Tomoe must’ve had a reason; he always has a reason for his actions, unlike Akura-ou. Kirihito’s hurt by her words, but he doesn’t know why it’s only her words that hurt him

ch119: Nanami talks about the Tomoe she knows and how he can live in a place of peace without fighting and death, and Akura-ou agrees that Tomoe could… when the guys chasing him arrive, Kirihito makes Nanami leave; she’s guilt-ridden the whole way home. at home, we learn that Tomoe’s been turned into a fox before xD Mikage got mad once and used transformation magic, but this time’s different xD he also says that if Nanami asks Tomoe, then he’ll tell her anything. that night, she asks Tomoe if he used to have a friend, and he opens up about Akura-ou. he explains that he stopped Akura-ou because Akura-ou did something unforgivable. she asks if Tomoe hates Akura-ou, and he says no. she tells him that she met Akura-ou today

ch120: Tomoe says this can’t be true, and Nanami reveals that Akura-ou’s new name is Kirihito. Tomoe’s TICKED, but Nanami only found out today, so she wasn’t keeping the connection a secret! she doesn’t want Tomoe to kill like Akura-ou since he’s wanting to be human, but he explains that he only wants to be human for her; he’ll get rid of any threats he has to. but 1st he needs to stop being just a fox. over to Kirihito! he killed the guys who came after him. Yatori doesn’t like being compared to Kikuichi, but Kirihito explains that Kikuichi has true loyalty. Yatori reveals that he knows Kirihito’s true identity; he wants to be Akura-ou’s #1, but Kirihito says that’s impossible because Kirihito only cares about himself. Kirihito’s test of true loyalty was to cut off his hand, but Yatori didn’t do it. at home, Kirihito’s reprimanded by his mother, and Yatori wants to kill her, but Kirihito says to leave it; she’s not a problem. Yatori’s not convinced Akura-ou hasn’t changed, and if he has changed, then so will Yatori’s allegiance.

ch121: Mikage takes Tomoe to Izumo; the head god there agreed to turn Tomoe back. Nanami wants to come, too, but Mikage won’t let her. she sulks at home, so Mizuki finds the path of gods that connect each shrine; only gods can walk there, so she must journey alone. under the path of gods is the demon realm and then the underworld, so don’t fall off the path. on her way, she runs into Yatori!? he decides to kill her now, then lie to Kirihito later; Mikage gods always run away from home, am I right? (what a jerk xP). she creates a hole in the path and falls into the world below. Yatori still intends to kill her, so she uses a talisman to appear as Akura-ou

ch122: Yatori is delighted, but he knows it’s a lie. she tries to use a barrier on him again, but it doesn’t fully repel him; he’s made of multiple demons. he decides to rant at her about humans vs demons, who has more power and life and such? (because villains monologue, and they want you to know why they’re right) Nanami won’t be dissuaded; her and Tomoe’s joy will be to live as humans together in love. but Yatori points out that her candle is almost out; she doesn’t want to believe him, but he says she can already feel it; it’s her body after all (to be fair, she did trade 30yrs away before, then offered ALL of it to Kirihito who only took some. her bloodline’s also cursed to short lives without the dragon’s eye which she had taken out about a year ago, so Yatori’s claim makes sense). Jirou appears to save her; they’re on Mt. Kurama apparently

ch123: Jirou drives off Yatori, and Nanami faints. he brings her back and Suirou tends to her. he evaluates that even with the elixir she was given, she only has 6 months to live. she asks if there’s a way to extend her life, but he doesn’t know of one. btw, the tengu kids have grown a lot! she goes with them to see the eternal sakura, and it starts to really hit her that she won’t be able to see this next year. when she goes back to Suirou, they talk. Nanami asks if Tomoe can stay here when she’s gone, and Suirou agrees; though he thinks Tomoe may be fine, Nanami knows Tomoe is very fragile. Suirou has a long life but losing his wings was like dying for him. even now, when he sees other fly, it makes him want to cry, but he puts on a happy face for those around him. here, it’s ok for Nanami to cry, so she does. she accepts her true feelings

ch124: word gets around the mountain that she’s dying, but if she stays there, her soul will live on; Tomoe can even visit several times a year, but only if she’s pure (she still is). the tengu have a meeting every day where status means nothing and everyone can voice their opinions. it’s very chaotic xD Nanami’s able to voice what she really wants: she wants to be with Tomoe. after the meeting, the tengu kids hope she can visit again while she’s still pure xD oh, and alive. poor Jirou got rejected again

ch125: Mizuki arrives to take Nanami to Izumo; there’s trouble there. Ookuninushi’s soul was taken, and the gods don’t know who did it. Nanami says it was probabaly Yatori; Mikage agrees; that would explain how he walked in the path of the gods. this means Akura-ou’s about to be revived, so the gods prepare to go to Yomi. Kirihito also heads to Yomi; Yatori will follow after he finishes healing. Kirihito’s mother hears a commotion and finds Yatori who kills her when she refuses to fear him. he just leaves her there then continues to Yomi. Tomoe doesn’t want Nanami to go to Yomi, but she wants to save him and Ookuninushi, so she will go

ch126: the war god heads to Yomi and starts destroying everything in order to find Kirihito. Izanami is mad; Ookuninushi’s soul isn’t a good enough excuse. everyone is going to Yomi. Mikage intends to greet Izanami 1st so their appearance doesn’t anger her, but Izanami’s already mad, so she shuts all the exits to Yomi, plunging it into darkness. Nanami has to stick with Mikage for protection while Tomoe waits behind. except, instead of waiting, he finds Kirihito. btw, Akura-ou’s the 1 who killed Yukiji

ch127: Mikage says they won’t kill Kirihito. on their way to meet Izanami, we learn about Akura-ou. he was born by mistake; the sacred tree was struck by lightning, and he was created, even Ookuninushi cried about the misfortune. Akura-ou can’t die, so he doesn’t value any life, not even his own. he’s selfish and incapable of love. on his own, he would’ve been tolerable, but with Tomoe, they were unstoppable. Tomoe tries to kill Kirihito, but Kikuichi stops him; Kirihito won’t let the fox be killed though because he likes foxes. he’s freezing to death without any light to warm him, so he calls Tomoe closer. Tomoe only thinks about killing him, but he can’t bring himself to; their bond is too great (BROMANCE!). he lays with Kirihito and waits for him to die in the snow. btw, Izanami intends to keep Nanami this time and play with her

ch128: Yatori’s here xP he recognizes Tomoe and even tells him of Nanami’s short life span. when Tomoe attacks, Yatori returns the strike, knocking Tomoe off a cliff -he was definitely injured.
elsewhere! Izanami wants to have a tea party, but only girls are allowed! so all the guys have to cross dress xD Otohiko and Mikage suck at appeasing Izanami, but Mizuki’s pretty good at it. Nanami’s the best, though. she promises to return so they can hang out after everything’s fixed. Izanami agrees to help. she uses a mirror to contact Ookuninushi’s soul and finds him hitting on a girl! he says he knows he’s a prisoner, but he’s fine with it; can they call later? he was about to get to the good part. …. Izanami breaks the mirror; she is so done with this xD

ch129: the woman Ookuninushi was with is Kuromaro; she (now she or always she?) is part of Yatori. since Ookuninushi’s apparently “fine”, everyone can keep playing with Izanami! she demands hide & seek in her maze. if they can hide for an hr, she’ll grant any wish. Nanami’s found immediately xD they talk about human death, and Izanami takes Nanami away to see where human souls go. they don’t linger in Yomi for long (up to 100yrs if they have attachments to life) before passing on to a golden river of comfort and unity. in time, they’ll be reborn as a new human, and the cycle will continue (this is all according to this manga; just want to put that reminder out there). Izanami thinks it’d be good for Tomoe to become human because then, he could move on; demons never forget sadness but humans can. he and Nanami will also be joined in the afterlife. but Izanami wants him to love humans, not just Nanami. she gives Nanami a flower that will return Tomoe to his true form; it will only bloom when he loves humans
elsewhere, Tomoe’s wounded in the snow; his condition looks bad…

ch130: both Otohiko and Mikage are found, but Mizuki can become a snake. Nanami finds him, but she won’t tell Izanami where he is -he’s hiding in her clothes xD they talk, and Nanami tries to remind him that he has Tomoe and Mikage and that he’s not alone even if she’s gone. he doesn’t understand. her health becomes bad as the game ends, and Mizuki rushes her back to Izanami. his wish is for her to be healed, but Izanami can’t grant that. Nanami gave away her vitality; she has to take it from someone else to recover. Mizuki’s willing to find a sacrifice, so his wish is for the gate to Yomi to open. Izanami gives him the key, and he runs off. Nanami chases him despite her poor health, and he can’t run from her and let her hurt herself, so he stops. she knows he can’t kill anyone; he’s too gentle; she ran after him so he wouldn’t cry alone; she tells him that she loves him. he doesn’t want her to die; he’s willing to become anything to save her.
out in the snow, Tomoe’s found by a little girl (she looks familiar…)

ch131: nope, random kid. she’s lost and scared and originally, Tomoe intends to leave her, but he goes back for her. the bud that Nanami has sprouts because of it ❤ he brings the child to Izanami then looks for Nanami who just opened Yomi’s gate with Mizuki. Tomoe wants to confirm about her lifespan; he’s terrified she’s going to leave him behind again (this poor guy; he’s been trying to catch her for more than 500 years!). she tries to gloss over it and even focuses on his condition instead. she shows him the bud which he eats immediately xD he regains his form, though! they talk. he wants her to be honest with him and stop hiding things from him; she can rely on him, and he wants her to trust him. they hug ❤ but he changes back into a fox because the bud wasn’t ready xD

ch131.5: side story time! Tomoe acts spoiled (how?) with Mikage, and Nanami gets jealous. she keeps trying to pamper him, and he won’t let her. he tries to tease her by pulling her into bed with him and asking her to help him sleep. naive girl that she is literally commands him to sleep xD

ch132: Izanami lectures Tomoe about the bud but gives him a 2nd 1. the little girl is named Ako; she’s not dead; she’s between life and death. she’s looking for something important in Yomi, but she doesn’t remember what it is. Nanami invites her to come along (because Izanami doesn’t like these in-betweeners) as long as it’s safe. the group splits! Mizuki and Otohiko will go to Okinawa to get more of evolution potion to turn Akura-ou mortal again, and Mikage, Nanami, and Tomoe will go to the mountain of flames. Mizuki gives Nanami the robe of feathers to protect her from the flames. Kirihito can travel on the mountain because he has Ookuninushi’s soul -creator of the mountain; a path will always form for him.
now with Ookuninushi! he’s still trying to court Kuromaro xD he restores more of Kuromaro’s consciousness so she can recall more. she’s a being of loneliness who only wants to be loved, TRULY loved, not Ookuninushi’s form of frivolous love xP Yatori reached out to her, and she became trapped here. outside, Kirihito and co are approaching the mountain

To read part 7, then please click here.

Kamisama Hajimemashita, part 5

Part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4

I used to read this years ago when it was still ongoing, and this past week, a friend mentioned that it was finally completed.  I didn’t intend to do another shoujo, but I used to love this series!  I wanna know how it ends!!  So, here we go!

Kamisama Hajimemashita (image from: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kamisama_Kiss)

I don’t own this manga, so I will be reading fan translations online.

I am going to be doing shorthand as I read.  These descriptions are really more of a reminder to myself about what all I have been able to read so far.  Sorry if this bothers anyone!  I will do a full description on the final review page of each series I read.

