Soul Eater, part 8

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Soul Eater

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I do not own this manga, so I will be reading fan translations online.  I am going to be doing shorthand descriptions on each chapter.  These descriptions are really more of a reminder to myself about what all I have been able to read so far.  Sorry if this bothers anyone!  I will do a full description on the final review page of each series I read.

Every post past this point will be a spoiler, so please read ahead with caution!

So, for those who have heard of the anime, this is where the anime and manga differ. This blog isn’t about reviewing anime, but Soul Eater is one of those series that goes very differently in the anime than in the manga, and the split in continuity happens with the character we met last time, Buttataki Joe. He changes everything. And that’s all I’m going to say about that. Back to the manga!

ch38: Joe and Marie had a relationship previously, but Joe broke it off. Spirit calls Joe “BJ”. Sid’s partner’s full name is Mira Nygus, and she’s a “demon knife”. Sid’s full name is Sid Barrett. Justin Law was ordered to start searching for the Kishin on May 22nd. Marie came in sexy and confident to the interview with Joe xD he’s so shaken; I love it! and Spirit’s just laughing it up (in secret) xD and Spirit’s trying to give her pointers on stressing her ex, but she doesn’t get it (I love how this manga has light hearted moments with serious ones xD ) Joe senses the disturbance in Marie’s wavelength and guides her into destroying it with her “Internal Generation”, frying it.
back with our crew of kids, Black Star’s been examined by Nygus. she tells him he can’t use Demon Blade mode anymore because he’s only human; his soul is worn out, and more exposure will kill him. feeling like he has to prove himself, he challenges Kidd -who’s literally a god- to a duel. Maka overhears frog Eruka ((sorry I’ve been spelling her name wrong)) mention Medusa to Chrona.

ch39: Maka realizes that Medusa is alive. Maka literally runs into Medusa, but she doesn’t realize it’s her because Medusa looks like a little girl (Rachel). Stein also calls Joe “BJ” ((is it BJ?)). Stein’s no longer smoking; if he can resist smoking, then he can resist the insanity. Joe’s the first technician to be able to break through a witch’s soul protect! Joe asks Marie out to dinner, wanting to renew their relationship, and she says yes ❤
the fight between Black Star and Kidd: (I actually had to stop and take a breath during this; it’s so intense) Black Star’s inferiority complex is blocking his soul wavelength; even Kidd says that despite his faster speed and stronger strength that Black Star is actually weaker now than when they first fought. Black Star’s eyes get stars in them like his father, White Star; Sid says that he’s going down the path of the kishin. Kidd tells him to stop, and he tells Kidd to kill him (insert breath here). it took an innumerable number of blows to put Black Star down (insert heart breaking here).
in Death City: Stein smokes a cigarette. Joe’s late getting to the restaurant because he’s following his soul perception. he detects seven witches and insanity from lots of sources, including Soul’s Black Blood. he follows the insanity, but… the next we know, Marie was stood up at the restaurant, and Stein’s being arrested for BJ’s murder.

ch40: Spirit, Sid, Nygus, and Marie believe that Stein is innocent; Marie leaves with Stein to find BJ’s killer; the others will report that Stein escaped and took Marie. as Marie cries, Stein finally looks focused again (insert hope blooming).
elsewhere: Tsubaki asks Black Star to come to her family’s home in Japan; he agrees since he wants a break from school. also, apparently he and Maka are Japanese, so it sounds interesting to him.
at Maka and Soul’s apartment: Soul can tell that Maka’s troubled. she promises to talk to him about it tomorrow and feels better. when she goes to talk to Chrona the next day, though, Chrona’s gone. Maka’s convinced it’s Medusa. ((This is a really short chapter compared to the others…))

ch41: Maka and Kidd (and weapons) go to Russia on a mission. while Maka and Soul go ahead, Kidd starts to worry about the symmetry in his home, and Liz realizes the factory is a monster, so she lets them leave xP inside, Maka and Soul are attacked by the Flying Dutchman (he’s back!) who declares himself a prisoner of insanity; he also says The Clown will rise to give people their freedom. the clown appears, and it has the same wavelength as Asura

ch42: Maka fights the clown, and it tries to infect her with its insanity. Blair steals the Flying Dutchman’s hat xD the clown gets to Maka, but Soul frees her from the insanity; she realizes that it is courage that lets you fight insanity; Soul also explains that souls are fascinated by insanity which is why they can fall into it so easily, but with courage, one can resist it, though the ride is exciting (that was my poorly worded take away anyway). Maka’s soul can be described with the sound of G, very straight forward. their Witch Hunter evolves into Warlock Hunter

ch43: Blair lures the Flying Dutchman into the trap intended for her, and it kills him. Maka and Soul defeat the clown, but it’s soul isn’t edible(?). turns out the Flying Dutchman survived (there was a lot of blood though)! Blair tricks the Flying Dutchman to press the self destruct button; it only affects him and the factory, so everyone else is fine xD
back at Shibusen, Sid admits that he let Stein go, and Shinigami-sama is fine with it. they got an anonymous tip that 3 students were witches. one of them is Kim! she looks like a tanuki! (that’s so cute, but this is seriously bad)

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Soul Eater, part 7

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Soul Eater

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I do not own this manga, so I will be reading fan translations online.  I am going to be doing shorthand descriptions on each chapter.  These descriptions are really more of a reminder to myself about what all I have been able to read so far.  Sorry if this bothers anyone!  I will do a full description on the final review page of each series I read.

Every post past this point will be a spoiler, so please read ahead with caution!

ch31: while trying to get on the train and deal with the enemy, Kidd decides to do skateboard tricks over the desert hills xD Pole Fisher disconnects the rear cars -that Kidd and co are in…then jumps there to avoid Mizune’s attack xD he gets to the main car again (with Kidd and co in tow) and tries to get the demon tool “Eternal Spring”, but Kidd defeats him and gets the tool first. Part of the tool is the wind-up key that Kidd grabs, but the other part is the box it was in. Inside the box are the signatures of Eibon and Shinigami-sama! Fisher says they knew each other, but before he can say more, Sid kills him.
back in Death City: the party ends, and Chrona walks back to Shibusen alone (always a mistake), and along the way, Medusa shows up. she asks Chrona to look for Shibusen’s secret vault and spy on everyone. Chrona tries to resist because she doesn’t want to betray her friends, but Medusa pressures her with faked parental affection (>xP). Chrona agrees, and Medusa leaves

ch32: Kidd’s trying to do research at the library, but since he’s a 1 star technician, he can’t see past level 1. 3 star technicians have access to level 2, faculty can access level 3, and only death scythes and senior technicians can access level 4. turns out the book Kidd needs was (probably) borrowed by Medusa; it was never returned.
elsewhere in the school: everyone wants to hear Soul play piano. Maka listens to trance fusion; everyone else looks down on it, even Black Star xD also elsewhere: Shinigami-sama sends Justin Law to help Azusa draw out the Kishin; she’s the eyes, and he’s the legs. Chrona tries to find the secret vault, but she gets caught by Marie who’s lost. Ragnarok pretends that he and Chrona are also lost, and Marie spends the next 2 hours getting them back to Chrona’s room; Marie’s very directionally challenged xD Erika visits Chrona on Medusa’s order. they give Chrona a pen that has a microphone; she has to put that with Marie so they can hear what’s going on. but the pen actually has a snake that has the microphone. Chrona puts it in Marie’s coffee, and she unknowingly drinks it. Chrona’s happy that Medusa might praise her, but when she thinks of Marie, she cries.

