Kamisama Hajimemashita, part 7

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I used to read this years ago when it was still ongoing, and this past week, a friend mentioned that it was finally completed.  I didn’t intend to do another shoujo, but I used to love this series!  I wanna know how it ends!!  So, here we go!

Kamisama Hajimemashita (image from: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kamisama_Kiss)

I don’t own this manga, so I will be reading fan translations online.

I am going to be doing shorthand as I read.  These descriptions are really more of a reminder to myself about what all I have been able to read so far.  Sorry if this bothers anyone!  I will do a full description on the final review page of each series I read.

Every post past this point will be a spoiler, so please read ahead with caution!

ch133: they take a carriage to the mountain of fire; Ako is scared of heights. they try to dissuade the god of war from killing Kirihito, but he’s set on it. there’s a barrier around the mountain; if broken, they’ll know where Kirihito is. Kirihito orders Yatori to break the barrier, but the backlash goes after Kirihito. Kikuichi jumps in the way and is heavily wounded; he can’t walk, so Yatori stabs him. Kirihito is TICKED, but Yatori reminds him of their mission. once Kirihito becomes Akura-ou again, Yatori is fine dying for what he’s done. Kirihito’s cool with that. the army comes, and Yatori tells Kirihito to run; he’ll hold them off and meet Kirihito later. the closer she has gotten to Kirihito, the more Ako remembers: she’s Kirihito’s mom. she’d go all the way to the bottom of the world to find him, and now, she has… time to bring him home

ch134: Yatori uses the countless bodies within him to hold off the army. as Kirihito approaches the mountain, Tomoe rushes him, trying to stop him; Tomoe intends to use Kirihito as Nanami’s life sacrifice. on the battlefield, Mikage uses his power to stop Yatori from moving. the mask of Yatori subdues Tomoe, but now Ako’s there. she calls out to Kirihito, promising he’s not alone, she’s his ally and she always will be. Yatori-mask (gonna’ call him Furball from here) tries to make Kirihito ignore her; if he knew she’d be such a pain, he’d kill her as many times as it took. when Kirihito hears that, he unmasks Furball, calls him ugly, and says he should never come back. Tomoe is beside himself xD Furball’s so upset, he blames Ako and moves to kill her again. Kirihito -trying to dissuade himself the entire time- runs to jump in the way and hugs her

ch135: Yatori stabs Kirihito and then breaks. Tomoe has a final conversation with Akura-ou, and this time, Akura-ou’s the 1 leaving him. Akura-ou changed after becoming human; he wasn’t as strong, so he had to compensate more, reach out more; he made relationships, and those changed him. his heart is full of all his important people thanks to being human. he asks Tomoe to watch after his mom before fading away. the bud in Nanami’s pocket has bloomed. Tomoe asks her if he can change, too, and she says yes before offering him the flower. btw, Kirihito returned the life he stole from Nanami

ch136: somehow Tomoe doesn’t understand what this flower is, so Nanami explains it to him. elsewhere, Kuromaro is ready to give up on life, but Ookuninushi doesn’t want her to. she says it’s too late to love, but that’s what could save her (maybe); her heart is empty because she won’t let others in; she’d rather let it all end.
back on the battlefield: Yatori snaps out of it and knocks Ako away from Kirihito. he vows to get Akura-ou’s body and fulfil his wish to join with Akura-ou. Nanami explains that a body without a heart isn’t what Yatori wants; it’s the heart that matters, not the form. Yatori tells her shut up and moves to attack her, but Tomoe (our Tomoe) prepares to fight. Yatori realizes he’ll lose, so he goes after Akura-ou’s body. Tomoe asks Nanami to break his familiar contract so he can go after Yatori; apparently it just takes a kiss xD he’s off!

ch137: over in Okinawa, the evolution potion only creates 1 drop every 100 years; Kurama took all of it, so now it’s all gone. Mizuki’s depressed, and Otohiko’s noisy. a drop lands on Otohiko, and Mizuki freaks out to preserve it xD back to the mountain! Tomoe has no trouble walking on the mountain; he controls fire, after all. he has a convo with little Akura-ou who follows him. Akura-ou wants to know what to do now, and Tomoe tells him to do whatever; Tomoe will always find him again. Akura-ou’s very happy about this ❤ Tomoe finds Akura-ou’s body, then Yatori finds him; Yatori couldn’t find it on his own. they have a fight; Tomoe wins easily; Yatori reveals he started all this, and Tomoe tells him not to get arrogant; it would’ve happened anyway, Akura-ou was no-one’s puppet. somehow after beheading Yatori, he combines with Akura-ou?

