Soul Eater, part 12

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I do not own this manga, so I will be reading fan translations online.  I am going to be doing shorthand descriptions on each chapter.  These descriptions are really more of a reminder to myself about what all I have been able to read so far.  Sorry if this bothers anyone!  I will do a full description on the final review page of each series I read.

Every post past this point will be a spoiler, so please read ahead with caution!

ch66: Kilik, Thunder, Fire, Liz, and Patty are in Central Africa (with Azusa nearby) to look for something. They’re using artifacts called “Income” -that look like phone headsets, honestly xD I guess I hadn’t considered the technology level of Soul Eater before; hmm… they find where black blood was researched (I’m guessing by Medusa), and Kim looks at the documents Azusa transcribed through Kilik. The black blood is meant to manipulate insanity, something about the Kishin and Chrona. When Kilik and co leave, they’re attacked by the townspeople with guns, molotov cocktails, and rocket launchers. after escaping, the artificial clown known as the Black Clown (“born of Medusa”) appears to bring insanity.

ch67: it tries to ensnare the group in insanity, but it’s not strong enough to overcome them. while Kilik punches, Kim fries the counter-blood attacks. Medusa’s watching and controlling the clown to see how her experiment fares. when the black blood solidifies, the teens soul resonate, and with Kim’s magic, Thunder and Fire transform into teenagers (I think) and wield Liz and Patty – so cool!! apparently Fire is a boy, and Thunder is a girl (it’s hard to tell in black and white when they’re kids which is which…). the group uses E3 (Extreme Element Effect) which almost completely destroys Black Clown -initially scaring Medusa, but when she realizes her creation survived, she has it retreat.
elsewhere: we’re with Black Star and Tsubaki (Tsubaki looks so cute!! and I think Black Star’s gotten taller since the start of the series). they find Chrona.

ch68: now with Noah, he’s completed the Magic Belt which boosts magic items by 10%. He has Gopher test it, and it breaks.
back with Black Star and Chrona: Chrona merges with the Black Clown to create armor(?); she now has 3 swords, too. Black Star says he also has 3 swords: Zetsuei (Tsubaki), his hand blade (his hand), and what “every man always has” *headdesk* COME ON, BLACK STAR! xD their fight is epic. when Black Star gets tired of Ragnarok’s screaming, he starts screaming, too xD he punches Chrona through it all and brings up Maka, but Chrona’s forgotten Maka. More epic fighting, but Black Star’s definitely getting the upper hand. before Medusa can order a retreat, Justin Law shows up behind her; he’s wearing the sign of the Kishin instead of Shinigami-sama now (that makes me so sad; I hate to see religious people fall). Tsubaki tries to bring Chrona around, and Chrona mentions everyone from Shibusen before saying she doesn’t remember anyone (Medusa did say the insanity had stabilized in her…). Black Star calls Chrona an idiot for not trusting him because he’s the most important thing and the most reliable man in the whole world xD Chrona doesn’t know how to deal with reliable men or anyone else though… while Medusa deals with Justin, she orders Eruka and Mizune to help Chrona. the Mizunes obey immediately but Eruka just wants to go home

ch69: Justin fused with his Clown and almost decapitated Medusa! but it’s just a vision brought on by madness xP her portable Violet Clown (mostly) protects her from madness attacks. she says defying gods is in a witch’s job description xD during their fight, Tesca Tlipoca shows up. After a useless conversation, Justin vanishes. since Tesca has reflected Justin’s soul, then he can follow him(?).
back at Shibusen: Soul’s getting called out a lot and given letters for partner requests xD Maka reveals he’s always gotten letters but never this many.
elsewhere: Gopher is trying to beat/torture Kidd, but Kidd realizing that Gopher’s frown isn’t symmetrical is the real torture xD

ch70: the Cabaret witches come to Shibusen for an important meeting that they don’t take seriously at all xD when Black Star returns, he kicks the door down since it had a “closed” sign on it xD while they waste time, Kidd’s being tortured effectively by Gopher now =( one sleeve’s been torn off and lines have been drawn on only one side of his face; Kidd is seriously suffering…

ch71: Shinigami-sama ends the party; it’s time to get to business. if Arisa and Risa/Lisa (I’m using Lisa from now on) refuse to help, he’ll kill them or Sid will imprison them for life. since the book of Eibon is magic, the witches might be able to do something. Black Star shows up just then and pressed frog Eruka to Shinigami-sama’s face xD then Kim arrives, too; 5 witches (well 4.5 since Blair’s just a magical cat).
Noah stops Gopher and returns Kidd to the book where he immediately rips off his other sleeve. in the book, he discovers something dark and foreboding.

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