ch33: Arachnophobia’s found Eibon’s demon tool “Tempest”/”Brew”. We meet 1 star students: Kilik Lunge (pot technician to the pots of fire and thunder), Ox Ford (spear technician to the demon lightning spear, Havar D. Eclair), and Kim Diehl (lamp technician to demon lamp, Jacqueline O. Lantern Dupre). Sid goes after Mifune while Justin fights Giriko. Stein and Marie go into the barrier, but then our students are attacked! Ox and Kim will fight them off while everyone else goes into the barrier to see what happened to Stein and Marie; Ox apparently loves Kim who’s only looking for a rich guy, so Ox continues to study hard. Kilik also stays behind to fight (he and Black Star have a bro-fist moment). inside the barrier, everyone sees Shinigami-sama

ch34: inside the barrier, we see the past. Arachne lured Shinigami-sama to the area, then blew up the facility, causing the magnetic field. according to modern Arachne, Brew is Eibon in that it’s very special. Kim gives the retreat signal after Stein and Marie stay within the barrier for the allotted 20 minutes, ending an epic duel between Sid and Mifune. Stein’s too filled in insanity to continue, so our students begin searching for the tool while he and Marie evacuate; staying in the magnetic field for more than 20 minutes makes you an afterimage, and you can die. they run upon Mosquito who has the demon tool! since his current body’s already at the 20 minute limit, he reverts 100 years younger to become stronger. someone new appears

ch35: it’s Eibon! an afterimage anyway. Kidd hesitates, but Black Star and Maka start fighting. Mosquito’s form from 100 years ago was his toughest; our students must match wavelengths in order to beat him! while Soul deals with his inner demon, it calls him by his last name, Evans. outside the magnetic field, Kilik and Ox won, and Marie and Stein make it out of the field. Marie tries to keep the other students out by threatening expulsion, but they go in anyway. inside, Mosquito’s just too powerful; Soul worries about the black blood infecting the whole group, but his blood demon assures him it shouldn’t. he’s going to play the piano in his soul (wat) to make their group soul resonance work; Soul hopes his insanity will reach them (which makes way more sense than his soul creating audible music for everyone to hear and attune to; letting his insanity from the black blood touch them so they can feel each other makes much more sense). then Eibon appears again, and Kidd acts surprised? (didn’t this already happen at the start of the chapter?)

ch36: …. the site I’m reading has the same chapter for ch 35 and ch 36… I’m going to skip to ch 37 then; Idk what I missed along the way, but woops

ch37: Soul’s demon monologues; it wants him to play his piano of insanity; apparently, Soul’s blood is boiling; he tries to act cool and remain aloof, but it’s not how he feels; some people in his past made him look at the world with spite and without enjoyment; he’s been bored as his soul rots as he resists himself (or that’s my understanding of the monologue; it’s very interesting). with Soul playing, everyone can synchronize their fighting. just before it seems they’ll win, Soul stops the fight. he realized Mosquito could keep transforming, but their group is out of time; Mosquito lets them go. the group meets up with Kilik and Ox; Kilik lends a shoulder to Black Star who’s fighting for breath (I think he stayed in Demon Blade mode too long; I think his soul took a hit). everyone makes it out of the barrier, and Marie greets them with a hug and a threat of punishment xD Sid charges Maka with giving a mission report to Shinigami-sama. back at Baba Yaga Castle, Mosquito informs Arachne that Brew is broken; she’s fine with that since no one else knows; Shibusen will think she has the functioning tool which is a good enough bluff/reward for her. somewhere on Earth, Erika gives the real Brew to Medusa who admits she planned the whole thing, including Stein’s insanity through Marie thanks to the snake microphone inside of her; when Stein and Marie try to resonate, it’ll trigger Stein’s insanity (which counteracts why Marie was chosen as his parter, since her wavelength is supposed to calm his insanity). back at Shibusen, Shinigami-sama decides to call in Internal Affairs, aka: Mole Hunter Buttataki Joe (this translation has a note that “buttataki” means “beat the s*** out of”… seems an appropriate name).

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Soul Eater, part 6

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I do not own this manga, so I will be reading fan translations online.  I am going to be doing shorthand descriptions on each chapter.  These descriptions are really more of a reminder to myself about what all I have been able to read so far.  Sorry if this bothers anyone!  I will do a full description on the final review page of each series I read.

Every post past this point will be a spoiler, so please read ahead with caution!

ch25: the golem has a soul wavelength. Sou’s been using enchanter techniques to encode his memory genetically for 800 years; he’s lived for 30 lifetimes O.O also he’s a demon weapon, specifically “Evil Demon Weapon and Puppet Engineer, Giriko”. Maka offers 15 pieces of candy to Ragnarok to get him to join the fight. “The Heretic” witch, Arachne (the oldest of the 3 Gorgon sisters) dispersed her body as spiders 800 years ago and hid her soul in the golem in order to hide from Shibusen. Witch Arachne made the first demon weapon by using a witch’s soul. Lord Shinigami dispatched Justin Law as backup to Maka’s group. Chrona vows to protect Maka who can’t move because of being touched by Arachne’s spiderweb wavelength

ch26: Arachne is Medusa’s older sister and thus Chrona’s aunt. Justin Law arrives! 4 years ago, when he was 13, he became the youngest death scythe in history; he did it without a technician (he’s now 17). He can also read lips xD Arachne withdraws and Justin defeats the golem. Soul’s hard on himself for being unable to fight despite being the “same type of weapon” as Justin and Giriko (but he’s kinda’ not?). Maka has to ride back to Shibusen in the coffin attached to Justin’s bike xD Chrona gives her flowers for the coffin xD Arachne’s butler, Mosquito, meets her and Giriko in the forest with a limo and champagne; they arrive at their castle and their awaiting organization, Arachnophobia.

ch27: at Baba Yaga’s castle which is 2,000 meters underground; that’s Arachne’s castle apparently. she’s developing a machine called “the demon tool – morality manipulation machine”; it’s almost completed. Arachne has employed Mifune the Sword God to guard Mosquito while that machine is finished. we meet Sid’s partner, Mira Nygus, who is the interim doctor (Shibusen goes through a lot of doctors/nurses; this makes 3 so far?). Black Star signs Maka’s face because she can’t move xD he also offers to get something she dislikes to put next to her (I think he’s trying to help?). Black Star overhears Sid and Nygus planning to go after Arachnophobia; he vows to join the attack because they’re on enemy of Maka (such a sweet & reckless friend). Soul continues to resist the black blood. Sid and Nygus breach Arachnophobia. Black Star triggers the alarm at the entrance.

ch28: Black Star VS Mifune. Sid places explosives around the machine. Tsubaki’s clan is the one that Arachne made. after Mifune cuts down Black Star, Tsubaki invites him to be a teacher at Shibusen; he def likes the idea, but he couldn’t protect Angela there. we learn about Mifune’s past: he was a bodyguard for the Deniro family, but when they sent him after the witch Angela, he saved her and ran away. Mosquito threatens Angela’s safety if Mifune doesn’t kill Black Star; Mosquito gets shot by Azusa -wielded by Sid. Mifune compliments Tsubaki as a good sword, and she blushes a lot xD he also gives some candy to Black Star to give to Maka. Then he vanishes. Black Star delivers the candy (I love that the characters change outfits in this series! Black Star with a hat was super unexpected to me xD ), but it’s seaweed flavored.

ch29: Medusa’s snake gets into a dog, then a little girl named Rachel. the morality manipulation machine was part of Eibon’s book. Medusa (as Rachel) goes missing. Maka returns the class. Black Star’s been dueling (with witnesses as required) more often; it made him late for class, so Stein made him stand in the hall; he’s won all 10 duels without using Tsubaki, and even when he’s in the hall, he uses it as strength training -balancing on only 2 fingers. Stein’s going to be teaching Duel Arts/Opposition Studies to help combat Arachnophobia. Stein gets Ox & Harvar, Maka & Soul, and Black Star to try Team Soul Wavelength; they fail miserably xD Medusa arrives at Baba Yaga castle

ch30: Medusa only survived the fight with Stein because the Kishin was revived; she was also the one who betrayed Arachne to Shinigami-sama. Medusa already has Erika, the Mizunes, and Free in Arachne’s organization, looking for Eibon’s book. Kid’s house is called Gallows Mansion. Liz tries to hook up with a cute guy at the party, but Patty and Black Star pretend to be her kids so she strikes out xD everyone reiterates to Chrona that they’re friends ❤ Kidd, Liz, and Patty have to leave the party; Shinigami-sama gave them a mission: retrieve the demon tool in the the Runaway Express before Arachnophobia gets it; they’re going to the Sahara; the Runaway Express runs at 500KM/H, so no one but this group can catch it. Kidd can’t be burned by the sun and because of his repellent constitution, he rejects poison and apparently hair dye; he can’t fix his hair even though he wants to; this is all because he’s a shinigami. Kidd and co find the train, but Arachnophobia’s Fisher King is already on the train; also, one of the Mizune sisters is going after it!

