Kamisama Hajimemashita, part 6

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I used to read this years ago when it was still ongoing, and this past week, a friend mentioned that it was finally completed.  I didn’t intend to do another shoujo, but I used to love this series!  I wanna know how it ends!!  So, here we go!

Kamisama Hajimemashita (image from: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kamisama_Kiss)

I don’t own this manga, so I will be reading fan translations online.

I am going to be doing shorthand as I read.  These descriptions are really more of a reminder to myself about what all I have been able to read so far.  Sorry if this bothers anyone!  I will do a full description on the final review page of each series I read.

Every post past this point will be a spoiler, so please read ahead with caution!

ch110: the servant of zan is still with Tomoe and Nanami, so the robe hasn’t been returned and the storm hasn’t stopped. he’s scared of Unari who’s a necessary evil; she’s terrifying, but she also gets rid of those who intend harm, so the sea is safe. poor Kurama’s still lost. he accidently finds the sleeping Unari and sees her face. she never wanted anyone but her future husband to see her face, so she decides he must marry her. she gives him a potion to change him into 1 of the ocean, and he steals it to return Ami to normal. Unari’s ticked, so she tries to kill him, and then Mizuki arrives and also looks at her face -um, oops?!

ch111: Unari’s the daughter of a mermaid and 1 of the dragon clan; unfortunately, she took after her dragon father and has horns and some scales on her face; her mother called her ugly and encouraged her to wear something over her face so she wouldn’t experience pain. Mizuki recognizes her loneliness and offers to marry her instead since Kurama has to find Ami. she decides to release Kurama and says that Ami’s been released into the sea. now alone, Unari treats Mizuki to foods she made, and they get to know each other a bit. she panicks when her face covering is pulled off, so Mizuki wears it instead; she’s not sure she should trust him; she’s already been used and betrayed twice recently, but Mizuki compliments her eyes and doesn’t tell lies, and she chooses to believe him. she sings a song to stop the storm and has the winds spread the news of their upcoming marriage. Tomoe hears about it xD Kurama hears the song and is inspired to sing his own in the hopes of finding Ami. even with most of her memories gone, she remembers his song and comes to him. he gives her the potion, and she’s turned human again; her hair’s longer though, and she’s naked xD thankfully, Kurama has clothes for her (thanks, Kei!). she tells him that she remembers their time underwater and confesses she likes him, the real him that loves to fly. he blushes ❤

ch112: some sea hooligans come to harrass Unari then try to pick on Mizuki, so Mizuki asks a larger sea snake to bite off 1 of their heads then sends them out to sea; he’s stronger than he looks (he’s really in his element, too O.O). elsewhere, Kurama returns Ami to Kei then flies off; a classmate with a camera (who likes to extort people; what a jerk) may or may not get a pic of him? Nanami decides she must return the robe of feathers herself since she promised it; obviously Tomoe’s going, too, & the servant. demons can apparently breathe and talk underwater? (they are super overpowered). Nanami has to use an air gourd xD Unari asks Mizuki about Nanami, and he explains his relationship as Nanami’s familiar; she saved him from his sorrow, so she will always be his most important person. Unari’s not sure she can trust a human -land god or not-, but Mizuki says she’ll come around; Nanami has that effect. sure enough, Nanami arrives with the robe of feathers, convincing Unari. she also runs out of air, so Tomoe kisses her to give her some air back; he also did this to mess with Mizuki xD Unari realizes Mizuki really is like her; he’s not the #1 for his #1, just like she’s not his #1 even though he’s her #1

ch113: Unari gives her returned robe of feathers to Mizuki and tells him to return with Nanami; he vows to come back on this day every year to see her. he really seemed to like her… Ami’s ok! she’s always hungry though. the school trip can continue! but Tomoe makes Nanami stay at the hotel to sleep; Ami’s fine, but Nanami isn’t. Tomoe’s a tyrant, but it’s (mostly) out of love xD she does sleep, and she feels better for it. there’re fireworks outside which everyone watches. Nanami and Tomoe kiss, and Mizuki watches the fireworks’ reflection on the ocean; it’s not as painful for his eyes and suits him better (I like to think he’s watching the fireworks with Unari <3)

ch114: school trip time! some groups are going swimming, and some are going sight seeing! camera girl leaves her group to go sight seeing; she wants to prove Kurama’s true self xP she tries to get dirt on him from Nanami then Tomoe but strikes out. she prefers to be on her own and finds other girls boring and stupid. while they’re sight seeing, the servant of zan returns and grants the witch’s blessing, a rain of light that humans can’t see. Kurama gives feathers to Ami and Kei so they can see it, too; a feather falls, so camera girl picks it up and sees the demon world; she falls in by accident, and before she can be caught by the demon chasing her, Tomoe saves her. she’s returned to the human world, terrified, and is comforted by the silly human girls with their silly talk and silly flowers. it’s nice

ch115: Mikage asks Tomoe to visit the shrine maiden as he did once in the past. in the past, Tomoe had to deal with a hyper child who turned out to be the shrine maiden. she deceived him completely. when he comes again, that little child is now a very old woman. Tomoe’s faced with the lifespan of a human for the 1st time, and he’s scared for Nanami. what will he do when she becomes like this? can he change?

