Dengeki Daisy, part 10

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I’m trying something new to select manga. I put everything recommended to me or that interested me in a list and used a random number generator to decide!

And the winner is….! *drumroll* Dengeki Daisy!

Dengeki Daisy


I actually own this one (that’s how it made the list) xD I’ll try to stay impartial, but spoiler alert, I really liked this series! Not sure how it’ll rate because it’s been a few years since I’ve read it, but we’ll find out together!

The back cover reads:
“After orphan Teru Kurebayashi loses her beloved older brother, she finds solace in the messages she exchanges with DAISY, an enigmatic figure who can only be reached through the cell phone her brother left her. Meanwhile, mysterious Tasuku Kurosaki always seems to be around whenever Teru needs help. Could DAISY be a lot closer than Teru thinks?
One day at school, Teru accidentally breaks a window and agrees to pay for it by helping Kurosaki with chores around school. Kurosaki is an impossible taskmaster though, and he also seems to be hiding something important from Teru…”

I am going to be doing shorthand as I read.  These descriptions are really more of a reminder to myself about what all I have been able to read so far.  Sorry if this bothers anyone!  I will do a full description on the final review page of each series I read.

Every post past this point will be a spoiler, so please read ahead with caution!

ch50-55: Teru’s determined to get stronger. she tries some flashy moves on Kurosaki, but he tells her to learn the basics first, so she’ll ask Boss. Teru and Haruka ask Rena about her fiance because Kiyoshi blabbed to them; he’s not sorry, but he goes to Kurosaki to ask for advice. turns out Kiyoshi’s in love with Rena <3333 when did that happen?!? (Teru, your ship is sailing!). Rena also made cookies as thank you gifts for everyone; Kiyoshi’s were done separately for the computer -and listening to her before. Teru and Rena decide to go to a café that Haruka recommended, but they’re interrupted by Rena’s fiancé >( I wanted them to have girl time! but he invites them to dinner and when Teru tries to refuse, he insists. gosh, he talks like a stuck up jerk xP Teru texts Kurosaki about it, and Kiyoshi tries to convince himself to stay out of it, but when Kurosaki’s ready to run head first into it, Kiyoshi follows (Kiyoshi, stop hesitating so much! believe in your feelings!).
the girls are taken to a fancy place with delicious food, so even though Teru didn’t want to go, she’ll enjoy it while she can xD Kurosaki and Kiyoshi listen in through another one of Teru’s phone’s new features. elsewhere, Andy and Boss’re looking into the hotel incident -and we get another Kurosaki drawing xD he’s not bad! he gets the point across!- and they spot the fiancé talking to Chiharu, but they don’t know who he is yet xP Rena tries to talk to her fiancé about the incident, but he shuts her down hard and threatens to break off the engagement which may harm her father’s company. she’s so upset, she has to leave. Kiyoshi rushes after her and walks her home (sweet boy <3). he also calls her Rena for the first time! with Rena gone, the fiancé gets to actual business with Teru; he wants Daisy’s info and identity -though he threatens her with old info so…. Teru’s having none of it and runs out, and when the fiancé tries to pursue her, Kurosaki helps her dodge him. apparently Teru’s bday’s coming up, and she wants socks xD the team meets up at Boss’s café, and Teru and Kurosaki confirm the fiancé talking to Chiharu. they find it really weird that Chiharu would give him outdated info if they’re working together? so now they’re more confused. that night, hacker-Daisy calls the fiancé to see what he can learn.
the next day at Boss’s café, we find out this guy has a fake Jack Frost, but he wants the real thing. he also mentions M’s Last Testament. Andy explains that it was the data originally hit by Jack Frost that Soichiro managed to decode; some of it was used to expose corruption like the professor wanted but most of it was lost (the government really needs to do a better job of handling codes and info). everyone tries to convince Kurosaki to leave it alone, and he says he will, but it clearly bothers him. elsewhere, Rena’s fighting her own battle; she’s trying to figure out this fiancé thing on her own even though helps been offered to her. that weekend, everyone’s called to the school. for a snowball fight. (can I just say that I love this manga? xD ) Rena tries to back out of it, but Kiyoshi goads her into it (I love his face in this shot, too; omg xDD). it’s boys vs girls+Boss, and the girls win! Teru says nice words to Rena and Kurosaki after, giving them the support and reassurance they both needed ❤ filled with courage, Rena goes to her fiancé to break off the engagement, and she overhears his plan to use their engagement party as the grand stage to launch Jack Frost and sell it to the highest bidder.
she sent a text to Teru and Haruka about her plan to meet with her fiancé. she confronts him after his call, and he slaps her! she’s unfazed by his violence, but then he threatens to use Jack Frost on her father’s company. Rena doesn’t go home or to school after that… she sends a message to her stepmom about being “in love” with her fiancé and getting away from everyone’s negative pressure until the engagement party WHICH SOUNDS LIKE BULL TO ME! her friends know it, too, but they have no evidence. we see Rena at a hotel -apparently a resort- and her fiancé’s still trying to control her. he wants her to write a letter to her friends to break off their friendship -so it’s in her handwriting and they’ll believe that 8D freaking jerk >xP -, but Rena won’t. he reminds her of his threat, and she devises a plan to write a secret message using lemon juice. it works ❤ at first the team tried to figure out the obvious letter, but Teru knew the trick for invisible ink, and they found Rena’s real message ❤