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Soul Eater, part 5

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I do not own this manga, so I will be reading fan translations online.  From this point onward, I am going to be doing shorthand descriptions on each chapter.  These descriptions are really more of a reminder to myself about what all I have been able to read so far.  Sorry if this bothers anyone!  I will do a full description on the final review page of each series I read.  Thank you for understanding!

Every post past this point will be a spoiler, so please read ahead with caution!

ch20: Maka and Soul continue ahead while Chrona deals with Ragnarok. Kidd gets his first taste of the Kishin because he’s so perceptive to souls. Kidd fights the immortal Free but gets distracted by the ruins around him and how they fit together (Free likes assemling puzzles too). Black Star appears and begins fighting Free alongwith Kidd. Kidd realizes that Free is just an illusion (also Kidd is afraid of immortals because they’re cheaters). Erika and Free arrive at the Seal Sanctuary where the Kishin is. the craziness of the Kishin almost makes Free and Erika kill themselves while caught it in.

ch21: Stein and Medusa keep fighting. Spirit recalls that it’s his job to keep Stein in check. growing up, Stein was hard to control; doctors thought it was from a past trauma, but it was Stein’s own boredom and fear of stagnation; he never did anything too bad though because he feared what he’d become. he rejects Medusa’s invitation because the selfish rules of man (or a witch) aren’t enough to keep him in check; he needs the rules of a god. and his god lets him dissect things for him.
Kidd and Black Star arrive to try and stop the Kishin’s revival. as Kidd shoots Free, Black Star goes after Erika who’s carrying the black blood. Black Star cuts open the container of black blood. except he hallucinated and cut the statue. the kishin is revived.
while Medusa is distracted, Stein cuts her in half and laughs. the kishin begins filling out his old skin

ch22: Kishin screams when he sees Erika, making her scream too. Black Star goes to fight the Kishin without Tsubaki who refused to change into her demon sword mode (because she knew she’d absorb his soul). Kishin knocks Black Star and Kidd out with one hit/flick each. as the Kishin escapes, Maka grabs the end of a scarf to try and stop him
back in town, Blair and Mizune are fighting to the cheers of the local men. Maka loses hold of the Kishin, and Soul protects her from the fall with his own body.
Free and Erika make it to the surface by Free climbing out of the hole Kishin made; Shinigami-sama is free because Free bluffed about the barrier’s time limit xD
Shinigami-sama fights Asura, but he can’t defeat him without a death scythe. Asura escapes because he knows Shinigami-sama’s limited area. Shinigami-sama tells Sid to alert all the death scythes to come to Death City.
Stein finally kills Medusa. except that one snake escaped

ch23: Death scythe, Europe chief, Justin Law appears. other Europe and West Asia are on missions. South America can’t be understood, and Africa has blocked them. Justin, Spirit, and 2 others have arrived. Oceania chief, Marie Mjolnir, and East Asia chief, Azusa Yumi. Marie wants to get married, and Azusa used to be the student council president. we learn the most immediate problem with Asura’s revival is his wavelength of insanity which encourages the insanity in a person’s soul to come out; it’s not as effective on priests and clergymen. Spirit will stay as Shinigami-sama’s weapon, and Marie will be Stein’s partner.
Our kids (not Liz) play basketball; the losing team’s captain must do a punishment. Maka’s captain because Black Star’s trying to be considerate, and when her team loses, she has to go on a date with her dad who barfs from happiness
Marie will be living with Stein since she hasn’t had time to get an apartment, and he has the space. her soul’s wavelength is positive, so it should slow his insanity

ch24: Chrona doesn’t know how to talk to zombies, so Sid asks Maka to show her around school, and Marie -after being found by them- becomes the chaperone. Shinigami-sama confiscated all of Ragnarok’s souls, so he’s tiny now. after exploring the school, Chrona doesn’t think she can handle it, so Maka tells her to write a poem. it’s so depressing, it sends Maka, Marie, Black Star, and Soul into the corner to huddle in depression; Chrona and Sid join them
Maka, Soul, and Chrona are sent to Loew Village in the Czech Republic to investigate the oldes golem that recently acted violently (which should be impossible). Enchanter Sou is the only one willing to take them to the old golem; he’s leading them into a trap though. the golem appears!

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Soul Eater, part 4

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I do not own this manga, so I will be reading fan translations online.

Every post past this point will be a spoiler, so please read ahead with caution!

Chapter 14 starts with two really profound thoughts by Chrona and Kidd!  Chrona asks (in the translation I’m reading), “Where is Hell? Do you know? It’s inside your head.” Jeez..!  For so many -really everyone at least sometimes in life-, this is so true.  We have external problems and struggles, but most of it is internal, in our own heads; that’s where the continuous battles are fought (I wasn’t expecting to be hit with that profound thought by Chrona tonight).  During the fight, Kidd responds with “If you really want to remove your fear… strengthen your soul!!”.  I love this thought as a retaliation to Chrona who fears so much.  We may be afraid as well, but we must strengthen our souls -which is easier said than done, especially for those of us in the real world who don’t battle with souls every day. … So that one’s not as applicable, but I still really liked the sentiment.  If you are weak and afraid, then you just need to overcome that and by overcoming it, then you will become strong.  I guess I like that Kidd had an answer for Chrona’s fear; leave it to the son of Shinigami-sama.
Anyway!  Continuing in the fight, Chrona laments that Kidd can’t understand.  After all, even Usagi-chan couldn’t understand what Chrona felt (he means Maka; I love that he calls her Usagi-chan).  Chrona eventually tries to run, so Kidd summons his skateboard named Beelzabub in order to pursue Chrona.  Kidd stops chasing Chrona, however, because he is distracted by the perfect symmetry of the clouds around the sun.  Now that the fighters are gone, the Wandering Dutchman reveals that he is still alive despite being cut in half twice and having most of his ship destroyed.
Back at the school, Maka lets Medusa test her blood to try and understand why it was black.  Medusa reports that everything looks normal but prescribes some pills anyway.  These pills will actually accelerate the affects of the black blood, but after Maka leaves with them, Stein confiscates them.  He enters the nurse’s office while Medusa looks for Maka’s medical file, revealing that he actually stole it.  He also shows Medusa the pills he’d just taken from Maka.  He questions her and even calls her a witch, but she manages to contain her murderous thoughts, playing off the witch comment by acting like he was being rude about her looks.  He laughs and rolls out of the office with her chair.  In the hallway, he reflects  on the murderous vibes he got from her and acknowledges that she has made him feel fear for the first time in a long time.  While he’s thinking, Sid approaches him to confirm the plan to investigate Medusa’s house for evidence of if she’s really a witch.  Stein confirms, and Sid leaves.  At Medusa’s house, he finds her lab and even her journal.  While he’s reading it, though, one of Erika’s bombs explodes and destroys everything.
Back at the school, Kidd approaches his father to ask about the kishin near them.  He also asks if this is why Shinigami-sama can’t leave the school.

