Kamisama Hajimemashita, part 3

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I used to read this years ago when it was still ongoing, and this past week, a friend mentioned that it was finally completed.  I didn’t intend to do another shoujo, but I used to love this series!  I wanna know how it ends!!  So, here we go!

Kamisama Hajimemashita (image from: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kamisama_Kiss)

I don’t own this manga, so I will be reading fan translations online.

I am going to be doing shorthand as I read.  These descriptions are really more of a reminder to myself about what all I have been able to read so far.  Sorry if this bothers anyone!  I will do a full description on the final review page of each series I read.

Every post past this point will be a spoiler, so please read ahead with caution!

ch20: Kurama warns Tomoe that Nanami may fall in love with him, but Tomoe doesn’t believe it. Nanami’s friends (Ami and Kei) convince her to go on a date with Tomoe if she likes him, so after school, Nanami convinces him to go to the aquarium with her. she confesses to him at the top of the tower, and he tries to scare her into disliking him by holding her over the edge (what a jerk) xD she refuses to let go of her feelings, and in his shock, he drops her. she’s so upset about her rejection that she binds him from touching her, but he pleads with her to let him save her this time then he’ll never touch her again. she agrees, then passes out before they land. well, oops

ch21: Ami doesn’t like how sad Nanami is now, so she invites her to the beach! Tomoe can’t get in the water -for some reason-, so Mizuki offers to go with her. Tomoe goes, too xD Ami can’t swim, so when she’s hit by a big wave, Nanami begs Tomoe to save her (which is really reckless, btw, Nanami; ask Mizuki or something). Tomoe does, but then a figure rises from the sea, saying they finally found Tomoe, looking all evil and such

ch22: 526 years & 28 days ago, Tomoe attacked the Ryuuguu Castle killing 7 dragons, 3 giant sharks, 5 rays, and a small platoon of sea slugs, destroying structures, and stealing the right eye of the dragon king. the dragon king imprisons him in a shell and prepares to take him back to the castle to be digested, but Nanami pleads for Tomoe’s release. the dragon king agrees to release Tomoe if she can get his eye that was lost more than 500 years ago. she goes to Mizuki who has his time-incense burner with him; he carries it everywhere xD Mizuki sends Nanami’s body and soul into the past and goes with her as a guide. they find Tomoe sieging the castle

ch23: they follow him back to his lair; he stole the eye for a woman named Yukiji who is sick; he wants to be with her forever. when Tomoe leaves, Mizuki wants Nanami to steal the eye, but Nanami makes Yukiji take the medicine to recover. back in the present, she wants to find the isohime who originally approached her when she arrived in the past; the demon mentioned that Nanami has the eye in her body. the demon’s in the same place; now she trades magic items for valuable ones; she changed with the times, it seems xD Nanami makes a deal with the isohime: take the dragon’s eye out in exchange for 30 years of Nanami’s life. Mizuki tries to talk her out of it, but she refuses; what’s 30 years to Tomoe’s 1 day left? she’s still young; it’ll be fine. he pretends to leave, and the isohime takes the eye out -knocking Nanami out- and delights with being able to also steal the life of a land god. Mizuki reveals himself and kisses Nanami to become her familiar before (possibly slaying?) the isohime.

ch24: nope, isohime’s alive. Mizuki goes to finish her off, but Nanami wakes up and stops him. apparently he likes being bossed around by a god. ….. alright. apparently, familiars also don’t like to shed blood in front of their masters; huh. the isohime gives them tickets to the water dragon palace for her deception.
at the palace! Tomoe broke out of the shell; he didn’t fight before because he didn’t want to spill blood in front of Nanami (well, what do you know; Mizuki was right). he starts making a ruckus
Nanami and Mizuki ride a turtle cab towards the castle, and a beautiful bride joins them. she’s on her way to see her husband at the castle; they’ve been apart for 7 days. she made a beautiful haori for him, but a wave takes it away. Nanami wants to get it back, but the bride says she can remake it; she had 7 days of joy thinking of her beloved thanks to it; that was enough. Nanami is inspired by her positive thinking. at the castle, Tomoe’s causing a ruckus xD when Nanami arrives, though, he hides back in the shell xD Nanami explains that she knows his past -even Yukiji- and that it’s ok; she’ll love him even if it’s 1 sided. she tries to trade back the eye to the lord, but he refuses since it’s dried up. Mizuki offers the haori instead and after a thrashing from his wife, the lord agrees xD also Mizuki tells Tomoe about him becoming Nanami’s 2nd familiar ;D

