Soul Eater, part 11

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Soul Eater

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I do not own this manga, so I will be reading fan translations online.  I am going to be doing shorthand descriptions on each chapter.  These descriptions are really more of a reminder to myself about what all I have been able to read so far.  Sorry if this bothers anyone!  I will do a full description on the final review page of each series I read.

Every post past this point will be a spoiler, so please read ahead with caution!

ch55: we learn Soul came from a musical family; his older brother Wes is good at violin, but Soul thought he wouldn’t be good enough, so he was glad when his weapon blood awakened; it gave him an excuse to leave. his demon tries to get him to get up, but Soul can’t (or doesn’t). when his demon abandons him, Soul starts to despair until Arachne offers to help him stand again. he accepts her help and thinks he’s saved– until Maka wakes him up. he realizes that he needs to get stronger. the group enters the room, but Arachne’s soul isn’t in her body! (didn’t this happen before? did this site upload chapters out of order?)
while Kidd’s looking for Mosquito, Liz and Patty reveal that they put a sleeping drug in Giriko’s drink, so he’s completely knocked out right now (I guess this happened in the chapter I missed). Kidd finds Mosquito in the control room, but he’s already fighting Eibon

ch56: “Eibon” isn’t the true Eibon; he just likes the name; when he fills the book of Eibon and obtains Brew, then it will be the same as becoming Eibon (basically). Mosquito returns to his 800 year ago form, when he was at this most incredible, but he’s killed in one hit by “Eibon” aka Noah. when Noah moves to collect Kidd, Kidd releases Liz and Patty before getting sucked into the book of Eibon. Patty wants to go after him, but Liz won’t risk her life.
outside: Black Star continues to fight Mifune who for some reason is using multiple sword style again? (weren’t they in a duel of pure skill?)

ch57: this chapter only had 3 pages, but did Black Star kill Mifune!? (why does this site keep doing this to me?)

ch58: Yep, Black Star killed him. as he fades away and Black Star falls to the floor, Tsubaki catches Mifune and obeys his last request to get him as close to the castle as she can.
inside the castle: Maka and Medusa deal with Arachne who has become “insanity” in the hopes of capturing the kishin. Medusa reveals that Arachne thought to create weapons because she read from the book of Eibon. Arachne mocks Medusa’s crush on Dr. Stein. She wipes Medusa out with one mental attack, but Maka -because of her anti-demon wavelength- can fight back. For some reason, Maka’s still asking Arachne where Chrona is? Is Chrona supposed to be here?
Arachne’s insanity tears at everyone’s minds like spiders, except Havar who is too dry to notice them yet.

ch59: while everyone else screams and suffers from the insanity, Black Star tells them to toughen up, sits up, then expels his wavelength to calm them all down; when did Black Star level up to this amount of cool!? So cool!! Noah is also unaffected by the wavelength. even Kidd can feel the wavelength from inside the book of Eibon.
While Maka fights Arachne, Soul realizes the insanity is being transmitted through Arachne’s web, so he plays his brother’s violin piece “the Meditation of Souls” on his piano (if you think about it, that makes very little sense,but I’m willing to go with it). it’s so effective that it even hits Arachne, knocking her back into physical form for Maka to destroy.

ch60: with his activated insanity, Soul gave Maka her black blood dress by accident, but it makes for good armor. Maka defeated a witch! While she’s distracted, though, Medusa transfers her soul into Arachne’s abandoned body. she lied to Maka about Chrona in order to get Maka to do what she wanted, but now, she plans to kill Maka who’s too dangerous to witches. Soul asks if Medusa killed BJ, but she says she didn’t, she just watched and that Dr. Stein should be finding the real culprit soon. A monkey then appears out of nowhere and starts attacking Medusa. …. There’s a death scythe meister with a monkey named Enrique. And the death scythe meister wears a giant teddy bear mask. … Never mind, it’s revealed that the teddy bear guy is Tezca Tlipoca, the demon mirror; the monkey is the meister?
Medusa decides to retreat. when Maka asks about Chrona, Medusa says the Chrona that Maka knew no longer exists, and then she vanishes.
The next page has Chrona naked in bed and Ragnorak around. wat

ch61: Giriko finally wakes up after everything is destroyed xD Stein says they have to take down Justin who then teams up with Giriko? What is going on?!
back in Death City: Tsubaki stands with Kim, Jackie, and the witch Angela before Shinigami-sama. everyone believes Kim should be ok against the witches’ destructive nature, but they worry about Angela. Kim thinks her magic can keep it in check, and Jackie reminds us of the moral manipulation machine. Shinigami-sama believes it’ll be fine. Angela asks when Mifune’s coming back (oh my heart!). Soul asks Black Star to join the “we’re all lying to Angela” club xP they don’t know how she’d react if she knew Black Star killed Mifune. Black Star doesn’t like it, but I guess he agrees?
at Shibusen’s East Asian Branch: Azusa talks with Shinigami-sama. apparently BJ had been looking into Justin Law’s background and found a lot of holes; also Justin has no alibi for the time of BJ’s death.
outside Death City: Justin’s coming back, but Stein and Marie find him. Justin retreats when he realizes that they’re too fast.
in Death City, Sid goes over a new plan with Shinigami-sama which Shinigami-sams dubs the “Shibukids Squad”.

ch62: Maka takes on serial murderer, Frey D Sadoko, and gains their 100th soul (again). elsewhere, Patty wins 5 spars in a row, surprising everyone with her strength. Black Star decides to take her on, but wants a handicap to make it worthwhile. while Tsubaki binds his hands at his request, Patty kicks him in the balls from behind and wins xD Liz is so proud xD while everyone continues to practice, Sid comes in to talk to Nygus. Black Star overhears him; Stein and Marie are back. they report back to Shinigami-sama about Justin.
meanwhile, Justin is working for Noah, along with Giriko, a clown, and someone else. their goal is to assassinate Maka, and Kidd can hear them.
back at Shibusen, the elite unit Spartoi (Stein changed the name from Shibukids Squad) gathers together. Spartoi is Greek for “the sown” who were a horde of skeletons that combatted insanity. Soul’s about to become a death scythe!! Spartoi includes the teams: Maka, Black Star, Kim, Kilik, Ox, Liz and Patty. OX HAS HAIR NOW!!

ch63: Soul and Maka may be able to fly because Maka’s soul has the grigori form that only appears in 1/50mil people. unfortunately they fail because Soul can’t imagine Maka as an angel xD Stein trains with Black Star, and Sid overlooks Patty and Liz’s target shooting while Tsubaki and Havar watch/play with Angela, Thunder, and Fire; Tsubaki’s great with kids ❤
elsewhere: Kidd is being disciplined by the mystery guy, Gopher, for re-organizing the contents of the book of Eibon xD

ch64: Maka and Soul can now fly, and Soul gave Maka adorable little wings like she wanted xD on a side note, everyone in Spartoi is now a 2 star meister/weapon. Noah attacks Maka! he also has a grigori soul. Maka’s losing because she doesn’t have the speed she needs with her poofy little angel wings. so with her urging, Soul gives her better wings; now it’s a proper fight.

ch65: Maka cuts through Gopher’s wings, forcing him to retreat. he takes his frustrations out on Kidd. elsewhere, Medusa tells Chrona it’s time to go, so Chrona cries and screams towards the sky (I’m super concerned by and about Chrona right now O.o; )

To read part 12, click <here>.

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