Kamisama Hajimemashita, part 5

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I used to read this years ago when it was still ongoing, and this past week, a friend mentioned that it was finally completed.  I didn’t intend to do another shoujo, but I used to love this series!  I wanna know how it ends!!  So, here we go!

Kamisama Hajimemashita (image from: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kamisama_Kiss)

I don’t own this manga, so I will be reading fan translations online.

I am going to be doing shorthand as I read.  These descriptions are really more of a reminder to myself about what all I have been able to read so far.  Sorry if this bothers anyone!  I will do a full description on the final review page of each series I read.

Every post past this point will be a spoiler, so please read ahead with caution!

ch64: we’re with Kirihito. he took some soil from Yomi, so with a stone mirror & Nanami’s hair, he’ll be able to enter again and search for his body. Yatori wants to come, too! Kirihito allows it in the hopes it may kill Yatori; when it doesn’t, he questions who Yatori really is -small fry demons would’ve died. Yatori says he was 1 of Akura-ou’s subordinates, but Kirihito doesn’t remember him. Yatori recalls how Akura-ou and a fox (Tomoe) were unbeatable together, but what ever made them split up? Kirihito reveals that the fox went crazy; he wanted to become human to be with a human -so insane! Akura-ou’s body is resting in the landfill of fire; they can’t reach it now. Yatori suggests they come back once they figure out how to put out the fire. back in his room, Yomi’s poison’s seeping through! 1 of his shikigami’s destroyed, but he refuses to smash the mirror; it’s his portal to his body. when his mother knocks at the door, though, he smashes it immediately (he has a heart in there somewhere)

ch65: back at the shrine! Nanami prepares talisman for the new year, but they’re obviously home made. Tomoe leaves to buy supplies from the demon market (only open on New Years), and Nanami tags along without permission xD she’s barefoot, so Tomoe makes her wear his shoes ❤ at the market, they run into the Tanuki sisters, and poor Nanami isn’t ready. she trips and falls, causing Tomoe problems constantly, so he finally makes her go sit out of the way with a giant leaf. a rabbit with a fortune box approaches her; for the solution to her problem, she could pay 3 silver (which she doesn’t have) or she could trade the leaf. she trades the leaf to find out Tomoe’s opinion of her. meanwhile, he’s buying sandals for her. when asked what design would suit Nanami, he says flowers. Nanami’s fortune also produces a flower bud in partial bloom; he sees her as someone with potential ❤

ch66: the leaf would repel evil and hide her from yokai; without it, she’s spotted immediately xD the yokai after her also have a human child; they plan to eat the child and Nanami and mash them into rice cakes. Nanami runs. Tomoe’s pointed in the right direction by the fortune bunny. Nanami realizes hiding won’t save her or the child. when the child wakes up, Nanami distracts the demons and runs into the traffic of giants. her persuers get squashed; she’s safe because she has 1 of her traffic safety talismans xD Tomoe arrives after she’s safe. the child was actually a kitsune girl ❤ in his rush to reach her, Tomoe dropped the sandals he’d bought for her; the fortune bunny got them xD
over to Kurama randomly! his brothers came to visit him for the New Year! also, they want him to guide them to Mikage’s shrine for the 1st temple visit of the year xD over with Himemiko and Kotarou (I think I’ve been spelling that wrong, too), she wants them to visit Mikage shrine, too -because she wants to set up their marriage there (does he even know about that yet? O.o). Ryuuou’s wife is making a kimono for Nanami; they’ll deliver it for the new year. Happy New Year, everyone!

ch67: Himemiko and Kotarou are heading for the shrine, but they missed the bus. Kotarou doesn’t even know why he has to come to Himemiko’s friend’s house; Nanami’s not his friend xD poor boy has no idea… he does offer to carry Himemiko’s bag, though, so that’s sweet ❤ she asks if he likes her, and he stammers through it, but he does admit to liking her ❤ (doesn’t mean he’s ready for marriage, though) they decide to walk to the shrine. Tomoe rants on why they can’t marry; Nanami gets mad and brings up Yukiji again; Tomoe doesn’t remember her, can’t even repeat the name when ordered to; Nanami gets so mad she kicks him and Mizuki out to get snacks xD while they’re gone, it starts raining. Nanami faces someone outside, plotting Kotarou’s destruction if Himekimo doesn’t marry Nishiki (who?).
on the road to the shrine, Himemiko and Kotarou stop under an awning to avoid the rain. when it lets up, Kotarou goes to buy Himemiko a drink and asks her to hold his rubik’s cube (his prized possession). while he’s gone, a demon lord appears (I’m guessing Nishiki) who proposes on the spot then takes it back when he sees a “human”. he’s disgusted by being on land and by humans in general; it’s all too dirty for him. he decides to take the cube from her, and she tries to get it back, but he pushes her away. when Kotarou tries to help, she tells him to run; they try to flee, but Kotarou’s stabbed in the leg, and they get caught in a net. she can’t use her powers or she’ll regain her demon form which she doesn’t want Kotarou to see. thankfully Ryuuou shows up; Mikage Shrine’s been hidden, and he thinks it’s Nishiki’s fault; a demon who’d attack women would surely do something so lowly -does he not recognize Himemiko? xD

