Dengeki Daisy, part 11

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I’m trying something new to select manga. I put everything recommended to me or that interested me in a list and used a random number generator to decide!

And the winner is….! *drumroll* Dengeki Daisy!

Dengeki Daisy


I actually own this one (that’s how it made the list) xD I’ll try to stay impartial, but spoiler alert, I really liked this series! Not sure how it’ll rate because it’s been a few years since I’ve read it, but we’ll find out together!

The back cover reads:
“After orphan Teru Kurebayashi loses her beloved older brother, she finds solace in the messages she exchanges with DAISY, an enigmatic figure who can only be reached through the cell phone her brother left her. Meanwhile, mysterious Tasuku Kurosaki always seems to be around whenever Teru needs help. Could DAISY be a lot closer than Teru thinks?
One day at school, Teru accidentally breaks a window and agrees to pay for it by helping Kurosaki with chores around school. Kurosaki is an impossible taskmaster though, and he also seems to be hiding something important from Teru…”

I am going to be doing shorthand as I read.  These descriptions are really more of a reminder to myself about what all I have been able to read so far.  Sorry if this bothers anyone!  I will do a full description on the final review page of each series I read.

Every post past this point will be a spoiler, so please read ahead with caution!

ch60-64: the team decides they’ll decode M’s Last Testament (but they just have the key though; don’t they need the code for that?). Boss’s cafe’s under renovation, so the team starts meeting in Kurosaki’s apartment -he makes drinks while Teru serves them xD they need a super computer to decipher the code, but the government only has 1 and it’s being used, so they reach out to Takeda. Teru’s not sure they should trust him, though -makes sense; he’s gone after her several times- but he gives her data that shows all his misdeeds to prove that she can trust him. everyone else okays him; and he has a super computer. apparently he’s doing this without his company’s accent, so he could get in a ton of trouble if he’s caught. after this alliance, the adults drink heavily. Boss takes Takeda and Andy home, and Riko takes herself home; Teru stays to clean up, so she’s there when Kurosaki wakes up. he’s still drunk, but Teru opens up to him about feeling like something’s off with the plan. he agrees and is thankful for her honesty. he almost makes a move on her, but he passes out again xD Teru walks Kaoruko back to Takeda’s -Kurosaki’ll pick her up later. Chiharu calls Kurosaki looking for Akira; he’s looking for M’s Key and will do anything to get it. Kurosaki goes racing after Teru. she’s safely with Takeda by now. Takeda’s checking the Key for viruses, so it’s on his computer right now. Akira cuts the power and attacks them, but Teru holds him off with her phone zapper. Takeda restores the power and checks on the Key to make sure the anti-virus is still running. FOR SOME REASON HE SHOWS AKIRA THE SCREEN?! so Akira deciphers it in an instant (like, I know normally someone couldn’t do this, but if I had a high-security-risk project, I wouldn’t show it to anyone outside the team, even for an instant, even if it’s just encrypted code. … probably). Akira throws tear gas and gets away. before Takeda showed him the screen, Akira was breaking down again and he threw a whole rant at Teru about how no one cares about him except his grandpa who left the Key for him; everyone else just uses and hurts him and calls him names. everyone’s confused why Akira just ran out like that and Kurosaki explains that he has a hunch Akira can solve codes in an instant.
Akira’s behavior bothers Teru the most, but now the team’s meeting with the government team (3 peeps: serious older guy, quiet guy, and angry-loudmouth). Loudmouth is a pain who’s uncooperative and keeps yelling blame at everyone in the room -only Riko can get him to calm down. Quiet Guy’s more polite, but he’s just as unhelpful in that any idea Teru brings up, he tries to shoot down or discredit. Serious Guy just wants them to fix everything (what is this team even supposed to do?). after the meeting, it turns out that Teru has a fever. she has a talk with Riko about Akira and falls asleep after. Kurosaki also has a talk with Riko. he admits that Akira reminds him of a younger version of himself. where he grew out of his angst thanks to his friends, Akira has no one. Riko comforts him and he reveals that he’s been worried she would be upset since he and Teru’ve been wanting to focus more on Akira than M’s Key. Riko has a realization thanks to this talk. she goes to Soichiro’s grave to get her head on straight then meets with Andy and Boss so they can re-listen to Antler’s call.