ch25: we’re back with Ami and Kei, so the group’s continuing their vacation! also, there’s a summer festival! Mizuki and Tomoe keep fighting, so Nanami commands them to hold hands until they make up xDDD GOOD JOB, GIRL! it’s hilarious xD Mizuki lets it slip that he used to visit the Mikage shrine during full moons; he’s always wanted to share a drink with Tomoe. they almost get free of each other, but then Tomoe gets jealous of Mizuki’s apple candy (gift from Nanami) again xD Nanami and friends get approached by some guys, so Tomoe and Mizuki break it up. when Nanami gives Tomoe candy -and has candy fro everyone at the shrine-, their hands finally release xD jealous fox~

ch26: the locals aren’t coming to the shrine because they think it’s haunted. Nanami wants to hold a festival to encourage people back, but Tomoe’s not being helpful at all. she reveals she wants people to see how well Tomoe’s been maintaining everything, and Tomoe finally helps her by giving her clothes for kagura/fan dancing. he says the air has become cleaner since she arrived; that’s something he couldn’t do and is something everyone will also notice

ch27: Nanami puts posters up about the festival and is trying to learn the kagura steps, but Tomoe’s very strict. Ami and Kei will be coming to the festival (it’s on the 24th). while in town, Nanami gets appraised by a god/demon/some guy; he ranks her as a D-level land god and decides to test her. when she gets back to the shrine, Tomoe is being super nice to her now; she’s all a’flutter. even Mizuki points out that Tomoe’s acting like he likes Nanami. he even calls Tomoe out on it -end of chapter!

ch28: Tomoe confesses to loving Nanami and wants to whisk her away, but she refuses, they need to take care of the shrine and prepare for the festival. since he’s been forsaken, Tomoe leaves! the shrine becomes ruined over night, so Nanami decides to fix things up while still preparing for the festival. that night, Tomoe comes for her, still promising her the world if she’ll abandon the shrine. she realizes Tomoe’s a fake; it’s that god/demon/guy from before! he was testing her ability to see past her desires and figure out deceptions. it took her 54hrs and 33 minutes, but he’ll give her a pass for now and be back later. she wakes up in town like before. when she gets back to the shrine, it’s all the same only Tomoe’s a jerk again xD Nanami did learn the dance steps in her dream, though, so that’s done 8D

ch29: we learn from Kurama that there’re 2 ways for demons to live in the human world: either abandon the demon world or be loved by humans. Nanami’s still trying to convince the locals the come to the festival (kids this time), but they want more than she can offer. Kurama offers them ice cream, and they agree to go xD he was invited to the shrine by her, so they all go; the stone steps cause him pause because they’re blessed by the land god (not that Nanami has any idea), but he makes it just fine. at the shrine, Ryuuou (dragon king) and Himemiko are there, also invited by Nanami! Himemiko’s still in her human form ❤ Ryuuou came in place of his wife xD Nanami wants help coming up with events, but the demons are not helpful at all xD except Kurama! he’s been living in the human world for 16 years, so he knows humans better. he gives Nanami lots of good advice, making Tomoe low-key jealous. she -and Tomoe- walk him back to the road later, but all her flyers have been thrown away. Tomoe lights the path back to the shrine and vows to keep the lights up until the festival. the locals seem to like this. Kurama admits defeat to Tomoe’s power but boisters himself by recalling how he’s been using his own power to make his own path since he left Kurama Mountain.

ch30: it’s festival time! Himemiko provides stalls and the stones for the street -and brings servants to help run everything; she even disguises them all as humans. Ryuuou also arrives but all his servants are very obviously demons xD Tomoe makes them look human, and Ryuuou is disgusted xD Kei can’t come to the festival, so Ami shows up alone in yukata. she runs into Kurama and is glad she wore a yukata, though. Mizuki’s running a death mask stall before the kagura dance and manages to get a mask of Tomoe’s dying face. some creepy guy buys it. Nanami’s getting nervous before her dance; everyone (humans and demons) are excited for it, and she’s afraid of letting everyone down. Tomoe encourages her, though, and she dances well, guided by the spirit of kagura (I think that’s what happened?). everyone is impressed; her blessing as a god materializes a flock of butterflies; even she is surprised xD