ch68: he does; he just doesn’t care xD poor Kotarou’s about ready to freak out, though. Nishiki’s brought Mikage Shrine to his swamp for a visit and plans to bring the two human”s” to Himemiko’s swamp as a present since she’s clearly not here 8D Ryuuou and him fight for a second but before Nishiki can get an actual injury, his guard, Shiranui appears and wants to know why they’re even on the surface xD Nishiki is the master of Inunaki Numa. Kotarou wakes up just long enough to hear Himemiko call herself Tatara Numa no Himemiko as she threatens to repay this “gift” that Nishiki intended to bring her; Kotarou begins to question who she really is…
meanwhile, Nanami’s rebelling against Nishiki’s followers who keep trying to mess with the shrine to “sanitize” it; it’s already clean! Shiranui forces her into a bath -she needs to be sanitized too- and I guess cleaning happens. she talks with her keeper, Aoi, who likes Nishiki, and manages to convince her that they should go look for Nishiki. no one’s allowed to approach him except Shiranui; Nanami thinks it must be lonely. Nishiki finds them when they sneak near his palace.

ch69: Nishiki finds out that Nanami’s the land god, but she refuses to marry him to Himemiko; she even /grabs/ him; GASP! she’s ushered back to the shrine by Aoi, and Nishiki commands his guards not to tell Shiranui about what just happened (oh no; I think he loves her now). the letter he was going to send to Himemiko (talking about his swamp) is rejected by Shiranui who says he should write praise about himself. when Nishiki goes to torment Nanami to make her cry, he grabs Aoi instead, so Nanami hits him and lectures him more. she finds his newest letter (about himself) and destroys it; no woman would love him for that kind of letter. he says no woman could ever hate him, and she says she hates him. love letters should be about the love you feel for the receiver (Tomoe has a TON like that, and he keeps them so as not to hurt the senders). Nishiki needs to learn how to thank people and apologize to them; only after that can he bother to write letters. he tries it for the heck of it, and his servants are delighted

ch70: Kotarou’s leg will heal in about 2 weeks. he asks if Himemiko’s hiding anything from him, but she plays dumb. she forgot his rubik’s cube in the forest; she’ll go get it because she knows how important it is to him. she kisses him on the cheek and asks him to wait for her ❤ Ryuuou’s fine with them dating -he’s all for love-, but he doesn’t seem to be happy (either that Kotarou’s weak or that Himemiko’s lying; not sure which yet). while she’s gone, Himemiko gets a report about who Nishiki is and where he lives. she’s ready to wage war. meanwhile, Tomoe and Mizuki finally realize the shrine is gone; Mamoru got left, too, but Tomoe realizes it must have been a swamp; he assumes Himemiko and is ready to wage war on her (dang it!).
back to the hospital! Kotarou begins to worry since she’s been gone so long. Ryuuou tells him that Himemiko’s a catfish yokai, but Kotarou doesn’t believe him; yokai don’t exist. Ryuuou proves him wrong, but Kotarou thinks he must be dreaming, right? when Himemiko returns, he questions her, but she keeps deflecting and lying. he’s only had bad luck with people, how could this be real; how could she lie to him like this?! her human facade starts to crack as he rejects her; she wonders if he’ll still like her when he knows the truth

ch71: Kotarou can’t accept her like this. she leaves him, vowing never to appear before him again; she enjoyed their time together and will cherish it always. when Kotarou gets out of the hospital the next day, Ryuuou’s there to chat with him (why?! xD). Kotarou says Himemiko never trusted him; she only lied; how could he like someone like that. Ryuuou says his wife’s never lied to him; know why? because he’s reliable and he can take the truth. he then leaves xD Kotarou reflects on the past year; did he ever actually face her? did she keep the truth from him because she knew he couldn’t handle it? if he’d been more reliable, would she have opened up to him? he sees the couples around and begins to miss her. a girl in the crowd looks like her, so he chases her, but it’s not Himemiko, and he cries at the loss. he decides he must find her because he doesn’t want their relationship to end like this; he wants to face her openly and honestly, even if she is a yokai or a catfish, he likes her! Ryuuou re-appears, glad he showed some spirit! they both search the map for the swamp xD Ryuuou’s from the ocean; he doesn’t know local swamps xD