back with Kurosaki and Teru, they almost have a moment again xD Kurosaki messes with Teru about Akira, so she pulls some of his hair out xD for THE 3RD TIME, he almost makes a move, but Riko’s phone call interrupts him this time -BOY, STOP BUILDING THE TENSION! x////D the main team meet at Boss’s café -now fixed up with bulletproof glass, heated floors, and more- to talk about what Riko figured out. Antler’s call set the team in motion on 1 goal: solving M’s Last Testament, but she realized that was on purpose and done in such a way as to convince them not to divert their attention anywhere else -such as to Akira. Antler manipulated the group, but now they’ve snapped out of it. the group decides they need to focus on Akira more and M’s Last Testament rather than the key; they still feel they’re missing something, so Teru wonders if the missing piece is in her phone. everyone dismisses her, but when her phone falls off the table and the battery pops out, there’s a message on the inside cover
the message is just her name and school, but Teru says the class number is wrong. Boss and Andy saw the message but didn’t put any thought into it because it’s normal to label your possessions; Kurosaki recognizes Soichiro’s handwriting, and they decide to look into it. it turns out Andy let Soichiro use a room in the school to think/decipher stuff. they go into the school at night, Teru interpreting the message to mean the old science room. she further decodes the message because unlike the rest of the group, she thought of her brother as being silly rather than being a genius xD they’re all overthinking everything xD turns out Soichiro did leave a message! (I think he had too much time on his hands, despite slowly dying and supposedly cracking Jack Frost; though I guess while a program’s running, he had lots of time to kill xD). somehow despite setting this up more than a year in advance, Soichiro was able to record something that sounded like a flawless conversation, guessing who would be there, what they would say, and even how they would move. he traps Andy in a sauna -and leave a box of wine for Boss-, apologizes to Riko for their fight, does a 100Q&A thing with Kurosaki, and leaves Teru a snack xD they question if he really died or if he was really there xD at the end, they’re all re-united and Soichiro left a CD taped to the bottom of a mirror that showed what they would need to finish M’s Last Testament: each other ❤ and the CD xD
ch65: we get a lot of story stuff here @.@; anyway, Chiharu finds Akira, and I feel like she’s tricking him by agreeing to help him… the team watches the CD Soichiro gave them. Teru finally gets the see the serious side of her brother ❤ the start of the CD is a home video of the professor with a young Akira; Kurosaki’s father and Soichiro are there as well ❤ after this part is where the story stuff happens. the video cuts off and the professor tells Akira’s story. the professor was invited into a project as an expert. the test subject was Akira, known then as M-M (“Mad Machine”); he was unruly and not treated like a human. the professor took to Akira because he’d lost his daughter and grandchild in an accident years ago and Akira was around the same age as his grandchild would’ve been. he treats Akira well, taking him out of the lab, and letting Akira call him Grandpa. but when the professor has to go on a work trip, the project is shut down and Akira reportedly dies in an accident during transport. all records of him are wiped -which is why the professor was glad to have Soichiro’s video of Akira to prove he existed. the professor didn’t fully believe that Akira had died, so he keeps looking over the years, and Kurosaki’s father eventually finds a lead; he gives the professor his tip but can’t say much because he’s on the run about a different matter. he assures the professor he can shake his pursuers, but that’s the night he’s killed. the next day, some guy appears in the professor’s office, explaining that Kurosaki’s father was killed in a hit&run but they’re reporting it as suicide and they want the professor to name him as a traitor in exchange for encrypted data called M’s Last Testament which explained the plan for Akira; it was only part of the plan, but the professor was willing to trade Kurosaki’s father’s reputation for it. (so we now have proof that his dad wasn’t a traitor! I think Kurosaki appreciates that peace of mind <3). the professor reveals that Akira was originally supposed to be disposed of but was abducted during transport, and M’s Last Testament is a trap to capture and kill him
ch66-69: the professor asks for help saving Akira at the end of the video, but Teru doesn’t seem happy about it. she’s removed from the team now that the adults know this is a very big deal. she goes to the store to get soy sauce and Antler shows up to talk to her. he tries to provoke her, but she isn’t swayed, just like Soichiro wasn’t (I guess Soichiro met Antler at some point?). she also calls him ScrubBrush which seems to bother him xD he does say stuff that resonates in her, though. Riko shows up and Antler vanishes. later, the team (minus Teru) watches another video with Soichiro. he explains that the trap for Akira couldn’t really trip until the professor died. the news of his death described M’s Last Testament as being lost by the professor, like the professor had created it. Soichiro probably would’ve been killed, except that his illness was going to kill him quickly anyway, so he was left alone. he decoded part of M’s Last Testament and gave it to a bureaucrat, but the bureaucrat died soon after and it was “lost” -though Soichiro kept a copy which he hid for the team to find. he can’t ask the team to save Akira, but he left this data for them to decide for themselves; that’s the most he could bring himself to do. now the team has to decide, and Kurosaki says he needs to discuss it with Teru since it’ll be a big life changing decision. when he gets home, she’s mumbling sutras because she thinks Antler might’ve gotten into her head after all; she keeps dropping things and fumbling and stubbing her toe xD Kurosaki reassures her, and they decide to go have an actual talk about everything.
