Seishun Otome Banchou!

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Since I do not own this manga and it has not been translated into English, I read this on sites with fan translations.  I think the translations were pretty good, but I may have gotten some things wrong.

This series is 13 chapters long, spread out between 3 volumes (apparently).  My review will be below, and if you continue reading below the stars, you will see my explanation and my recounting of what I read.

Every post past this point will be a spoiler, so please read ahead with caution!


Review time!

5 star review

Plot: 1 star. I guess if this manga has a plot it’d be about getting Touma to see the real Mihane which I think he absolutely does. I don’t think it’s the simple plot of “getting together with Touma” or even him noticing her because I think it’s more than that. He had to get to know her; that was the original bet(deal?) in chapter 1, and I think this series completes that plot. So, yes, it develops a plot, sticks to the plot, and completes the plot (though the relationship is ongoing, and they definitely have more to learn about each other; that final chapter teaches all of us a lot about each character x’D ).

Art: 1 star. Hands down, 1 star, and I wish I could give more simply for the diverse expressions. All of the expressions crack me up in this story! And I love the art style aside from the crazy expressions. The characters are cute and diverse, and everyone looks so soft and pretty (unless they’re not supposed to which is its own great thing). Beautiful art, beautiful characters, and they’re all very expressive. I knew what was going on at each point, even Mihane’s intricate dances and reactions xD

Story Progression: 1 star. I think this manga does a really good job with story telling. I think the transitions between chapters are great; the use of flash backs are well placed. The story as a whole flows really well; nothing feels rushed about the pacing or about how the relationships develop.

Genre: 1 star. This manga is so spot on as comedy, romance, and shoujo! There is no doubt in my mind about how funny this manga is; I’ve read it at least five times now, and it still makes me laugh myself to tears. The development of Mihane and Touma’s relationship is definitely romantic. Even before they’re in a romantic relationship, Mihane is gearing the story towards trying to get in a romantic relationship with Touma, so romantic vibes are there at the start. And with the female main perspective, romantic issues, and general school life shenanigans, then I definitely say it’s a shoujo. I guess it could also be given school life, but that’s more of a sub genre that’s optional; definitely not required.

Enjoyment: 1 star. I WANT TO GIVE SO MUCH MORE THAN ONE STAR!! I love this manga so much!! Between the comedy and the art, there’s also so much story! I LOVE how well the manga balances ridiculous reactions and expressions with actual common sense reactions. I like that it points out shoujo tropes and blows them out of the water. I like that the characters think and react in healthy ways as they develop. I like the ridiculous stuff when it’s not important and then the serious talks and mature reasoning when it is important. I like that the best friend is absolutely terrifying and is a complete troll despite looking like an angel xD I like that the main character can accept when she’s harassed her love interest into being mad at her, and she understands that yes, that was her fault! I like when a gangster looking character attacks out of nowhere that that is actually questioned by the main character and is even reprimanded by the gangster’s friend! This is a short series, but it has a lot of heart and a lot of laughter, and the art is still amazing while also being hilarious. Kudos all around.

If you need a quick read to cheer up your day, then definitely read this one. If you ever have the opportunity to own it, I absolutely encourage you to buy this. The mangaka deserves every penny and yen and so much more for creating this series.

This story has reached and/or surpassed my criteria, so it has earned 5 stars!
I highly recommend anyone to read this if they like crazy facial expressions!

If you’d like to read my full review, please click here.

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