ch72: Himemiko tells Tomoe and Mizuki where to find Nanami and asks to go with them. with Nanami! Nishiki keeps making her read his letters to approve them; she denies all of them xD this marriage was arranged; he doesn’t know anything about Himemiko to be able to write about her; he doesn’t have feelings for her. Nanami says marriage should be for love. she’s starving, though; they keep making her eat fish pellets xD Nishiki says he’ll take her to the surface for ramen -if they hurry and Shiranui doesn’t find out. they land in the mountains and are greeted by a dog; in town, Nishiki discovers that flowers are beautiful. the dog’s owner gives them sweet potatoes in apology for his dog stealing the flowers. the dog’s old and named for his departed wife. when the dog passes, Nishiki heals the water within it, reviving the dog ❤ while Shiranui tries to find Nishiki, Himemiko and co arrive

ch73: (I don’t like this chapter). Nishiki and co are caught and returned to the swamp. Nanami’s imprisoned elsewhere, but Shiranui keeps telling everyone she’s just gone to freshen up to witness the match making. what appears as Nanami CLEARLY ISN’T HER BUT NO ONE FIGURES IT OUT YET >( she’s drinking, praising Nishiki, and says humans and demons can’t love, and everyone just believes her. what. the crap. Himemiko and Nishiki go for a walk to talk in private, and Himemiko tries to stab him -not kill anymore- for what he did to Kotarou. he knows if she used her powers, he’d be dead, but her love for Kotarou’s so strong that even with them broken up, she still wants to keep the form he knew. Nishiki asks her to marry him because he’s fascinated by her passion and depths of love

ch74: Shiranui reveals to Nishiki that Nanami’s a fake; they’re just using her body until the wedding is over (btw, Himemiko nodded in agreement to Nishiki’s proposal). Nishiki agrees because Shiranui tells him to >( Ryuuou and Kotarou find out about the wedding; it’s tomorrow night. Himemiko realized Nanami’s a fake (but Tomoe hasn’t) and sent Mizuki out to find the real one. the impostor wants to keep Nanami’s body so she can have a romance, but Shiranui refuses this; her sights are set on Tomoe, though >( Nishiki and Himemiko trade little notes, just chatting about their swamps; it’s actually really sweet

ch75: he sneaks off to see her the next day, but she’s melancholy. when Kotarou and Ryuuou sneak in the back, Nishiki prepares for his bride to be taken from him. elsewhere, Mizuki and Mamoru find Nanami; she’s in the body of a frog! the impostor shows up and seals them all beneath tons of rocks; she’s never giving this body back. Aoi sees this. when Kotarou and co stumble upon Aoi to ask for directions, they split up: Kotarou has to get to the wedding which has already started while Ryuuou goes to find Nanami. Kotarou interrupts the ceremony to tell Himemiko that he likes her no matter what, and she hugs him, saying she likes him, too. this is the first time Nishiki ever sees her smile

ch76: Shiranui wants to capture Kotarou at once, but Nishiki orders him to let them go. the impostor still tries to intervene, so Himemiko escapes into the water, breaking her human form; Kotarou sees her for who she is, and he still says he likes her ❤ Tomoe finds the impostor -STILL SOMEHOW NOT KNOWING IT’S AN IMPOSTOR- and she asks him to take her away from all this; she just wants to be with him *gags*. SHE EVEN KISSES HIM! >( Ryuuou finds Nanami and co and has a huge laugh about Nanami now being a frog xD because the impostor’s magic is so strong, they can’t put Nanami back to normal until the impostor says so >(

ch77: (I think Tomoe figured it out). he becomes so affectionate that he scares the impostor xD Aoi takes Nanami to Shiranui; only he can command the impostor (like that’s worked so far!). Shiranui is way too attached to Nishiki, btw. but while talking with him, Nanami’s returned to her own body. because of Tomoe xD he scares the impostor right out of her! but doesn’t realize Nanami’s back until he bites her neck. she commands him to kneel in that spot for 3 days, despite wind, rain, and anything else, he cannot move from there for 3 days and nights! Nanami’s so mad x’D

ch78: after restoring the shrine, Tomoe collapses. Nanami gets a doctor who points out a mark on Tomoe’s chest; it’s the symbol of a curse. it’d only appear if he agreed to a contract, but Tomoe has no memory of that. he keeps having flashes of a memory, but not all of it. he’s asking to become human so he can marry a girl, but he can’t remember her name. later while it’s snowing, Tomoe remembers the full thing: her name was Yukiji

