Soul Eater, part 10

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Soul Eater

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I do not own this manga, so I will be reading fan translations online.  I am going to be doing shorthand descriptions on each chapter.  These descriptions are really more of a reminder to myself about what all I have been able to read so far.  Sorry if this bothers anyone!  I will do a full description on the final review page of each series I read.

Every post past this point will be a spoiler, so please read ahead with caution!

ch51: Black Star is on the path of the warrior; his eyes are light right now. now with Medusa and Soul, Arachne’s dead? What!? How much did I miss with one chapter?! Maka says Arachne’s in the room. And now we’re back to Black Star and Mifune! the art work for fights is so good; I’m not going to go page by page because it’s so much better to see it than read about it, but on a side note, WHY IS BLACK STAR FIGHTING WITHOUT SHOES?!? OW!!
We learn that Sid was the one who originally brought Black Star to Shibusen; Black Star is also a little older than Maka. it seems Sid watched him the most while he grew up.
one wrong step, and Black Star could fall from the path of the warrior onto the path of carnage (I guess they mean “demon”?). Mifune gets rid of his tricks, and Black Star asks Tsubaki to become the weight of a normal katana. looks like this is the final show down; Black Star wants to be on even ground with Mifune (despite Mifune having shoes when Black Star doesn’t, and Black Star having broken fingers while Mifune doesn’t… this doesn’t seem even to me). during their fight, Black Star vows to become a Bushin (Idk what that is).

ch52: now we’re with Kidd, Free, and Mosquito. Mosquito returns to his form from 200 years ago, when he was at his fastest and his “nasal peak”. Kidd and Free fight surprisingly well together! They heavily injur Mosquito, but he’s not dead yet; he’s going to introduce them to true “H***” (his words).
Arachne’s room: Eibon exits!
Back with Kidd, Free, and Mosquito: Mosquito returns to his form from 400 years ago. He’s a vampire. Mosquitoes came from vampires xDDD the blood suckers!! xDDDD All amazing jokes aside, he wipes out Free and Kidd in less than one second O.O

ch53: Arachnophobia’s been turning Shibusen graduates to their side; they plan to take Shibusen’s place as master of the world. Kidd tells him not to intrude on the domain of gods (so cool! xD ). for some reason Kidd has Brew and it reacts with his soul; his middle hair line connects all the way around! he’s able to reattach his own arm thanks to the boost. Mosquito calls it one of the lines of Sanzu. Kidd says if it were any other situation, he’d be obsessing over this right now xD Free leaves to destroy the tower. Mosquito says that his 400 years ago form was his most numerous (wtc? xD ) Kidd able to block the barrage of bats with his stance of punishment which is “more defensive than that of sin” (these lines are amazing though also confusing). Kidd shoots down almost 8,000 bats that are Mosquito, but when Free destroys the tower, it disrupts the battle. Mosquito flees, and Kidd says they need to follow.
At tower 2, Kilik reveals himself (from what I remember from the first time I read this, the troops here are all ones who’ve been experimented on; that’s why they look weird. I think Kilik was also sent to this tower by someone in Arachnophobia because they mistook him for one of these failed experiments -since having Thunder and Fire on his head made him look misshapen. But I have no idea if this is right; I’m just guessing. I really seemed to miss a lot from that one chapter. that’s one thing Soul Eater does really well is put a lot of story into each chapter; that’s why they take so long to read, but they’re so great because of it, too).
Eibon chants “worm moire grimoire”; is he a witch? (also there’s a promotion for the Wii game “Soul Eater: Monotone Princess” that came out Sept 2008 xD it’s cool of the creator to draw something up; looks like Eibon was in the game, too.)

ch54: back at Shibusen, Shinigami-sama collapsed when one of Kidd’s Sanzu lines connected, but Spirit helps him back up. Shinigami-sama says he is proud of his child’s progress, and Spirit smiles in understanding. back with Kidd, it seems Shinigami-sama intentionally gave Kidd Brew. Kidd contacted Medusa and co; Eruka and Mizune will take out Free’s tower; Kidd’s new job is to create chaos in the center of the castle. Free was originally supposed to take out tower 1, then he headed towards tower 2, and somehow ended up at tower 8 instead xD
those in tower 2 are artifact soldiers! I’m not entirely sure what that means, but they each have a special ability or device, it seems. Kilik defeats two fairly easily, but one distracts Fire and Thunder, leaving Kilik alone. Now he’s having trouble xD
back at tower 1, the three Mizune sisters combine into a young teen girl. she defeats the guards while Eruka sets the bombs. in no time, they get out of there, mission accomplished.
back at tower 2: Kim, Jackie (returned to normal), Ox, and Havar arrive to save Kilik. Havar kills the entertaining artifact soldier, and everyone except Ox is terrified. towers 2 and 1 are destroyed.
at Arachne’s room, the door unlocks, triggering a magic attack! Maka and co are turned into wooden puppets! (Idk why Maka was looking for Chrona in there, though).

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