Chapter 15 starts us at the Christmas Eve party to commemorate the school!  Kidd tries to make a welcome speech, but Black Star interrupts and takes the stage.  They have a small scuffle while Shinigami-sama gets the party started.  While everyone’s inside enjoying the food and the music, Soul steps outside.  Maka comes out, too, to talk to him and eat, but he doesn’t open up the way she wants.  He does ask for her food, though, but she refusing.  Still trying to get him to open up, she asks him to dance, but he refuses.  Instead, Spirit shows up and asks his daughter to dance, and Soul convinces her to go.  While she’s being dragged away, she asks him to watch her food.  When he goes to investigate it, he sees that she has some raw salmon on her plate.  He knows she doesn’t like it and realizes that she brought it out for him to eat.  They’re so sweet to each other!
Inside, Medusa is trying to figure out how best to leave and start her plan, but Stein approaches her and asks her to dance under the guise of being drunk.  Once they’re dancing, however, he reveals that he’s not drunk and begins questioning her about Sid, her lab, and her interest in Shibusen and the Kishin.  She admits that she wants to revive the Kishin and asks Stein to join her.  Before she can kiss him, Sid returns and tells everyone that they have to leave now!  He announces that the plan is going down tonight because Shinigami-sama is out in the open.
With Stein distracted by Sid, Medusa escapes and tells Free to create the cubic barrier around the party.  While he’s creating the barrier, Sid draws his weapon, Naigus, and soul resonates with her.  This creates coffins in the ground under Soul, Maka, Black Star, Tsubaki, Kidd, Liz, Patty, and Stein.  They’re dropped below the room just before the witch’s barrier can seal them in with everyone else.  Outside, Medusa, Erika, and Free head to the basement to revive the Kishin while the Mizune sisters -called in by Erika- begin destroying Death City.  As our group of heroes head underground, Black Star mentions his surprise that Shinigami-sama is trapped at the school despite being claustrophobic (why does he think Shinigami-sama is claustrophobic?).

Chapter 16: While Shinigami-sama is trapped by the barrier for the next hour, he tells the story of the Kishin.  The Kishin was once a man named Asura who served as one of the “Eight Powerful Warriors Shinigami”.  He was a technician who was so afraid and distrustful of others that he swallowed his own weapon; this somehow gave him the power to eat other souls, including those not on Shinigami-sama’s list.  Shinigami-sama sealed him by tearing off his skin and trapping him inside (ew); then Shinigami-sama sealed his own soul to the ground in order to keep Asura trapped.  The only way Shinigami-sama could ever leave now would be if the city had legs.  Down in the basement, Soul ignores his inner demon who tells him that craziness is contagious.
Out in the city, Blair is walking around bored.  She decides to visit the fish seller who often gives her free fish for being an adorable cat.  When she finds him injured, she attacks the five Mizune sisters who caused him harm and who are continuing to destroy the city.
Back underground, Spirit meets up with our group of heroes after somehow escaping the barrier.  They quickly come upon Medusa who has let Erika, Free, and Chrona go ahead of her (I missed her explanation for why this was their plan and I also missed our heroes’ strategy meeting because the site I’m reading from did not have those pages translated).  Medusa attacks with a barrage of arrows, but Kidd gets past her on his skateboard.  Black Star also manages to get through the attack by activating Demon Sword Mode and cutting through any arrows that got in his way.  Maka has the most trouble getting through, but after running straight through the center and by repressing her fear, she is able to move fast enough to get through.  Before Medusa can attack the retreating kids, Stein attacks her and keeps her occupied.
Up ahead, Kidd flies by Chrona.  Black Star stops to fight Chrona, but before their battle can begin, Maka appears to take the fight instead.  This apparently goes against their strategy -which was untranslated so I couldn’t read it- but Black Star apparently senses that this fight is important to Maka.  He lets her have the fight, then continues after Kidd.

Chapter 17: Maka starts the fight with Chrona by punching her (this translation says “her”, even though a previous one I read said “him”) repeatedly and trapping her against Soul’s blade.  She finishes off the series of blows with a hard kick.  Finally, Ragnarok comes out to give Chrona a hard time.  Apparently, this is what Maka wanted; she wanted to be recognized as an opponent and even as potential food.  They exchange names and begin fighting again.
During the fight, Maka asks why Chrona would kill so many people, and she answers that it’s because she’s afraid and that she wants to get stronger.  She says that if she doesn’t get strong enough, then Medusa will leave her.  Maka declares that even though she herself isn’t strong, she refuses to let fear defeat her.
While Stein and Medusa fight, they of course talk, and during this talk, it’s revealed that Chrona is Medusa’s actual daughter.

Chapter 18: As Maka and Chrona continue to fight, Maka begins to question if she’s actually strong enough to defeat Chrona.  She begins to acknowledge that she might lose.
Back in the town, Blair continues to fight the five Mizune sisters.  They combine into one, much taller woman whose outfit exposes her midriff and the lower half of her chest (the fish seller is quite happy about this).  Blair transforms into her own human form, showing that her outfit consists of micro shorts and a barely buttoned short jacket that nearly exposes all of her chest (the fish seller is so impressed and happy about this that he passes out from the sight, as does his fish).  Mizune and Blair proceed to have a grope war which revives the fish seller, alerting them to his presence.
Back at the main fights, we learn about Chrona’s past and how Medusa raised her.  Whenever Chrona would fail to do a task -in this flashback, it’s to kill a rabbit-, Medusa would lock her in a dark room for days.  In that room, Ragnarok would appear and torment her, beating her and pinching her and saying hateful things.  This would continue for as many days as needed until finally, Chrona would do as Medusa asked. (Gosh, Medusa is just the worst!  Reading about Chrona’s past is always really hard for me; it makes me feel sick that anyone would abuse a child this way).
Soul is approached by his inner demon (I am not sure how the conversation goes since the pages aren’t translated).  Maka appears in the room to try and talk to Soul who doesn’t immediately believe it’s really her.  Apparently, it is, though!  Since his demon exists in his soul, and their souls are resonating, then she is able to be there, as well.  They dance and talk, trying to figure out what to do about their losing battle with Chrona.  Maka wants to listen to the demon and try using the black blood to become stronger; she sensed it back when they fought Free and thinks it may be the edge they need to fight more evenly with Chrona.  Soul is against the plan because he knows the madness that it can inspire, but he finally relents to her plan, saying that he will bring her back from it.
Further down the hall, Kidd finds a hallway full of Erika’s bombs.  He notes that they’re not symmetrical and is thus disgusted by it.  Elsewhere, Erika and Free are getting closer to where the Kishin is.

Chapter 19: After continuing to stare down the hallway full of bombs, Kidd realizes that he can’t go on; the lack of symmetry is making him feel sick!  Despite Liz’s words about him being a shinigami who should stop the Kishin, he just can’t bring himself to move.  It is only when Patty harshly commands him to get up and go that he does so, crying all the way as he zips past the bombs and sets them off.
Maka begins to use the black blood to fight Chrona, and she is quickly taken in by the madness.  She fights with such random ferocity that she seems to be winning, but it is putting a lot of strain on Soul who continually calls out to her to try and wake her up.  Finally, he does reach her soul, but her body is continuing to fight.  Now that her soul is awake, she looks at the souls around herself, spotting first her own, then Soul’s, and then finally, Chrona’s.  Within Chrona’s soul, Chrona is a little kid, alone on a small planet of sand.
While Stein fights Medusa, he questions what she plans to do with Chrona now that her experiment with the black blood is complete.  She implies that she may abandon Chrona since she does not like creatures that have to depend on someone else.  Spirit is so upset by these words that he comes out of his weapon form in order to grab Medusa, but when he can’t even form words, she hits him away from her.  He sits on the ground and cries.  As a father, he cannot accept that she could abandon her child.
Within Chrona’s soul, little Chrona draws a circle in the sand and sits within it.  After a time, her shadow appears and begins trying to talk and question her.  Chrona asks a few questions of her own, but the shadow deflects without answering.  In turn, Chrona refuses to answer the shadow’s questions.  This seems to make the shadow sad, and after being refused 42 times, the shadow disappears, leaving Chrona alone again.  Until a little Maka appears.  Immediately, Maka walks within the circle, but Chrona tries to make her leave, saying that no one has ever entered the circle before.  Maka finds her own solution to this by erasing the circle completely, thus destroying Chrona’s safe place.
Outside, Chrona screams.  Soul works to pull Maka’s soul out of the maddening black blood and finally manages to bring her back.  Now that she is herself again, Maka sets Soul in his scythe form aside and approaches the screaming Chrona.  Chrona’s body shoots out a spike that narrowly misses Maka’s neck, but Maka keeps approaching.  After taking many small wounds from these spikes, Maka falls against Chrona and envelops her in a hug, understanding that Chrona had never been held before.  This seems to shock Chrona out of screaming, and Chrona says that all her life, she’s felt disposable, and she had given up on receiving physical contact from Medusa.  Maka asks to be Chrona’s friend, and Chrona starts crying.  Soul watches the exchange and returns to his human form.  He recognizes Chrona’s fear of being touched and recounts to himself that he shares this fear.

