Dengeki Daisy, part 6

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I’m trying something new to select manga. I put everything recommended to me or that interested me in a list and used a random number generator to decide!

And the winner is….! *drumroll* Dengeki Daisy!

Dengeki Daisy (image:…0.0..0.129.1467.0j13……0….1..gws-wiz…….0i131j0i10.Lmn75bT-9YU&ved=0ahUKEwisg4746ZfkAhXymuAKHYTXD9IQ4dUDCAc&uact=5)

I actually own this one (that’s how it made the list) xD I’ll try to stay impartial, but spoiler alert, I really liked this series! Not sure how it’ll rate because it’s been a few years since I’ve read it, but we’ll find out together!

The back cover reads:
“After orphan Teru Kurebayashi loses her beloved older brother, she finds solace in the messages she exchanges with DAISY, an enigmatic figure who can only be reached through the cell phone her brother left her. Meanwhile, mysterious Tasuku Kurosaki always seems to be around whenever Teru needs help. Could DAISY be a lot closer than Teru thinks?
One day at school, Teru accidentally breaks a window and agrees to pay for it by helping Kurosaki with chores around school. Kurosaki is an impossible taskmaster though, and he also seems to be hiding something important from Teru…”

I am going to be doing shorthand as I read.  These descriptions are really more of a reminder to myself about what all I have been able to read so far.  Sorry if this bothers anyone!  I will do a full description on the final review page of each series I read.

Every post past this point will be a spoiler, so please read ahead with caution!

