Dengeki Daisy, part 9

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I’m trying something new to select manga. I put everything recommended to me or that interested me in a list and used a random number generator to decide!

And the winner is….! *drumroll* Dengeki Daisy!

Dengeki Daisy


I actually own this one (that’s how it made the list) xD I’ll try to stay impartial, but spoiler alert, I really liked this series! Not sure how it’ll rate because it’s been a few years since I’ve read it, but we’ll find out together!

The back cover reads:
“After orphan Teru Kurebayashi loses her beloved older brother, she finds solace in the messages she exchanges with DAISY, an enigmatic figure who can only be reached through the cell phone her brother left her. Meanwhile, mysterious Tasuku Kurosaki always seems to be around whenever Teru needs help. Could DAISY be a lot closer than Teru thinks?
One day at school, Teru accidentally breaks a window and agrees to pay for it by helping Kurosaki with chores around school. Kurosaki is an impossible taskmaster though, and he also seems to be hiding something important from Teru…”

I am going to be doing shorthand as I read.  These descriptions are really more of a reminder to myself about what all I have been able to read so far.  Sorry if this bothers anyone!  I will do a full description on the final review page of each series I read.

Every post past this point will be a spoiler, so please read ahead with caution!

ch40-43: once things got going, I couldn’t stop reading xD; Kurosaki keeps dreaming about Teru accepting him. we also see what happened when he talked to Ms. Mori (I don’t like calling her Chiharu; makes it seem like I’m friendly toward her xP I’m just going to call her Mori from now on). so Mori proposed a game to Kurosaki; either he find the organization that’s trying to revive Jack Frost and destroy it, or she’ll tell them he’s Daisy, and they’ll make him revive Jack Frost by exploiting his weaknesses -like Teru. anyway, Boss finds Kurosaki. Teru updates Haruka and Rena about the situation and reveals they have a plan to get Kurosaki back -after Boss finds him. Kiyoshi invites Rena out to eat to repay her for her handkerchief last time. on her way home, Teru stops by to see Riko. we see a flashback of their talk last time; Riko feels guilty for having known about Soichiro’s illness but not saying anything to anyone; maybe she could’ve made him get treatment; she feels responsible for his death, it’s not Kurosaki’s fault, it’s hers (actually it’s Soichiro’s, but ok. it was his health and his choice). while in Riko’s office, Teru gets a call from Akira; he wants to meet and tell her where Kurosaki is because he’s bored. elsewhere, Boss says nice words to Kurosaki before getting a call from Riko about Teru; Teru’s missing. Boss’s on the case since Kurosaki’s too busy doing his own thing right now =P Daisy gets a text from Teru about how she’s going to meet with Akira and the meetup is at <someplace>. Boss’s phone is off, only Kurosaki knows where she is, so he races off to get her. over with Kiyoshi and Rena! Kiyoshi explains Teru’s plan to get Kurosaki back; he’s not a fan of the plan, but it’s the best they’ve got. so when Akira called earlier, Teru shot him down. she contacted Daisy with the lie that she was going to meet Akira (strange how he actually called though) since that was her big plan from the start; everyone knew the plan except Kurosaki -obviously xD it works like a charm; she meets him ❤
but he doesn’t want to stick around now that he knows she’s safe. he says she can do whatever she wants, so she starts reading Daisy’s most heartfelt and cringe-y messages out loud. he chases her down and catches her, but she’s the one who really caught him; this was also part of the plan xD they sit down and really talk the way they should’ve from the start. what Kurosaki’s been blaming himself for with Soichiro’s illness was that Teru was kept in the dark; she missed out on precious time with her brother because her brother was helping Kurosaki instead of spending his last days with her; Teru got the shortest straw of all. Kurosaki’s terrified if she’s condemn or forgive him. so she does neither; she thanks him for everything he’s ever done and given to her
❤ so now that he’s back, the team arrives, and they all stay at a hotel for the night. during the meeting, it’s brought up that Kurosaki’ll have to go into hiding while they make sure no one’s on his tail; Teru panics because she doesn’t want to lose him again. Andy dismisses her from the meeting because she’s clearly too stressed to handle this right now. Riko and Teru talk about it, and Riko encourages Teru to take a long bath, enjoy this luxurious hotel for the night, and just rest. after the meeting, Andy talks to Kurosaki; this hotel’s his hiding place tonight. when Kurosaki goes back in, Riko tells him that Teru’s acting strange. he wanted to check on her anyway, so he does so and she’s fresh out of the shower o///o she’s wearing a robe, but he wasn’t mentally prepared for this xD Riko’s locked him in for the night, though; they’re sharing a room to save money 8D also Teru’s terrified that he’ll vanish, so he needs to take this time to reassure her. AND ONLY REASSURE HER; NO FUNNY BUSINESS, KUROSAKI! they talk, and he lets her hold his hand until she falls asleep.
