Kamisama Hajimemashita, part 4

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I used to read this years ago when it was still ongoing, and this past week, a friend mentioned that it was finally completed.  I didn’t intend to do another shoujo, but I used to love this series!  I wanna know how it ends!!  So, here we go!

Kamisama Hajimemashita (image from: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kamisama_Kiss)

I don’t own this manga, so I will be reading fan translations online.

I am going to be doing shorthand as I read.  These descriptions are really more of a reminder to myself about what all I have been able to read so far.  Sorry if this bothers anyone!  I will do a full description on the final review page of each series I read.

Every post past this point will be a spoiler, so please read ahead with caution!

ch43: the demons of Yomi try to get Nanami to eat something, but Kirihiko (now called Wuren? I think it’s a translation thing) kicks it out of her hand; if she eats of the underworld, she can’t return. for some reason, he’s not rotting anymore? they run away, and Itohiko shows up shortly after to look for them before being called away to the summit. Nanami and co are approached by the familiars of Izanami, the god of Yomi-no-Kuni. Izanami takes the form of Kayako since her true form can’t be seen anymore. she prepares a feast for the eyes since they can’t eat the food of Yomi xD Nanami asks for the exit, and Izanami is willing to give it to her; only her. Kirihiko’s using a dead man’s body; he can’t return. Nanami eats from the feast so that she can stay, too. OR SO IT SEEMS!! she hid a talisman under her food, turning into food from the surface; good girl!

ch44: Nanami writes a talisman to look for Kirihiko. in the meantime! we get a flashback of his rebirth! his soul was bound to a mountain where the real Kirihiko died. as his soul left, Kirihiko offered his body to the bound soul with a request to tell an apology to his mother. because of “boredom” Akura-ou agrees. when he wakes, he apologizes to the mother and continues living in Kirihiko’s body, but he doesn’t like how fragile humans are; he still has his old demonic impulses; he wants his real body back, so he uses Kayako. if she can become a god, he’ll have a chance, but now, he’s lost in the darkness again; was it all a dream? then Nanami appears, bringing light into the room; he’s so relieved, he hugs her, but she of course freaks out xD saving him because no one would is apparently a very human thing to do (I think it’s a very kind -aka Nanami- thing to do). Nanami mentions Tomoe the fox, and Kirihiko def remembers Tomoe…
back at their shrine, Kotetsu and Onikiri play with the lucky mallet, making themselves bigger and creating money xD Tomoe puts them back to normal when he finds out xD Otohiko’s familiar brings a message about Nanami falling into Yomi; now Tomoe and Kotetsu are going to save her!

ch45: the reason Kirihiko hasn’t been rotting this whole time is because he cut part of Nanami’s hair to wrap around his wrist; if you’re touching part of a god, you’re protected from Yomi (good to know =O ). they race towards the exit, but it’s now blocked by the jerk god from before. Tomoe’s here now, though! 8D and he’s arguing with a god xD who soundly beats him >.<; familiars can’t beat gods…. but yokai might >3 they use the lucky mallet to remove Tomoe’s bounds as a familiar, restoring his old power.
down in Yomi, Nanami tries to buy Kirihito (I’ve been spelling it wrong; oops xD;;; ) time by facing the demon who’s pursuing them. she doesn’t have to fight long before Tomoe arrives to save -and question- her xD in the distance, Kirihito recognizes Tomoe

ch46: Kirihito escapes with them, but Tomoe catches him, wanting answers. Kirihito manages to get the jump on Tomoe and cut his hand before escaping. Tomoe’s more worried about Nanami who has passed out (he almost remembers something, but *shrugs*). Nanami awakens back at Izumo where she has food and nice lodgings. Mizuki’s with her, but Tomoe’s missing. Ookinushi (main god here, this is his shrine; also the god of wealth, apparently; that was his lucky mallet that Narukami borrowed forever ago; it’s now returned to him xD). he explains that Tomoe’s been imprisoned since he’s a wild yokai now, not a familiar. Nanami rushes off to fix this while Ookinushi talks about letting go. Mizuki asks him to also say this to Tomoe, but Ookinushi prefers his safety xD at the prison, Nanami tries to make Tomoe her familiar again, but he refuses; it’s none of her business. she leaves it in his hands and goes to the Summit; it’s already the 4th day. she barely makes it in time to meet her agreed upon deadline, so the other gods must let her in. after finishing her marriage charms (she doesn’t have as many as the other gods xD), she meets the maker of healing elixirs. she trades a premium meat bun for some, giving them to Tomoe through Mizuki. when Mizuki visits Tomoe in prison, Tomoe opens up about some things. like how the shackles do hurt him a lot -because of their divinity- and how he thought he was drawn to Nanami because he was her familiar, but even with that broken, he’s still drawn to her; wtc is this? Mizuki interprets that Tomoe likes Nanami; so what if she’s his god? this is apparently an epiphany. Tomoe returns the elixir to Nanami, and she dreams he kisses her, but Idk because that’s the end of the chapter!! Dx>