This chapter had so many feels!!  I feel so, so bad for Chrona for how she was raised!  Never getting hugs?!  Getting locked up and forced to kill little bunnies?!  No!! It’s terrible!  If there are any parents reading this, please be kind to your children.  Love them, comfort them, and make sure they know they are cared about; don’t let them think they’re worthless or unloved.  I know times can be hard, but a little word of encouragement can mean the world to a child, even just a pat on the shoulder.  Be kind, and that applies to everyone; so anyone out there who doesn’t have kids, please also be kind whether it be to a child or to someone who is alone.
And with that, my rant is over.

To read part 5, please click here.

Soul Eater, part 3

If you have not read part 1 yet, click here.  If you have not read part 2 yet, click here.

Soul Eater

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I do not own this manga, so I will be reading fan translations online.

Every post past this point will be a spoiler, so please read ahead with caution!

Chapter nine starts us at the witch’s council meeting.  We meet Mabaa-sama, the head witch, as well as Erika the frog witch and Mizune the mouse witch. *Fun fact: nezumi means “mouse” in Japanese; this witch has helped me remember that*  The witches discussed Medusa being undercover at Shibusen, and though Mabaa-sama approved it, Erika and Mizune do not like it.  They try to corner and threaten Medusa, but she gets the upper hand and leaves.  Then we’re taken back to Shibusen where Medusa checks in on Soul Eater as the school nurse.  He keeps having this dream about a black room and a little jazz loving demon.  When he has to leave the room, he inevitably tears through Maka’s stomach, killing her.  Medusa tells him not to worry about the dream, but she makes a note that the black blood is working in his system.
While that happens, Dr. Stein gives a weird looking, normal jug to Black Star.  The jug holds kyukon water (also called soul absorption water) which can be used to train his soul in order to handle Tsubaki’s new Yohtoh mode (I think it was called Demon Blade mode before, but I’m reading fan translations, so the words change between editors).
In celebration of Black Star and Tsubaki’s first soul collection and Soul’s recovery, the teens decide to have a party at Maka and Soul’s apartment.  For whatever reason, Medusa decides to walk through the alley nearby, but she’s jumped by Erika and Mizune.  Before they can attack, however, Medusa explodes Mizune with a snake that was hidden inside of her.  Medusa planted snakes in both of them when she gained the upper hand on them at the witch’s meeting.  She can’t control the snakes necessarily, so she can stay within her soul protection, but Mizune and Erika have already removed theirs in order to attack.  With her cover blown and her best friend dead, Erika turns into a frog and escapes before Maka and Dr. Stein can show up (Soul shows up soon afterward).  Medusa keeps her cover by saying she also sensed the witches and came to the area.  I don’t think Stein believes her, however; he makes a comment that lets her know that he’s paying attention to the witch situation and to her.  Maka doesn’t notice, but she tells Stein that she’s figured out what she needs to do in order to make her soul stronger.  She’s seen how Black Star is working to train his soul, and she’s realized that she needs to do the same.
Later and elsewhere, Medusa finds Erika thanks to the snake inside of her.  She gives Erika a key and tells her to go free the 13th prisoner from the witch’s jail, the one who stole Mabaa-sama’s eye.

Chapter ten starts us in the witch’s prison where we meet the 13th prisoner known as Devil’s Eye.  Erika manages to break him out, but they quickly get found by the guards.  Now, that he’s free, Devil’s Eye kills all the guards, revealing in the process that he can use magic by chanting “wolves”.  He’s not the brightest, but he is very strong.
Back at Shibusen, Maka and Soul begin their soul training with Stein.  They’re told to sit and describe each other’s flaws.  This will either strengthen their souls or destroy their wavelength.  By the end of the session, Dr. Stein can sense that their wavelengths are weakening…
Erika brings Devil’s Eye to Medusa.  He reveals that the prison took his name -after all, he was locked up for 200 years-, so he re-names himself as Free.  Medusa asks him to take out a technician and a weapon, and he agrees to it gladly.  He dislikes Shibusen’s rules.  Medusa wants to test Soul’s new black blood, and she figures that this is the perfect way.
Soul, Maka, Black Star, and Tsubaki are in London to see if there’s anyone on Shinigami’s list.  Free appears to them almost immediately.  Black Star teams up with Tsubaki for Shadow Star mode (also known as Yohtoh, also known as Demon Blade), saying he can defeat Free in thirty seconds.  Unfortunately, he passes out in ten seconds because of the soul draining effects.  Tsubaki tried to warn him, but Black Star didn’t listen.  As Soul attacks Free, it’s revealed that Free is part of the Immortal Clan; he cannot be killed.  Maka realizes that her soul resonance attack, Witch Hunter, should be able to purify him, though!  She can’t use it, however, because she can’t even hold Soul as a scythe.  Their wavelengths are too out of sync.

Chapter eleven: Since Maka can’t carry Soul and Black Star is still out of commission, Maka teams up with Tsubaki and lets Soul act independently as support.  Even though they can work together, though, they still cannot defeat Free.  This starts an argument between Soul and Maka, but Tsubaki quickly puts them both in their places, reminding them about teamwork instead of throwing tantrums over a disagreement.  This lets them work together, but Maka’s still being hurt by Soul.  They try to resonate souls, but Soul almost loses himself to the power of the black blood; his soul tries to swallow Maka’s.  He manages to pull it together enough to get a good attack in, and they manage to hurt Free.  As the finishing blow, Maka drops Soul and tackles Free off the bridge.  Before she can fall completely, Soul manages to grab her, but Free cuts into her side.  Black Star saves the day by cutting off Free’s hand.  With a mis-cast spell, Free freezes himself and sinks into the river.  After Maka’s pulled back onto the bridge, she coughs up black blood.
Elsewhere, Chrona kills more humans.  He’s more comfortable killing people than facing or dealing with them.

Chapter twelve: There’s a test at Shibusen!  Supposedly, whoever places first can make their weapon into a death scythe.  Last year, Ox beat Maka, but this year, she’s been studying for a month.  She continues to study properly for the exam.  Soul’s busy doing something in his room to prepare for the test.  Black Star tries to study, but he keeps giving himself punishments for if he doesn’t know the material.  Since he doesn’t know the material, he just keeps working out instead of learning anything.  Kidd has decided that he doesn’t need to study because as a shinigami, he already knows everything about souls.  Liz and Patty plan to study, but Patty falls alseep, and Liz keeps getting distracted with beauty regiments.  Black Star eventually decides that he should just steal the test instead of studying.  Of course, he’s caught and punished instead.  He’s not allowed to take the test.
Just after the test starts, Soul reveals that he’s laced cheat sheets everywhere in his clothes!  He’s, of course, immediately discovered and stripped.  He’s allowed to keep taking the test, though, so he tries to cheat off Kidd who’s trying to write his name perfectly.  He keeps messing up, though, and eventually rips his paper by erasing too much.  Soul tries to cheat off of Patty, too, but she makes a giraffe out of her test papers, then proceeds to wrestle with it.
During the test preparations, Spirit sends good vibes to Maka to help her with her studying, but he keeps his distance.  He really wants his daughter to do well.  So, when it’s revealed that Maka scored the best, he asks Blair to buy her a book as a congratulations present.  He’d do it himself, but he thinks Maka wouldn’t accept it from him.  Unfortunately, Blair spends the money on herself.  Feeling bad, she shrinks the purchases to Maka’s size, adds Spirit’s note, then gives it to Maka, but it’s lingerie!  It looks like Spirit bought his daughter lingerie as a congratulation gift for doing well on the test! Dx This honestly makes me so sad for Spirit; he just wants a good relationship with his daughter again…
On a side note, we learn a few things this chapter.  Maka’s mother’s name is Kami.  Our main characters scored as follows on the test: Maka was 1st, Ox was 2nd, Tsubaki was 27th, Soul is 108th, and everyone below Soul has to take a supplementary exam.