Every post past this point will be a spoiler, so please read ahead with caution!

ch64: we’re with Kirihito. he took some soil from Yomi, so with a stone mirror & Nanami’s hair, he’ll be able to enter again and search for his body. Yatori wants to come, too! Kirihito allows it in the hopes it may kill Yatori; when it doesn’t, he questions who Yatori really is -small fry demons would’ve died. Yatori says he was 1 of Akura-ou’s subordinates, but Kirihito doesn’t remember him. Yatori recalls how Akura-ou and a fox (Tomoe) were unbeatable together, but what ever made them split up? Kirihito reveals that the fox went crazy; he wanted to become human to be with a human -so insane! Akura-ou’s body is resting in the landfill of fire; they can’t reach it now. Yatori suggests they come back once they figure out how to put out the fire. back in his room, Yomi’s poison’s seeping through! 1 of his shikigami’s destroyed, but he refuses to smash the mirror; it’s his portal to his body. when his mother knocks at the door, though, he smashes it immediately (he has a heart in there somewhere)

ch65: back at the shrine! Nanami prepares talisman for the new year, but they’re obviously home made. Tomoe leaves to buy supplies from the demon market (only open on New Years), and Nanami tags along without permission xD she’s barefoot, so Tomoe makes her wear his shoes ❤ at the market, they run into the Tanuki sisters, and poor Nanami isn’t ready. she trips and falls, causing Tomoe problems constantly, so he finally makes her go sit out of the way with a giant leaf. a rabbit with a fortune box approaches her; for the solution to her problem, she could pay 3 silver (which she doesn’t have) or she could trade the leaf. she trades the leaf to find out Tomoe’s opinion of her. meanwhile, he’s buying sandals for her. when asked what design would suit Nanami, he says flowers. Nanami’s fortune also produces a flower bud in partial bloom; he sees her as someone with potential ❤

ch66: the leaf would repel evil and hide her from yokai; without it, she’s spotted immediately xD the yokai after her also have a human child; they plan to eat the child and Nanami and mash them into rice cakes. Nanami runs. Tomoe’s pointed in the right direction by the fortune bunny. Nanami realizes hiding won’t save her or the child. when the child wakes up, Nanami distracts the demons and runs into the traffic of giants. her persuers get squashed; she’s safe because she has 1 of her traffic safety talismans xD Tomoe arrives after she’s safe. the child was actually a kitsune girl ❤ in his rush to reach her, Tomoe dropped the sandals he’d bought for her; the fortune bunny got them xD
over to Kurama randomly! his brothers came to visit him for the New Year! also, they want him to guide them to Mikage’s shrine for the 1st temple visit of the year xD over with Himemiko and Kotarou (I think I’ve been spelling that wrong, too), she wants them to visit Mikage shrine, too -because she wants to set up their marriage there (does he even know about that yet? O.o). Ryuuou’s wife is making a kimono for Nanami; they’ll deliver it for the new year. Happy New Year, everyone!

ch67: Himemiko and Kotarou are heading for the shrine, but they missed the bus. Kotarou doesn’t even know why he has to come to Himemiko’s friend’s house; Nanami’s not his friend xD poor boy has no idea… he does offer to carry Himemiko’s bag, though, so that’s sweet ❤ she asks if he likes her, and he stammers through it, but he does admit to liking her ❤ (doesn’t mean he’s ready for marriage, though) they decide to walk to the shrine. Tomoe rants on why they can’t marry; Nanami gets mad and brings up Yukiji again; Tomoe doesn’t remember her, can’t even repeat the name when ordered to; Nanami gets so mad she kicks him and Mizuki out to get snacks xD while they’re gone, it starts raining. Nanami faces someone outside, plotting Kotarou’s destruction if Himekimo doesn’t marry Nishiki (who?).
on the road to the shrine, Himemiko and Kotarou stop under an awning to avoid the rain. when it lets up, Kotarou goes to buy Himemiko a drink and asks her to hold his rubik’s cube (his prized possession). while he’s gone, a demon lord appears (I’m guessing Nishiki) who proposes on the spot then takes it back when he sees a “human”. he’s disgusted by being on land and by humans in general; it’s all too dirty for him. he decides to take the cube from her, and she tries to get it back, but he pushes her away. when Kotarou tries to help, she tells him to run; they try to flee, but Kotarou’s stabbed in the leg, and they get caught in a net. she can’t use her powers or she’ll regain her demon form which she doesn’t want Kotarou to see. thankfully Ryuuou shows up; Mikage Shrine’s been hidden, and he thinks it’s Nishiki’s fault; a demon who’d attack women would surely do something so lowly -does he not recognize Himemiko? xD

ch68: he does; he just doesn’t care xD poor Kotarou’s about ready to freak out, though. Nishiki’s brought Mikage Shrine to his swamp for a visit and plans to bring the two human”s” to Himemiko’s swamp as a present since she’s clearly not here 8D Ryuuou and him fight for a second but before Nishiki can get an actual injury, his guard, Shiranui appears and wants to know why they’re even on the surface xD Nishiki is the master of Inunaki Numa. Kotarou wakes up just long enough to hear Himemiko call herself Tatara Numa no Himemiko as she threatens to repay this “gift” that Nishiki intended to bring her; Kotarou begins to question who she really is…
meanwhile, Nanami’s rebelling against Nishiki’s followers who keep trying to mess with the shrine to “sanitize” it; it’s already clean! Shiranui forces her into a bath -she needs to be sanitized too- and I guess cleaning happens. she talks with her keeper, Aoi, who likes Nishiki, and manages to convince her that they should go look for Nishiki. no one’s allowed to approach him except Shiranui; Nanami thinks it must be lonely. Nishiki finds them when they sneak near his palace.

ch69: Nishiki finds out that Nanami’s the land god, but she refuses to marry him to Himemiko; she even /grabs/ him; GASP! she’s ushered back to the shrine by Aoi, and Nishiki commands his guards not to tell Shiranui about what just happened (oh no; I think he loves her now). the letter he was going to send to Himemiko (talking about his swamp) is rejected by Shiranui who says he should write praise about himself. when Nishiki goes to torment Nanami to make her cry, he grabs Aoi instead, so Nanami hits him and lectures him more. she finds his newest letter (about himself) and destroys it; no woman would love him for that kind of letter. he says no woman could ever hate him, and she says she hates him. love letters should be about the love you feel for the receiver (Tomoe has a TON like that, and he keeps them so as not to hurt the senders). Nishiki needs to learn how to thank people and apologize to them; only after that can he bother to write letters. he tries it for the heck of it, and his servants are delighted

ch70: Kotarou’s leg will heal in about 2 weeks. he asks if Himemiko’s hiding anything from him, but she plays dumb. she forgot his rubik’s cube in the forest; she’ll go get it because she knows how important it is to him. she kisses him on the cheek and asks him to wait for her ❤ Ryuuou’s fine with them dating -he’s all for love-, but he doesn’t seem to be happy (either that Kotarou’s weak or that Himemiko’s lying; not sure which yet). while she’s gone, Himemiko gets a report about who Nishiki is and where he lives. she’s ready to wage war. meanwhile, Tomoe and Mizuki finally realize the shrine is gone; Mamoru got left, too, but Tomoe realizes it must have been a swamp; he assumes Himemiko and is ready to wage war on her (dang it!).
back to the hospital! Kotarou begins to worry since she’s been gone so long. Ryuuou tells him that Himemiko’s a catfish yokai, but Kotarou doesn’t believe him; yokai don’t exist. Ryuuou proves him wrong, but Kotarou thinks he must be dreaming, right? when Himemiko returns, he questions her, but she keeps deflecting and lying. he’s only had bad luck with people, how could this be real; how could she lie to him like this?! her human facade starts to crack as he rejects her; she wonders if he’ll still like her when he knows the truth

ch71: Kotarou can’t accept her like this. she leaves him, vowing never to appear before him again; she enjoyed their time together and will cherish it always. when Kotarou gets out of the hospital the next day, Ryuuou’s there to chat with him (why?! xD). Kotarou says Himemiko never trusted him; she only lied; how could he like someone like that. Ryuuou says his wife’s never lied to him; know why? because he’s reliable and he can take the truth. he then leaves xD Kotarou reflects on the past year; did he ever actually face her? did she keep the truth from him because she knew he couldn’t handle it? if he’d been more reliable, would she have opened up to him? he sees the couples around and begins to miss her. a girl in the crowd looks like her, so he chases her, but it’s not Himemiko, and he cries at the loss. he decides he must find her because he doesn’t want their relationship to end like this; he wants to face her openly and honestly, even if she is a yokai or a catfish, he likes her! Ryuuou re-appears, glad he showed some spirit! they both search the map for the swamp xD Ryuuou’s from the ocean; he doesn’t know local swamps xD

ch72: Himemiko tells Tomoe and Mizuki where to find Nanami and asks to go with them. with Nanami! Nishiki keeps making her read his letters to approve them; she denies all of them xD this marriage was arranged; he doesn’t know anything about Himemiko to be able to write about her; he doesn’t have feelings for her. Nanami says marriage should be for love. she’s starving, though; they keep making her eat fish pellets xD Nishiki says he’ll take her to the surface for ramen -if they hurry and Shiranui doesn’t find out. they land in the mountains and are greeted by a dog; in town, Nishiki discovers that flowers are beautiful. the dog’s owner gives them sweet potatoes in apology for his dog stealing the flowers. the dog’s old and named for his departed wife. when the dog passes, Nishiki heals the water within it, reviving the dog ❤ while Shiranui tries to find Nishiki, Himemiko and co arrive

ch73: (I don’t like this chapter). Nishiki and co are caught and returned to the swamp. Nanami’s imprisoned elsewhere, but Shiranui keeps telling everyone she’s just gone to freshen up to witness the match making. what appears as Nanami CLEARLY ISN’T HER BUT NO ONE FIGURES IT OUT YET >( she’s drinking, praising Nishiki, and says humans and demons can’t love, and everyone just believes her. what. the crap. Himemiko and Nishiki go for a walk to talk in private, and Himemiko tries to stab him -not kill anymore- for what he did to Kotarou. he knows if she used her powers, he’d be dead, but her love for Kotarou’s so strong that even with them broken up, she still wants to keep the form he knew. Nishiki asks her to marry him because he’s fascinated by her passion and depths of love

ch74: Shiranui reveals to Nishiki that Nanami’s a fake; they’re just using her body until the wedding is over (btw, Himemiko nodded in agreement to Nishiki’s proposal). Nishiki agrees because Shiranui tells him to >( Ryuuou and Kotarou find out about the wedding; it’s tomorrow night. Himemiko realized Nanami’s a fake (but Tomoe hasn’t) and sent Mizuki out to find the real one. the impostor wants to keep Nanami’s body so she can have a romance, but Shiranui refuses this; her sights are set on Tomoe, though >( Nishiki and Himemiko trade little notes, just chatting about their swamps; it’s actually really sweet

ch75: he sneaks off to see her the next day, but she’s melancholy. when Kotarou and Ryuuou sneak in the back, Nishiki prepares for his bride to be taken from him. elsewhere, Mizuki and Mamoru find Nanami; she’s in the body of a frog! the impostor shows up and seals them all beneath tons of rocks; she’s never giving this body back. Aoi sees this. when Kotarou and co stumble upon Aoi to ask for directions, they split up: Kotarou has to get to the wedding which has already started while Ryuuou goes to find Nanami. Kotarou interrupts the ceremony to tell Himemiko that he likes her no matter what, and she hugs him, saying she likes him, too. this is the first time Nishiki ever sees her smile

ch76: Shiranui wants to capture Kotarou at once, but Nishiki orders him to let them go. the impostor still tries to intervene, so Himemiko escapes into the water, breaking her human form; Kotarou sees her for who she is, and he still says he likes her ❤ Tomoe finds the impostor -STILL SOMEHOW NOT KNOWING IT’S AN IMPOSTOR- and she asks him to take her away from all this; she just wants to be with him *gags*. SHE EVEN KISSES HIM! >( Ryuuou finds Nanami and co and has a huge laugh about Nanami now being a frog xD because the impostor’s magic is so strong, they can’t put Nanami back to normal until the impostor says so >(

ch77: (I think Tomoe figured it out). he becomes so affectionate that he scares the impostor xD Aoi takes Nanami to Shiranui; only he can command the impostor (like that’s worked so far!). Shiranui is way too attached to Nishiki, btw. but while talking with him, Nanami’s returned to her own body. because of Tomoe xD he scares the impostor right out of her! but doesn’t realize Nanami’s back until he bites her neck. she commands him to kneel in that spot for 3 days, despite wind, rain, and anything else, he cannot move from there for 3 days and nights! Nanami’s so mad x’D

ch78: after restoring the shrine, Tomoe collapses. Nanami gets a doctor who points out a mark on Tomoe’s chest; it’s the symbol of a curse. it’d only appear if he agreed to a contract, but Tomoe has no memory of that. he keeps having flashes of a memory, but not all of it. he’s asking to become human so he can marry a girl, but he can’t remember her name. later while it’s snowing, Tomoe remembers the full thing: her name was Yukiji