ch138: so… there’s a new translator, and I’m having some trouble following it now… Yatori takes over Akura-ou’s body, but the cells aren’t regenerating anymore; too much time has passed, so Yatori decides to leave the mountain. Tomoe pursues him, and Yatori thinks Tomoe wants to become Akura-ou, and Yatori’s cool with this? elsewhere, Nanami uses the robe of feathers to enter the mountain. she finds the mirror that houses Ookuninushi’s soul and gets pulled in by him. there she meets Kuromaro (this translator’s calling her something different, but I’ll stick with what I know) who tries to push Nanami away, but Nanami’s been wanting to thank her for everything; it’s only thanks to her that everything happened. Kuromaro just wanted to feel appreciated; she’s happy now

ch139: Yatori gives Tomoe the offer to join again, and Tomoe almost agrees, but he remembers Nanami and how disappointed she’d be, so he refuses. as Yatori tries to leave, though, Kuromaro leaves him, ridding him of his last protection against the mountain. his 1 wish in life isn’t granted, and he dies with Akura-ou’s body. Nanami appears over the horizon, and Tomoe goes to it. everything’s finished -except Nanami lost the soul mirror. they’ll look for it together ❤

ch140: they find it, but it’s empty xD everyone meets at Izanami’s castle to figure out what to do about Akura-ou. his body still exists and still can’t be destroyed, and his soul still exists as well. Mizuki shows up with the evolution potion, but it’s only a drop; the gods aren’t convinced this will do anything. Izanami decides they’ll wait 100yrs, then give the potion to Akura-ou, and then he can reincarnate. in the meantime, Ako’s willing to let Akura-ou’s soul into her body so he won’t be alone. after all, 100yrs from now, Nanami and Tomoe may be gone. this is all agreed upon, but Ookuninushi’s not happy. he lost Kuromaro and feels useless, but he finally remembers Tomoe’s wish

ch141: everyone returns to their world -except Mikage; he’s still visiting in the underworld. Nanami intends to make Tomoe a familiar again, but she’s suddenly too embarrassed to kiss him. Kurama comes over, and they all eat together; Mikage even shows back up. a god appears outside; it’s Ookuninushi here to grant Tomoe’s wish! Mikage intervenes, though. can Tomoe really be human? and if he’s human, Nanami has to be human, too; they can’t stay at the shrine anymore, and Nanami couldn’t have a familiar. Nanami asks for 1yr to think about it; she wants to graduate 1st, then they’ll give an answer

ch142: Mizuki’s terrified of losing Nanami, but he’s trying to hide it and stay positive for her. Mikage finds an injured demon bird and gives it to Mizuki to care for; it’s only calm with him. Nanami’s planning to get a job to save money for later, so she’ll be home even less from now on. Mizuki flees the shrine and goes to Kurama; he’s a crow, he can fix other birds right 8D Kurama gives him medicine, and Mizuki refuses to leave until the bird is healed. Kurama gives him insight into why he really ran away; he’s like a kid throwing a tantrum; he needs to actually talk with Nanami, even if it won’t change anything, it’ll make him feel better. Mizuki denies all of this *sigh* the bird recovers, and Mizuki panics when it tries to leave. then Nanami walks in. they have the talk; Mizuki begs her stay forever, but she can’t; this was always going to happen. she holds him until he calms down. he stays to thank Kurama for his time
btw, Tomoe sneaks a kiss, so he’s her familiar again

ch143: Nanami overworks herself and ends up getting sick. Tomoe tries to pose as her and do her job while she recovers, but he quickly realizes he has NO idea what he’s doing. he runs to Mikage crying and asks if he can be paid to do shrine work instead. Mikage agrees and offers 1,000 per day, but Tomoe says it’s too much; just 500 would be enough. they sign a contract (Mikage, you should know to never sign a contract with a fox xD such a sweet, trusting man). during her next shift, Tomoe’s still working as her, so Nanami goes to see how he does. he does it aMAZINGLY. when he finds her, he makes it clear that he wants to make all her dreams come true; he wants her to be happy and live freely, so she can rely on him because his dream is to fulfil her dream. he also got paid for the 500yrs he worked for Mikage, so they’re loaded now xD