Chapter thirteen: The town on the Baruto Sea Coast is eaten by a kokuryuu (black dragon).  Kidd, Liz, and Patty are sent to investigate this.  For some reason, they’re rowing there -and by they, I mean, Liz and Patty-, and Kidd has a costume that makes him look like a mini Shinigami-sama (so adorable!).  They quickly find that the kokuryuu is actually the ghost ship, Nizuheg.  Liz, of course, doesn’t want to get on the ship, but in her excitement, Patty crashes their row boat against the side.  Kidd admonishes her, telling her to try again and this time aim for the center.  So, she crashes their row boat in the center this time!  Liz is so distracted by their shenanigans that she gets on the ship by accident.
On the ship, they get attacked by the Wandering Dutchman who is also the Nizuheg; he and the ship are one.  He separates Liz from the group while attacking Kidd.  Patty laughs, and Kidd gets onto her.  He then realizes that he can’t use his weapons… because he won’t be symmetrical with just one of them! (Oh my God, Kidd! xD )
While Liz is slowly led back to the deck by the human souls, screaming all the way, the Wandering Dutchman tries to get Kidd to fight him.  Kidd, of course, can’t fight without Liz AND Patty.  The Dutchman mentions that the human souls are in offering to the Kishin closest to Kidd, not Chrona the upstart.  Kidd is confused (as am I), but then they start talking about their ideals for the world.  Kidd wants a world of perfect balance (I can’t say I’m surprised by this).
Now that everyone is on the deck, Chrona appears and decapitates the Wandering Dutchman.  He then has Ragnarok scream and collect all of the human souls.  Liz watches as the souls that helped her are all eaten.  With Liz back with the group, Kidd declares judgment on Chrona and prepares to fight.

That’s all I could read this time!

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Soul Eater, part 2

If you have not read part 1 yet, click here.

Soul Eater

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I do not own this manga, so I will be reading fan translations online.

Every post past this point will be a spoiler, so please read ahead with caution!

In chapter 4, we’re introduced to a witch named Medusa and a child named Chrona in Farenze Church of Santa Mario Novella (this is the name according to the translation I read).  Chrona is the demon-sword wielder whose demon sword is named Ragnarok.  The witch Medusa tests Chrona’s abilities by making him (this is up for debate, but this translation says him) kill humans.  There are about fifty souls around him, and though we don’t see the fight itself, Maka tells us that he kills them all in an instant.  Her soul perception abilities have improved to the point that she can sense even normal human souls instead of just weapons and technicians even from great distances (this is how she noticed the church and a technician surrounded by humans).
At first, she thought the technician might be Black Star, but when the human souls vanished, she knew something was very wrong.  She was scared to open the door, but she knew it was her responsibility as a student of Shibusen to find out who was hunting humans.
Medusa, who is hidden, orders Chrona to kill Maka and take her soul.  Chrona’s not good at talking to girls, but he attacks nonetheless.  Chrona is unique because his weapon is actually his own blood, which is black instead of red.  Ragnarok, despite being Chrona’s blood, actually has its own soul, but when it’s not in sword or its physical form, then it stays hidden inside Chrona’s body.
Maka can’t cut Chrona because the wounds keep hardening and sealing, and she’s unable to attack Chrona’s soul wavelength like Dr. Stein or Black Star can.  She quickly realizes that she can’t defend either because Ragnarok can vibrate like a saw blade when it screams, causing Soul to get cut.  She tries to run, but the church doors open inward, trapping them inside.  Soul tells Maka to defend herself, but she refuses because she doesn’t want him to get hurt.  When Chrona attacks, Soul returns to his human form to protect Maka.  He gets cut deep across his chest.

Chapter 5: With Soul injured and Maka defenseless, Chrona attacks again, but a blade cuts through the church’s door revealing Dr. Stein wielding Spirit the death scythe.  Dr. Stein was sent (and apparently originally recruited as a teacher) specifically to kill Chrona before he can become a Kishin.
Spirit is able to cut Chrona, but his black blood can become miniature weapons known as bloody needles.  These attack Stein every time he makes Chrona bleed.  Still, Stein fights, and he utilizes his soul wavelength technique to attack Chrona directly.  This causes a power struggle between Ragnarok and Chrona’s souls.  Ultimately, Chrona is defeated, but this only brings the witch Medusa out of hiding.  She is able to hide her soul, so no one had realized she was there.  This is one of the witch’s most powerful abilities because they can make themselves appear as normal humans.  Maka’s blown away that she couldn’t sense such a strong soul (this is also her first encounter with a real witch).  Medusa uses snakes and cobras as her spell incantations.
Medusa flees with Chrona, and instead of pursuing them, Stein decides it would be better to get Soul treated; he’s still bleeding from when Chrona cut him.  Once they’re back at the school, Soul undergoes successful surgery and is put in the nurse’s office to recover.  While Maka is with Soul, Spirit asks Stein how Soul’s real condition is.  Apparently, part of Chrona’s black blood got into Soul.  Even though the surgery was a success, his life may still be in danger.
The school nurse comes to check on Soul and Maka (Black Star and Tsubaki came to check on them, too), and it’s revealed to the readers that the school nurse is Medusa.  The other characters don’t know that, though.

((rant time: I guess because Medusa was wearing a hood during the fight that they couldn’t see her face well.  It was also night time, and she was high in the air on a broom, but come on!  I’m looking forward to when a manga lets its own characters realize that their hair never changes.  I want characters to recognize each other by their hair; it’s how I recognize different characters xP
Rant over.))

Chapter 6: A lot happens in this chapter xD Soul is still recovering, and Maka visits him seemingly every day.  Soul tries to reassure her, but this just makes her more worried for his safety which leads to him beating himself up about being unable to reassure her.  While Soul is still recovering, Black Star is tasked with putting away books in the library.  Instead of doing that, he sits on a pile of books and reads manga.  Kidd comes in because he needs one of the books that Black Star is sitting on.  It is the legend of Excalibur, the most powerful weapon in history that only a hero can wield.  Even Stein reveals the Excalibur was too much for him.  The two boys immediately run off to seek the sword.
While they do that, Spirit goes to comfort and talk with Maka, but he is really bad at interacting with his daughter.  They go to the roof to watch the sunset, but Maka would rather read a book.  Spirit only knows how to lecture or act like a fool, and he can’t explain to himself or his daughter why he kept cheating on Maka’s mother even though he claimed to love her and Maka the most.
While Maka and Spirit talk, Black Star and Kidd go to the northern part of Priten Island which is supposedly where Excalibur is.  They must climb the mountain in order to enter the cave, and through the cave, they will find Excalibur.  Kidd flies to the top on his skateboard (I want his skateboard), and Black Star climbs quickly so as not to be left behind.  He had nothing to worry about though because Kidd is afraid of the mud in the stream that leads to the cave.  So, Black Star carries Kidd on his back.  The cave is called the Paradise of Fairies as well as the Cave of Eternity.  The two boys meet a fairy and ask if she knows where Excalibur is, but she just makes a terrible face and leaves.
Back to Maka and her papa!  Spirit tells Maka the story of the first Kishin.  We learn that the first Kishin was a meister that was scared of dying.  He was so scared that he disobeyed Shinigami-sama and killed humans that weren’t on the list, and he ate their souls.  Good human souls are far more powerful than bad souls, but Shinigami-sama only puts bad souls on his list in order to preserve balance and keep another Kishin from being created.  Shibusen was created to hunt down bad souls and keep them from becoming another Kishin.
Back to Black Star and Kidd!  They find the legendary sword stuck in rock, and they’re both amazed.  While Kidd admires the beautiful craftsmanship and decides that he wants it, Black Star pulls out the sword.  Kidd calls it a fluke, so Black Star puts it back, and then Kidd draws it!  The sword transforms, declaring they shall both wield him!  But he requires that they follow all 1,000 of his rules.  I don’t want to spoil too much about Excalibur because you really need to experience him yourself, but Excalibur is a bit of a wacky sword; incredibly powerful!  But not the best personality!  He doesn’t tend to listen to others, and he jumps around in conversations.  The only two facts he manages to tell us about himself is that his legend began in the 12th Century and that he doesn’t give autographs (he wrote his own book, which is the one Kidd had used to find him).  Kidd and Black Star -realizing his amazing power and responsibility- immediately stick him back in the ground and leave.
When they see each other at school the next day, they shake hands with quiet understanding.  I like to think this experience helped them gain respect for each other, if only a little bit.  Soul Eater returns with a full recovery, and everyone celebrates together.