ch116: Tomoe wants to become human again. Nanami’s so shocked, she can’t answer. she likes that he’s learning more about humans and becoming tolerant of their behavior, but she doesn’t think he’s considered the bad stuff like acme, disease, getting old, no powers, etc. but becoming human’s nearly impossible, so it’s no problem; it’ll take a while to find a way, so they have time, no worries! except Kurama still has that potion that made Ami human again. Kurama offers it to Tomoe, but Nanami intervenes; she doesn’t want Tomoe to become human; it scares her; she doesn’t want to die with him…

ch17: they fight and go home separately; he tells her that she doesn’t understand how fragile demons are. at the shrine, Mikage asks Nanami to go to a funeral with him; an old friend has passed. this friend -a demon- loved a human girl until she died, and after her passing, he was so heart broken that he couldn’t move. he became a tree poisoned by his love for her. everyone tried to make him stop, but he wouldn’t let his love go. when he finally died, everyone celebrated his freedom. Mikage points out that this could become Tomoe and Nanami. if it does, Mikage vows to watch over Tomoe until he passes. Nanami doesn’t want this; love shouldn’t be a poison; she won’t let Tomoe become like this or like before when she’s gone! back at the shrine, she and Tomoe talk some. he says when she’s gone, he wants to look back over their lives and say it was fun; she’s glad he won’t let it destroy him. she trusts him enough to give him the potion back and asks that he wait to drink it until she graduates. NOPE! he drinks all of it now xD he’s learned to stop waiting when he comes to her! the potion turns him into an actual fox x’D

ch118: Mikage will do some searching; there may be a god that can fix this. in the meantime, Tomoe won’t let Nanami near him, but he lets Mikage pet him. Nanami wants to pet the fluff, too!! when she goes out to buy a better brush for Tomoe, Kirihito finds her. he remembers her from 500yrs ago, and she finally realizes that he’s Akura-ou (she’s been trying not to think about it; she didn’t want to know). he reveals that Tomoe’s the 1 who killed him, and she says Tomoe must’ve had a reason; he always has a reason for his actions, unlike Akura-ou. Kirihito’s hurt by her words, but he doesn’t know why it’s only her words that hurt him

ch119: Nanami talks about the Tomoe she knows and how he can live in a place of peace without fighting and death, and Akura-ou agrees that Tomoe could… when the guys chasing him arrive, Kirihito makes Nanami leave; she’s guilt-ridden the whole way home. at home, we learn that Tomoe’s been turned into a fox before xD Mikage got mad once and used transformation magic, but this time’s different xD he also says that if Nanami asks Tomoe, then he’ll tell her anything. that night, she asks Tomoe if he used to have a friend, and he opens up about Akura-ou. he explains that he stopped Akura-ou because Akura-ou did something unforgivable. she asks if Tomoe hates Akura-ou, and he says no. she tells him that she met Akura-ou today

ch120: Tomoe says this can’t be true, and Nanami reveals that Akura-ou’s new name is Kirihito. Tomoe’s TICKED, but Nanami only found out today, so she wasn’t keeping the connection a secret! she doesn’t want Tomoe to kill like Akura-ou since he’s wanting to be human, but he explains that he only wants to be human for her; he’ll get rid of any threats he has to. but 1st he needs to stop being just a fox. over to Kirihito! he killed the guys who came after him. Yatori doesn’t like being compared to Kikuichi, but Kirihito explains that Kikuichi has true loyalty. Yatori reveals that he knows Kirihito’s true identity; he wants to be Akura-ou’s #1, but Kirihito says that’s impossible because Kirihito only cares about himself. Kirihito’s test of true loyalty was to cut off his hand, but Yatori didn’t do it. at home, Kirihito’s reprimanded by his mother, and Yatori wants to kill her, but Kirihito says to leave it; she’s not a problem. Yatori’s not convinced Akura-ou hasn’t changed, and if he has changed, then so will Yatori’s allegiance.