ch79: the shrine begins to fall apart as markings cover Tomoe’s body; Nanami tries to help him, but he keeps pushing her away; he leans on Mizuki to take him to his room as he coughs up blood. thankfully, Mikage arrives and seals Tomoe within the mirror the rest; he also restores the shrine. later, he tells Nanami that even within the mirror, Tomoe only has 7 days left to live. 500 years ago, Tomoe and Mikage met; Tomoe was already cursed and dying; he was just looking for a place to die. he asked Mikage to stay with him during his last days, but Mikage made a deal instead and made Tomoe forget the contract with the fallen god and forget the girl. this could only work once, though. the trigger to undo Mikage’s spell and reactive the curse would be for Tomoe to fall in love again, and he fell in love with Nanami. Mamoru can’t cleanse him; Tomoe will die this time

ch79.1: we see a memory of the early days when Tomoe was Mikage’s familiar. poor Tomoe is a lonely soul

ch81: Nanami runs away from the shrine; she can’t stand to be there. when she falls asleep in the snow, Yatori finds her and steals her away. she awakens in Kirihito’s place with a charm on her leg to keep her from escaping; Kirihito wants to make her the divine pillar into Yomi, aka bury her alive. she doesn’t care anymore; she’s already given up. Kirihito reprimands her; look at him; he hasn’t given up yet! he mentions the past, and she realizes she can use Mizuki’s time incense to stop the past Tomoe from making the contract. she breaks the charm on her leg with just her magic and races home

ch82: there’re a race of little demons come to pay their respects to Tomoe. Nanami tries to get Mizuki to take her to the past, but Mikage stops her; the past can’t be messed with easily; it affects the future. he imprisons her in a bubble until she calms down. she hears from the little demons that Tomoe is the one who saved them and brought them to this mountain. he only came here because he was dying. if she saves him, she may never meet him. Tomoe also brought Mizuki from Yonomori Shrine; without Tomoe, Mizuki may be left alone again. Mizuki leaves a hint to Nanami of where to find him. he’s at his old shrine; if she wishes it, he will take her to the past. Nanami is touched by his selfless gesture. she promises not to abandon Mizuki. she also realized that she shouldn’t try to change the past. she’ll go to the past to find the fallen god and find the way to break the curse; she’ll leave the rest alone. Mikage is glad she figured it out; I don’t like his smug face though >( Mizuki has to stay in the present to keep Mikage from interfering, so Nanami is going alone

ch83: Nanami gets lost in the woods in the past and eventually means Mitsuha, the novice god who lives in a shrine by the river. at her shrine, Mitsuha’s often bullied by the river yokai who likes to kill villagers, but one day, she will be strong enough to repel any demon, and she’ll build a town and protect the people and plant plums everywhere. Nanami finds out that Tomoe and Akura-ou are wanted in the west, so that must be where the fallen god is. Mitsuha creates a bamboo boat to take Nanami to a literal drop-point for the gods that should take her west. btw, Mitsuha’s full name is Yonomori Mitsuha. Nanami met Mizuki’s young master ❤

ch84: Tomoe’s with Akura-ou for sure, but Akura-out keeps borrowing Tomoe’s clothes and ruining them, so Tomoe leaves for a few days (one of Akura-ou’s followers looks like Yatori’s mask *shudders*). Nanami’s backpack gets lost in the river and when she emerges, the local kids think she’s a yokai. she helps another kid by saving the dress he was delivering to Yukiji, the only survivor from a nearby village. this one will probably be attacked soon. Nanami’s captured by the villagers because they think she’s a demon because of her clothes. Yukiji arrives, saying Nanami is her servant. she really is lovely
on a side note, Mizuki told Nanami that Tomoe first met Yukiji by the river while he was injured

ch85: Yukiji hates yokai and uses wit to get Nanami out of jail, but she really hates yokai. Nanami doesn’t approve of her for Tomoe, but that’s not her call to make. over with Tomoe, he’s with some kitsune ladies when he’s attacked by the war god who uses a borrowed sword to injure Tomoe. Tomoe escapes into the human world where he’s immediately discovered and chased by the villagers. Nanami and Yukiji hear of this; Nanami’s freaked out, and Yukiji wants to celebrate with fish. she hopes all yokai will die. Nanami rushes off to look for Tomoe, and Yukiji’s servant followers her. Tomoe disguises himself as a child and is losing consciousness when Nanami finds him; he’s smitten by her visage. he remembers her eyes from when she came to the past and took over Yukiji’s body; he’s been looking for those eyes again