Chapter 7: Tsubaki and Black Star travel to Shin Village in East Asia in order to hunt down the demon blade, Masamune, who is Tsubaki’s older brother.  Tsubaki volunteered for this mission even though someone like Stein -who has more experience and is a more ferocious fighter- would probably have a higher chance of success.  Apparently, Tsubaki joined Shibusen so that she could defeat the other demon blades.  In this village, Black Star is recognized by the star tattoo on his shoulder.  His clan, Hoshizoku -also known as the Star clan-, was a clan of assassins who would do anything for money.  Apparently, they attacked this village at some point in the past.  Even though Black Star hadn’t been around for that attack, the villagers still drive him and Tsubaki out of town.  Black Star tells Tsubaki the story of his clan while they wait for the rain to pass.
The Star clan was going down the path of the Kishin, so thirteen years ago, Shibusen wiped them out.  The only member they spared was Black Star because he was a new born.  Black Star remembers that his parents were cruel to him, so I doubt he was actually a new born.  He was taken in by Shibusen after that.  He says he doesn’t hate Shibusen for it.  He also says that it’s thanks to the history of his clan that he gets recognized by so many people, which is a plus for him as he likes attention.  Tsubaki knows that he doesn’t like to be recognized in a bad light, though.
Masamune appears in the town, possessing the kid that recognized Black Star’s tattoo.  As a demon blade, he steals souls by possessing someone and then draining their soul while they wield him in battle.  This kid accepted Masamune as his blade because he wanted a weapon strong enough to drive away the Star Clan survivor, aka Black Star.  Black Star asks Tsubaki what he needs to do to help her with this mission, and she tells him that she needs him to hit the boy with his soul wavelength in order to separate him from Masamune.  The wet and slick ground make this difficult, but eventually, Black Star manages it.  Once the boy drops the blade, Tsubaki jumps out and grabs it.  This begins the battle between her and her brother.
I really like the softer sketch style of the world inside the demon blade!  I feel like the mangaka has gotten a better handle on the art style by this chapter.  At the beginning of the series, the art was rough, but this scene helped me recognize how far their drawing abilities had come.

Chapter 8: While Tsubaki is fighting her brother within the blade, Black Star is waiting by her side.  A village comes up and hits him over the head with a piece of wood, but even after he’s bleeding from the continuous attacks, Black Star doesn’t bat an eye at the attacker; all his attention is on Tsubaki.  He gets major points in my book for his steadfast faith in his partner and the way he’s standing by her and waiting patiently.  I wouldn’t have guessed Black Star could be patient before this moment, nor did I expect his loyalty.  It shows me why they’re good partners because she has endless loyalty towards him as well. ❤
So, while Tsubaki and Masamune fight, we learn a few things.  Their clan is known for their multiple weapon styles, and generally, the first born will have all of the different forms.  However, Masamune only had one form, and his younger sister inherited all the other forms.  He was seen as weak, and she was praised highly, higher than him.  He was ridiculed because she was born, but even though he was jealous of her, she was still kind and played with him, always his favorite game of soccer.  She kept her own wishes quiet, so she could meet his instead.  Instead of being grateful, he became bitter and saw her kindness as pity.
Back in the real world, Black Star is now being hit by four villagers, but he still hasn’t moved or acknowledged them.  He recalls when he and Tsubaki met and became partners.  It was his first day at Shibusen, and he made a grand appearance and speech about surpassing God.  Everyone left except Tsubaki who timidly clapped for him.  They became partners after that, and it was because she watched his performance til the end that he will now watch her performance (aka the battle against her brother).  One of the villagers tries to attack Tsubaki, but Black Star stops the weapon and threatens the villager’s life.  Terrified, the village throws his stick at Black Star and runs away.  Black Star keeps waiting for Tsubaki, fully believing that she will win.
Unfortunately, she is losing to her brother.  Just as it seems that he’s going to win, Tsubaki finally fights back with the true power of her soul since she apparently has a very strong one.  She can’t keep babying him because he has chosen the path of the Kishin and has taken the name Youtou.  She defeats her brother and returns from the sword.  When Black Star asks if she’s okay, she says that she is, but he can see through it.  He offers her a hug, and she breaks down in his arms; after all, she just killed her brother; it was tough.  Black Star asks if she’ll keep being his partner, and she says yes.  After all, he’s the only one she can be herself around because he can already see through her facade. ❤
When they report back to Shinigami-sama, all of their friends are present.  Black Star shows off Tsubaki’s new weapon mode, Demon Blade, but it drains his soul and knows him out.  He can’t use it, yet, but I’m sure they’ll work on it.

That was all I could read this time!

To read part 3, please click <here>.

Soul Eater, part 1

Soul Eater image from:

I do not own this manga, so I will be reading fan translations online.

Every post past this point will be a spoiler, so please read ahead with caution!

I have actually read Soul Eater before, but it’s been a long time.  One of the first things about this manga that caught my attention were the villain names.  So, this manga starts off with three introductory chapters to introduce the main characters.  The first introductory chapter shows a villain named Jack the Ripper being chased by Maka and her scythe weapon, Soul Eater.  It’s revealed in this chapter that Maka wants to make her scythe into a Death Scythe.  To do that, Soul (her weapon) will need to eat ninety-nine human souls and one witch’s soul.  Despite being a weapon, Soul also has a human form which he uses to eat the souls.  They do manage to defeat Jack the Ripper and eat his soul.  This becomes Soul Eater’s 99th consumed human soul.
Somehow, the two of them track down a witch named Blair who loves pumpkins.  She uses the word “pumpkin” to cast her spells and throw pumpkins at her enemies.  Let me give a word of warning about this manga: there’s so much fanservice!!  If you’re not comfortable seeing lots of cleavage or panties or mostly naked bodies, then this isn’t the manga for you.
Maka is the daughter of the current Death Scythe, simply called Death Scythe, who is used by Shinigami-sama.  Her parents are in the process of getting a divorce so she has a distrust of men, and she is especially harsh against her father.  Her mother was a scythe technician, and she was so good that she turned her scythe (Maka’s father) into a death scythe.  Maka wants to make her own scythe into an even better death scythe than her father.
Soul Eater is a “cool guy” who seems very laid back.  He doesn’t stress about much, he has bad posture, and he continuously talks about acting cool or being cool.  It seems to be his main focus other than wanting to become a death scythe.  He does seem to have an obvious weakness against curvy women such as Blair, so he’s not as cool as he thinks he is.  He seems to have no interest in non-curvy women such as his technician, Maka.
Maka and Soul manage to defeat Blair, and Soul eats her soul, but he doesn’t get a power boost.  Instead, Blair reveals that she’s actually just a cat that’s very good at magic; she never said she was a witch!  Since Soul Eater didn’t eat a witch’s soul after eating ninety-nine human souls, then he has to start back over at zero (for some reason).