ch25: Teru has a dream about her brother ❤ Rena gets a call from Mr. Arai, and he admits to being involved with the fake Daisy e-mail attacks, but he doesn’t know anything about Ms. Mori’s attack. the call gets cut off after the sound of a scuffle and a thud. Teru wakes up next to Kurosaki, but it’s because she grabbed him in her sleep and refused to let him go x’D they were both mildly traumatized, but it’s hilarious to me xDDD the man who stabbed Ms. Mori turned himself in and said Mr. Arai paid him to do it, but Ms. Mori’s vanished and so has Mr. Arai. all Ms. Mori’s info got deleted from the system as well, and her resume’s full of fake info -the old direction hired her. Rena tells Teru about the call, and Teru gets her to tell Andy and Riko. they suggest talking to the police, so Riko takes Rena. Teru calls Kurosaki for a ride home, but while she’s talking to him, Mr. Arai grabs her and the call ends. when Kurosaki gets there, Teru’s gone and there’s blood on the ground
ch26: Kurosaki goes after Arai with Boss, but he tells Andy not to call the police yet. over with Teru, she’s been tied up by Arai… because she asked him to. honestly, he doesn’t have the energy to deal with her xD he even gives her phone back after she gets out of her bindings just so she’ll stop talking xD she secretly calls Kurosaki so he can hear what’s going on. Arai’s badly injured, and he only kidnapped Teru because he doubted they’d listen to him if he simply asked. he says Ms. Mori’s the one who stabbed him, and yes, he worked with her, but he mostly just did site maintenance until she told him to re-do the site (right before Daisy hacked it), but he copied the old data first, and he wants to give it to Daisy -the other reason he grabbed Teru. without this data, he’d be labeled the sole bad guy. he asks Teru to tell Rena sorry for him. before he can let Teru go, Ms. Mori calls the building. she’s filled the lower floors with gas, and she wants that USB drive; if it’s not brought to her in 3 minutes, she’ll blow the building. Kurosaki wants to tell Teru what to do, but she already knows. she comes out and hands Ms. Mori a cockroach x’DDDDDDDDDD Mr. Arai still has the USB drive in the building. Teru fights Ms. Mori in the water -they’re by the ocean- and nearly drowns by the time Kurosaki and Boss arrive. Kurosaki revives Teru and holds her as the chapter ends; she calls him Daisy and says she loves him
ch27: Teru fought hard, so now she’s unconscious in the hospital. Riko’s worried, but Kurosaki says she’s just tired; she gets like this. while she sleeps, Kurosaki goes to check on Mr. Arai -Andy’s there too. the story for the police is that Mr. Aria reached out to Teru and she went with him willingly; there was no kidnapping. Andy will also give him a job if he wants it when this is all over, but it’s not from kindness; they want to keep an eye on him so he doesn’t backstab them again. Andy also reminds him that there were some (Rena and Teru) who believed in his character, so he should live in a way that respects them/proves them right. now that Teru’s awake, Boss tells her exactly how far Kurosaki went to revive her after she nearly drowned; I want to believe he’s messing with her, but he seems so serious x’DDDD jeeeeeeeez…! Ms. Mori escaped, btw. Haruka and Rena show up to check on Teru! and Rena thanks Teru for saving Mr. Arai and hugs her ❤ while they’re laughing and catching up, Kurosaki comes by but leaves; Riko can tell something’s wrong, but she’s not sure. she reassures him that Teru doesn’t remember calling him Daisy which doesn’t seem to help. Teru chases after him, and they have a good moment in the courtyard where they mess with each other. Kurosaki’s seems to have made up his mind to leave, though… (dummy >=X )
ch28: life’s back to normal, and everyone’s back at school. Teru’s friends ask her with help for a magazine riddle, and when she gets it right, her head gets too big, so Kiyoshi makes up a riddle using a simplified computer code that she can’t solve xD but if she does solve it, he says he’ll perform “Butterfly” at karaoke -so now it’s serious. elsewhere, Riko and Kurosaki are playing /go/ (Andy calls it “othello” later; I’m not sure why; maybe that’s another name for it? I normally don’t question official translations, but I found this one to be weird), and Riko asks Kurosaki not to reveal himself as Daisy yet; things are finally quiet, and she doesn’t want Teru shocked. but he says he’ll have to tell her, and he’ll need Riko to be around to help Teru through the pain since he’ll be explaining everything -including that he’s the reason Soichiro died. Riko loses at /go/ after xD later at the Flower Garden (Boss’s café), Teru’s being treated by Andy while Riko and Kurosaki drink and keep playing go; she can’t beat him xD Andy hasn’t been eating much lately -he thinks from stress- and Teru gets scared because the same happened to her brother before they found out he had stomach cancer that was too far gone to be treated…  Andy promises to take better care of himself. he also asks if she knows an Akira because Mr. Arai mentioned the name, but Teru doesn’t. Boss has to take Riko home, and Teru walks with a very drunk Kurosaki; he becomes very childish when he’s super drunk xD Teru tests how drunk he is by giving him Kiyoshi’s code, and he figures it out in an instant. over with Boss and Riko, there’s a reason she drank so much but she says it’s a secret; if she thinks of it, she’ll cry. she starts crying. it’s about Kurosaki leaving… later, Teru’s with her friends for karaoke. since she got the answer -even though she didn’t solve it- Kiyoshi has to perform “Butterfly” and he’s all ready for it x’D while Teru’s finishing a call with Riko, a boy bumps into her that reminds her of her brother. this guy’s name is Akira, and we’re given a cryptic message that makes me think we’ll learn a lot more about him
ch29: one stormy night, Kurosaki shows up at Riko and Teru’s door with a puppy. he got a cryptic call from Takeda to meet him, but when Kurosaki showed up, Takeda wasn’t there -though his broken cell phone was- and there was a puppy. somehow, Kurosaki ended up taking the puppy home xD Kurosaki’s obviously worried about Takeda, so he makes Teru take care of the puppy to protect them. two of Teru’s friends have dogs, so they advise her on how to care for it (it’s a girl, btw), and randomly, we also get to see a pic of Kiyoshi during his karaoke performance; he said he’d do it right, and he wasn’t lying x’D well done, Kiyoshi xD while they have the puppy, Teru house trains it. during a very stressed time, Kurosaki yells at Teru and even the puppy flinches at his touch, but Teru helps him approach the puppy better and continues to take care of him. he calms down and apologizes. Teru make a missing pet poster and had a friend hang it where the puppy was found which is very helpful; she included Kurosaki’s number but also a fake name. when someone calls, Kurosaki puts on a persona for the alias xD it’s Takeda. that’s his puppy, and that’s what he wanted to show Kurosaki. he moved recently -which seemed weird to Riko- because his old place wouldn’t let him have the puppy -whose name is Kaoruko. throughout the chapter, Kurosaki keeps comparing the puppy to Teru ❤
extra chapter 1: set after the series ends (according to the page before the start of the extra chapters)? Teru gets a part time job in the café at Christmas time. there’ll be a party where the staff dress costumes like Santa-miniskirts. Kurosaki rushes over, but only Boss is wearing that; Teru’s in a normal Santa outfit. Kurosaki’s conflicted if he should be relieved or not xD
extra chapter 2: set after the series ends? it’s New Years and Riko, Boss, Teru, and Kurosaki are hanging out and playing games. Kurosaki already fell asleep from drinking. we learn that the 1st dream of the year should come true, and whether it was good or bad should predict the rest of your year; to ensure you have a good year, you should sleep with something precious to you under your pillow. so Teru falls asleep with her head on Kurosaki to guarantee good dreams (d’aww). Riko also drops some facts about the “Mt. Fuji, hawk/falcon, eggplant” thing; it’s a word play for “safety, high, and accomplishing things” respectively apparently
and that’s it for this volume! to read more of my review, please click here.

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