ch31: Nanami can’t move for 5 days after the miracle; used too much magical power xD the guy from before’s back! his name’s Otohiko, a wind god, and friend of Mikage. he’s come to almost invite Nanami to Izumo -the gathering of the gods-; there’s another human god and only 1 seat, so they must fight for it! but Nanami refuses the seat xD he gives her time to think it over; someone at the conference may know where Mikage went -also he already told the other human god about the challenge. Tomoe doesn’t need to know, so Nanami’s thinking of not going after all. at school, Nanami has to go to the infirmary because she’s still too sore; her “rival” appears, named Hiiragi Kayako. she harasses Nanami a bit before Tomoe shows up and scares her off. that creepy guy’s back and tells Kayako to tame Tomoe and make him her familar in order to go to Izumo. she attacks them on the roof and kisses Tomoe, but he says her powers aren’t enough to bind him (such a smirk, too). Nanami’s quite fired up now and declares she will win and go Izumo instead xD

ch32: Otohiko appears again to begin the test. each girl will keep a shikigami egg with them for 7 days; whichever shikigami is the prettiest wins xD unfortunately, Nanami’s egg breaks on the first day xD it’s a cute monkey, though! we also learn that creepy guy is called Kirihito. at school, a tsuchigumo (big spider demon) appears. Kayako almost gets it in 1 hit, but then gets hit by a web; before it can attack Nanami, Tomoe arrives and kills it. Kayako likes Kirihito, btw

ch33: Nanami vows to do the rest of her test without Tomoe’s help; he says he won’t help even if she’s attacked (the jerk xD ). lots of little demons are swarming the school now; since Tomoe killed the tsuchigumo without cleansing the site, miasma is everywhere. Nanami tries to purify the school, but she gets attacked by the remaining spider guts; Tomoe pulls her out, but he’s still covered in its blood; he can’t purify anything. Kayako offers to do it if he teams up with her, so it seems he goes to do so. when Nanami wakes up, she’s alone in the infirmary

ch34: Tomoe actually went to wash the blood from his hands, but water won’t work. he recalls a similar problem when he met Mikage who cleansed him, but he doesn’t remember why he was covered in blood. now, he and Kayako team up xD the demons are too much for her, though, and they get away after she releases them. she and Tomoe go after them to kill them 1 at a time (she says there’re so many it’ll take a week, and Tomoe says they have until tomorrow, so better get to work -such a slave driver xD). Otohiko tells Nanami to stop writing talisman; they’re wasting her power; her shikigami -since it’s out of the egg- can act as a talisman; it’s name will become it’s ability. she names it Mamoru for protection, and it races around the school with Nanami, cleansing everything, even Tomoe ❤ Kayako is not happy that Otohiko’s helping Nanami and not her

ch35: Mamoru can turn human! ish.. he looks like an gradeschooler, and Tomoe’s not happy with it xD a sensei asks Nanami to go check on Kayako who didn’t come to school. Kayako lives alone without furniture; she’s forgoing school to put all her energy into her egg. Mamoru warns Nanami to stay away from it; the egg’s growing something bad. during her visit, Nanami also learns that Kayako loves someone and is ok with humans and demons being together; what’s wrong with it if it’s love? the next day, Nanami checks on her again, but the egg’s now actively stealing her energy; this happened because Kayako was trying to create something stronger than herself. Nanami uses Mamoru to bind the egg while she and Tomoe take Kayako to the hospital.
we also learn how Kayako met Kirihito. she predicted where a woman’s son was lost in the snow; the son should’ve been dead, but Kirihito showed up instead, using the son’s body; he’s not human, but Kayako doesn’t know what he is. she does think he can save her from her position as a human god, though, since he’s beyond a human. she doesn’t like helping people is what I’m getting -also that she wants to live her life instead of being alive only to serve others’ wishes while neglecting her own. can’t really fault her for it; not her fault she was born with strong powers into a family of human gods

ch36: Kayako’s followers find her at the hospital, and she puts on the perfect air she’s been raised to. Tomoe corners Otohiko on the roof to ask about the trial; it was all a set up; Kayako’s egg was always empty; this was just to mature Nanami’s powers. Kayako overhears this and flips out, attacking her followers and setting her egg free. inside is a copy of herself, desperate for more power to help everyone; that’s all she’s there for, right? just help her, so she can help everyone else! Kayako knows this is a reflection of who she wants to be while also recognizing that she’s not that person; she doesn’t want to save everyone, she just wants to help herself. Nanami already knew all that xD she vows to go to Izumo and make all the gods go to Kyoto to apologize to Kayako =)
also, Nanami lectures Kayako’s followers, and Kirihiko abandons Kayako for being useless to him