ch79: the shrine begins to fall apart as markings cover Tomoe’s body; Nanami tries to help him, but he keeps pushing her away; he leans on Mizuki to take him to his room as he coughs up blood. thankfully, Mikage arrives and seals Tomoe within the mirror the rest; he also restores the shrine. later, he tells Nanami that even within the mirror, Tomoe only has 7 days left to live. 500 years ago, Tomoe and Mikage met; Tomoe was already cursed and dying; he was just looking for a place to die. he asked Mikage to stay with him during his last days, but Mikage made a deal instead and made Tomoe forget the contract with the fallen god and forget the girl. this could only work once, though. the trigger to undo Mikage’s spell and reactive the curse would be for Tomoe to fall in love again, and he fell in love with Nanami. Mamoru can’t cleanse him; Tomoe will die this time

ch79.1: we see a memory of the early days when Tomoe was Mikage’s familiar. poor Tomoe is a lonely soul

ch81: Nanami runs away from the shrine; she can’t stand to be there. when she falls asleep in the snow, Yatori finds her and steals her away. she awakens in Kirihito’s place with a charm on her leg to keep her from escaping; Kirihito wants to make her the divine pillar into Yomi, aka bury her alive. she doesn’t care anymore; she’s already given up. Kirihito reprimands her; look at him; he hasn’t given up yet! he mentions the past, and she realizes she can use Mizuki’s time incense to stop the past Tomoe from making the contract. she breaks the charm on her leg with just her magic and races home

ch82: there’re a race of little demons come to pay their respects to Tomoe. Nanami tries to get Mizuki to take her to the past, but Mikage stops her; the past can’t be messed with easily; it affects the future. he imprisons her in a bubble until she calms down. she hears from the little demons that Tomoe is the one who saved them and brought them to this mountain. he only came here because he was dying. if she saves him, she may never meet him. Tomoe also brought Mizuki from Yonomori Shrine; without Tomoe, Mizuki may be left alone again. Mizuki leaves a hint to Nanami of where to find him. he’s at his old shrine; if she wishes it, he will take her to the past. Nanami is touched by his selfless gesture. she promises not to abandon Mizuki. she also realized that she shouldn’t try to change the past. she’ll go to the past to find the fallen god and find the way to break the curse; she’ll leave the rest alone. Mikage is glad she figured it out; I don’t like his smug face though >( Mizuki has to stay in the present to keep Mikage from interfering, so Nanami is going alone

ch83: Nanami gets lost in the woods in the past and eventually means Mitsuha, the novice god who lives in a shrine by the river. at her shrine, Mitsuha’s often bullied by the river yokai who likes to kill villagers, but one day, she will be strong enough to repel any demon, and she’ll build a town and protect the people and plant plums everywhere. Nanami finds out that Tomoe and Akura-ou are wanted in the west, so that must be where the fallen god is. Mitsuha creates a bamboo boat to take Nanami to a literal drop-point for the gods that should take her west. btw, Mitsuha’s full name is Yonomori Mitsuha. Nanami met Mizuki’s young master ❤

ch84: Tomoe’s with Akura-ou for sure, but Akura-out keeps borrowing Tomoe’s clothes and ruining them, so Tomoe leaves for a few days (one of Akura-ou’s followers looks like Yatori’s mask *shudders*). Nanami’s backpack gets lost in the river and when she emerges, the local kids think she’s a yokai. she helps another kid by saving the dress he was delivering to Yukiji, the only survivor from a nearby village. this one will probably be attacked soon. Nanami’s captured by the villagers because they think she’s a demon because of her clothes. Yukiji arrives, saying Nanami is her servant. she really is lovely
on a side note, Mizuki told Nanami that Tomoe first met Yukiji by the river while he was injured

ch85: Yukiji hates yokai and uses wit to get Nanami out of jail, but she really hates yokai. Nanami doesn’t approve of her for Tomoe, but that’s not her call to make. over with Tomoe, he’s with some kitsune ladies when he’s attacked by the war god who uses a borrowed sword to injure Tomoe. Tomoe escapes into the human world where he’s immediately discovered and chased by the villagers. Nanami and Yukiji hear of this; Nanami’s freaked out, and Yukiji wants to celebrate with fish. she hopes all yokai will die. Nanami rushes off to look for Tomoe, and Yukiji’s servant followers her. Tomoe disguises himself as a child and is losing consciousness when Nanami finds him; he’s smitten by her visage. he remembers her eyes from when she came to the past and took over Yukiji’s body; he’s been looking for those eyes again

ch86: when Nanami brings kid Tomoe back, Yukiji is suspicious, but Nanami says this was a child from her village who followed her and was injured. Yukiji calls a doctor for the boy -who Nanami calls Himetarou xD the villagers also wonder if “Himetarou” is a yokai, but Yukiji assures them that if he is, she’ll kill him with her own hands. when with the doctor’s help, Tomoe’s barely holding on, so Nanami goes back to the river to find her backpack which has the peach elixir. those same villagers try to grab her and “verify” if she’s human or yokai (perverts >P ), but a vision of Tomoe stops them. back at the hut, Yukiji’s servant thinks he heard Tomoe say something, but he’s already asleep again. Nanami finds her bag

ch87: once Tomoe drinks the medicine, he’s no longer in critical condition, but he still needs time to recover. while he’s recovering, Yukiji heads to the city to meet her suitor, leaving Nanami and Futa (her servant) to care for Tomoe. Nanami only enters his room at night, and if he’s awake, she won’t enter. Tomoe doesn’t know what she looks like, but he finds her touch comforting. during all this, Futa tells Tomoe about how beautiful and amazing Yukiji -the lady caring for him- is and that she’s left now to get married. when he’s just about better, Nanami leaves in secret. Tomoe sees her going and decides he wants to play with this silly woman who’s been caring for him, but she’s weakening, so instead, he only protects her from a snake; humans are weak, and he doesn’t want her to break/die

ch86.5: (crap, I got off my numbers off by a couple chapters; fixed now) in the present(?) Kei wants Ami and Nanami to be more mature, so she makes them buy mature underwear. for shenanigans, Tomoe finds them -of course. also, he does laundry with magic; it’s pretty epic looking. Nanami’s embarrassed by Tomoe’s lack of tact, and that’s basically the chapter

ch87: Nanami’s body is reaching its limit in the past, but she hasn’t found the fallen god, yet. she finds 1, but it’s not the right 1, but he(?) points her in the right direction; she’s looking for Kuromaro from Uramigoku Mountain. this little fallen god calls him here for all of Nanami’s elixir, and she agrees, but before she can speak with Kuromaro, she’s pulled back to the present. she wants to go back immediately, regardless of consequences, but Mikage reminds her that she’s not alone. when she goes to eat, everyone is waiting for her; they all want to help

ch88: Akura-ou’s getting bored, and Tomoe’s been gone 3 months; his followers encourage him to take over everything, and he likes conquest, so why not? elsewhere, Yukiji met trouble on the road; the weather was bad, and she fell from her horse, but Tomoe found her and gave her shelter. he also retrieved her horse and prepared everything she would need to continue her journey. when she asked for her benefactor’s name, he gave it only as she was leaving: Tomoe. and he never let her see him. she raced away, recalling that the fox yokai was also named Tomoe.
in the present, the others try to think of the fallen god Nanami mentioned, but no one knows him; they know the mountain, though; it’s horrible. with help, she’s returned to the past, now near the capital, and she meets Akura-ou who’s there for conquest. btw, Akura-ou ordered “Furball” (Yatori’s mask) to find out who Tomoe was in love with before he got back

ch88.5: we’re back in the present! Tomoe got something from the Tanuki ladies, and Nanami wants to know what it is. she tricks Tomoe, Mizuki, and Kurama to have a drinking contest so she can investigate. it’s a pear; the ladies return to explain it’s a high quality pear that Tomoe asked them to get for him because Nanami mentioned once that she wanted pear pancakes; he was hiding it in case he couldn’t actually make the recipe. Nanami’s happy ❤ the boys are quite drunk when she gets back, though, and it’s great xD

ch89: Akura-ou makes Nanami his guide for the capital; before he can start a riot, Nanami uses a talisman to make him like air. she asks what Tomoe’s tastes are, and Akura-ou explains that Tomoe likes to hide his important things, and Akura-ou likes to find and destroy those things. she tries to teach him that destroying things ruins them, and for a second, she thinks he gets it, but when he kills the thieves that attack her, she realizes he doesn’t. she runs off, and Furball tells him that Tomoe’s woman is named Yukiji. Akura-ou goes after Yukiji

ch89.5: back in present near the new year! Nanami’s out for the sales, and she buys takoyaki for everyone. while they eat, she recalls the words said by someone in her past about how she’ll never be lonely when she’s older. she’s glad they were right; whoever they were (it was Tomoe)

ch90: Yukiji and Nanami reuite in the capital! Yukiji’s 1st marriage offer fell through because the guy was a perv, but it led to a better offer; Yukiji’s happy and is preparing for the wedding. over with Tomoe, he’s bored and questioning himself. for a distraction, he returns to Akura-ou who explains his newest game: there’s a gorgeous woman named Yukiji about to be married; he’s going to have her captured; does Tomoe want to join in? Tomoe says he doesn’t care. Akura-ou can do whatever he wants to Yukiji. Nanami tries to find the kappa from before to find Kuromaro, but the forest is black, and the kappa is gone. word reaches Yukiji and Nanami about Akura-ou’s plot, and Nanami volunteers to be the decoy so Yukiji can reach her happiness.

ch90.5: we learn how Kurama integrated into the human world. there’re 5 rules: (1) find a place to stay; (2) get money; (3) don’t follow strangers into dark places; (4) humans change quickly; (5) never forget who you want to become.
that’s actually decent advice; good job, Kurama

ch91: Nanami will be Yukiji’s decoy; in exchange, Yukiji’s adoptive father must search for Kuromaro. Yukiji’s against this plan, but Nanami’s prepared. elsewhere, Tomoe has rejoined with Akura-ou; they plan to pillage the Ryuuou’s temple and steal his eyes for their longevity and power; 1 for each of them. but first, Akura-ou’s going to ruin Yukiji’s wedding. he lets 1 of his followers plan the capture and kill, an artist who hates beauty. the artist will team up with Furball to find Yukiji.
back with Nanami, when she’s all made up, she looks like Yukiji’s twin. Yukiji will be snuck out the back while her father leaves early. this will leave Nanami alone; oh, with a guard who’s afraid of demons xP and so they’re off! Tomoe’ restless and decides to try his hand at killing Yukiji again; that sounds fun

ch92: the wedding procession is attacked while they rest. the artist uses poison to kill most of the men. Nanami manages to escape, but she breathes in poison that slowly paralyzes her. by the time the artist catches up to her, she can’t move. Tomoe arrives and cuts down the artist before taking Nanami away, trying to figure out how he intends to kill her. when he calls her Yukiji, she starts to cry, and he tries to comfort her; her tears make him insane

ch93: when she’s cold, he lays behind her, but when she tries to leave, he won’t let her; she’s there for his amusement; it’s by his whim that she’s alive. she says she hates him and refuses to quit, so he leaves her to die, then waits nearby for her to become more obedient. when bandits come back and find her, Tomoe attacks them to save her. she asks him not to kill them, and he agrees if she says she doesn’t hate him. she says it, and he has the most adorable blush ❤

ch94: Tomoe takes care of Nanami and even makes her smile, but she keeps saying she has to leave; she has to get home. he asks if she got her flower pin from her betrothed, but she only says no; it’s just her favorite. it’s the only thing that’s Nanami’s, not Yukiji’s. he wants her to stay and be his because he loves her; from the moment they met in the rain to when she cared for his injuries. Nanami realizes he fell in love with her, not Yukiji, but he didn’t have the right name. she promises they’ll be together in the future but not now, and asks him to say those words again next time they meet. Nanami knows Yukiji has to hear this in order for their futures to intertwine. he demands she stay, but she’s being pulled back to the present again
elsewhere, Furball eats the artist who can’t move. he marvels at how easy it was *shudders*