and now we’re back at school! everything’s back to normal; no one was after Kurosaki (which is surprising to me). Teru still writes Daisy messages, but she doesn’t send them; it’s like her diary. Riko asks Kurosaki about his relationship with Teru, and he says he intends to take it slow; now’s not the time to start anything; they need to settle first and get used to their new dynamic. Teru and Haruka are sleeping over at Rena’s house!! <333 I love that they’re friends ❤ Rena catches Teru writing Daisy a message and encourages her to talk to Kurosaki about it since it’s so meaningful to Teru. Teru does ask him if they can keep sending messages like that, but he says no; he says it really badly though so she cries and runs off (bad Kurosaki!). she gets home late because she studied at the library, but Kurosaki’s waiting for her to tell her that he’s about to text her so she better read it xD Teru admits to herself that if he hadn’t said anything, she probably would’ve ignored his message >.>; he won’t play Daisy anymore, but she can still talk to him anytime, but from now on, it’ll be as him, not as Daisy. since his texts won’t be as nice and flowery anymore (lol, ’cause “daisy”), he’ll be nicer in real life. he can be true to himself now that he won’t be pretending anymore. he’s actually already been nicer to her, and she noticed but she wasn’t sure what was different. she sends him a reply and things continue on like normal ❤
ch44: Teru’s discovered video games, but she’s bad at them xD Kurosaki’s good at this one, so he shows her how to play. after, he watches the news and sees info on a big company -the one he’d been investigating that wanted Jack Frost. the team has a meeting. it’s good news that the company’s falling apart, but the team had nothing to do with it; someone else leaked it, and they’re trying to process what this means. Kurosaki wonders whatever happened to Mori and Akira; why send him after the company if they had info that could take them down already? after the meeting, Boss asks Kurosaki to try and meet Akira sometime to gain info on him. btw, Teru hates Akira; she’s ready to throw down if he ever shows up again! Akira calls Kurosaki (didn’t you change your number, Kurosaki? come on!) and wants to meet. Teru doesn’t want him to go, but he’ll have Boss and others as back up, so she caves. they meet at an arcade, and Akira talks a lot. he got in the info on the company, and it was easy since they were focused on Kurosaki and didn’t expect a separate attack -so I guess that was Mori’s plan with it. Akira says they still have plans for Jack Frost. he also says he wants Teru, but Kurosaki’s not rattled in the slightest which sets Akira off. Kurosaki says this was very insightful and leaves
ch45: it’s exam time again. Kurosaki’s wearing glasses!! while Teru takes her tests, Kurosaki and Riko meet at Boss’s café to talk about Akira. Akira reminds Kurosaki of something, but he won’t say. he does warn Riko about Akira’s interest in Teru, though xD but he believes Teru’s smart, strong, and resilient, so she’ll be ok. after exams, that 3rd yr tries to harrass Teru, but she’s having none of it; even when he tries to use Kurosaki against her, she blows him off. she then apologizes to Kurosaki xD he’s proud of her, though. he invites her to a movie before interrogating the 3rd yr who actually wanted Teru’s help with last minute homework xD Kurosaki tells him to ask instead of threaten (good advice for anyone, really), but the homework’s due the day after tomorrow in the morning! Teru’s so excited for her movie though… 3rd yr comes to her apartment to ask for help (how did he know where she lives? O.o); she gives him advice on where to look in the library, but as he leaves, her conscious gets to her. she hates to do it, but she cancels with Kurosaki to help this guy; if he fails his homework, he won’t be able to graduate; this could literally ruin his future, and she has a chance to help him. Kurosaki messes with her, giving her chances to change her mind, but she won’t, so they re-schedule ❤ Kurosaki worries about the depths of her kindness, though, as he thinks of Akira
ch46: after exams are Christmas and New Years, but we already saw how that went at the end of vol6 (seriously, the mangaka plugs vol6 here x’DDDD). Rena and Haruka aren’t ok with Teru’s lack of relationship progress, so they doll her up to help things progress. … Kurosaki isn’t amused (Teru look like a mini Mori >.>;;; which is to say, very cute but way over the top >.<;;; ). Riko encourages Teru to do her best in her own time; don’t try to force things but it’s ok to put a little pressure on. Teru and Kurosaki have an unspoken rule, though, so Teru’s not sure how that works. Riko gives her a bottle of subtle perfume which’s also calming. Riko’s apparently into aromatherapy right now ^^ later, Teru overhears Kurosaki talking with 1 of the lady teachers; the staff’s concerned that Kurosaki’s in a relationship with Teru, but he denies having any feelings for her. when the teacher leaves, Kurosaki realizes Teru heard everything. when he tries to explain, she runs off. she won’t answer her phone, so he asks Riko where she is. Riko asks about why Kurosaki said what he said, and it’s because he’ll say whatever he needs to to stay by Teru’s side. Riko says she’ll keep an eye out for Teru, and Kurosaki leaves. but Teru’s been by Riko, hiding, this whole time xD she used some of the perfume to help herself calm down, and she knows why Kurosaki said what he said, but it still shocked her. she realizes she turned up the heat, and Riko praises her and warns her not to do it too much. Teru makes up with Kurosaki and they go home. but Teru’s having fun with this new ability, so she keeps messing with him until he finally gets even, which she wasn’t prepared for xD men can turn up the heat, too; be careful, ladies~
