Rurouni Kenshin, part 12

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I keep falling behind on reviewing manga >.<; during this quarantine, I keep reading ongoing series. so to make up for that, I’ve decided to review another one of the series that I own. it’s always faster for me to read something I can hold in my hands >.>; so, here we go!

Rurouni Kenshin

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Since I own this series, I will be reading the official English translation. I have the omnibus volumes.
As Shishio Makoto’s Juppongatana warriors descend on Aoi-Ya and the Kyoto-based Oniwabanshuu, Kenshin, Sanosuke, and Saitou Hajime take the fight right to Shishio’s front door: his mountain stronghold. Sano tests both his fists and his powerful “Master of Two Layers” against the immovable Yuukyuuzan Anji, the very person who taught him that technique. Saitou matches blades with the homicidal “Blind Sword” Usui, while Kenshin and Shinomori Aoshi resume their match, which was put on hold back in Tokyo.
Meanwhile, Misao and her compatriots desperately try to turn the tide against a slew of Juppongatana fighters. With Yahiko and Kaoru getting in on the action, things begin to look slightly less insurmountable… and then the giant Fuji appears. Facing strength and skill that can literally reduce buildings into piles of kindling, Kenshin’s weary friends may lose all hope. Is there a swordsman alive who can stand up to Fuji’s horrific might?
I am going to be doing shorthand as I read.  These descriptions are really more of a reminder to myself about what all I have been able to read so far.  Sorry if this bothers anyone!  I will do a full description on the final review page of each series I read.
Every post past this point will be a spoiler, so please read ahead with caution!
ch118: I really like the cover art for this chapter ❤ Aoshi doesn’t think Kenshin can fight at full power without turning his blade, but Sanosuke reminds him that as the challenger, he doesn’t get a choice. Kenshin and Aoshi have both trained with the threat of death, but Kenshin learned how to reach full power without relying on his hitokiri’s bloodshed. they fight to prove it, and thanks to the will to live, Kenshin’s better. he tells Aoshi this; good sword skills alone won’t win; you have to have a goal after that to push towards, a life. according to Kenshin, as Aoshi is, he’s just using the excuse of his comrads deaths as a way to be a murderer; he’s disrespecting their memory. and Aoshi is shook
ch119: Kenshin’s words finally get through -after Aoshi pummels him in anger. Aoshi’s been woken up. now they must finish their fight so they can continue their lives
ch120: Shishio, Houji, and Seta try to guess who will win, but Shishio says if Aoshi wins, then he’ll just beat him -he’s not bothered. Sanosuke discovers that Yumi’s sending messages and tells Kenshin not to use his secret technique, but it’s too late. it’s too fast for Yumi to see, though xD Houji’s mad, Seta’s laughing, and Shishio figures out half the technique just from that info (that it’s a godspeed technique). Aoshi’s defeated but not killed
ch121: volume 15. Sanosuke smashes the telegraph machine Yumi’s been using, and the group’s off again; Aoshi will join later when he can move. over to Aoi-ya! the 4nin are injured but not dead; they just need to keep stalling. however, the police are under attack by 2 more of the 10 Swords, now on their way to Aoi-ya. the scythe woman turns out to be a man -and flashes Misao. Misao’s so traumatized that Okina lets Kaoru join her fight, and Yahiko takes on bat guy (Henya) alone. Henya’s upset by having such a weak opponent; he wanted to fight Kenshin, but Yahiko says he’s been watching Kenshin this whole time; if Henya can’t beat him, then he’s def not worthy of Kenshin. now Henya’s willing to fight
ch122: Henya is scarily thin. he uses dynamite to make himself airborne, riding the blasts of wind with man-made wings, and kills his opponents slowly. Yahiko can’t reach him, but he’s not giving up. scythe man threatens Kaoru’s life if she tries leaving the battle again. when Henya drops a large charge of dynamite to finish Yahiko off, Yahiko uses a door to ride the draft and strikes Henya from above using an imitation of Kenshin’s move. it knows Henya out, and Kaoru’s impressed. Yahiko’s growing up and getting stronger ❤
ch123: Henya’s defeated, but Yahiko’s injured and collapses. Kaoru’s not worried and tells Misao to focus. she also says that as a warrior, when she wears her dougi and steps into battle, she sees herself as gender neutral which scythe guy (Kamatari) relates to. he’s still stronger though. his weapon is 78lbs (jeez!), and he uses the counter weight as an extension of the weapon which sends Misao flying and breaks her ribs. Han’nya from beyond the grave tells her that Aoshi’s coming back, and Misao’s motivated to do what she can from her current position. as Kaoru strikes, Misao throws kunai until 1 hits the scythe just before Kaoru’s strike, breaking the scythe’s handle
ch124: Kaoru offers an end to the match, but Kamatari refuses; he lives his life to please Shishio even if Shishio will never love him as a woman (because he has Yumi) or respect him as a man (because he has Soujirou -who I keep calling Seta). they both fight with the handles of their broken weapons, but Kaoru’s able to use hers to break his knee (/ouch!/ holy crap, Kaoru!). he tries to take his life for failing Shishio, but Misao knocks him out. the lackeys run away when they decide that Iwanbou’s too stupid to win (which seems really rude and unfair? why’s everyone so mean to Iwanbou?). Iwanbou runs off. as Aoi-ya starts to celebrate their victory, the other 2 Swords arrive
ch125: Elder Saizuchi and giant Fuji arrive. Saizuchi explains why they’ll lose; Yahiko disregards that because he believes in Kenshin; Fuji attacks Yahiko; Kaoru thinks he’s dead, but Seijirou arrives and protects him. there’s hope!
ch126: Seijirou addresses Fuji directly and compliments his swing but says his armor’s weighing him down. when Saizuchi tries to make Fuji listen only to him, Seijirou silences Saizuchi. Fuji’s never been addressed as a warrior before; he cries tears of joy before shedding his armor. now they can fight
ch127: they’re at a standoff because they both recognize their opponent’s attack zone (Misao doesn’t get it; someone teach this girl something). Yahiko has total faith in Seijirou though. Seijirou taunts Fuji into attacking, and the blow’s strong enough to create a crater, but it missed. in 1 hit, Seijirou wins, but Fuji’s body’s strong enough that he didn’t die, and Saizuchi’s only knocked out, too. at Shishio’s lair, Kenshin hears Kaoru’s voice and knows Aoi-ya’s ok (which is super sweet because he admits that just the thought of her comforts him; awww~!! ❤ ). Sanosuke and Yumi think he’s delirious though xD time to run ahead!
ch128: Houji finds out that they’ve been defeated at Aoi-ya, so now Soujirou must fight for all 10 Swords alone. Kenshin vs Soujirou! Soujirou lets them know that Aoi-ya’s safe, so now the pressure’s off Kenshin and co, but it’s added to Soujirou. when they strike, Soujirou’s sword gets cracked, but then he shows he can be even faster
ch129: he uses shukuchi, or something a couple steps slower than it; it’s faster than Kenshin’s fastest moves. rather than going at actual top speed, Soujirou keeps making it a single step faster each time; in this chapter he goes from 3 to 2 steps (Idk why he’s toying with Kenshin when time’s weighing on him). even Kenshin’s newest move isn’t fast enough, but despite getting hit, Kenshin’s still standing and alive; Soujirou’s surprised

and that’s actually the end of the volume! I don’t have the next 1 with me, so this’s where I’ll stop this time.  to keep reading with me, please click <here>! thank you!

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