ch95: Furball scares Nanami’s guard and is happy to be so feared.
Yukiji wonders how Nanami’s doing, and Futa tells her that Nanami went home safely. but she didn’t! she’s still in the past with Tomoe who’s taking her to the lord’s mansion, where Yukiji is. she asks Tomoe to set her down out of sight and asks him to leave quickly -before she fades in front of him. he asks for her hairpin as a sign of her vow to marry him or he won’t stay away; she gives it to him, and he leaves, but not before Yukiji sees! when Yukiji runs over, Nanami vanishes before her eyes. as Nanami’s returning to the present, she sees that Futa finally found Kuromaru. she wills herself back into the past and calls for Kuromaro who appears. to form a contract, it takes a pair. he must be given an item, and if the contractor can get it back, then the contract ends. he helps Nanami back to her own time and looks forward to their next meeting

ch96: Nanami’s sent back to see how the seeds she planted grew. she meets Kuromaru who’s met Tomoe. Yukiji’s already dead. we get to see what happened… Yukiji married the lord, and after 8 years, finally got pregnant; they were so happy. but Furball directed Akura-ou to the mansion, and he killed the lord, so Yukiji fled to protect her child no matter what. when Tomoe arrived, she called out to him for help

ch97: so, we find out that Furball is the one who tipped Tomoe off about Akura-ou’s attack; that’s weird.
during the escape, embers got into Yukiji’s eyes, so she must wear bandages. she won’t let Tomoe see her eyes because she knows he’ll realize she’s not Nanami. he knows something is different about her, but Yukiji knew about the hairpin and their promise, so it must be her, right? Tomoe brings food to people a few mountains away and has them cook it for Yukiji. during this time, he learns that women risk their lives to give birth, and Yukiji is willing to do the same. they have a conversation about human souls, and Yukiji mentions that her husband still visits her after death. Tomoe say there’s only death after death, so Yukiji surmises that humans and demons must have different after lives. Tomoe goes to Ryuuou’s castle to steal his eye and give it to Yukiji to keep her healthy; he refuses to lose her again. after the raid, he sees Nanami’s spirit and thinks Yukiji died. he finds her alive and asks her to be with him forever; he’ll become human to be with her

ch98: Akura-ou find Tomoe, and Tomoe tells him his plan to become human. he tells Akura-ou goodbye, and Akura-ou becomes depressed. he was the shield and Tomoe was the sword. guards from Izumo come to attack him, and he welcomes the distraction, but Furball kills and eats them. Akura-ou dismisses Furball. since eating the eyeball (which Nanami forced into her forever ago), Yukiji has recovered well. Tomoe takes her to the village for the humans to tend her during her pregnancy. the guard from before is there, and he tries to burn down her house. he thinks she’s an omen for demons, even bringing that 1 girl who was looking for a fallen god; now Tomoe knows where to look. the child is born safely; it’s a girl ❤ Tomoe’s scared to hold her because she’s so frail, and he’s so strong

ch99: after Yukiji gives birth, Tomoe leaves to find the fallen god. Yukiji no longer has the dragon’s eye in her; it went to the child. and so it goes with each generation; after giving birth, the mother will become weak and die because they were already frail. the dragon’s eye in the only thing that kept that bloodline alive for so long. btw, Nanami’s descended from Yukiji. Tomoe makes the contract with the fallen god using Nanami’s hair pin who then eats it. the fallen god tells her to find the hairpin in her time and bring it to him before Tomoe dies; when Tomoe dies, so will the fallen god. as Nanami races back to the present, more things -darker things- happen. Furball finds the guard from before, and takes over his body, creating Yatori

ch100: when Nanami returns to tell Mikage how to break the curse, turns out she didn’t arrive in the present; she came back 20yrs before the present. she tells him how to save Tomoe. then she returns to the present. she takes the ghost carriage with Mizuki to find the hairpin and break the curse while Mikage talks to Tomoe, trying to get him out of the mirror. when Nanami arrives with the hair pin and reminds him of the promise, he remembers it all. she asks if he knows who she is, and he kisses her. they confess their love for each other <3333 his curse is gone ❤

ch101: Nanami faints from all the time travel and Mikage tells Tomoe of what all happened while she sleeps. Tomoe’s there when she wakes up, but he’s troubled because of Yukiji; did she ever care for him? Nanami goes back to sleep, and when she wakes for real, Tomoe’s gone. to celebrate her recovery, Himemiko plans a banquet for that night, but by the time everyone’s leaving, Tomoe’s not back. he appears at the last minute and whisks Nanami away himself; he spent the day getting her hairpin repaired. she asks if this means they’re really engaged, and he says of course; he expects not to be treated like everyone else anymore. Nanami’s so happy ❤ Nanami asks if Tomoe thinks Yukiji was happy at the end. he says she died covered in blood but smiling. we see a flashback to when she dies. her only regret is being unable to see her daughter grow up, but as her soul leaves, she sees the future and even finds out about Tomoe and Nanami. her husband is there to greet her, and she smiles as she moves on ❤

ch102: Tomoe and Nanami are going to school again! Nanami’s in the best mood; even her bad grades can’t keep her down! but Tomoe hates that he’s worse than Kurama at English, so he starts studying. Nanami tells her friends about her new relationship, and they’re happy for her. Kei mentions that she prefers relationships that make her grow and improve. Nanami decides to study, too, and realizes it’s nice to study together -even if she’s not as quick as Tomoe xD when they go home together, they share an umbrella because Tomoe knew it would rain and she didn’t. clever fox ❤

ch103: Nanami’s excited about the upcoming school trip; she’s never gotten to go before. she even bought a swimsuit! Tomoe doesn’t want Mizuki to see it, but he won’t just say that xP Mikage says she’s playing too much; Tomoe agrees. Mikage says she can’t go on the trip if she doesn’t get at least 80 points on all her tests; she’s so screwed, and they all know it, but it fires her up, and she gets to studying! she keeps talking about going with everyone, even Mizuki and Kurama, and poor Tomoe is not a fan; wasn’t she his? while she studies herself into oblivion, he drinks himself there. she falls asleep in his room, and he asks if she wants to continue where they left off 500 years ago, but she doesn’t wanna fool around; she wants to study and go on this trip! Mikage and Mizuki approve, and Nanami can go even though she didn’t score high enough on her tests

ch104: school trip time! they’re flying to Okinawa, even Mizuki the new transfer student! there’s a storm, though, so the plane lands. at the airport, Nanami runs into Kirihito who kisses her to recover energy before leaving. Nanami decides not to tell Tomoe about it but has to avoid him now. Ami still likes Kurama (leader of his group; which Mizuki is in), and Tomoe tells her it’s impossible because they’re in different worlds. Nanami reprimands him for speaking so harshly; it’s not his choice, it’s up to Ami and Kurama. that night, Tomoe smells blood on the breeze. while Ami is bathing, something grabs her in the tub, talking about a thief

ch105: Ami’s been transformed into a porpoise! Kurama tries to distract Kei while Nanami and Tomoe investigate, and they find a servant of Unari, the zan (mermaid). Unari’s robe of feathers got taken, and she thinks Ami’s an accomplice to the thief. only women can enter, so Nanami goes with the servant to a cave. she tries to reason with Unari who smelled Kirihito’s blood on Nanami’s drying handkerchief that was in the restroom; that’s why Ami was taken. Nanami agrees to get the robe back; then Ami will be returned to normal. Nanami also vows to tell Ami everything when they get back. Ami believes in her. topside, the boys are having a similar convo with Kei, telling her everything. she asks them to help Ami if they’re really not human

ch106: Kurama refuses to admit to being a demon. Kei’s fed up with him, but Tomoe says to leave him alone; he’s just a crow afraid to lose his nest. Mizuki will ask the local snakes about all this to gain more info. when Kurama leaves the room, someone gets his picture (oh no, he left a girl’s room; how scandalous!) xP we learn that Kirihito’s dying and rapidly. the mermaid’s placed a curse on him that’s killing him; the only escape is to leave the island, but the planes are grounded by the storm -also caused by the mermaid. Nanami got thrown into the sea when she left the cave, and it’s Kirihito’s shikigami who pulls her out. he(?) has the robe of feathers; it repels fire, so Kirihito needs it. Nanami’s willing to exchange for it, but he doesn’t want to listen; he wants her to save Kirihito’s life. she feigns drowning to catch hold of his ankle to put them on equal footing. he’s willing to trade the robe of feathers for all her life energy

ch107: Nanami wants to see Kikuichi’s face, so he lets her. she reads his eyes; they’re neither good nor bad but they’re honest. he wants to save his master. she agrees to go with him. Tomoe has an idea of where Nanami is since his fire was put out, so he heads out. idiot Kirihito refuses to eat -it’s no wonder he’s dying. when Nanami arrives, he takes her life energy, feeling much better after. then Tomoe arrives, and I hope he’s terrifed (I’m not a fan of Kirihito)

ch108: he’s not xP he taunts Tomoe, saying he devoured Nanami and now she’s a withered husk because Tomoe was too late, again. Tomoe goes to attack him, but Kikuichi jumps in the way, losing an arm. he makes Kirihito flee with Yatori then tells Tomoe he can have his arm; it may revive Nanami some; btw, she’s in that cabin. when Tomoe finds her, he’s stricken and scared -Nanami, stop doing this to him! the discarded arm had the robe of feathers, so the servant of zan calls Tomoe over to help Nanami. he has a medicine to heal her which Tomoe helps to give her. when she wakes up, she tells Tomoe that Kirihito had to kiss her, and when she’s sleeping, he’s ready to COMPLETELY murder Kirihito

ch109: Kurama’s still trying to pretend to be human, but Mizuki’s done with this. he throws Kurama off a balcony, so Kurama has to fly to save himself, so now Kei knows he’s a demon. she makes him take clothes for Ami. btw, Kurama hates caves; Mizuki’s getting tired of his complaining. Mizuki thinks it’s nice that Nanami’s friends know about them; it’s it more freeing? Kurama doesn’t trust it and can’t understand why Mizuki does (cause Mizuki doesn’t know humans like Kurama does). Kurama admits that he’d rather the humans know him because they actually /know/ him, not because some girl outed him to the media. water rushes in and separates the two. Kurama’s lost in the dark waters and realizes he feels like there like he does in the human world. he wants to fly; this is so alien to him. Ami-manatee arrives and sits with him a while. he finds comfort in this and eventually, she takes him to the heard of the palace before she leaves. Ami doesn’t have long before all her human thoughts and memories are gone…

To read part 6, then please click here!

Kamisama Hajimemashita, part 4

part 1, part 2, part 3

I used to read this years ago when it was still ongoing, and this past week, a friend mentioned that it was finally completed.  I didn’t intend to do another shoujo, but I used to love this series!  I wanna know how it ends!!  So, here we go!

Kamisama Hajimemashita (image from: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kamisama_Kiss)

I don’t own this manga, so I will be reading fan translations online.

I am going to be doing shorthand as I read.  These descriptions are really more of a reminder to myself about what all I have been able to read so far.  Sorry if this bothers anyone!  I will do a full description on the final review page of each series I read.