The second introductory chapter introduces Black Star and his weapon, Tsubaki.  Their target is Al Capone.  Black Star is trying to be a ninja while also wanting to be the center of every stage.  Basically, he’s loud and counter productive.  Even while talking about the three first rules of assassination (hiding your presence, thinking like your target, killing them before they notice you), he immediately yells and comes out of hiding to strike a pose in front of all of them.  The rules of assassination are apparently the same as the three rules of peeping toms.  He quotes these rules while yelling as he peeps at Tsubaki taking a bath (this happens twice in this chapter).
Tsubaki is called a Dark Demon Blade, but she seems to have many different forms.  She can be two hand scythes connected by a chain, she can be a smoke bomb, she can be a giant shuriken, and she can be a ninja sword.  She knows the rules of assassination, but despite her constant reminders, Black Star doesn’t follow them (but he can quote them).  It’s stated in this chapter that she’s only eaten one soul, but later in chapter 1 (after the introductory chapters), Shinigami-sama says that they haven’t eaten any souls.  It could just be a translation error from what I’m reading…
Since Black Star and Tsubaki fail to get Al Capone’s soul, Shinigami-sama tells them about a short cut.  There’re strong souls in the world that are worth more than a single soul.  There is a bodyguard named Mifune who’s soul is as strong as ninety-nine souls, and he is guarding a witch named Angela.  If Black Star and Tsubaki can complete this mission, then Tsubaki can become a death scythe.
Al Capone and his minions also go to where Mifune and Witch Angela are in order to get the power of the witch.  Mifune kills all of them before Black Star and Tsubaki arrive.  Upon arrival, Black Star fights Mifune, but the bodyguard takes pity on Black Star.  Instead of fighting him for real, he hits Black Star with the back of his sword because he doesn’t like to kill kids.  Black Star takes offense to this; he’s too big of a star to be mistaken for a kid!  His eyes change colors, and he finally embraces the way of the assassin.  He takes Mifune by surprise and hits him with a shockwave of his soul’s wavelength, defeating Mifune.  Before he can deliver the finishing blow, though, the witch Angela appears to defend Mifune.  She’s just a little girl who’s not very good at magic.  Mifune says he’s willing to give up his life in order to protect hers.  Black Star leaves them alone saying that he doesn’t like to kill kids.

The third introductory chapter introduces us to Death the Kidd, son of Shinigami-sama, and his two weapons, the double team demon guns, Liz and Patty Thompson.  They face off against Master Thief Lupin.  Kidd loves symmetry to the point that he falls apart if symmetry is broken.  In fact, Lupin escapes because Patty missteps during their opening pose, and Kidd breaks down.  Kidd goes to his father to find out a faster solution to making Liz and Patty into death scythes.  They’re directed to Hegypt (this is what the translation I read said) and the pyramid of Anubis to face off against a necromancer witch that collects wandering souls from the desert every night to turn them into mummies.  After heading inside, Kidd remembers a picture frame at home that he thinks might be crooked.  He leaves to fix it right as Liz and Patty are attacked by mummies.  With their technician gone, they take turns being guns so the other can shoot and destroy their enemies.  Apparently, Liz gets scared easily (I’d be scared, too, though).
By the time Kidd comes back, they’ve been captured by the newly revived Pharaoh’s Wrath who has killed the witch that revived it.  Its bandages drain their power and keep them from turning into weapons.  Kidd uses his flying skateboard to free them, but before he can fire upon the pharaoh, he realizes his greatest weakness: the pharaoh is perfectly symmetrical!  Kidd can’t bring himself to destroy the pharaoh even though it is literally killing him.  Assured of its victory, the pharaoh comes out of its sarcophagus to finish Kidd in person. Only this shows that the pharaoh is actually a mismatched, not symmetrical monster.  Kidd kills it with gusto and accidentally brings down the pyramid.  As punishment, Shinigami-sama confiscates all their collected souls.

Chapter 1 starts with the first day of school!  We find out that the school’s name is Shinigami Buki Shokunin Senom, or just Shibusen for short.  Blair followed Maka and Soul home and is now living with them.  Since Maka, Soul Eater, Black Star, and Tsubaki have collected zero souls, they’re given an extra lesson.  If they fail this assignment, they’ll be expelled.  There was a teacher named Sid who died and was brought back as a zombie.  Apparently, he’s begun attacking his old students to help them surpass the fear of death like he has.  Our four main characters must stop him and find out who revived him.  They go to the Hook Graveyard where Sid was buried, but Maka’s head isn’t in the game.  She’s completely distraught over being expelled!  Soul’s pretty upset, too, but Black Star isn’t phased.  While moping under a tree, a hand comes out of the ground and grabs Maka’s ankle.  It’s Sid, and this is how the fight starts.
Throughout the battle, we learn that Sid was a three star level technician while our main characters are only one star.  Even without his weapon, Sid is incredibly powerful, and it takes all of our main characters tricks (failed and successful) in order to finally capture the zombie.  Exploiting Sid’s perverted nature, Black Star finds out that it was Doctor Franken Stein who revived the zombie.  Through Maka’s wrath, Sid tells them where the doctor is.

Chapter 2: Doctor Stein lives in a house covered in stitches.  He was a student from Shibusen, and he’s said to have been the best to ever graduate.  He’s a genius technician who views everything as training.  Supposedly, that’s the reason he revived Sid, was for the training of doing it.  He’s sadistic and quirky with possibly a literal screw loose.  His grand entrance is that he tries to roll out his front door in a chair, but he gets tripped on the door frame and falls over.
During the fight, we learn that Stein’s old weapon was Maka’s father, Spirit (his name changed when he became a death scythe).  We also learn that Stein experimented on Spirit for five years until Spirit’s wife (Maka’s mother) noticed that he kept getting new scars during the night.  Spirit is also apparently older than Stein, since Stein uses the honorific “senpai” with Spirit’s name.  Now that he’s met Spirit’s daughter, Stein wants to experiment on Maka since her mother took away his favorite ingredient for experiments.
Stein can match other’s wavelengths and see their souls.  He can also attack with his own wavelength, similar to Black Star.  He actually defeats Black Star with this technique.  Maka becomes able to see souls during this fight, but she becomes terrified by the size and strength of Stein’s soul.  Soul gives her a pep talk, and they’re able to fight, but they still cannot win.  As he watches the students fall from the safety of his father’s office, Kidd decides that he’s going to help them.  Shinigami-sama explains that this is a lesson for students only, so Kidd says that he will enroll in Shibusen.  Instead of going to help them, though, Kidd collapses from fear that he didn’t fold a perfect triangle in his toilet paper.  Soul Eater throws himself over Maka to defend her against Stein, and Stein tells them that they’ve passed the test.  After this, Stein becomes a teacher at Shibusen.

Chapter 3 starts with Kidd, Liz, and Patty leaving for their first day of school.  Unfortunately, they’re three hours late because Kidd had to make sure everything at home was symmetrical.  Black Star and Soul are waiting at the school’s entrance for them.  Black Star got tired of everyone talking about Kidd all the time, so he came to fight the new kid!  Soul’s just there to support his friend, but he gets pulled into the fight, too.  Once word travels through the school, Maka and Tsubaki go with Stein to supervise the fight as per the regulations of the school.  Since Black Star and Soul are not compatible partners, though, they cannot fight as weapon and technician.  They attack as well as they can, but Kidd is just on a different level.
Unfortunately for Kidd, though, Soul managed to cut a few of his hairs during the fight.  Kidd collapses, bleeding from the mouth, once he realizes that he’s no longer symmetrical.  Shinigami-sama comes to take his son home, and Maka decides to try seeing his soul, but she can’t.  She guesses that he just doesn’t have one, but we’re shown that his soul is large enough to encompass the entire school and surrounding town; she was just too close to see it.

That’s all I could read tonight!

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