Dengeki Daisy, part 8

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I’m trying something new to select manga. I put everything recommended to me or that interested me in a list and used a random number generator to decide!

And the winner is….! *drumroll* Dengeki Daisy!

Dengeki Daisy


I actually own this one (that’s how it made the list) xD I’ll try to stay impartial, but spoiler alert, I really liked this series! Not sure how it’ll rate because it’s been a few years since I’ve read it, but we’ll find out together!

The back cover reads:
“After orphan Teru Kurebayashi loses her beloved older brother, she finds solace in the messages she exchanges with DAISY, an enigmatic figure who can only be reached through the cell phone her brother left her. Meanwhile, mysterious Tasuku Kurosaki always seems to be around whenever Teru needs help. Could DAISY be a lot closer than Teru thinks?
One day at school, Teru accidentally breaks a window and agrees to pay for it by helping Kurosaki with chores around school. Kurosaki is an impossible taskmaster though, and he also seems to be hiding something important from Teru…”

I am going to be doing shorthand as I read.  These descriptions are really more of a reminder to myself about what all I have been able to read so far.  Sorry if this bothers anyone!  I will do a full description on the final review page of each series I read.

Every post past this point will be a spoiler, so please read ahead with caution!

ch35: Teru’s dropped into a deep depression. Kurosaki’s vanished. everyone’s doing all they can to find him; they ask Teru to be strong in the meantime, but she’s hollow and stuck. Kurosaki’s ignoring everyone’s messages, but he reaches out to Takeda for some information -which he provides. he intends to find the remains of the Jack Frost program and destroy it before he returns, even if it costs him his life. Kiyoshi tells Andy about his phone going missing, so yeah, that’s how they got Kurosaki’s number. when Teru’s standing on the roof, Rena tackles her from the edge, thinking she’s going to commit suicide (aww, Rena’s becoming a really good friend ❤ ); Teru just likes heights; she wasn’t thinking anything dangerous (but it’s sweet how much Rena cares and worries ❤ ). Kiyoshi arrives and decides to provoke Teru to get her into action BY PUNCHING HER IN THE STOMACH (that’s too far, Kiyoshi! you guys punch each other all the time, but never in the stomach! too harsh, man! too harsh!). even Rena gets onto him, but he keeps provoking Teru, saying she clearly doesn’t care for Daisy since she’s leaving him alone when he needs her, he must’ve just been a convenience all along. it finally seems to wake Teru up, and she punches Kiyoshi in the jaw in retaliation before thanking him. Rena picks his glasses up for him -and cleans them-, and he says he hopes they can be happy; he owes Kurosaki his life after all. Rena comments that he’s surprisingly a good friend xD Teru runs to Andy to ask about what Daisy actually did; she wants to be proactive, but she needs more information 1st. elsewhere, Takeda tells Riko about what Kurosaki’s doing, so now the team knows
ch36: Teru keeps getting harassed in her dreams by Akira, but now that she’s got her spirit back, she punches the fake in the face; it’s actually her brother come to advice and look after her (I like how they have dream shenanigans together ❤ ). elsewhere, Kurosaki’s threatening(?) a guy over the phone and keeps getting flashbacks of his dad; we hear another western song (there’re so many referenced in this manga =O). the team’ll meet up tonight to talk about Daisy/Kurosaki/everything from the past. Kiyoshi’s invited along to cook them dinner xD turns out Boss works for the government as Kurosaki’s handler O.o;; he’s a good guy, though, since he worked with Kurosaki previously and is still on his side. he also got a tip, so he leaves early. elsewhere, Kurosaki is now threatening the guy in person, trying to get info on Jack Frost, who he sold it to, how he got it, can he make it again, etc; but it’s a bust. he recommends that this guy cut all ties with whoever’s getting him to do bad so it doesn’t come back to hurt his family. back with the team! once Kiyoshi’s done cooking, Takeda invites him to hear the story -also Takeda wants to get out of there xD; the story starts way back in the day with a government code that was being developed. it wasn’t handled the best and some people opposed that, 1 was the professor and the other was a bureaucrat, and they supported each other. but one day, part of the code was sold to a foreign country, and the seller died mysteriously. it was the bureaucrat who was labeled a traitor. the bureaucrat was also Kurosaki’s father. to investigate the death, Kurosaki became Daisy the hacker.
ch37: Kurosaki meets with another guy to buy the program, but he gets ambushed. back with the team! Andy gives Teru the option to call it a night, but she wants to hear everything; she doesn’t have all the answers yet. so we find out that Soichiro knew the professor and Kurosaki’s father in college -the father was a fellow student-; Soichiro also had to drop out of college because of his parents’ deaths so that he could take care of Teru. he was good friends with both of them, but when everything went to heck at the company, he was given an ultimatum of either stay with the company and lose contact with your friends, or be fired and be unable to provide for your sister. he stayed with the company -obviously- but it was very hard after Kurosaki’s father died and Soichiro couldn’t even attend the funeral or talk to the professor about it. Riko and Teru go outside to keep talking since Riko knows the most about the story at this part; it’s all about when Kurosaki joined the company and worked for Soichiro ❤ since the government couldn’t stop Daisy’s attacks, they decided