ch37: Mizuki decides to go to Tokyo to ask Kurama how to be good with modern human stuff. he immediately gets into lots of trouble -including spending all the shrine’s money- before managing to stumble into Kurama. he gets taken to a party with Kurama by the manager, where he meets a kind girl from the country who is trying to become an actress. to thank her for helping him, he gives her his special sake then returns home (also, it really seemed like Kurama was flirting with Mizuki; did anyone else notice that? O.o)

ch38: Nanami convinces Tomoe to go to the amusement park with her when she finds a woman’s hairpin. she thinks it might be Yukiji’s, but he won’t give her an answer. he’s not wowed about riding the ferris wheel later (looks boring), but he’s excited about the roller coaster (it’s actually super adorable how interested he is xD). poor Nanami’s not prepared, but Tomoe having fun makes it worth it ❤ he keeps helping girls, though, and touching them casually, so she questions him about Yukiji and the hairpin. he says he’s never loved a human nor does he know a Yukiji; Nanami calls him a liar and runs off. he finds her on the ferris wheel later and tells her to smile if she’s having fun; the pin he put in her hair before was 1 he bought for her at the park. that makes her happy

ch39: Tomoe and Mizuki are arguing over who will go with Nanami to Izumo; Nanami makes them play shougi for it, but neither have played before xD she goes out to buy her plane ticket, but she gets chased by 5 demons. for some reason, she stops in a park where a human’s sitting (it’s actually Kirihiko); she only repels these fallen gods after they strike Kirihiko (seriously, Nanami; wtc?). she tries to take him to the hospital, but he tries to kiss her to heal instead; she runs off, and his familiars appear after buying his plane ticket; they call him the evil emperor, and his plan is to dominate the world (well, OOPS). back at home, Tomoe finally won, but Nanami decides to take Mizuki with her; he’s been before, and she couldn’t stand if someone bad mouthed Tomoe. he was so proud of winning, too; poor Tomoe xD

ch40: Nanami goes to the summit! Tomoe’s staying behind to be her in class xD Himemiko sees her off; things are going well with her and Kotaru ❤ as soon as they reach the summit, Nanami gets separated from Mizuki. the other gods look down on her, and she gets lost on the way to the conference hall; she gets depressed, but a light shows her the way and encourages her. the gods each have something they do well but also things they are bad at; she is the only god with a human perspective; she needs to own that. she realizes the light was Mikage, but he’s already gone… she steps into the hall with confidence. btw, Mizuki is accompanying Otohiko in since he must enter with a god, and Otohiko was late xD

ch41: the head god asked Nanami to come because the god that guards the gate to the underworld must attend the summit, and he wants her to watch the gate instead. she agrees if he’ll go apologize to Kayako; he agrees because Kayako is pretty enough. Otohiko is Nanami’s guide since he was late xD Nanami asks Mizuki to look for the light that guided her to verify if it was Mikage. the gate has been smashed by a demon with a strong weapon, given to him by Kirihiko. when Otohiko and Nanami show up, the demon grabs Kirihiko to use as a shield, but within Yumi-no-Kuni, his body begins to rot. Nanami reaches for him -as a god(?) she should be ok

ch42: Tomoe’s bummed that Nanami’s gone, but then he realizes he could be out in the red light district having fun! he goes, but all he does is drink. one of the girls tells a story from the past. 600yrs ago, Tomoe hung out with Akura-ou the Slayer who killed for giggles; now all the tanuki girls are scared of Tomoe (also Kirihiko gave Akura-ou’s weapon to break the gate and said his immortal body -HIS immortal body- was in Yumi-no-kuni which is what he was going after. so, I guess we learned who Kirihiko is o_o; ). the woman who originated the story reminds the girls that that was a long time ago and that Tomoe hasn’t been like that since Mikage; she herself comforts Tomoe while he sleeps. when he leave suddenly, thanking her by name, she is glad that he finally has somewhere to return to ❤ we also learn that they forgot to return the lucky mallet xD also Kirihiko’s awake and holding Nanami, waiting for her to wake up

To read part 4, click here.

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