Every post past this point will be a spoiler, so please read ahead with caution!

ch43: the demons of Yomi try to get Nanami to eat something, but Kirihiko (now called Wuren? I think it’s a translation thing) kicks it out of her hand; if she eats of the underworld, she can’t return. for some reason, he’s not rotting anymore? they run away, and Itohiko shows up shortly after to look for them before being called away to the summit. Nanami and co are approached by the familiars of Izanami, the god of Yomi-no-Kuni. Izanami takes the form of Kayako since her true form can’t be seen anymore. she prepares a feast for the eyes since they can’t eat the food of Yomi xD Nanami asks for the exit, and Izanami is willing to give it to her; only her. Kirihiko’s using a dead man’s body; he can’t return. Nanami eats from the feast so that she can stay, too. OR SO IT SEEMS!! she hid a talisman under her food, turning into food from the surface; good girl!

ch44: Nanami writes a talisman to look for Kirihiko. in the meantime! we get a flashback of his rebirth! his soul was bound to a mountain where the real Kirihiko died. as his soul left, Kirihiko offered his body to the bound soul with a request to tell an apology to his mother. because of “boredom” Akura-ou agrees. when he wakes, he apologizes to the mother and continues living in Kirihiko’s body, but he doesn’t like how fragile humans are; he still has his old demonic impulses; he wants his real body back, so he uses Kayako. if she can become a god, he’ll have a chance, but now, he’s lost in the darkness again; was it all a dream? then Nanami appears, bringing light into the room; he’s so relieved, he hugs her, but she of course freaks out xD saving him because no one would is apparently a very human thing to do (I think it’s a very kind -aka Nanami- thing to do). Nanami mentions Tomoe the fox, and Kirihiko def remembers Tomoe…
back at their shrine, Kotetsu and Onikiri play with the lucky mallet, making themselves bigger and creating money xD Tomoe puts them back to normal when he finds out xD Otohiko’s familiar brings a message about Nanami falling into Yomi; now Tomoe and Kotetsu are going to save her!

ch45: the reason Kirihiko hasn’t been rotting this whole time is because he cut part of Nanami’s hair to wrap around his wrist; if you’re touching part of a god, you’re protected from Yomi (good to know =O ). they race towards the exit, but it’s now blocked by the jerk god from before. Tomoe’s here now, though! 8D and he’s arguing with a god xD who soundly beats him >.<; familiars can’t beat gods…. but yokai might >3 they use the lucky mallet to remove Tomoe’s bounds as a familiar, restoring his old power.
down in Yomi, Nanami tries to buy Kirihito (I’ve been spelling it wrong; oops xD;;; ) time by facing the demon who’s pursuing them. she doesn’t have to fight long before Tomoe arrives to save -and question- her xD in the distance, Kirihito recognizes Tomoe

ch46: Kirihito escapes with them, but Tomoe catches him, wanting answers. Kirihito manages to get the jump on Tomoe and cut his hand before escaping. Tomoe’s more worried about Nanami who has passed out (he almost remembers something, but *shrugs*). Nanami awakens back at Izumo where she has food and nice lodgings. Mizuki’s with her, but Tomoe’s missing. Ookinushi (main god here, this is his shrine; also the god of wealth, apparently; that was his lucky mallet that Narukami borrowed forever ago; it’s now returned to him xD). he explains that Tomoe’s been imprisoned since he’s a wild yokai now, not a familiar. Nanami rushes off to fix this while Ookinushi talks about letting go. Mizuki asks him to also say this to Tomoe, but Ookinushi prefers his safety xD at the prison, Nanami tries to make Tomoe her familiar again, but he refuses; it’s none of her business. she leaves it in his hands and goes to the Summit; it’s already the 4th day. she barely makes it in time to meet her agreed upon deadline, so the other gods must let her in. after finishing her marriage charms (she doesn’t have as many as the other gods xD), she meets the maker of healing elixirs. she trades a premium meat bun for some, giving them to Tomoe through Mizuki. when Mizuki visits Tomoe in prison, Tomoe opens up about some things. like how the shackles do hurt him a lot -because of their divinity- and how he thought he was drawn to Nanami because he was her familiar, but even with that broken, he’s still drawn to her; wtc is this? Mizuki interprets that Tomoe likes Nanami; so what if she’s his god? this is apparently an epiphany. Tomoe returns the elixir to Nanami, and she dreams he kisses her, but Idk because that’s the end of the chapter!! Dx>

ch47: we go to Tomoe’s perspective. he apparently broke out of prison? xD regardless, he does kiss Nanami and become her familiar again. she’s very happy about this, but whenever she gets all flustered around him, it makes him want to tease her (what a jerk), so she’s not sure why he became her familiar again if he “hates” it so much. Nanami helps Inanohime with her work load since she has the time, and the goddess needs the help xD Tomoe’s punishmen -since he’s a familiar again- is to feed the goldfish; that’s it. while they have time, Nanami wants to go to the human world, so he takes her. she keeps mentioning love and dates but she knows he doesn’t like her, so he shouldn’t feel pressured, and the poor boy is so pressured; he’s getting so many mixed messages on top of his own confused feelings; he doesn’t know what’s going on anymore. he lets his temper show, making Nanami cry, making him apologize and tease her until she fights back. that night, Mizuki imparts lots of wisdom in the form of constant complaints while Tomoe’s trying to sleep xD

ch48: Tomoe keeps causing trouble because he has no sense as a man xDDD that basically summarizes all of Tomoe’s actions this chapter xD other than that, Nanami manages to meet Mikage who’s been avoiding Tomoe. he explains why it’s taboo for humans and demons to be together. human lives and emotions are too fleeting; demons love too deeply and can be easily scarred even by other demons. in the past, Tomoe did love a human girl (name Yukiji), but Mikage has erased that to spare Tomoe. Nanami wants to know why Mikage chose her then; Mikage wants Tomoe to realize humans aren’t weak, to let his fate twine with theirs, and for him to choose her. Mikage will not appear to Tomoe until he’s strong enough not to need Mikage anymore. when Tomoe tries to approach, Mikage vanishes

ch49: the summit is now over. Nanami has a short convo with Ookuninushi about love; he says love isn’t taboo; human, demon, whatever; it depends on the individuals involved. Nanami asks Tomoe to return to the shrine first; she wants to do something in the human world. she has a chat with Kayako who’s actually a decent friend under all the crap. they talk girl stuff and about Kirihito. even if he says Kayako is useless, it’s her choice to follow and help him. Nanami is inspired to keep striving forward -but she forgot to give Kayako Ookuninushi’s message about a date ^^;

ch50: back at school! Kei’s making Nanami and Kei join her on a group date. the only guy worth drawing in this style is Kohiruimaki (who gives me the creeps; omg Dx) of course Tomoe, Mizuki, and Kurama tail the event, but after Mizuki exposes them, Tomoe leaves like there’s no problem which of course depresses Nanami; she’s on a DATE and he doesn’t even care D,x creep guy shows up, and they go outside to talk; despite saying he already has a girlfriend, he’s flirting with her super hard >( when he takes her hand, Tomoe kicks him xD then scares him off with snake-Mizuki (good!). he runs away and Tomoe drags Nanami away. she finally figures out that he’s upset because she was with a guy, and she’s loving this, but Mizuki ruins her teasing by turning back to his human form xD meanwhile, Kurama stayed behind to sing, making everyone else’s night

ch51: over with Kirihito, he’s approached by the demon Yatori who wants to help rescue Akura-ou’s body. he’s willing to deliver the highest spirit of Kurama Mountain as proof of his power/devotion; he’s “mastered” the tengu there (what does that mean? o.o). Kirihito’s cool with this. Yatori’s mask is alive, though, and they both know that Kirihito is Akura-ou; they plan to use him.
over to Nanami! on her way to school, she meets a tengu child named Botanmaru; he’s looking for the cheif’s 3rd oldest son who came to the human world 7 years ago at the age of 12: Shinjirou. Nanami vows to help! turns out, it’s Kurama xD the chapter later says 17 years ago, so it must’ve been a typo before *shrugs* the mountain’s in trouble since Soujoubou became ill; Jirou, his 2nd son, has become the 4th chief which many opposed. Jirou’s beaten Botanmaru plenty, and when Kurama sees his wounds, he decides to go the mountain; he used to be beaten, too. tengu children can’t survive away from the mountain, so Botanmaru collapses because of the lower world’s poison. Botanmaru wants to be just like Kurama because Kurama (according to stories) was also born small -like Botanmaru- and though he faced beatings, he refused to cry; he became strong enough to leave when he was only 12. apparently, a lot of tengu run away.
also side note, tengu children are rare. and Kurama says their women aren’t as pretty as humans xD

ch52: Kurama flashes back to his childhood. he was a late flyer, and at the age of 5, he was already demanding equality among the tengu ranks. he’s the only son of the chief. he decided to live in the dorms with the other boys, and when Suirou was kind to him, that was the first time anyone had ever been kind to him. he rarely/never got to see his father.
back to present! Kurama tries to dissuade Nanami from coming with them to the mountain, but that obviously fails xD Tomoe comes too, of course. the mountain path is surrounded by fog, so they have to be careful. Kurama realizes the fog is enchanted, but when he sees Suirou, he gets caught in an illusion. because he wasn’t strong enough to fly, Suirou -who was the fastest flier and so kind- was injured and lost his wings. I’m guessing that’s when Kurama ran away. the illusion makes a move to kill Kurama, blaming him for “his” (fake Suirou’s) past injuries, but a flute in the distance snaps Kurama out of it. the group gets back together, and they keep going

ch53: they find a house where Suirou lives; he’s kind to everyone but won’t look or talk to Nanami; thankfully, Tomoe has her back. Suirou won’t even let her use the restroom in his house; she’s have to use the 1 down the path -thankfully it’s well maintained. on her way back, she meets more tengu children and a withering tree. they’re forbidden to talk or look at women on this mountain, and this tree houses the spirit of the forest. it’s dying, and when it dies, so will the mountain. Yatori plans to dispose of it in proclamation of Jirou’s new era of rule -Jirou’s not ok with this or Yatori’s messy eating, but he’s “clearly” the best suited to be the new chief because he’s the strongest; he trains day and night to ensure it. anything not strong deserves to die (so rude). he kills a baby boar to demonstrate this (SO RUDE!!). Nanami makes the tree bloom to ease the children who run back to the temple to tell the good news that their chief will recover thanks to the fairy woman (Nanami) they met. the tree withers again, and Jirou arrives to see his first woman (Nanami); he is smitten xD

ch54: he’s still rough though. he threatens to break Nanami’s wrist if she doesn’t answer his questions, but thankfully Mamoru bites him, and she gets away. she’s terrified of him. Jirou can’t look at her since he doesn’t know how to deal with women; she’s not happy with this, but she has to accept it xD the elder tengu arrive, wanting Kurama to become the next chief instead of Jirou; Suirou makes them leave so Kurama doesn’t have to give an answer; he leaves to clear his head. Suirou’s always been by Kurama’s side, and even as a child, Kurama never asked for help; he asks Nanami to take Kurama and Botanmaru and leave the mountain. Nanami says she came with Kurama, so she’ll only leave when he says it’s time. Kurama wants to break into the temple to give the elixir to his dad, but he and Tomoe decide that won’t work. Nanami asks what he wants to do, and Kurama asks them to please help him ❤

ch55: we see that tengu are being ejected from the temple left and right for being “weak”. Yatori taunts Jirou about his wards being unstable like his heart, but Jirou has an IRON WILL AND WILL NOT FAULTER; DISTRACTIONS ARE FOR THE WEAK (man, he gets on my nerves). Nanami and Tomoe must share a room; Tomoe puts a divider between them xD Kurama comes over to discuss their plan of action! they have to be invited in; once inside, they’ll split into 2 groups; 1 will get Jirou drunk/distracted while the other will look for Soujoubou. Tomoe refuses to leave Nanami’s side, and Botanmaru wants to go with Kurama, but Kurama wants to leave Botanmaru behind to protect him. arguing ensues, and Nanami declares she and Botanmaru will look for Soujoubou while Kurama and Tomoe distract Jirou. Kurama will be invited in as the “land god” with Tomoe as his familiar -totally full proof (tengu can be land gods, though, so maybe? it was Nanami’s plan). that night, Nanami wanders into Tomoe’s futon while he’s fighting with his feelings. he gets close to her, and of course that’s when she wakes up; she hurries back to her futon, wondering if it was a dream. time for the plan!