to hire him at the company instead; Boss had to watch him, though, and was hired as a “temp” with him. YOUNG KUROSAKI’S SO ADORABLE OMG!!!!! *o* ❤ he was quiet and polite, and everyone fawned over him -except Soichiro. unfortunately, his father was his trigger, and once people knew who he was, they pressed that switch, and Kurosaki got violent. everyone quickly got scared -except Soichiro. he baited Kurosaki with a nigh-impossible task and said he expected more from Takahiro’s son (that’s Kurosaki’s dad). it triggered Kurosaki, but in a way that made him work harder; Kurosaki took the challenge and completed the task, and Soichiro praised him and spoke well of his father. this healed Kurosaki, to be recognized and have his father recognized through him ❤ Soichiro encouraged Kurosaki to live happily and be needed by many so the world could see that Kurosaki overcame the pain of his past and conquered the world’s low expectations of him. Soichiro offered to be like a big brother to Kurosaki and protect him in both life and death.
ch38: Kurosaki defeated his attackers -there were 3 of them- and asks about who wanted to resurrect Jack Frost, but the seller says it’s too dangerous to talk about it; Kurosaki says it’s fine; it’s just him, so no one else’ll get hurt. far away, Teru wishes for his safety… back with Teru, the story continues! Andy joined the team, and he and Boss never got along xD Kurosaki became their mediator which made Soichiro proud ❤ team changes happened basically all at once: two members got married and were going to start their own company, Soichiro was about to promoted to his dream division -even though he didn’t have the required degree-, Andy was going to become a school director for his family, and Boss was going to start a café, leaving just Riko and Kurosaki left. Kurosaki’s actually applying to college, so he may be leaving, too; he’s waiting on the results, but if he gets accepted, it’ll be a step in the right direction to follow Soichiro into the new division; Soichiro supports him, and Riko also gives him her full support! Soichiro and Andy meet with the professor, and he’s thinking of finally going public about Kurosaki’s father and that whole incident. he gives Soichiro some “insurance” in case something happens to him, but Soichiro’s convinced everything will be ok. the next day, Soichiro has a doctor appointment and is late coming in; Kurosaki got his acceptance letter and really wants to show Soichiro first; he’s so proud ❤ Kurosaki gets called to the director’s office and everything quickly goes to heck. when Soichiro comes in, his computer’s been hit by Jack Frost, and so has the professor’s; he’s also heavily injured and Kurosaki’s there? O.o????
also, we learned how Jack Frost works and why it’s so scary. it’s a program that locks it’s target. the only way to deactive it is to break the code it attacked
ch39: back to the backstory! Soichiro gets a call about the professor; an ambulance was called by Kurosaki, but he’s since vanished. the director shows up being super sketchy, but Soichiro brushes him off so they can get to work finding Kurosaki -Takeda works for the director. Soichiro finds Kurosaki at the train station thanks to Boss, just as Kurosaki’s about to walk in front of a train; Soichiro saves him just in time and takes him home. the professor wrote several letters to be read at his death, including 1 to Kurosaki. the letter explains that while the professor did turn in Kurosaki’s father for personal reasons, he did not believe Kurosaki’s father to be a traitor; he hoped Kurosaki would find happiness no matter what. we also learn what happened after Kurosaki was called to the director’s office. he met with a guy from “HR” (LIES!) who said he had to give up the Jack Frost program to be forgiven for his crimes; Kurosaki gave it to him and was then directed to the professor who’d been attacked and silenced by lethal injection. Kurosaki called an ambulance, but it was too late. realizing how bad he screwed up, he almost killed himself before Soichiro literally pulled him away from the edge. if Kurosaki had died, everything could’ve been covered up, with Kurosaki as the “bad guy”. Kurosaki intends to turn himself into the police to atone once and for all, the right way this time. we find out that Andy told the director about his meeting with the professor; Soichiro doesn’t blame him, but Andy’s been taking off work, so he apparently blames himself. though it’ll be hard, Soichiro’s confident Kurosaki’ll be ok; he’s done crimes, but he didn’t murder the professor and that’ll be obvious in the investigation. but the government meets with Soichiro; Kurosaki’s been charged for murder because of a politician’s influence; this same politician orchestrated getting Jack Frost from Kurosaki, encouraged Jack to be developed improperly, and probably had a hand with Kurosaki’s father’s murder. but somehow there’s not enough evidence to prosecute him >xP the government needs evidence from the professor’s computer that was frozen by Jack Frost, meaning Jack has to be broken, and only Soichiro can do it now that the professor’s dead. if he can break the code, then they’ll let Kurosaki go. Soichiro’s been diagnosed with scirrhous carcinoma (Idk if this is a real thing) and only has 6 months to live, and the government knows that. if he got treatment now, he might live, but his chances are slim. instead of treatment, Soichiro gets to work deciphering Jack. Kurosaki didn’t know about Soichiro’s illness; when he got out, Soichiro was already hospitalized. Kurosaki still blames himself for everything, but now that Teru knows everything, she feels confident she can save him ❤
❤ warms my heart that we’re finally about to get back to the main story line ❤ to keep reading my review, then please click here.

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