ch86: when Nanami brings kid Tomoe back, Yukiji is suspicious, but Nanami says this was a child from her village who followed her and was injured. Yukiji calls a doctor for the boy -who Nanami calls Himetarou xD the villagers also wonder if “Himetarou” is a yokai, but Yukiji assures them that if he is, she’ll kill him with her own hands. when with the doctor’s help, Tomoe’s barely holding on, so Nanami goes back to the river to find her backpack which has the peach elixir. those same villagers try to grab her and “verify” if she’s human or yokai (perverts >P ), but a vision of Tomoe stops them. back at the hut, Yukiji’s servant thinks he heard Tomoe say something, but he’s already asleep again. Nanami finds her bag

ch87: once Tomoe drinks the medicine, he’s no longer in critical condition, but he still needs time to recover. while he’s recovering, Yukiji heads to the city to meet her suitor, leaving Nanami and Futa (her servant) to care for Tomoe. Nanami only enters his room at night, and if he’s awake, she won’t enter. Tomoe doesn’t know what she looks like, but he finds her touch comforting. during all this, Futa tells Tomoe about how beautiful and amazing Yukiji -the lady caring for him- is and that she’s left now to get married. when he’s just about better, Nanami leaves in secret. Tomoe sees her going and decides he wants to play with this silly woman who’s been caring for him, but she’s weakening, so instead, he only protects her from a snake; humans are weak, and he doesn’t want her to break/die

ch86.5: (crap, I got off my numbers off by a couple chapters; fixed now) in the present(?) Kei wants Ami and Nanami to be more mature, so she makes them buy mature underwear. for shenanigans, Tomoe finds them -of course. also, he does laundry with magic; it’s pretty epic looking. Nanami’s embarrassed by Tomoe’s lack of tact, and that’s basically the chapter

ch87: Nanami’s body is reaching its limit in the past, but she hasn’t found the fallen god, yet. she finds 1, but it’s not the right 1, but he(?) points her in the right direction; she’s looking for Kuromaro from Uramigoku Mountain. this little fallen god calls him here for all of Nanami’s elixir, and she agrees, but before she can speak with Kuromaro, she’s pulled back to the present. she wants to go back immediately, regardless of consequences, but Mikage reminds her that she’s not alone. when she goes to eat, everyone is waiting for her; they all want to help

ch88: Akura-ou’s getting bored, and Tomoe’s been gone 3 months; his followers encourage him to take over everything, and he likes conquest, so why not? elsewhere, Yukiji met trouble on the road; the weather was bad, and she fell from her horse, but Tomoe found her and gave her shelter. he also retrieved her horse and prepared everything she would need to continue her journey. when she asked for her benefactor’s name, he gave it only as she was leaving: Tomoe. and he never let her see him. she raced away, recalling that the fox yokai was also named Tomoe.
in the present, the others try to think of the fallen god Nanami mentioned, but no one knows him; they know the mountain, though; it’s horrible. with help, she’s returned to the past, now near the capital, and she meets Akura-ou who’s there for conquest. btw, Akura-ou ordered “Furball” (Yatori’s mask) to find out who Tomoe was in love with before he got back

ch88.5: we’re back in the present! Tomoe got something from the Tanuki ladies, and Nanami wants to know what it is. she tricks Tomoe, Mizuki, and Kurama to have a drinking contest so she can investigate. it’s a pear; the ladies return to explain it’s a high quality pear that Tomoe asked them to get for him because Nanami mentioned once that she wanted pear pancakes; he was hiding it in case he couldn’t actually make the recipe. Nanami’s happy ❤ the boys are quite drunk when she gets back, though, and it’s great xD

ch89: Akura-ou makes Nanami his guide for the capital; before he can start a riot, Nanami uses a talisman to make him like air. she asks what Tomoe’s tastes are, and Akura-ou explains that Tomoe likes to hide his important things, and Akura-ou likes to find and destroy those things. she tries to teach him that destroying things ruins them, and for a second, she thinks he gets it, but when he kills the thieves that attack her, she realizes he doesn’t. she runs off, and Furball tells him that Tomoe’s woman is named Yukiji. Akura-ou goes after Yukiji

ch89.5: back in present near the new year! Nanami’s out for the sales, and she buys takoyaki for everyone. while they eat, she recalls the words said by someone in her past about how she’ll never be lonely when she’s older. she’s glad they were right; whoever they were (it was Tomoe)

ch90: Yukiji and Nanami reuite in the capital! Yukiji’s 1st marriage offer fell through because the guy was a perv, but it led to a better offer; Yukiji’s happy and is preparing for the wedding. over with Tomoe, he’s bored and questioning himself. for a distraction, he returns to Akura-ou who explains his newest game: there’s a gorgeous woman named Yukiji about to be married; he’s going to have her captured; does Tomoe want to join in? Tomoe says he doesn’t care. Akura-ou can do whatever he wants to Yukiji. Nanami tries to find the kappa from before to find Kuromaro, but the forest is black, and the kappa is gone. word reaches Yukiji and Nanami about Akura-ou’s plot, and Nanami volunteers to be the decoy so Yukiji can reach her happiness.