now knowing Rena’s real situation and wishes, the teens ask their adult friends to help them save her. they pool their resources and come up with a plan. Kurosaki even reaches out to Chiharu to use that favor she owes him. he just wants some info, so she tells him about the fake Jack Frost program. elsewhere, Teru and Kiyoshi are going to talk to Rena’s dad with their new info -he’s been away on business. he nearly gets attacked but Kiyoshi and Teru manage to save him -with Kurosaki’s help. turns out Kiyoshi’s still good at kendo, so he takes out 2 guys by himself (good job, Kiyoshi ^^). they try to convince Rena’s dad about the danger she’s in, but he’s hesitant to believe them; this seems like a lot and it’s a bit farfetched, but Kurosaki steps in to help validate what they’re saying. the dad’s convinced (that seemed too easy?), so now the real planning can begin. it’s time to save Rena!
they’re at the engagement party. Rena’s almost convinced they didn’t get her message, but then she sees Haruka and everyone silently reassuring her (btw, Andy; DANG! he cleans up good >/////>; ). Kurosaki’s fixed up hair is nice, too ❤ and those glasses! high style all around, guys; good job *claps* Chiharu’s there; she and Kurosaki exchange some info; apparently the fiancé’s IT guy is named Kuwagata, and he basically build the bidding app all the good and bad guys are using. speaking of high fashion, Teru looks great!! she throws a royal fit, though, ‘causing Rena to actually faint from shock xD she’s taken away by some staff while the fiancé takes Teru to a separate room to fix the “misunderstanding”. the staff members were actually Kiyoshi and her dad in disguise ❤ Rena’s safe now! Teru immediately drops the crazy act once she’s alone with the fiancé. she riles him, though, so he reveals his big plan; he’ll showcase the power of the new Neo Jack Frost on the international airport nearby, and his bidders will give him big bucks for it. Teru’s wearing a mic, so Kurosaki hears the whole thing. he destroys Neo Jack Frost -since he found the sample in Rena’s dad’s company then it wasn’t very hard. fiancé foiled! now Kurosaki has to get Teru from the very upset fiancé
ch56-58: um, for some reason, a bomb goes off on the boat? or some sort of small explosion. it’s sealed the doors, so Teru and Kurosaki are trapped in separate rooms. someone named Antler calls the fiancé; he set off the explosion; Chiharu works for him; he also gave the fiancé M’s Last Testament but he’s now taken it back. Andy gets to work on Teru’s door while Kurosaki starts on his own. he’s in the storage room, and he finds Akira there in bad shape O.o? he’s not happy to see Kurosaki, but he can’t even move xD Chiharu calls Kurosaki, letting him know she has Akira’s medicine but she needs the door opened first. the password’s encrypted, though! Akira glances at it and figures out the code. Kurosaki doesn’t have time to figure that out, so he runs off to Teru. she’s still trapped with the fiancé, but with her little phone zapper, she’s holding her own. he gets the upper hand but Kurosaki, Andy, and Boss show up. with 1 kick from Kurosaki’s, he’s down. Andy and Boss take the fiance while Kurosaki walks with Teru. her hairpin falls off and Kuwagata gives it back to her. Kurosaki barely sees his face as he leaves but he nearly has a meltdown all the same; he’ll tell Teru later; they have to get off the boat.
happy reunions happen, and Rena cooks a giant meal for everyone as a thank you; she can cook very well apparently ❤ the fiance’s being interrogated for info, so Boss can’t make it to the party. Kiyoshi goes to help Rena in the kitchen (Teru, I’ve joined your ship; they’re so cute together!!) ❤ the adults talk shop during the party and when Kuwagata’s brought up again, Kurosaki drops his glass. Riko says he’s drunk and sends him home with Teru. he opens up to her about what’s wrong; Kuwagata reminds him of the HR guy that originally got him to give up Jack Frost, but he has no proof. Teru holds him and encourages him to tell the others
we’re back to school and back to normal, but now Rena -and Haruka- have joined as Kurosaki’s servants -though the newbs are just part time. the adults have to catch up on paperwork xD but during this, Kurosaki opens up to them about Kuwagata. after, he goes back to Teru, and they have a moment, but Kiyoshi interrupts before they kiss! dang it, Kiyoshi!! later, Teru and Riko’re talking, and Teru asks Riko to change her hairpin so it’s smaller; when Riko goes to do that, an SD card falls out. the team checks it out at Boss’s cafe, but it’s just encrypted data. Teru wonders if it’s connected to M’s Last Testament, and everyone goes nuts. a mysterious phone call happens just then; it’s Kuwagata, aka HR guy, aka Antler, aka no-name.
ch59: he tries to split the team up, and it starts to work before Kurosaki of all people shuts him down. he did confirm that the data’s the key to M’s Last Testament, though. Akira overheard the convo, and he’s ticked. apparently, he wanted the key; that’s why he worked for Antler up to this point. before he can get violent, Chiharu knocks him out and calls Antler cruel to dangle the prize in front of Akira with no intention of giving it to him. back at the café, Kurosaki finds a listening device which is what Antler was using to upset everyone -he tried to make them think there was a traitor among them. the team is reunited and strengthened. Teru renames Antler as ScrubBrush since he has no name/preference -supposedly. when Chiharu goes to check on Akira later, he’s gone…
I read two volumes again by accident xD but I’ve been having a lot of fun with this ❤ if you’d like to keep reading my review, then please click here.

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