ch121: Mikage takes Tomoe to Izumo; the head god there agreed to turn Tomoe back. Nanami wants to come, too, but Mikage won’t let her. she sulks at home, so Mizuki finds the path of gods that connect each shrine; only gods can walk there, so she must journey alone. under the path of gods is the demon realm and then the underworld, so don’t fall off the path. on her way, she runs into Yatori!? he decides to kill her now, then lie to Kirihito later; Mikage gods always run away from home, am I right? (what a jerk xP). she creates a hole in the path and falls into the world below. Yatori still intends to kill her, so she uses a talisman to appear as Akura-ou

ch122: Yatori is delighted, but he knows it’s a lie. she tries to use a barrier on him again, but it doesn’t fully repel him; he’s made of multiple demons. he decides to rant at her about humans vs demons, who has more power and life and such? (because villains monologue, and they want you to know why they’re right) Nanami won’t be dissuaded; her and Tomoe’s joy will be to live as humans together in love. but Yatori points out that her candle is almost out; she doesn’t want to believe him, but he says she can already feel it; it’s her body after all (to be fair, she did trade 30yrs away before, then offered ALL of it to Kirihito who only took some. her bloodline’s also cursed to short lives without the dragon’s eye which she had taken out about a year ago, so Yatori’s claim makes sense). Jirou appears to save her; they’re on Mt. Kurama apparently

ch123: Jirou drives off Yatori, and Nanami faints. he brings her back and Suirou tends to her. he evaluates that even with the elixir she was given, she only has 6 months to live. she asks if there’s a way to extend her life, but he doesn’t know of one. btw, the tengu kids have grown a lot! she goes with them to see the eternal sakura, and it starts to really hit her that she won’t be able to see this next year. when she goes back to Suirou, they talk. Nanami asks if Tomoe can stay here when she’s gone, and Suirou agrees; though he thinks Tomoe may be fine, Nanami knows Tomoe is very fragile. Suirou has a long life but losing his wings was like dying for him. even now, when he sees other fly, it makes him want to cry, but he puts on a happy face for those around him. here, it’s ok for Nanami to cry, so she does. she accepts her true feelings

ch124: word gets around the mountain that she’s dying, but if she stays there, her soul will live on; Tomoe can even visit several times a year, but only if she’s pure (she still is). the tengu have a meeting every day where status means nothing and everyone can voice their opinions. it’s very chaotic xD Nanami’s able to voice what she really wants: she wants to be with Tomoe. after the meeting, the tengu kids hope she can visit again while she’s still pure xD oh, and alive. poor Jirou got rejected again

ch125: Mizuki arrives to take Nanami to Izumo; there’s trouble there. Ookuninushi’s soul was taken, and the gods don’t know who did it. Nanami says it was probabaly Yatori; Mikage agrees; that would explain how he walked in the path of the gods. this means Akura-ou’s about to be revived, so the gods prepare to go to Yomi. Kirihito also heads to Yomi; Yatori will follow after he finishes healing. Kirihito’s mother hears a commotion and finds Yatori who kills her when she refuses to fear him. he just leaves her there then continues to Yomi. Tomoe doesn’t want Nanami to go to Yomi, but she wants to save him and Ookuninushi, so she will go

ch126: the war god heads to Yomi and starts destroying everything in order to find Kirihito. Izanami is mad; Ookuninushi’s soul isn’t a good enough excuse. everyone is going to Yomi. Mikage intends to greet Izanami 1st so their appearance doesn’t anger her, but Izanami’s already mad, so she shuts all the exits to Yomi, plunging it into darkness. Nanami has to stick with Mikage for protection while Tomoe waits behind. except, instead of waiting, he finds Kirihito. btw, Akura-ou’s the 1 who killed Yukiji

ch127: Mikage says they won’t kill Kirihito. on their way to meet Izanami, we learn about Akura-ou. he was born by mistake; the sacred tree was struck by lightning, and he was created, even Ookuninushi cried about the misfortune. Akura-ou can’t die, so he doesn’t value any life, not even his own. he’s selfish and incapable of love. on his own, he would’ve been tolerable, but with Tomoe, they were unstoppable. Tomoe tries to kill Kirihito, but Kikuichi stops him; Kirihito won’t let the fox be killed though because he likes foxes. he’s freezing to death without any light to warm him, so he calls Tomoe closer. Tomoe only thinks about killing him, but he can’t bring himself to; their bond is too great (BROMANCE!). he lays with Kirihito and waits for him to die in the snow. btw, Izanami intends to keep Nanami this time and play with her