ch90.5: we learn how Kurama integrated into the human world. there’re 5 rules: (1) find a place to stay; (2) get money; (3) don’t follow strangers into dark places; (4) humans change quickly; (5) never forget who you want to become.
that’s actually decent advice; good job, Kurama

ch91: Nanami will be Yukiji’s decoy; in exchange, Yukiji’s adoptive father must search for Kuromaro. Yukiji’s against this plan, but Nanami’s prepared. elsewhere, Tomoe has rejoined with Akura-ou; they plan to pillage the Ryuuou’s temple and steal his eyes for their longevity and power; 1 for each of them. but first, Akura-ou’s going to ruin Yukiji’s wedding. he lets 1 of his followers plan the capture and kill, an artist who hates beauty. the artist will team up with Furball to find Yukiji.
back with Nanami, when she’s all made up, she looks like Yukiji’s twin. Yukiji will be snuck out the back while her father leaves early. this will leave Nanami alone; oh, with a guard who’s afraid of demons xP and so they’re off! Tomoe’ restless and decides to try his hand at killing Yukiji again; that sounds fun

ch92: the wedding procession is attacked while they rest. the artist uses poison to kill most of the men. Nanami manages to escape, but she breathes in poison that slowly paralyzes her. by the time the artist catches up to her, she can’t move. Tomoe arrives and cuts down the artist before taking Nanami away, trying to figure out how he intends to kill her. when he calls her Yukiji, she starts to cry, and he tries to comfort her; her tears make him insane

ch93: when she’s cold, he lays behind her, but when she tries to leave, he won’t let her; she’s there for his amusement; it’s by his whim that she’s alive. she says she hates him and refuses to quit, so he leaves her to die, then waits nearby for her to become more obedient. when bandits come back and find her, Tomoe attacks them to save her. she asks him not to kill them, and he agrees if she says she doesn’t hate him. she says it, and he has the most adorable blush ❤

ch94: Tomoe takes care of Nanami and even makes her smile, but she keeps saying she has to leave; she has to get home. he asks if she got her flower pin from her betrothed, but she only says no; it’s just her favorite. it’s the only thing that’s Nanami’s, not Yukiji’s. he wants her to stay and be his because he loves her; from the moment they met in the rain to when she cared for his injuries. Nanami realizes he fell in love with her, not Yukiji, but he didn’t have the right name. she promises they’ll be together in the future but not now, and asks him to say those words again next time they meet. Nanami knows Yukiji has to hear this in order for their futures to intertwine. he demands she stay, but she’s being pulled back to the present again
elsewhere, Furball eats the artist who can’t move. he marvels at how easy it was *shudders*

ch95: Furball scares Nanami’s guard and is happy to be so feared.
Yukiji wonders how Nanami’s doing, and Futa tells her that Nanami went home safely. but she didn’t! she’s still in the past with Tomoe who’s taking her to the lord’s mansion, where Yukiji is. she asks Tomoe to set her down out of sight and asks him to leave quickly -before she fades in front of him. he asks for her hairpin as a sign of her vow to marry him or he won’t stay away; she gives it to him, and he leaves, but not before Yukiji sees! when Yukiji runs over, Nanami vanishes before her eyes. as Nanami’s returning to the present, she sees that Futa finally found Kuromaru. she wills herself back into the past and calls for Kuromaro who appears. to form a contract, it takes a pair. he must be given an item, and if the contractor can get it back, then the contract ends. he helps Nanami back to her own time and looks forward to their next meeting

ch96: Nanami’s sent back to see how the seeds she planted grew. she meets Kuromaru who’s met Tomoe. Yukiji’s already dead. we get to see what happened… Yukiji married the lord, and after 8 years, finally got pregnant; they were so happy. but Furball directed Akura-ou to the mansion, and he killed the lord, so Yukiji fled to protect her child no matter what. when Tomoe arrived, she called out to him for help