ch47: we see a flashback of Kurosaki and Soichiro. Kurosaki -like his dad- hums when he’s happy. 1 song they hum/med is called “Daisy Bell”; Soichiro asks Kurosaki if his hacker handle came from the song, but Kurosaki gets mad and won’t talk about it. Soichiro predicts that someday, Daisy will have a good meaning for Kurosaki; he also says Kurosaki’s like him ❤ back to the present! Teru and the team meet at Boss’s cafe to visit Soichiro’s grave together ❤ also Teru gives up her phone for a full deep search to make sure Soichiro (or Akira) didn’t leave anything in it. Boss tries to warn her that it may be damaged; it’s all her bro left her; but she corrects him that her bro left her so much more like his lessons and good memories and all these fantastic friends ❤ that night, Teru and Kurosaki make all of Soichiro’s fave foods, and they get to talk about him more ❤ Teru also brings up “Daisy Bell” and how Kurosaki thinks a lot like her brother, but he storms out. Teru thinks she said something wrong and goes to apologize, but he corrects her. he’s emotional because her words made him happy; he notes how he’s changed since Soichiro made him mad with this question but now he’s happy from it. he laments not being able to talk to Soichiro now, that he misses him, and oh gosh, this had me crying at work; my heart wasn’t ready for these feels TT^TT Teru encourages him not to hold everything in, and when Riko and Takeda show up, they’re holding each other and crying (and I’m crying with them even as I laugh at Riko and Takeda’s expressions TTwTT ). everyone loved Soichiro so much TTwTT ❤ Kurosaki thinks of Akira and admits that Akira’s like him in his dark days; he hopes he can save Akira like how Soichiro saved Kurosaki; maybe then Kurosaki’ll feel Soichiro made the right choice in saving him (I’ve gotta say it now, though; Akira needs to get punched in the face >( just once, at least)
ch48: we see Mori and OMG I LOVE HER WITH SHORT HAIR!! That’s such a cute look; omg!!! *O* anyway, she’s taking care of Akira; who’s whiny and messy. she’s going to take him on a job, and he promises to listen to her. over at the school, Rena’s chatting with everyone about her upcoming engagement (weren’t they already engaged?). Teru notices she’s not excited, but Rena doesn’t trust her judgment with men so she’s not sure if it’s her or him =X Kiyoshi’s there too because he’s fixing the computer again xD Teru likes how Rena and Kiyoshi interact; they strengthen each other without tearing the other down, and they’re able to discuss things freely (tldr; Teru has a ship xD). Rena invites Teru to join her for lunch with her fiancé to help get a read on him. before that, though, over at Boss’s café, Teru’s phone’s been returned! nothing was found, and Andy’s messed with it to add new features like GPS tracking, a panic button, and even an antenna shocker for protection. he also messed with Kurosaki’s phone to make it compatible with Teru’s GPS and panic features. to the hotel for the lunch meetup! but before that, Chiharu (she won me over with her short hair >_>; ) and Akira are there! Chiharu’s meeting someone, and Akira -unsupervised- sees Teru and goes after her. he catches her in the elevator, and Teru hits the panic button. Kurosaki rushes in and stops the elevator
ch49: Akira tries to threaten Teru with a pocket knife, but Kurosaki’s having none of it; he takes the knife -and gets cut in the process- and punches Akira. under fear of death (he’s very dramatic), he passes out from the punch. Chiharu arrives to get him out of here, and she has a gun. she’s obviously frazzled, but if Kurosaki’ll let her go with Akira, she’ll cover up the hacking done to stop the elevator and keep the hotel quiet about everything, she’ll even owe Kurosaki a favor. they agree, and Kurosaki carries Teru out. Riko has Kurosaki take care of Teru once he’s back from the hospital (hand’s cut and needed some stitches but overall fine) since it’s good for Teru and him; they both need some TLC. it works. Teru’s been shoving down her feelings, trying not to cry, because she feels like it makes her weak and like Akira won; she’s just so mad at herself for being scared and unable to do anything and Kurosaki even got hurt because she couldn’t rescue herself. Kurosaki reassures her, and they have a sweet moment; his healing comes from holding her. Boss’s beating himself up for ever asking Kurosaki to meet Akira, but he was just following orders. the team needs to focus on Akira and Chiharu’s involvement; what caused this, why attack now, why there? at the school, Kiyoshi and Rena meet by accident. after the incident, Rena called her fiancé but he never answered and his work excuse was a lie; she’s scared he’s somehow involved. over with Chiharu, he’s clearly involved; he’s the one she met with
and that’s it! I read 2 volumes this time xD; oops. but I had fun, and if you’d like to keep reading my review, then please click here.

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