ch56: Nanami gives Kurama a talisman to give him command over Tomoe; it really works x’D Tomoe illusions more followers to make their entrance grand, and it gets them inside. Kurama plans to get Jirou drunk with 1 drink, but it doesn’t phase him; Jirou even figures it out! Kurama is defeated, so Tomoe takes over by transforming into Nanami; this definitely uneases Jirou xD the wards Nanami and Botanmaru were lost in begin to fade, so they hurry ahead while Tomoe distracts Jirou xDDD Tomoe gets mad though; he sees himself in Jirou (what? no; Tomoe, no; how?!). Yatori shows up, telling Jirou about the ones who snuck in. before Tomoe can run off, Kurama commands him to stay -good luck, Kurama; you better have a plan

ch57: they’re immediately imprisoned xP way to go, Kurama. Nanami and co find Soujoubou, but he’s not sick; his soul’s been taken by Yatori (as a demonstration to Kirihito). Yatori tricked Soujoubou by presenting a letter “from his son, Shinjirou”; the letter was somehow trapped, and now, so is Soujoubou. Nanami gives Jirou a good talking to about how he shouldn’t fight alone before Yatori convinces him to leave. as he goes, he runs into the tengu children who are terrified, and he only now realizes. Nanami uses Mamoru to bind Yatori

ch58: he says she’ll never find Soujoubou’s soul within the temple; when she tries, Jirou’s wards stop her talisman. thanks to Botanmaru, she realizes she needs to break the wards, and she manages to do so (the tengu can’t look or touch her lest they fall into vulgarity, so she has no opposition xDDDD). once free, Botanmaru gives talismans to Kurama and Tomoe so they can all look for Soujoubou’s soul; Jirou also overhears everything that’s really happened (man, he’s stupid). Nanami finds it, and Jirou arrives to clear the way. the cavern of the Raijiuyuu (which destroyed Suirou’s wings 17 years ago -protecting Shinjirou) was sealed off to protect them, but that’s where the soul seems to be. Jirou tells Nanami to stay put, but she decides to come, too, waking the beast. Jirou shields her from its attack without regret

ch59: it destroys his wings; he’ll never fly again. Tomoe arrives and defeats the Raijiuyuu, and after, it spits up Soujoubou’s soul. Jirou’s life is saved by the elixir; he and Soujoubou will recover. Nanami will stay until Jirou wakes up, and with Soujoubou guiding him and correcting him, he does wake.

ch60: thanks to the elixir, Jirou’s wings grow back. Nanami now has to figure out what to do about his confession to her x///D Tomoe says whatever she decides is fine. everyone’s going flower viewing tonight before they leave. Jirou flies Nanami away to talk with her within the tree; poor Tomoe doesn’t even realize how affected her is by it; he says she can do what she wants, but Kurama reminds him that a man who doesn’t speak his desires will go unheard. Jirou asks Nanami how she likes the area, and she says she likes it. he asks if she’ll stay here, but retracts the offer before she can refuse. he asks if she’ll stay just a little longer though. they talk about the elixir; she plans to give it to Tomoe if he ever decides to leave her; she hopes it will heal him in her place since he’s too strong to need protection.
back at the ground, Nanami gets drunk xD Tomoe carries her down the mountain on his back; she babbling mostly nonsense, but when she says she likes him, he says he likes her, too ❤ Kurama is waiting for them; he is beyond ready to go xD

ch61: it’s the New Year! Nanami’s been the land god for almost a year! time to go get the zodiac for the year! btw, she’ll never get married, but she hopes to marry off Himemiko and Koutaru. collecting the zodiac is a job for familiars, but Nanami, of course, demands to come, too. there’re tori/gates for each one, and they must review their lives from the last 12 years for the ceremony. Tomoe and Mizuki go in last but come out before Nanami. … Oops. when she emerges, it’s her from 12 years ago. she attacks Mizuki on sight xD they see her life 12 years ago; her father was accumulating debt, but making his living sound fine to his young daughter who didn’t realize how bad things were until men came to harras her mother at home. her mother is sick, Tomoe and Mizuki can tell, but I don’t think Nanami knows… Tomoe never knew this part of her past; he wants to see more.

ch62: long ago, Nanami’s ancestor drank from a magic spring, making her beautiful; they only pass on girls, no sons, and they always marry crappy men. her mother warns her against men/marriage, so little Nanami makes that her mantra; grow big on her own, no men! Tomoe now understands where she gets her independence xD her mother dies; her father’s still horrible, and Nanami continues to grow up. Mizuki tries to pull her out again, but Tomoe decides to play through it with her instead; they run away together, leaving Mizuki behind xD Tomoe focuses on what she focuses on: sweets, families, sunsets. she sees him as a big brother, which she always wanted. she doesn’t want to go home at the end of the day because she’ll be alone because men are awful; she refuses to marry. Tomoe explains that depends on the man; if she chose the right one, say him for example, he’d make sure she was happy and never alone. she wants to know if he likes her, and he says he does. he asks if she’ll marry him, and she agrees ❤ which would be great except she’s a child, so it’s a bit creepy, Tomoe.

ch63: thankfully, Nanami remembers none of it xD Tomoe’s both terrified and relieved; the child who was so full of light is gone (demons need to stay away from these kids; they get too excited together). they find a dragon of the new year, but it’s a child and not the god in charge. Nanami convinces it to show them the way. the god was looking for this baby dragon! he’s worried he won’t be good enough as a god, but Nanami encourages him. in thanks, he gives them the seal they need as well as giving a gift for Nanami: a picture of her mother; they’d all be lost in a fire years ago; she couldn’t even remember what her mother looked like <=’) Mizuki hopes she’ll never marry and will always be his master. she says she won’t marry… probably ;D

To read part 5, then please click here!

Kamisama Hajimemashita, part 3

Part 1, part 2

I used to read this years ago when it was still ongoing, and this past week, a friend mentioned that it was finally completed.  I didn’t intend to do another shoujo, but I used to love this series!  I wanna know how it ends!!  So, here we go!

Kamisama Hajimemashita (image from: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kamisama_Kiss)

I don’t own this manga, so I will be reading fan translations online.

I am going to be doing shorthand as I read.  These descriptions are really more of a reminder to myself about what all I have been able to read so far.  Sorry if this bothers anyone!  I will do a full description on the final review page of each series I read.

Every post past this point will be a spoiler, so please read ahead with caution!

ch20: Kurama warns Tomoe that Nanami may fall in love with him, but Tomoe doesn’t believe it. Nanami’s friends (Ami and Kei) convince her to go on a date with Tomoe if she likes him, so after school, Nanami convinces him to go to the aquarium with her. she confesses to him at the top of the tower, and he tries to scare her into disliking him by holding her over the edge (what a jerk) xD she refuses to let go of her feelings, and in his shock, he drops her. she’s so upset about her rejection that she binds him from touching her, but he pleads with her to let him save her this time then he’ll never touch her again. she agrees, then passes out before they land. well, oops

ch21: Ami doesn’t like how sad Nanami is now, so she invites her to the beach! Tomoe can’t get in the water -for some reason-, so Mizuki offers to go with her. Tomoe goes, too xD Ami can’t swim, so when she’s hit by a big wave, Nanami begs Tomoe to save her (which is really reckless, btw, Nanami; ask Mizuki or something). Tomoe does, but then a figure rises from the sea, saying they finally found Tomoe, looking all evil and such

ch22: 526 years & 28 days ago, Tomoe attacked the Ryuuguu Castle killing 7 dragons, 3 giant sharks, 5 rays, and a small platoon of sea slugs, destroying structures, and stealing the right eye of the dragon king. the dragon king imprisons him in a shell and prepares to take him back to the castle to be digested, but Nanami pleads for Tomoe’s release. the dragon king agrees to release Tomoe if she can get his eye that was lost more than 500 years ago. she goes to Mizuki who has his time-incense burner with him; he carries it everywhere xD Mizuki sends Nanami’s body and soul into the past and goes with her as a guide. they find Tomoe sieging the castle

ch23: they follow him back to his lair; he stole the eye for a woman named Yukiji who is sick; he wants to be with her forever. when Tomoe leaves, Mizuki wants Nanami to steal the eye, but Nanami makes Yukiji take the medicine to recover. back in the present, she wants to find the isohime who originally approached her when she arrived in the past; the demon mentioned that Nanami has the eye in her body. the demon’s in the same place; now she trades magic items for valuable ones; she changed with the times, it seems xD Nanami makes a deal with the isohime: take the dragon’s eye out in exchange for 30 years of Nanami’s life. Mizuki tries to talk her out of it, but she refuses; what’s 30 years to Tomoe’s 1 day left? she’s still young; it’ll be fine. he pretends to leave, and the isohime takes the eye out -knocking Nanami out- and delights with being able to also steal the life of a land god. Mizuki reveals himself and kisses Nanami to become her familiar before (possibly slaying?) the isohime.

ch24: nope, isohime’s alive. Mizuki goes to finish her off, but Nanami wakes up and stops him. apparently he likes being bossed around by a god. ….. alright. apparently, familiars also don’t like to shed blood in front of their masters; huh. the isohime gives them tickets to the water dragon palace for her deception.
at the palace! Tomoe broke out of the shell; he didn’t fight before because he didn’t want to spill blood in front of Nanami (well, what do you know; Mizuki was right). he starts making a ruckus
Nanami and Mizuki ride a turtle cab towards the castle, and a beautiful bride joins them. she’s on her way to see her husband at the castle; they’ve been apart for 7 days. she made a beautiful haori for him, but a wave takes it away. Nanami wants to get it back, but the bride says she can remake it; she had 7 days of joy thinking of her beloved thanks to it; that was enough. Nanami is inspired by her positive thinking. at the castle, Tomoe’s causing a ruckus xD when Nanami arrives, though, he hides back in the shell xD Nanami explains that she knows his past -even Yukiji- and that it’s ok; she’ll love him even if it’s 1 sided. she tries to trade back the eye to the lord, but he refuses since it’s dried up. Mizuki offers the haori instead and after a thrashing from his wife, the lord agrees xD also Mizuki tells Tomoe about him becoming Nanami’s 2nd familiar ;D

ch25: we’re back with Ami and Kei, so the group’s continuing their vacation! also, there’s a summer festival! Mizuki and Tomoe keep fighting, so Nanami commands them to hold hands until they make up xDDD GOOD JOB, GIRL! it’s hilarious xD Mizuki lets it slip that he used to visit the Mikage shrine during full moons; he’s always wanted to share a drink with Tomoe. they almost get free of each other, but then Tomoe gets jealous of Mizuki’s apple candy (gift from Nanami) again xD Nanami and friends get approached by some guys, so Tomoe and Mizuki break it up. when Nanami gives Tomoe candy -and has candy fro everyone at the shrine-, their hands finally release xD jealous fox~

ch26: the locals aren’t coming to the shrine because they think it’s haunted. Nanami wants to hold a festival to encourage people back, but Tomoe’s not being helpful at all. she reveals she wants people to see how well Tomoe’s been maintaining everything, and Tomoe finally helps her by giving her clothes for kagura/fan dancing. he says the air has become cleaner since she arrived; that’s something he couldn’t do and is something everyone will also notice

ch27: Nanami puts posters up about the festival and is trying to learn the kagura steps, but Tomoe’s very strict. Ami and Kei will be coming to the festival (it’s on the 24th). while in town, Nanami gets appraised by a god/demon/some guy; he ranks her as a D-level land god and decides to test her. when she gets back to the shrine, Tomoe is being super nice to her now; she’s all a’flutter. even Mizuki points out that Tomoe’s acting like he likes Nanami. he even calls Tomoe out on it -end of chapter!

ch28: Tomoe confesses to loving Nanami and wants to whisk her away, but she refuses, they need to take care of the shrine and prepare for the festival. since he’s been forsaken, Tomoe leaves! the shrine becomes ruined over night, so Nanami decides to fix things up while still preparing for the festival. that night, Tomoe comes for her, still promising her the world if she’ll abandon the shrine. she realizes Tomoe’s a fake; it’s that god/demon/guy from before! he was testing her ability to see past her desires and figure out deceptions. it took her 54hrs and 33 minutes, but he’ll give her a pass for now and be back later. she wakes up in town like before. when she gets back to the shrine, it’s all the same only Tomoe’s a jerk again xD Nanami did learn the dance steps in her dream, though, so that’s done 8D

ch29: we learn from Kurama that there’re 2 ways for demons to live in the human world: either abandon the demon world or be loved by humans. Nanami’s still trying to convince the locals the come to the festival (kids this time), but they want more than she can offer. Kurama offers them ice cream, and they agree to go xD he was invited to the shrine by her, so they all go; the stone steps cause him pause because they’re blessed by the land god (not that Nanami has any idea), but he makes it just fine. at the shrine, Ryuuou (dragon king) and Himemiko are there, also invited by Nanami! Himemiko’s still in her human form ❤ Ryuuou came in place of his wife xD Nanami wants help coming up with events, but the demons are not helpful at all xD except Kurama! he’s been living in the human world for 16 years, so he knows humans better. he gives Nanami lots of good advice, making Tomoe low-key jealous. she -and Tomoe- walk him back to the road later, but all her flyers have been thrown away. Tomoe lights the path back to the shrine and vows to keep the lights up until the festival. the locals seem to like this. Kurama admits defeat to Tomoe’s power but boisters himself by recalling how he’s been using his own power to make his own path since he left Kurama Mountain.