ch97: so, we find out that Furball is the one who tipped Tomoe off about Akura-ou’s attack; that’s weird.
during the escape, embers got into Yukiji’s eyes, so she must wear bandages. she won’t let Tomoe see her eyes because she knows he’ll realize she’s not Nanami. he knows something is different about her, but Yukiji knew about the hairpin and their promise, so it must be her, right? Tomoe brings food to people a few mountains away and has them cook it for Yukiji. during this time, he learns that women risk their lives to give birth, and Yukiji is willing to do the same. they have a conversation about human souls, and Yukiji mentions that her husband still visits her after death. Tomoe say there’s only death after death, so Yukiji surmises that humans and demons must have different after lives. Tomoe goes to Ryuuou’s castle to steal his eye and give it to Yukiji to keep her healthy; he refuses to lose her again. after the raid, he sees Nanami’s spirit and thinks Yukiji died. he finds her alive and asks her to be with him forever; he’ll become human to be with her

ch98: Akura-ou find Tomoe, and Tomoe tells him his plan to become human. he tells Akura-ou goodbye, and Akura-ou becomes depressed. he was the shield and Tomoe was the sword. guards from Izumo come to attack him, and he welcomes the distraction, but Furball kills and eats them. Akura-ou dismisses Furball. since eating the eyeball (which Nanami forced into her forever ago), Yukiji has recovered well. Tomoe takes her to the village for the humans to tend her during her pregnancy. the guard from before is there, and he tries to burn down her house. he thinks she’s an omen for demons, even bringing that 1 girl who was looking for a fallen god; now Tomoe knows where to look. the child is born safely; it’s a girl ❤ Tomoe’s scared to hold her because she’s so frail, and he’s so strong

ch99: after Yukiji gives birth, Tomoe leaves to find the fallen god. Yukiji no longer has the dragon’s eye in her; it went to the child. and so it goes with each generation; after giving birth, the mother will become weak and die because they were already frail. the dragon’s eye in the only thing that kept that bloodline alive for so long. btw, Nanami’s descended from Yukiji. Tomoe makes the contract with the fallen god using Nanami’s hair pin who then eats it. the fallen god tells her to find the hairpin in her time and bring it to him before Tomoe dies; when Tomoe dies, so will the fallen god. as Nanami races back to the present, more things -darker things- happen. Furball finds the guard from before, and takes over his body, creating Yatori

ch100: when Nanami returns to tell Mikage how to break the curse, turns out she didn’t arrive in the present; she came back 20yrs before the present. she tells him how to save Tomoe. then she returns to the present. she takes the ghost carriage with Mizuki to find the hairpin and break the curse while Mikage talks to Tomoe, trying to get him out of the mirror. when Nanami arrives with the hair pin and reminds him of the promise, he remembers it all. she asks if he knows who she is, and he kisses her. they confess their love for each other <3333 his curse is gone ❤

ch101: Nanami faints from all the time travel and Mikage tells Tomoe of what all happened while she sleeps. Tomoe’s there when she wakes up, but he’s troubled because of Yukiji; did she ever care for him? Nanami goes back to sleep, and when she wakes for real, Tomoe’s gone. to celebrate her recovery, Himemiko plans a banquet for that night, but by the time everyone’s leaving, Tomoe’s not back. he appears at the last minute and whisks Nanami away himself; he spent the day getting her hairpin repaired. she asks if this means they’re really engaged, and he says of course; he expects not to be treated like everyone else anymore. Nanami’s so happy ❤ Nanami asks if Tomoe thinks Yukiji was happy at the end. he says she died covered in blood but smiling. we see a flashback to when she dies. her only regret is being unable to see her daughter grow up, but as her soul leaves, she sees the future and even finds out about Tomoe and Nanami. her husband is there to greet her, and she smiles as she moves on ❤

ch102: Tomoe and Nanami are going to school again! Nanami’s in the best mood; even her bad grades can’t keep her down! but Tomoe hates that he’s worse than Kurama at English, so he starts studying. Nanami tells her friends about her new relationship, and they’re happy for her. Kei mentions that she prefers relationships that make her grow and improve. Nanami decides to study, too, and realizes it’s nice to study together -even if she’s not as quick as Tomoe xD when they go home together, they share an umbrella because Tomoe knew it would rain and she didn’t. clever fox ❤

ch103: Nanami’s excited about the upcoming school trip; she’s never gotten to go before. she even bought a swimsuit! Tomoe doesn’t want Mizuki to see it, but he won’t just say that xP Mikage says she’s playing too much; Tomoe agrees. Mikage says she can’t go on the trip if she doesn’t get at least 80 points on all her tests; she’s so screwed, and they all know it, but it fires her up, and she gets to studying! she keeps talking about going with everyone, even Mizuki and Kurama, and poor Tomoe is not a fan; wasn’t she his? while she studies herself into oblivion, he drinks himself there. she falls asleep in his room, and he asks if she wants to continue where they left off 500 years ago, but she doesn’t wanna fool around; she wants to study and go on this trip! Mikage and Mizuki approve, and Nanami can go even though she didn’t score high enough on her tests