ch144: it’s been 10 months since the underworld incident. Nanami got accepted into university! she wants to go into child care ❤ Tomoe will get his test results after graduation which’s in 3 weeks. on that day, Tomoe and Nanami have to give their answer to Ookuninushi. Ami and Kei also bring up marriage; will it be before or after Tomoe’s human? what’s the ceremony going to be like? Nanami’s not sure Tomoe’d be interested in all that, but she does like the thought of being a bride ❤ Nanami asks Tomoe about all the demons; will she see them after she’s no longer a land god? no; she won’t; she thinks it’s lonely, and he gets mad because she shouldn’t need anyone but him xD Kotarou shows up, asking Nanami to go check on Himemiko; he hasn’t heard from her in a month. when Nanami tries, the guards turn her away, but her main guard helps them sneak in the back. Himemiko can’t leave the swamp right now because she’s PREGNANT! (man, that relationship progressed O.o; ) Kotarou doesn’t know yet. Himemiko wanted to have the wedding before the baby, but she fears Nanami may be the 1st to marry. Tomoe doesn’t see the point in the ceremony; it’s just a contract, nothing special, but if Nanami wants it, then of course they’ll do it. does Nanami want a ceremony? she says it’s too much trouble; it’d too much for her. Himemiko has her whisked off to a dressing room; she’s not convinced by that answer xD

ch145: while Nanami’s changing, Tomoe and Himemiko get to talk. apparently, the only way Himemiko’s allowed to keep her child is if she breaks of contact with all humans from now on; that’s why she hasn’t contacted Kota even though she still wants to marry him; her swamp won’t allow it. Nanami comes out in several wedding dresses, and Tomoe sees how happy she is; he decides a wedding would be alright. he proposes again, and Nanami agrees ❤ back at the shrine, Mizuki’s sad that Nanami’s leaving him, but he’s reminded by Mikage that times change; maybe Mizuki can meet Nanami again

ch146: Kurama comes by to tell Nanami that he’s returning to the mountain. he only now finds out about the wedding xD Nanami sends invitations to everyone, so we get to see how they’re all doing ^^ Ami’s also invited, of course, and she gets a text to meet with Kurama! he came to tell her that he’s going back to his mountain and quitting the idol life. she asks if they can still meet, and he says no. he keeps wanting to touch her, but he won’t let himself. when he leaves, she calls after him saying that she will wait for him, no matter how long it takes! he wants to earn his father’s position, not be given it, so he has to study and learn and grow like the other tengu. it may take a long time, but Ami’s willing to wait T^T

ch147: Ami and Kei come to help before the wedding! they won’t let Tomoe see Nanami’s dress even though he’s already seen it xD Kurama comes over to tell them he’s going to the mountain. the little forest demons come to congratulate Tomoe, too. even Kotarou appears for advice: should he come to the wedding. Tomoe tells him no; there’s too much opposition; he’s not strong enough to face it; there’s even a pregant girl -btw, Himemiko’s pregnant. Kotarou gets fired up, thanks him, and leaves. Kurama wants advice about Ami, too, but he won’t ask for it xD the guys decide to have 1 last drinking contest; BACHELOR PARTY! xD Nanami drops Ami and Kei off before returning to the shrine; Okiniri, Kotetsu, and Mamoru remind her she won’t see them after tomorrow and ask that she never forget them; they will always protect her. Mamoru will be around, but he’ll just be a normal monkey now ='( Mizuki loses the drinking contest, but Tomoe and Kurama are still going xD Mikage asks Nanami if she wants him to find her father in time for the wedding, but she says no; she’ll do that herself as an adult. she considers Mikage like a father since he’s been looking after Tomoe ❤

ch148: graduation day! Kurama and Tomoe get surrounded by girls, of course xD Ami tries to talk to Kurama since he said this would be the last time they meet. she gets pushed in the crowd, but he catches her. he apologizes, though; he can’t ask her to wait for him. he wants her to live a long happy life full of love and memories, but if at the end, if she’s lonely, he will come for her; will that be ok? she says yes ❤ (just like a fallen angel xDDDD ) all the other girls want this, too, so he makes a crap promise to all them, too. Mizuki comes to take Nanami and Tomoe to the wedding. on the long road, they first meet Himemiko who helps them get dressed. they continue to meet their friends and everyone who’s contributed to their life (and I need a tissue; hold up *sniffles* )

ch149: wedding time. everything goes smoothly. when the gods arrive, it’s time for Nanami and Tomoe to go to Ookuninushi. 1 god takes the humans home. a ride is offered to Kotarou, but he stands firmly with Himemiko ❤ 1 day, Nanami promises to return.
flash forward 8 years. Nanami’s been a teacher for kindergartners, but she’s retiring now that the school year is over because she’s pregnant ❤ nvm, it’s been 10 years O.o Tomoe’s retiring, too, and his poor predecessor, omg x’D Tomoe started a company and within 2yrs, made it huge. also, he’s still in contact with Akura-ou who’s apparently a little girl now?! xDDD still willful; this might suit him actually…
Nanami’s dream since the wedding has been to return to the shrine once she and Tomoe had become strong enough to live alone. now, it’s almost time. she got an ultrasound, and they’re having a boy ❤ they return to the shrine after the baby’s born ❤
the end

My full review will be coming next time, so please click here to read it!

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