Teru recounts everything Antler said to her, but also admits that she doesn’t feel compelled to save Akira like everyone else; he’s only ever been terrible to her, but with how adamently the professor and her brother and Kurosaki’s father worked to give Akira a chance, she feels conflicted; they put their lives into this child, shouldn’t she uphold their wishes and work? she’s so torn. Kurosaki understands where she’s coming from, and he praises her for being honest, but he also admits that he’s going to save Akira because Akira’s like him. they don’t argue, but they don’t reach a consensus. Kurosaki tells the team because he’s scared he just goofed xD Riko does sort of scold him, but honesty’s really the best policy in relationships. anyway, the rest of the adults also want to save Akira. Takeda decoded more of M’s Last Testament which shows an island and other info but not how to get there; he needs Daisy to get the rest of the data, so they go off. Teru wanted to talk with Kurosaki more and fix things between them -as suggested by her friends- but he’s leaving for a few days to get this done. during this time, Teru and Kurosaki become lack luster, and Teru suddenly remembers they can TEXT EACH OTHER. so, they do that xD they make up ❤
newly motivated, Kurosaki declares he’ll decode everything in 2 days so he can come back for Teru’s birthday. he ends up finishing in a day and a half, but then collapses and sleeps for almost a full day after xD he does wake up once when Teru comes to visit him, and he reserves her time for her birthday -everyone else’ll just have to celebrate with her on another day xD Kurosaki talks to the adults on the team about it; apparently, he plans to confess his feelings to her on her birthday!!! Riko warns him about society and how they’ll view the relationship, but Kurosaki’s made up his mind. Riko says she wants them to be happy ❤ they go out shopping and Kurosaki buys Teru socks finally xD they eat somewhere fancy, and Teru’s having so much fun that she worries something bad’ll happen like every time before. Kurosaki reassures her everything’ll be wonderful. they have a nice conversation together where Teru supports Kurosaki about Akira, and they’re able to talk about it even though they have different views ❤ Kurosaki confesses that Teru’s his strength, so she does everything in her power to give him support rather than worry him. the day ends on a ferris wheel where Kurosaki gives her a classy bracelet with daisies on the cameo face ❤ THEY ALSO SHARE THEIR FIRST KISS!!!!!! *head explodes* they also say “I love you” to each other ❤
at school, Teru and Kurosaki’re being distant. Kiyoshi thinks they had a fight, BUT THE GIRLS KNOW!! the teens all go have a talk together, and while they’re all happy for Teru, Rena does worry about how society’ll treat the relationship, as well as worrying about the danger Kurosaki’s in for meddling with Akira. Kiyoshi reprimands her, but someone had to say it (I support you, Rena)! Haruka’s sure everything’ll work out. that night when Kurosaki gets home, he and Teru are adorable xDDDDD he wants to hug her and they’re both so flustered but he insists the beginning of the relationship is very important (which, I guess, he’s not wrong) xD he also wants a kiss, but she says later xD game plan time! Boss and Kurosaki will meet with the government to explain all findings, and if things go well, they may be on a plane tomorrow to head to the island and hopefully stop Akira before he gets killed. Kurosaki asks if he can kiss Teru before they leave, and she agrees but only if he promises to kiss her when he gets back, too ❤ Riko and Andy talk about Teru and Kurosaki’s relationship; they talk about not wanting to waste time because look at how many people have missed out because of this situation. Riko also phsychologically analyzes Akira a bit -from the info Antler gave Teru- and determines that Akira may be going after Teru because he wants her to treat him like a mother should’ve and that maybe he sees Kurosaki as a father figure, but she also admits that those two won’t fit those molds; it’ll probably be the adults who take on those roles, if they can even save Akira. Andy and Riko also think about the meeting with the government tomorrow who’ll probably be mad that they’ve been in the dark this whole time xD gotta protect that data, though! no leaks!