ch30: it’s festival time! Himemiko provides stalls and the stones for the street -and brings servants to help run everything; she even disguises them all as humans. Ryuuou also arrives but all his servants are very obviously demons xD Tomoe makes them look human, and Ryuuou is disgusted xD Kei can’t come to the festival, so Ami shows up alone in yukata. she runs into Kurama and is glad she wore a yukata, though. Mizuki’s running a death mask stall before the kagura dance and manages to get a mask of Tomoe’s dying face. some creepy guy buys it. Nanami’s getting nervous before her dance; everyone (humans and demons) are excited for it, and she’s afraid of letting everyone down. Tomoe encourages her, though, and she dances well, guided by the spirit of kagura (I think that’s what happened?). everyone is impressed; her blessing as a god materializes a flock of butterflies; even she is surprised xD

ch31: Nanami can’t move for 5 days after the miracle; used too much magical power xD the guy from before’s back! his name’s Otohiko, a wind god, and friend of Mikage. he’s come to almost invite Nanami to Izumo -the gathering of the gods-; there’s another human god and only 1 seat, so they must fight for it! but Nanami refuses the seat xD he gives her time to think it over; someone at the conference may know where Mikage went -also he already told the other human god about the challenge. Tomoe doesn’t need to know, so Nanami’s thinking of not going after all. at school, Nanami has to go to the infirmary because she’s still too sore; her “rival” appears, named Hiiragi Kayako. she harasses Nanami a bit before Tomoe shows up and scares her off. that creepy guy’s back and tells Kayako to tame Tomoe and make him her familar in order to go to Izumo. she attacks them on the roof and kisses Tomoe, but he says her powers aren’t enough to bind him (such a smirk, too). Nanami’s quite fired up now and declares she will win and go Izumo instead xD

ch32: Otohiko appears again to begin the test. each girl will keep a shikigami egg with them for 7 days; whichever shikigami is the prettiest wins xD unfortunately, Nanami’s egg breaks on the first day xD it’s a cute monkey, though! we also learn that creepy guy is called Kirihito. at school, a tsuchigumo (big spider demon) appears. Kayako almost gets it in 1 hit, but then gets hit by a web; before it can attack Nanami, Tomoe arrives and kills it. Kayako likes Kirihito, btw

ch33: Nanami vows to do the rest of her test without Tomoe’s help; he says he won’t help even if she’s attacked (the jerk xD ). lots of little demons are swarming the school now; since Tomoe killed the tsuchigumo without cleansing the site, miasma is everywhere. Nanami tries to purify the school, but she gets attacked by the remaining spider guts; Tomoe pulls her out, but he’s still covered in its blood; he can’t purify anything. Kayako offers to do it if he teams up with her, so it seems he goes to do so. when Nanami wakes up, she’s alone in the infirmary

ch34: Tomoe actually went to wash the blood from his hands, but water won’t work. he recalls a similar problem when he met Mikage who cleansed him, but he doesn’t remember why he was covered in blood. now, he and Kayako team up xD the demons are too much for her, though, and they get away after she releases them. she and Tomoe go after them to kill them 1 at a time (she says there’re so many it’ll take a week, and Tomoe says they have until tomorrow, so better get to work -such a slave driver xD). Otohiko tells Nanami to stop writing talisman; they’re wasting her power; her shikigami -since it’s out of the egg- can act as a talisman; it’s name will become it’s ability. she names it Mamoru for protection, and it races around the school with Nanami, cleansing everything, even Tomoe ❤ Kayako is not happy that Otohiko’s helping Nanami and not her

ch35: Mamoru can turn human! ish.. he looks like an gradeschooler, and Tomoe’s not happy with it xD a sensei asks Nanami to go check on Kayako who didn’t come to school. Kayako lives alone without furniture; she’s forgoing school to put all her energy into her egg. Mamoru warns Nanami to stay away from it; the egg’s growing something bad. during her visit, Nanami also learns that Kayako loves someone and is ok with humans and demons being together; what’s wrong with it if it’s love? the next day, Nanami checks on her again, but the egg’s now actively stealing her energy; this happened because Kayako was trying to create something stronger than herself. Nanami uses Mamoru to bind the egg while she and Tomoe take Kayako to the hospital.
we also learn how Kayako met Kirihito. she predicted where a woman’s son was lost in the snow; the son should’ve been dead, but Kirihito showed up instead, using the son’s body; he’s not human, but Kayako doesn’t know what he is. she does think he can save her from her position as a human god, though, since he’s beyond a human. she doesn’t like helping people is what I’m getting -also that she wants to live her life instead of being alive only to serve others’ wishes while neglecting her own. can’t really fault her for it; not her fault she was born with strong powers into a family of human gods

ch36: Kayako’s followers find her at the hospital, and she puts on the perfect air she’s been raised to. Tomoe corners Otohiko on the roof to ask about the trial; it was all a set up; Kayako’s egg was always empty; this was just to mature Nanami’s powers. Kayako overhears this and flips out, attacking her followers and setting her egg free. inside is a copy of herself, desperate for more power to help everyone; that’s all she’s there for, right? just help her, so she can help everyone else! Kayako knows this is a reflection of who she wants to be while also recognizing that she’s not that person; she doesn’t want to save everyone, she just wants to help herself. Nanami already knew all that xD she vows to go to Izumo and make all the gods go to Kyoto to apologize to Kayako =)
also, Nanami lectures Kayako’s followers, and Kirihiko abandons Kayako for being useless to him

ch37: Mizuki decides to go to Tokyo to ask Kurama how to be good with modern human stuff. he immediately gets into lots of trouble -including spending all the shrine’s money- before managing to stumble into Kurama. he gets taken to a party with Kurama by the manager, where he meets a kind girl from the country who is trying to become an actress. to thank her for helping him, he gives her his special sake then returns home (also, it really seemed like Kurama was flirting with Mizuki; did anyone else notice that? O.o)

ch38: Nanami convinces Tomoe to go to the amusement park with her when she finds a woman’s hairpin. she thinks it might be Yukiji’s, but he won’t give her an answer. he’s not wowed about riding the ferris wheel later (looks boring), but he’s excited about the roller coaster (it’s actually super adorable how interested he is xD). poor Nanami’s not prepared, but Tomoe having fun makes it worth it ❤ he keeps helping girls, though, and touching them casually, so she questions him about Yukiji and the hairpin. he says he’s never loved a human nor does he know a Yukiji; Nanami calls him a liar and runs off. he finds her on the ferris wheel later and tells her to smile if she’s having fun; the pin he put in her hair before was 1 he bought for her at the park. that makes her happy

ch39: Tomoe and Mizuki are arguing over who will go with Nanami to Izumo; Nanami makes them play shougi for it, but neither have played before xD she goes out to buy her plane ticket, but she gets chased by 5 demons. for some reason, she stops in a park where a human’s sitting (it’s actually Kirihiko); she only repels these fallen gods after they strike Kirihiko (seriously, Nanami; wtc?). she tries to take him to the hospital, but he tries to kiss her to heal instead; she runs off, and his familiars appear after buying his plane ticket; they call him the evil emperor, and his plan is to dominate the world (well, OOPS). back at home, Tomoe finally won, but Nanami decides to take Mizuki with her; he’s been before, and she couldn’t stand if someone bad mouthed Tomoe. he was so proud of winning, too; poor Tomoe xD

ch40: Nanami goes to the summit! Tomoe’s staying behind to be her in class xD Himemiko sees her off; things are going well with her and Kotaru ❤ as soon as they reach the summit, Nanami gets separated from Mizuki. the other gods look down on her, and she gets lost on the way to the conference hall; she gets depressed, but a light shows her the way and encourages her. the gods each have something they do well but also things they are bad at; she is the only god with a human perspective; she needs to own that. she realizes the light was Mikage, but he’s already gone… she steps into the hall with confidence. btw, Mizuki is accompanying Otohiko in since he must enter with a god, and Otohiko was late xD

ch41: the head god asked Nanami to come because the god that guards the gate to the underworld must attend the summit, and he wants her to watch the gate instead. she agrees if he’ll go apologize to Kayako; he agrees because Kayako is pretty enough. Otohiko is Nanami’s guide since he was late xD Nanami asks Mizuki to look for the light that guided her to verify if it was Mikage. the gate has been smashed by a demon with a strong weapon, given to him by Kirihiko. when Otohiko and Nanami show up, the demon grabs Kirihiko to use as a shield, but within Yumi-no-Kuni, his body begins to rot. Nanami reaches for him -as a god(?) she should be ok

ch42: Tomoe’s bummed that Nanami’s gone, but then he realizes he could be out in the red light district having fun! he goes, but all he does is drink. one of the girls tells a story from the past. 600yrs ago, Tomoe hung out with Akura-ou the Slayer who killed for giggles; now all the tanuki girls are scared of Tomoe (also Kirihiko gave Akura-ou’s weapon to break the gate and said his immortal body -HIS immortal body- was in Yumi-no-kuni which is what he was going after. so, I guess we learned who Kirihiko is o_o; ). the woman who originated the story reminds the girls that that was a long time ago and that Tomoe hasn’t been like that since Mikage; she herself comforts Tomoe while he sleeps. when he leave suddenly, thanking her by name, she is glad that he finally has somewhere to return to ❤ we also learn that they forgot to return the lucky mallet xD also Kirihiko’s awake and holding Nanami, waiting for her to wake up

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Kamisama Hajimemashita, part 2

Part 1

I used to read this years ago when it was still ongoing, and this past week, a friend mentioned that it was finally completed.  I didn’t intend to do another shoujo, but I used to love this series!  I wanna know how it ends!!  So, here we go!

Kamisama Hajimemashita (image from: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kamisama_Kiss)

I don’t own this manga, so I will be reading fan translations online.

I am going to be doing shorthand as I read.  These descriptions are really more of a reminder to myself about what all I have been able to read so far.  Sorry if this bothers anyone!  I will do a full description on the final review page of each series I read.

Every post past this point will be a spoiler, so please read ahead with caution!

ch6: Nanami convinces Koutaru to meet with Himemiko, and with Tomoe’s magic and Nanami’s skills, they make her look like a human. Himemiko still likes him, but Koutaru says he doesn’t remember her -I think he remembers it very vaguely though. On their date, two guys show up to hit on Himemiko. Nanami wants to step in, but Tomoe reminds her she can’t intervene; she can only support them from a distance (give them a push). She uses a charm to nudge Koutaru forward xD it works, though; he steps in to save Himemiko

ch7: Nanami doesn’t feel like going to school since she’ll be teased, but then she finds out an idol she adores has transferred to her school so she goes xD Tomoe makes her wear a cat hat to hide the mark on her forehead, and everyone at school ridicules her for it xDD even the idol!! she’d rather go home, but she knows Tomoe’ll gloat, so she tries to deal with the rest of the day. but she forgot her lunch. she decides to buy bread, but suddenly, she has money in her pocket; it’s Kurama’s! he says he gave it to her when he found out she wanted bread (liar!!)! Tomoe is having none of this, so he shows up in over the top fashion to deliver her lunch <x’DDDD omg, Tomoe x’DDD he makes a big deal about calling her their beloved master and pointing out that Kurama’s money’s under his chair, he better leave Nanami alone; dear school friends please take care of their beloved Nanami *brb; I’m dying*

ch8: Nanami’s going back to school now! Tomoe tries to make her wear the hat, but she slips out, taking only 1/3 of the extravagant lunch he made. poor Tomoe xD Kurama tries to offer her a ride, but she refuses and tells him that she hates him. Tomoe has to watch over Nanami since she didn’t take the cat hat, but he’s a crap guard who falls asleep and dreams about his old life; apparently he had long hair, carried swords, and often(?) beheaded people; he was surrounded with blood, and oh, how he misses it (this should scare me, but it just makes me more curious about his past…. craaaaaap).
meanwhile! Nanami gets called to the roof by Kurama! he wants to know why she hates him; it’s because he’s an arrogant airhead. she tells him to lose the arrogance if he wants friends, but he should leave her alone. after she leaves, he reveals himself to be a tengu! Tomoe jumps into action, and Kurama reveals that he wants to eat Nanami’s heart to become the land god, then Tomoe can serve him 😉 Tomoe is glad that Nanami’s weak because it means he gets to fight more >D he turns Kurama into an ostrich and chases him with a ball of fire; if Nanami eats him, then Kurama will be a part of the land god, that’s good enough, right? >D this causes a commotion at school which Nanami stops. she scolds Tomoe then takes care of Kurama’s wounds. poor Tomoe xD