ch128: Yatori’s here xP he recognizes Tomoe and even tells him of Nanami’s short life span. when Tomoe attacks, Yatori returns the strike, knocking Tomoe off a cliff -he was definitely injured.
elsewhere! Izanami wants to have a tea party, but only girls are allowed! so all the guys have to cross dress xD Otohiko and Mikage suck at appeasing Izanami, but Mizuki’s pretty good at it. Nanami’s the best, though. she promises to return so they can hang out after everything’s fixed. Izanami agrees to help. she uses a mirror to contact Ookuninushi’s soul and finds him hitting on a girl! he says he knows he’s a prisoner, but he’s fine with it; can they call later? he was about to get to the good part. …. Izanami breaks the mirror; she is so done with this xD

ch129: the woman Ookuninushi was with is Kuromaro; she (now she or always she?) is part of Yatori. since Ookuninushi’s apparently “fine”, everyone can keep playing with Izanami! she demands hide & seek in her maze. if they can hide for an hr, she’ll grant any wish. Nanami’s found immediately xD they talk about human death, and Izanami takes Nanami away to see where human souls go. they don’t linger in Yomi for long (up to 100yrs if they have attachments to life) before passing on to a golden river of comfort and unity. in time, they’ll be reborn as a new human, and the cycle will continue (this is all according to this manga; just want to put that reminder out there). Izanami thinks it’d be good for Tomoe to become human because then, he could move on; demons never forget sadness but humans can. he and Nanami will also be joined in the afterlife. but Izanami wants him to love humans, not just Nanami. she gives Nanami a flower that will return Tomoe to his true form; it will only bloom when he loves humans
elsewhere, Tomoe’s wounded in the snow; his condition looks bad…

ch130: both Otohiko and Mikage are found, but Mizuki can become a snake. Nanami finds him, but she won’t tell Izanami where he is -he’s hiding in her clothes xD they talk, and Nanami tries to remind him that he has Tomoe and Mikage and that he’s not alone even if she’s gone. he doesn’t understand. her health becomes bad as the game ends, and Mizuki rushes her back to Izanami. his wish is for her to be healed, but Izanami can’t grant that. Nanami gave away her vitality; she has to take it from someone else to recover. Mizuki’s willing to find a sacrifice, so his wish is for the gate to Yomi to open. Izanami gives him the key, and he runs off. Nanami chases him despite her poor health, and he can’t run from her and let her hurt herself, so he stops. she knows he can’t kill anyone; he’s too gentle; she ran after him so he wouldn’t cry alone; she tells him that she loves him. he doesn’t want her to die; he’s willing to become anything to save her.
out in the snow, Tomoe’s found by a little girl (she looks familiar…)

ch131: nope, random kid. she’s lost and scared and originally, Tomoe intends to leave her, but he goes back for her. the bud that Nanami has sprouts because of it ❤ he brings the child to Izanami then looks for Nanami who just opened Yomi’s gate with Mizuki. Tomoe wants to confirm about her lifespan; he’s terrified she’s going to leave him behind again (this poor guy; he’s been trying to catch her for more than 500 years!). she tries to gloss over it and even focuses on his condition instead. she shows him the bud which he eats immediately xD he regains his form, though! they talk. he wants her to be honest with him and stop hiding things from him; she can rely on him, and he wants her to trust him. they hug ❤ but he changes back into a fox because the bud wasn’t ready xD

ch131.5: side story time! Tomoe acts spoiled (how?) with Mikage, and Nanami gets jealous. she keeps trying to pamper him, and he won’t let her. he tries to tease her by pulling her into bed with him and asking her to help him sleep. naive girl that she is literally commands him to sleep xD

ch132: Izanami lectures Tomoe about the bud but gives him a 2nd 1. the little girl is named Ako; she’s not dead; she’s between life and death. she’s looking for something important in Yomi, but she doesn’t remember what it is. Nanami invites her to come along (because Izanami doesn’t like these in-betweeners) as long as it’s safe. the group splits! Mizuki and Otohiko will go to Okinawa to get more of evolution potion to turn Akura-ou mortal again, and Mikage, Nanami, and Tomoe will go to the mountain of flames. Mizuki gives Nanami the robe of feathers to protect her from the flames. Kirihito can travel on the mountain because he has Ookuninushi’s soul -creator of the mountain; a path will always form for him.
now with Ookuninushi! he’s still trying to court Kuromaro xD he restores more of Kuromaro’s consciousness so she can recall more. she’s a being of loneliness who only wants to be loved, TRULY loved, not Ookuninushi’s form of frivolous love xP Yatori reached out to her, and she became trapped here. outside, Kirihito and co are approaching the mountain

To read part 7, then please click here.

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