ch47: we go to Tomoe’s perspective. he apparently broke out of prison? xD regardless, he does kiss Nanami and become her familiar again. she’s very happy about this, but whenever she gets all flustered around him, it makes him want to tease her (what a jerk), so she’s not sure why he became her familiar again if he “hates” it so much. Nanami helps Inanohime with her work load since she has the time, and the goddess needs the help xD Tomoe’s punishmen -since he’s a familiar again- is to feed the goldfish; that’s it. while they have time, Nanami wants to go to the human world, so he takes her. she keeps mentioning love and dates but she knows he doesn’t like her, so he shouldn’t feel pressured, and the poor boy is so pressured; he’s getting so many mixed messages on top of his own confused feelings; he doesn’t know what’s going on anymore. he lets his temper show, making Nanami cry, making him apologize and tease her until she fights back. that night, Mizuki imparts lots of wisdom in the form of constant complaints while Tomoe’s trying to sleep xD

ch48: Tomoe keeps causing trouble because he has no sense as a man xDDD that basically summarizes all of Tomoe’s actions this chapter xD other than that, Nanami manages to meet Mikage who’s been avoiding Tomoe. he explains why it’s taboo for humans and demons to be together. human lives and emotions are too fleeting; demons love too deeply and can be easily scarred even by other demons. in the past, Tomoe did love a human girl (name Yukiji), but Mikage has erased that to spare Tomoe. Nanami wants to know why Mikage chose her then; Mikage wants Tomoe to realize humans aren’t weak, to let his fate twine with theirs, and for him to choose her. Mikage will not appear to Tomoe until he’s strong enough not to need Mikage anymore. when Tomoe tries to approach, Mikage vanishes

ch49: the summit is now over. Nanami has a short convo with Ookuninushi about love; he says love isn’t taboo; human, demon, whatever; it depends on the individuals involved. Nanami asks Tomoe to return to the shrine first; she wants to do something in the human world. she has a chat with Kayako who’s actually a decent friend under all the crap. they talk girl stuff and about Kirihito. even if he says Kayako is useless, it’s her choice to follow and help him. Nanami is inspired to keep striving forward -but she forgot to give Kayako Ookuninushi’s message about a date ^^;

ch50: back at school! Kei’s making Nanami and Kei join her on a group date. the only guy worth drawing in this style is Kohiruimaki (who gives me the creeps; omg Dx) of course Tomoe, Mizuki, and Kurama tail the event, but after Mizuki exposes them, Tomoe leaves like there’s no problem which of course depresses Nanami; she’s on a DATE and he doesn’t even care D,x creep guy shows up, and they go outside to talk; despite saying he already has a girlfriend, he’s flirting with her super hard >( when he takes her hand, Tomoe kicks him xD then scares him off with snake-Mizuki (good!). he runs away and Tomoe drags Nanami away. she finally figures out that he’s upset because she was with a guy, and she’s loving this, but Mizuki ruins her teasing by turning back to his human form xD meanwhile, Kurama stayed behind to sing, making everyone else’s night

ch51: over with Kirihito, he’s approached by the demon Yatori who wants to help rescue Akura-ou’s body. he’s willing to deliver the highest spirit of Kurama Mountain as proof of his power/devotion; he’s “mastered” the tengu there (what does that mean? o.o). Kirihito’s cool with this. Yatori’s mask is alive, though, and they both know that Kirihito is Akura-ou; they plan to use him.
over to Nanami! on her way to school, she meets a tengu child named Botanmaru; he’s looking for the cheif’s 3rd oldest son who came to the human world 7 years ago at the age of 12: Shinjirou. Nanami vows to help! turns out, it’s Kurama xD the chapter later says 17 years ago, so it must’ve been a typo before *shrugs* the mountain’s in trouble since Soujoubou became ill; Jirou, his 2nd son, has become the 4th chief which many opposed. Jirou’s beaten Botanmaru plenty, and when Kurama sees his wounds, he decides to go the mountain; he used to be beaten, too. tengu children can’t survive away from the mountain, so Botanmaru collapses because of the lower world’s poison. Botanmaru wants to be just like Kurama because Kurama (according to stories) was also born small -like Botanmaru- and though he faced beatings, he refused to cry; he became strong enough to leave when he was only 12. apparently, a lot of tengu run away.
also side note, tengu children are rare. and Kurama says their women aren’t as pretty as humans xD