to the meeting! only Angry Guy shows up, and he’s ticked, saying how the team’s been hiding stuff and working WITH Akira. Boss and Kurosaki immediately realize something’s wrong; there’s a mole or a liar somewhere, and they intend to find out who it was within the government. the door’s sealed for 30 minutes, but Angry Guy at least turns off his jammer finally >xP Teru’s approached by Quiet Guy who says Akira’s been spotted nearby and Kurosaki wanted her moved to a safe place. she goes with him, but Andy’s alarmed when Kiyoshi tells him. he injects her with something that knocks her out, and Kurosaki receives a message from Teru’s phone, letting him know that his princess has been abducted; they’re trying to crush the team that knows the truth about M’s Last Testament (this is a very serious matter, but I have to say: Kurosaki, your princess is in another castle! -I’m sorry; I’m sleep deprived).
ch70-74: with Teru taken, Kurosaki tries to break down the door but he can’t. Old Guy goes searching and finds Quiet Guy unconscious and bleeding from a head injury; he doesn’t remember what happened (LIAR!!). Andy asks Kiyoshi for a favor. Antler gives Teru the antidote but she’s still woozy from the drug; he talks to Quiet Guy (Kono) on the phone and reveals a lot like Kono hired him and is a spy who worked for the creators of M’s Last Testament, that the plans have changed, and that if Kono is discovered, then he’ll be eliminated. Kono worries about Antler’s warning, but he’s determined to get to the top of the government. Teru’s phone was destroyed and left, so Kurosaki has it now. Riko lets the gov guys have it; she’s tired of their bull and unprofessionalism and it’s their fault Teru’s been taken -which is right on several levels. Kono gives a big speech and tells Kurosaki that they need to focus on finding Teru, no need to worry about M’s Last Testament. Andy jumps in and questions Kono, throwing out that he lied to Teru to get her in the car and that Kiyoshi overheard it; he says he knows what to do to take action, so he’s going to do it since everyone else is too stuck on politics and are dragging their feet out of fear. Kono says Andy might be a traitor, and the team dismisses Andy and leaves; only Angry Guy tries to defend him -which is surprising that he would. Kiyoshi meets with Kono, and he’s prepared to testify against Kono to set everything right; he has recordings, etc. Kono threatens Teru’s life if Kiyoshi doesn’t hand over everything now and turn against Andy. Andy’s there, though, and reinforcements arrive, catching Kono red-handed. Kono has a break down and tells them everything; Teru’s on the island where M’s Last Testament is. in a roundabout way, that was always the plan. Akira and the team were supposed to end up there and decrypt M’s Last Testament together, and then the island would blow up and kill them all, finally erasing Akira and all who knew of him. Riko punches him (GOOD!), and the team get ready to save Teru.
Teru wakes up on the island and nearly panics, but she remembers Soichiro’s words about using good memories and favorite phrases to ground yourself. she starts wandering and gets found by Akira. she tries to tell him that M’s Last Testament is a trap, but he doesn’t believe her or care. he decodes the entrance and goes through -which closes behind him so Teru can’t follow. back with the team, they’re ready for take off literally! Boss and Kurosaki’ll take a helicopter to the island. Riko packs snacks and wishes them well.
back on the island, Teru refuses to give up so she starts searching for clues. she finds blood splatter and a picture frame that has an SD card taped to the back. Boss and Kurosaki land on the island, and Kurosaki immediately runs off xD Boss’s attacked by Chiharu though!!!! Kurosaki finds Teru and they share quite a kiss x////D while they catch up, Chiharu comes in, and Kurosaki gets Teru and himself to cover because she’s shooting at them! Boss disarms her, but he’s been poisoned. Chiharu has the antidote, and she’ll give it to them as long as they let her go. she reveals that they have 1-3hrs before the island blows; 1hr if Akira opens all the locks -they put in enough to keep him busy for an hr- or 3hr if the island has to blow on its timer. the timer was triggered when Akira opened the 1st door. also, the codes were changed after the professor’s death, so that’s why this wasn’t in M’s Last Testament. Chiharu works for the ones who developed M’s Last Testament, but Antler doesn’t. she throws them the antidote as she makes her escape. Teru gives Kurosaki the extra data from the SD card and decides to go after Akira to stall him while Kurosaki analyzes it and Boss can be their comm guy and strategist.
