Soul Eater, part 9

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Soul Eater

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I do not own this manga, so I will be reading fan translations online.  I am going to be doing shorthand descriptions on each chapter.  These descriptions are really more of a reminder to myself about what all I have been able to read so far.  Sorry if this bothers anyone!  I will do a full description on the final review page of each series I read.

Every post past this point will be a spoiler, so please read ahead with caution!

ch44: if Kim’s discovered by the witches, she’ll be excommunicated. if Shibusen finds out, the witches will find out, and she’ll be alone. Kim started going to Shibusen to escape the witches.
in Death City, it turns out two of the girls, Risa and Arisa, from Chubacabra are also witches, and they’re passing info they got from Spirit to Mosquito! None of it seems important, though. Spirit and Sid request them personally, but it’s to take them into custody for questioning; they’ve been found out! Someone sent in a list of names; that’s how Shibusen found out; which means they know about Kim, too. Ox and Kilik are given the mission of talking to Kim when she returns. on a side note, Kilik can play the drum.
When Kim and Jackie return, an adult unrelated to Shibusen messes up the plan, and they bolt. Nygus hopes they don’t lose their way… once alone, Kim begins to imagine the worst, even that Ox will dislike her (his up front feelings always embarrassed her; she just wanted him to tone it down). Mosquito comes to get them and convinces Kim that Arachne will understand her. Jackie follows her technician, and they get in the car.
Arachnophobia’s attacking the East Asia and Africa branches with Brew (which they don’t actually have, so I’m not sure how this is working…). Also, Medusa was the one who sent in the list of witch names, and she’s returned to Shibusen! She’s currently in prison being questioned by Spirit, but she’s come to make a deal. She’s willing to give up the location of Baba Yaga Castle and the real Brew.

ch45: Time goes on as usual for the students; they have PE class. Ox defends Kim but gets beat up for it. Maka gets her dad’s ID so she and Soul can meet with Medusa during lunch break. Maka tries to find out where Chrona is, but Medusa doesn’t give an answer.
When Spirit comes later to feed Medusa, we find out the body Medusa is using belongs to Rachel Boyd who is 5 years old; she’s been missing for a month. Medusa also gives up Brew to Shibusen, but she won’t give Arachne’s position up without a deal. She wants to speak with Shinigami-sama directly; he agrees. Upon meeting, Shinigami-sama immediately hits her once over the head; it seems to hurt a lot xD she is then harassed/ignored as Shinigami-sama and Spirit discuss child undergarments vs woman undergarments (what in the world? xD this is a great way to diffuse the tension xD ). Medusa’s deal is that she will give up info about how to capture Baba Yaga Castle only if she is in charge of the attack.
At Baba Yaga Castle, Kim and Jackie have arrived. they’re separated, and Kim is taken to the moral manipulation machine; Jackie will be next… Arachne’s moved on to phase 3 of her plan, and Mosquito’s so happy about it.

ch46: Medusa’s plan needs someone with soul perception, someone who’s level headed with strategies, and someone strong. Shinigami-sama gets in contact with Tsubaki, but they can’t return in time, and Black Star still can’t handle Demon Blade Mode properly. They will head back, but they can’t help with the main operation. The teams seem to be: Maka and Soul, Ox and Harvar, and Kilik with Fire and Thunder. Kidd, Liz, and Patty will also be added as Medusa’s guards, and Azusa will keep an eye on her from a distance; if Medusa does anything, she will be shot on sight; Ox also plans to annihilate her for driving out Kim if she tries anything. Medusa agrees to all of this. the operation starts tomorrow at 6am.
South America, Amazon River Basin: Medusa explains that she will defend the students lives because she is serious about this battle; they follow her instructions. Thunder and Fire cry when they come to a river; Arachne’s magic is contaminating nature; as earth shamans, they can feel it. Medusa explains that if others could hear it, it would sound like children babbling, feelings that can’t be put into words. A mutated squid comes out of the river, and everyone must team up to defeat it. the students see first hand what witch magic can do. They soon come to a tunnel, guarded by one of the Mizune sisters.

ch47: the site I’m using only has 4 pages for this chapter, so I guess I’ll have to keep going?