ch52: Kurama flashes back to his childhood. he was a late flyer, and at the age of 5, he was already demanding equality among the tengu ranks. he’s the only son of the chief. he decided to live in the dorms with the other boys, and when Suirou was kind to him, that was the first time anyone had ever been kind to him. he rarely/never got to see his father.
back to present! Kurama tries to dissuade Nanami from coming with them to the mountain, but that obviously fails xD Tomoe comes too, of course. the mountain path is surrounded by fog, so they have to be careful. Kurama realizes the fog is enchanted, but when he sees Suirou, he gets caught in an illusion. because he wasn’t strong enough to fly, Suirou -who was the fastest flier and so kind- was injured and lost his wings. I’m guessing that’s when Kurama ran away. the illusion makes a move to kill Kurama, blaming him for “his” (fake Suirou’s) past injuries, but a flute in the distance snaps Kurama out of it. the group gets back together, and they keep going

ch53: they find a house where Suirou lives; he’s kind to everyone but won’t look or talk to Nanami; thankfully, Tomoe has her back. Suirou won’t even let her use the restroom in his house; she’s have to use the 1 down the path -thankfully it’s well maintained. on her way back, she meets more tengu children and a withering tree. they’re forbidden to talk or look at women on this mountain, and this tree houses the spirit of the forest. it’s dying, and when it dies, so will the mountain. Yatori plans to dispose of it in proclamation of Jirou’s new era of rule -Jirou’s not ok with this or Yatori’s messy eating, but he’s “clearly” the best suited to be the new chief because he’s the strongest; he trains day and night to ensure it. anything not strong deserves to die (so rude). he kills a baby boar to demonstrate this (SO RUDE!!). Nanami makes the tree bloom to ease the children who run back to the temple to tell the good news that their chief will recover thanks to the fairy woman (Nanami) they met. the tree withers again, and Jirou arrives to see his first woman (Nanami); he is smitten xD

ch54: he’s still rough though. he threatens to break Nanami’s wrist if she doesn’t answer his questions, but thankfully Mamoru bites him, and she gets away. she’s terrified of him. Jirou can’t look at her since he doesn’t know how to deal with women; she’s not happy with this, but she has to accept it xD the elder tengu arrive, wanting Kurama to become the next chief instead of Jirou; Suirou makes them leave so Kurama doesn’t have to give an answer; he leaves to clear his head. Suirou’s always been by Kurama’s side, and even as a child, Kurama never asked for help; he asks Nanami to take Kurama and Botanmaru and leave the mountain. Nanami says she came with Kurama, so she’ll only leave when he says it’s time. Kurama wants to break into the temple to give the elixir to his dad, but he and Tomoe decide that won’t work. Nanami asks what he wants to do, and Kurama asks them to please help him ❤

ch55: we see that tengu are being ejected from the temple left and right for being “weak”. Yatori taunts Jirou about his wards being unstable like his heart, but Jirou has an IRON WILL AND WILL NOT FAULTER; DISTRACTIONS ARE FOR THE WEAK (man, he gets on my nerves). Nanami and Tomoe must share a room; Tomoe puts a divider between them xD Kurama comes over to discuss their plan of action! they have to be invited in; once inside, they’ll split into 2 groups; 1 will get Jirou drunk/distracted while the other will look for Soujoubou. Tomoe refuses to leave Nanami’s side, and Botanmaru wants to go with Kurama, but Kurama wants to leave Botanmaru behind to protect him. arguing ensues, and Nanami declares she and Botanmaru will look for Soujoubou while Kurama and Tomoe distract Jirou. Kurama will be invited in as the “land god” with Tomoe as his familiar -totally full proof (tengu can be land gods, though, so maybe? it was Nanami’s plan). that night, Nanami wanders into Tomoe’s futon while he’s fighting with his feelings. he gets close to her, and of course that’s when she wakes up; she hurries back to her futon, wondering if it was a dream. time for the plan!

ch56: Nanami gives Kurama a talisman to give him command over Tomoe; it really works x’D Tomoe illusions more followers to make their entrance grand, and it gets them inside. Kurama plans to get Jirou drunk with 1 drink, but it doesn’t phase him; Jirou even figures it out! Kurama is defeated, so Tomoe takes over by transforming into Nanami; this definitely uneases Jirou xD the wards Nanami and Botanmaru were lost in begin to fade, so they hurry ahead while Tomoe distracts Jirou xDDD Tomoe gets mad though; he sees himself in Jirou (what? no; Tomoe, no; how?!). Yatori shows up, telling Jirou about the ones who snuck in. before Tomoe can run off, Kurama commands him to stay -good luck, Kurama; you better have a plan