ch104: school trip time! they’re flying to Okinawa, even Mizuki the new transfer student! there’s a storm, though, so the plane lands. at the airport, Nanami runs into Kirihito who kisses her to recover energy before leaving. Nanami decides not to tell Tomoe about it but has to avoid him now. Ami still likes Kurama (leader of his group; which Mizuki is in), and Tomoe tells her it’s impossible because they’re in different worlds. Nanami reprimands him for speaking so harshly; it’s not his choice, it’s up to Ami and Kurama. that night, Tomoe smells blood on the breeze. while Ami is bathing, something grabs her in the tub, talking about a thief

ch105: Ami’s been transformed into a porpoise! Kurama tries to distract Kei while Nanami and Tomoe investigate, and they find a servant of Unari, the zan (mermaid). Unari’s robe of feathers got taken, and she thinks Ami’s an accomplice to the thief. only women can enter, so Nanami goes with the servant to a cave. she tries to reason with Unari who smelled Kirihito’s blood on Nanami’s drying handkerchief that was in the restroom; that’s why Ami was taken. Nanami agrees to get the robe back; then Ami will be returned to normal. Nanami also vows to tell Ami everything when they get back. Ami believes in her. topside, the boys are having a similar convo with Kei, telling her everything. she asks them to help Ami if they’re really not human

ch106: Kurama refuses to admit to being a demon. Kei’s fed up with him, but Tomoe says to leave him alone; he’s just a crow afraid to lose his nest. Mizuki will ask the local snakes about all this to gain more info. when Kurama leaves the room, someone gets his picture (oh no, he left a girl’s room; how scandalous!) xP we learn that Kirihito’s dying and rapidly. the mermaid’s placed a curse on him that’s killing him; the only escape is to leave the island, but the planes are grounded by the storm -also caused by the mermaid. Nanami got thrown into the sea when she left the cave, and it’s Kirihito’s shikigami who pulls her out. he(?) has the robe of feathers; it repels fire, so Kirihito needs it. Nanami’s willing to exchange for it, but he doesn’t want to listen; he wants her to save Kirihito’s life. she feigns drowning to catch hold of his ankle to put them on equal footing. he’s willing to trade the robe of feathers for all her life energy

ch107: Nanami wants to see Kikuichi’s face, so he lets her. she reads his eyes; they’re neither good nor bad but they’re honest. he wants to save his master. she agrees to go with him. Tomoe has an idea of where Nanami is since his fire was put out, so he heads out. idiot Kirihito refuses to eat -it’s no wonder he’s dying. when Nanami arrives, he takes her life energy, feeling much better after. then Tomoe arrives, and I hope he’s terrifed (I’m not a fan of Kirihito)

ch108: he’s not xP he taunts Tomoe, saying he devoured Nanami and now she’s a withered husk because Tomoe was too late, again. Tomoe goes to attack him, but Kikuichi jumps in the way, losing an arm. he makes Kirihito flee with Yatori then tells Tomoe he can have his arm; it may revive Nanami some; btw, she’s in that cabin. when Tomoe finds her, he’s stricken and scared -Nanami, stop doing this to him! the discarded arm had the robe of feathers, so the servant of zan calls Tomoe over to help Nanami. he has a medicine to heal her which Tomoe helps to give her. when she wakes up, she tells Tomoe that Kirihito had to kiss her, and when she’s sleeping, he’s ready to COMPLETELY murder Kirihito

ch109: Kurama’s still trying to pretend to be human, but Mizuki’s done with this. he throws Kurama off a balcony, so Kurama has to fly to save himself, so now Kei knows he’s a demon. she makes him take clothes for Ami. btw, Kurama hates caves; Mizuki’s getting tired of his complaining. Mizuki thinks it’s nice that Nanami’s friends know about them; it’s it more freeing? Kurama doesn’t trust it and can’t understand why Mizuki does (cause Mizuki doesn’t know humans like Kurama does). Kurama admits that he’d rather the humans know him because they actually /know/ him, not because some girl outed him to the media. water rushes in and separates the two. Kurama’s lost in the dark waters and realizes he feels like there like he does in the human world. he wants to fly; this is so alien to him. Ami-manatee arrives and sits with him a while. he finds comfort in this and eventually, she takes him to the heard of the palace before she leaves. Ami doesn’t have long before all her human thoughts and memories are gone…

To read part 6, then please click here!

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