ch9: we meet the god of lightning, Princess Narukami. Mikage stole Tomoe from her, but now that Nanami’s the land god instead, she’s going to see if Nanami is worthy of Tomoe. Nanami goes to school none the wiser; since Tomoe knows Narukami is coming, he can’t follow her to school, so he sends Onikiri and Kotetsu with her. unfortunately, Narukami goes to Nanami’s school, not the shrine. when Tomoe realizes and gets there, Nanami’s already been grabbed by Narukami who offers to take over the shrine. Nanami refuses, but Narukami won’t taken no for an answer. enter Tomoe! he goes to attack, but Narukami hits him with the lucky mallet she got from the god of wealth; it turns Tomoe small!!!!!!! Nanami tries to reach him, but Narukami takes Mikage’s mark

ch10: Narumaki’s now the land god for the shrine, so the will o’ the wisps must follow her T.T she promises to turn Tomoe back if he becomes her familiar, though. Nanami and Tomoe try to figure out where to go now, but Tomoe’s getting a fever. Nanami tries to take him to a doctor, but it’s closed, but she runs into Kurama! he explains that Tomoe’s body is smaller, but his power isn’t, so even a doctor can’t stop the fever caused by his power build-up. when he wakes up, he asks for some sasamochi which Nanami makes him -with Kurama’s money and kitchen xD he’s actually being very nice about all of this xD

ch11: Tomoe is irritated because he has to be taken care of. Kurama helps Nanami figure out that she just has to steal the mallet, and they can return Tomoe to normal. before she can try, though, Narukami’s lion-dog familiars arrive and extend the offer to Tomoe. Nanami refuses, but Tomoe leaves her to return to the shrine. he didn’t like her caring for him the most…

ch12: back at the shrine, Narukami explains he must serve her with his life, so he runs away and hides despite his fever xD Nanami returns Kurama’s key to him after cleaning the room he was letting her use. he gives her one of his feathers so she can see what demons see; Onikiri and Kotetsu have been crying by her, but she couldn’t see them! Narukami’s ready to destroy the shrine to find Tomoe; they need her help to save it! she returns with them and makes a deal with Narukami; if she can find Tomoe -something Narukami can’t do- then Narukami must return him to normal size. Tomoe was hiding in the mirror of Mikage ❤ Narumaki says she doesn’t need a familiar that’s not loyal to her, so she gives Nanami the lucky mallet and returns the land god mark to her. Nanami returns Tomoe to normal size, but now his hair’s long, and everyone is quite attracted to him xD he kisses Nanami to re-seal their contract ;D

ch13: poor Nanami has been all a flutter around Tomoe ever since xD Himemiko invites Nanami for a moon viewing tea party, so Tomoe’s making arrangements to get her a kimono to wear. she doesn’t know how to wear one, so Tomoe’s going to dress her. she wears her school uniform instead xD Tomoe’s still pessimistic about Himemiko and Koutaru because humans and demons shouldn’t be together. Nanami says it’s not impossible, but Tomoe vows to never love a human -poor Nanami. Himemiko still looks human because she’s meeting Koutaru again (if she uses demon magic, then she’ll lose the guise; I’m impressed she’d kept it this long). the three local carp princess sisters steal Tomoe away for a while, and while they’re alone, Himemiko dresses Nanami in a kimono; she can tell Nanami’s feelings for Tomoe. since Nanami helped her with her love, now Himemiko wants to return the favor (so sweet) ❤ when Tomoe sees Nanami, the carp sisters demand he choose the most beautiful one of them to be his partner, and he chooses Nanami in order to escape them. poor Nanami’s heart can’t take his smooth words, though; good luck, Tomoe xD

ch14: Nanami saves a white snake at school, but it puts an engagement mark on her, so it’ll be coming for her. Tomoe also gets his hair cut by the tanuki geisha from the red light district; Nanami and Tomoe both messed up xD Tomoe goes to school with Nanami to protect her; he transfers in as “Mikage Tomoe” (aww, I think it’s sweet that he took Mikage’s name ❤ ). Tomoe falls asleep while Nanami’s finishing her class duties, so she takes the ledger to the office alone (that was a mistake). Nanami’s taken away, and Tomoe realizes too late

ch15: Nanami wakes up at the Yonomori Shrine; the snake’s name is Mizuki, the shrine’s familiar. the two shrine spirits are rude, little pranksters xD back at Mikage Shrine, Tomoe is depressed, but he vows to get Nanami back. back at the Yonomori Shrine, Nanami discovers that this shrine has no god

ch16: Mizuki explains that this shrine was built because kids kept drowning in the local river, so his god came to be; she was a water goddess, but since she was born from the needs of the local people, she faded when they left. Tomoe realizes there’s only 1 white snake in the land who’s old fashioned enough to use the snake’s engagement ring without thinking of the consequences, so he finally finds the shrine; it’s under a large pond created by a dam. the village has been gone for a long time… he comes to save Nanami and starts to burn the shrine which doesn’t even exist, only the plum tree outside is real. Mizuki asks him to spare the tree his master loved. Tomoe has no intention of sparing it xD but Nanami asks him to stop. she tells Mizuki that she’ll come back when he’s lonely but that she can’t stay here. Tomoe sulks when they leave xD he also realized how fragile she is; he has to work harder to protect her

ch17: Nanami got sick, but she has to go to school, or she’ll have to repeat a year! she sends Tomoe in her place since he can transform. his transformation isn’t exactly right; he made her too hot -and her chest too big xD Kurama can’t tell she’s not Nanami, so he keeps trying to get on her good side which just makes Tomoe ticked xD turns out the miasma at school is getting thicker; a demon got in. Tomoe finds it and eventually turns it into a sucker which he gives to Kurama while disguised as Nanami xD he vows to come to school with Nanami from now on to make sure she’s safe xD

ch18: Mizuki came to visit the sick Nanami since Tomoe wasn’t around xD he brought the time rotation incense burner to show Nanami how Tomoe really is/was; it can bring souls to the past (why did he casually bring that?). Nanami’s soul is transferred into the body of a girl in the past. “her” village was attacked by demons, and she finds a beaten child who turns out to be a demon. before the demon can get her, Tomoe-of-the-time appears and kills it before also trying to attack Nanami. she fights back -which he seems to like- before he’s interrupted by the evil king. Nanami escapes while Tomoe’s talking. when asked if he saw the local beauty, Yukiji (I’m guessing Nanami got in her body), Tomoe says he hasn’t. Nanami wakes up in her own time and body, and Tomoe returns shortly. he kicks out Mizuki and continues to care for Nanami who was almost afraid because of the Tomoe she met in the past, but she is relieved to be back with the Tomoe she knows

ch19: Nanami’s back at school! and so are Tomoe and Kurama xD the girl from before -Ami- wants to thank Kurama for saving her, so she asks Nanami for help. Nanami uses a charm to make Kurama like air so people will leave him alone. since Ami can see obake/ghosts/demons, she manages to spot him when he calls out to her. Tomoe admonishes Nanami for trying to make humans and demons get along again. he says she needs to consider the consequences before she does stuff. later, a 1st year tells Nanami she’s in love with Tomoe and can Nanami not go home with him today? Nanami agrees then regrets it and realizes she’s also in love with Tomoe ❤ he doesn’t go with the 1st year and instead comes to find Nanami; she’s his 1st priority, stop trying to make him get along with other humans, they don’t matter to him; only she does. they go home together

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Kamisama Hajimemashita, part 1

I used to read this years ago when it was still ongoing, and this past week, a friend mentioned that it was finally completed.  I didn’t intend to do another shoujo, but I used to love this series!  I wanna know how it ends!!  So, here we go!

Kamisama Hajimemashita (image from: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kamisama_Kiss)

I don’t own this manga, so I will be reading fan translations online.

I am going to be doing shorthand as I read.  These descriptions are really more of a reminder to myself about what all I have been able to read so far.  Sorry if this bothers anyone!  I will do a full description on the final review page of each series I read.

Every post past this point will be a spoiler, so please read ahead with caution!

ch1: main girl: Momozono Nanami, living with her dad in debt because he keeps gambling all their money away. he runs away, and she gets evicted. in the park, she saves Mikage from a dog, so he gives her his house which he abandoned 20 years ago. it’s a shrine xD Tomoe greets her by almost killing her, thinking she’s Mikage because she has the symbol of the land god on her forehead. Onikiri and Kotetsu also mistook her because of the symbol.
Tomoe doubts she can do anything, and she says she shouldn’t even want to because this place is so run down. he leaves because as Mikage’s familiar, he doesn’t want to follow anyone else. she’s put to work by Onikiri and Kotetsu; turns out some people do still pray at the shrine, and Tomoe’s been caring for it all alone since Mikage left. Nanami says she’ll stay the night, then leave; she’s not strong enough to be the god of this shrine.
meanwhile, Tomoe went to eat at a ghost shop. he told everyone to leave him alone, but someone still asked if they could go eat Nanami. Tomoe said sure, then killed them for bothering him when he’s in a bad mood (why do I love that? I shouldn’t love that! Tomoe, what is your power!?)

ch2: Nanami wants to say goodbye and apologize to Tomoe, but he’s in the netherworld/demon realm, so she travels there with the will o’ the wisps (Onikiri and Kotetsu). Tomoe’s in the red light district, living it up; he says he doesn’t care if the shrine collapses; he’s glad to be rid of it. Nanami’s quite mad at that, so she storms out xD Tomoe does save her from a demon that grabs her -she’s a tasty snack here-, but then they fight xD while waiting for the bus, the will o’ the wisps tell her how to make Tomoe her familiar so he’ll obey her; the contract is made with a kiss! she runs away xDDD but she finds an old lady in need and helps her home, but it’s a witch. Kotetsu goes to Tomoe to beg him to help -which he won’t unless Nanami apologizes and admits she’s stupid and useless-, and Onikiri finally manages to track Nanami down and warn her of the danger she’s in

ch3: (oh crap, I had so much fun reading, I forgot to take notes!!) Uuuhh… Onikiri gives Nanami 3 charms to write any command on, but they only have as much power as she does. she wastes 1 before learning that xD the 2nd she uses to fool the witch and escape, and the 3rd is used to call Tomoe for help. witches run fast, so you have to climb a tree to escape them -but they’re still fast, so move quick! Tomoe arrives to idly watch Nanami cry; he doesn’t try to save her at all xD he wants to though, but he’s stubborn and wants her to admit she’s stupid. she’s also stubborn and refuses to. when she slips from the tree, she grabs him instead and kisses him in the fall, binding him as her familiar and telling him to save her. he’s so mad xDDD they all go back to the shrine together, though -the witch is tied up and left

ch4: now that Tomoe is Nanami’s familiar, he pretties up her room and takes over the cleaning of the grounds; he’s a very good familiar. he’s also a way higher level than she is, so he wants to make her improve so he won’t be a laughing stock for serving her xD Mikage was a god of marriage; to boost her powers, Nanami needs to answer prayers. her power now is only enough to make water taste a bit better instead of turning it fully into wine. the local god from Tatara Swamp is coming over to meet the new land god, but Tomoe tells her to stay hidden so word doesn’t get out about how weak she is. this local god is Numano Himemiko, a catfish. Nanami can’t stay hidden though when the princess’ guard pulls a sword on Tomoe. she comes out, but the guard is still ready to spill blood – oops!

ch5: (crap, I did it again…) Tomoe turns the guard into a fish then starts to fry him with his fox fire, but Nanami is done with this, so she tells him to stop, make up, and sit down; because of the familiar contract, he does xD the princess seems to like this, so she apologizes for her guard and explains that she came her to seek help from the god of marriage. she fell in love with a human 10 years ago and wants to re-unite with him; they only met once, and he was 8 then, but he should be 18 now. Tomoe forbids it because love between humans and demons is taboo, but Nanami agrees; she understands the feeling of being in love despite the odds. she and Tomoe go to town to find Urashima Kotarou, and through some shenanigans and plot reasons, they find him very quickly working at an ice cream shop

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