ch57: they’re immediately imprisoned xP way to go, Kurama. Nanami and co find Soujoubou, but he’s not sick; his soul’s been taken by Yatori (as a demonstration to Kirihito). Yatori tricked Soujoubou by presenting a letter “from his son, Shinjirou”; the letter was somehow trapped, and now, so is Soujoubou. Nanami gives Jirou a good talking to about how he shouldn’t fight alone before Yatori convinces him to leave. as he goes, he runs into the tengu children who are terrified, and he only now realizes. Nanami uses Mamoru to bind Yatori

ch58: he says she’ll never find Soujoubou’s soul within the temple; when she tries, Jirou’s wards stop her talisman. thanks to Botanmaru, she realizes she needs to break the wards, and she manages to do so (the tengu can’t look or touch her lest they fall into vulgarity, so she has no opposition xDDDD). once free, Botanmaru gives talismans to Kurama and Tomoe so they can all look for Soujoubou’s soul; Jirou also overhears everything that’s really happened (man, he’s stupid). Nanami finds it, and Jirou arrives to clear the way. the cavern of the Raijiuyuu (which destroyed Suirou’s wings 17 years ago -protecting Shinjirou) was sealed off to protect them, but that’s where the soul seems to be. Jirou tells Nanami to stay put, but she decides to come, too, waking the beast. Jirou shields her from its attack without regret

ch59: it destroys his wings; he’ll never fly again. Tomoe arrives and defeats the Raijiuyuu, and after, it spits up Soujoubou’s soul. Jirou’s life is saved by the elixir; he and Soujoubou will recover. Nanami will stay until Jirou wakes up, and with Soujoubou guiding him and correcting him, he does wake.

ch60: thanks to the elixir, Jirou’s wings grow back. Nanami now has to figure out what to do about his confession to her x///D Tomoe says whatever she decides is fine. everyone’s going flower viewing tonight before they leave. Jirou flies Nanami away to talk with her within the tree; poor Tomoe doesn’t even realize how affected her is by it; he says she can do what she wants, but Kurama reminds him that a man who doesn’t speak his desires will go unheard. Jirou asks Nanami how she likes the area, and she says she likes it. he asks if she’ll stay here, but retracts the offer before she can refuse. he asks if she’ll stay just a little longer though. they talk about the elixir; she plans to give it to Tomoe if he ever decides to leave her; she hopes it will heal him in her place since he’s too strong to need protection.
back at the ground, Nanami gets drunk xD Tomoe carries her down the mountain on his back; she babbling mostly nonsense, but when she says she likes him, he says he likes her, too ❤ Kurama is waiting for them; he is beyond ready to go xD

ch61: it’s the New Year! Nanami’s been the land god for almost a year! time to go get the zodiac for the year! btw, she’ll never get married, but she hopes to marry off Himemiko and Koutaru. collecting the zodiac is a job for familiars, but Nanami, of course, demands to come, too. there’re tori/gates for each one, and they must review their lives from the last 12 years for the ceremony. Tomoe and Mizuki go in last but come out before Nanami. … Oops. when she emerges, it’s her from 12 years ago. she attacks Mizuki on sight xD they see her life 12 years ago; her father was accumulating debt, but making his living sound fine to his young daughter who didn’t realize how bad things were until men came to harras her mother at home. her mother is sick, Tomoe and Mizuki can tell, but I don’t think Nanami knows… Tomoe never knew this part of her past; he wants to see more.

ch62: long ago, Nanami’s ancestor drank from a magic spring, making her beautiful; they only pass on girls, no sons, and they always marry crappy men. her mother warns her against men/marriage, so little Nanami makes that her mantra; grow big on her own, no men! Tomoe now understands where she gets her independence xD her mother dies; her father’s still horrible, and Nanami continues to grow up. Mizuki tries to pull her out again, but Tomoe decides to play through it with her instead; they run away together, leaving Mizuki behind xD Tomoe focuses on what she focuses on: sweets, families, sunsets. she sees him as a big brother, which she always wanted. she doesn’t want to go home at the end of the day because she’ll be alone because men are awful; she refuses to marry. Tomoe explains that depends on the man; if she chose the right one, say him for example, he’d make sure she was happy and never alone. she wants to know if he likes her, and he says he does. he asks if she’ll marry him, and she agrees ❤ which would be great except she’s a child, so it’s a bit creepy, Tomoe.

ch63: thankfully, Nanami remembers none of it xD Tomoe’s both terrified and relieved; the child who was so full of light is gone (demons need to stay away from these kids; they get too excited together). they find a dragon of the new year, but it’s a child and not the god in charge. Nanami convinces it to show them the way. the god was looking for this baby dragon! he’s worried he won’t be good enough as a god, but Nanami encourages him. in thanks, he gives them the seal they need as well as giving a gift for Nanami: a picture of her mother; they’d all be lost in a fire years ago; she couldn’t even remember what her mother looked like <=’) Mizuki hopes she’ll never marry and will always be his master. she says she won’t marry… probably ;D

To read part 5, then please click here!

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