ch48: it seems everyone got disguises. Medusa’s splitting the group! Kilik and Kidd will destroy two locks while Medusa’s people handle the other six. Maka will go with Medusa to perceive the final trap that’ll be keeping them from Arachne’s quarters. Maka tells ox to find Kim and bring her back. With that, everyone splits; Medusa used magic on each team so they’d know where to go.
Ox can also perceive souls, but not very well; he can usually sense Kim, though. Kilik sends him after Kim while Kilik goes ahead to destroy the lock. Ox and Harvar enter a room filled with strange smoke and split up. Ox finds Kim and Jackie, but Kim’s acting strange. She tries to come onto him, and he pushes her away. After helping her back up, she stabs him, saying that he’s boring and so are morals; she wants nothing to do with Shibusen anymore; Ox realizes she’s had the moral manipulation machine used on her; he’s also bleeding out.
the security alarm starts going off as someone charges towards the castle. Mifune realizes who it is. Black Star has arrived, and he can use Demon Blade Mode!

ch49: 300 soldiers come out to fight, and Tsubaki says they won’t be a problem to defeat. Mifune stops them, though. Black Star says that he’s chosen his path, and it’s not the path of a demon; he also says that Mifune’s been standing in his path. Black Star’s soul has no more doubt.
flashback to Nakatsukasa Mansion in Japan: Tsubaki’s name is Nakatsukasa Sanjuurou. he likes Black Star right away xD Black Star wants to beat everyone stronger than him, but Sanjuurou points out that that is the path of a demon; Black Star says he doesn’t care. Tsubaki remembers her brother also seeking power and how that led to his destruction; she fears the same for Black Star and prays for guidance; Black Star hears her. one night, Black Star’s looking at the sky when Tsubaki finds him; he says if the dark sky is him, then the sparkling stars are Tsubaki (what does that mean, Black Star?!). She says that doesn’t sound like him, and that the sky and stars all look like Black Star to her; he says he was just trying to say “thanks”, and she laughs and says she knows xD Black Star asks to meet the deer in the sword again to find out Nakatsukasa’s purpose. Tsubaki agrees, and Black Star trusts her to guide him.
once inside the sword, Black Star tells the deer to look at his soul because he didn’t come to talk. fallen souls who have become demons force their memories and emotions on Black Star, and he falls, realizing all their fear, regret, anger, and despair. he cries their tears for them, but he says those tears are not his own. he’ll take everything on his shoulders; he won’t go down the path of a demon who kills the living; instead he’ll take the path of the sword that revives the dead. the deer kneels before his resolve, and Tsubaki returns. Black Star vows to achieve her brother’s dream, and she smiles even as she cries.
back to the present! Black Star uses soul resonance to produce the Shadow Star First Kata: Black Chain (it looks so cool!). He and Mifune cross swords, and Black Star gets a small cut, but the battle is just beginning!

ch50: Havar kills Kim!? What!! Jackie doesn’t seem bothered, and we soon learn why. Kim can heal herself because she’s the Tanuki witch! Tanuki’s apparently rule regeneration. Ox calls her an angel. Havar wants to kill her in one shot, but Ox decides to fight normally instead; Harvar doesn’t like it, but he agrees. Kim is saddened that even Ox would fight against her. She reveals that witches are guided by magic; where there’s lots of magic, there is destruction. Witches are controlled by that instinct, but Kim’s magic is regeneration; she doesn’t fit with the other witches; Ox says that’s why she’s so beautiful. she says she finally feels like she has a place to belong, but she’s crying; she never fit with witches or with Shibusen, so she’s only trusted money which is impartial. she says nothing changes, and humans can’t either, not even Ox who styles his hair every morning without change. he powers up his soul, aggravating his wound, and rips off those silly pillars to remind her that people can change; if she has nowhere to go and she doesn’t want to go back to Shibusen, then he’ll make her a place to return to. she’s touched to the point of tears; I think he got through to her ❤
Jackie’s still under the machine’s control, though. Havar knocks her out, and Kim heals Ox; she even fixes his hair and kisses his nose (so cute ❤ ). Havar missed the kiss, so he doesn’t know what’s going on xD
towers 3, 5, 6, 4, and 7 have fallen. tower 1 has a magic tool army, and Mosquito’s heading for tower 8 where Kidd is. for some reason Liz and Patty are dressed as maids now. Kidd’s freaking out because his directions are no longer symmetrical; they help him make the final turn before Patty slams him into a wall xD this seems to help focus him. then Mosquito shows up… apparently Kidd has D-type blood. Free shows up by mistake; he was supposed to be at tower 2, though xD
why did this site show Havar attacking Kim in the last two pages? that already happened right?

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