Boss is very against it, but Kurosaki sees the same strength in her that Soichiro had, so he trusts her. I guess Kurosaki unlocks the elevator? they share a kiss before they get to work. Akira’s head is killing him and we see a flashback where doctors explained it was from all the experiments; the different chemicals used on him over the yrs have started destroying his brain; he’ll lose his memories and organs without the medicine they can give him. they still treat him horribly, though. Antler baited him with M’s Last Testament, saying it was left by the professor for someone special, and Chiharu -even though she was never kind- gave him the opportunity to pursue this. he keeps going because he remembers the professor, and he doesn’t even care if it’s a trap. back with Kurosaki, Teru’s still chasing Akira but her comms are losing signal as she goes. Kurosaki finds a file in the SD card that explains that M’s Last Testament can’t be stopped. Kurosaki chases after Teru who’s just caught up with Akira. he’s at the last door; if he opens it, that’s the end. Teru’s ready to challenge him!
everyone back home is wishing for their safety and return. Kurosaki convinces Boss to call back the helicopter and escape while Kurosaki goes to get Teru and Akira. she’s trying to convince him not to get them both killed, that there could be a future past this if he’ll just go with them, they can save him. he slaps her because he never asked them to save him. if they’re trying to help him for selfish reasons, then they’re just like all the others, just using him for their own gain. he tries to put in the code, but Teru pulls his hand from the keyboard. he tries to snap at her some more, saying he didn’t ask them to save him, and she tells him that the professor did ask them and that it’s for the professor’s dedication and faith in Akira that they’re doing this. if Akira really doesn’t care or remember him like he told her before, then why search and fight so hard for this? she’s touching on a nerve and he punches her to try to make her stop, but she sees her opening and grabs him, promising they’ll live through this, that he can’t die yet, that she’ll make sure he’s never alone again, that they’ll make memories past this. she collapses after, and Akira’s frozen; this finally caught him. Kurosaki shows up, and Akira questions if Teru was telling the truth about the island blowing up. it was the truth. she was trying to buy them time, but Kurosaki says they only have 15min, and it’ll blow; they can’t stop it. he encourages Akira not to cry, that this is when important stuff happens. Chiharu reports to her superior that the island exploded…
so, this is where the volume ends, but I couldn’t stop reading, so we’ll keep going!! SUCH A CLIFF HANGER, JEEZ!!
ch75: Riko recalls the day the island blew up; it was 2 months ago… but Teru and Kurosaki’re okay! and then we get a flashback for how that happened xD back on the island, Kurosaki reveals that the creator of the re-written Testament wanted Akira to be free, so rather than adding a code to stop the bomb, he added a code that could be accessed in the last 15min to opened an escape route by the final door. Kurosaki uses the password to access the code and has Akira decipher it so they can open the escape route. Akira collapses after, and Kurosaki carries him. Akira tries to protest so Kurosaki can carry Teru, but Kurosaki gives Teru a rice ball instead; she was just hungry x’D (this’s the 1st time Akira sees them being ridiculous xD). they find a motor boat below. while Kurosaki works to get it started, Antler appears and gives Teru a flash drive. he bows as the boat gets away. … um… WHAT?! WTC, ANTLER!? Boss meets them with the helicopter, and they’re all taken to safety. back to the present! the team’s on their way to see Akira in the hospital. HE HAS SHORT HAIR!! Boss’s looking after him and correcting Akira like he used to correct Kurosaki ❤ apparently, Akira had a brain tumor. the professor made notes about it back when he 1st met Akira, and they’d planned to remove it after the project was done, but then Akira was abducted, and his captors feared that removing the tumor may get rid of his decoding abilities, so they left it and treated it with drugs. it was growing almost to be the point of being inoperable, but the doctors got it out ❤ Teru gives Akira the flash drive; they’ve checked it for viruses and it looks like it was the promise the professor left for Akira. Akira tells them not to laugh, and wow, good thing he did xD back when Akira was little, he made the professor promise to sing the song Kurosaki’s father and Soichiro used to sing -“Daisy Bell”- for his birthday. the professor was bad at singing, but he kept his promise. the flash drive showed the professor singing it every year for every birthday he was apart from Akira. he never got better at singing, but he put his heart into it every time </3 TTwTT
we get back to normal school days. Kiyoshi’s training to be vice president in the student council. there’re rumors that Kurosaki’s going to quit, but he says it’ll be after Teru graduates (oh yeah, they’re 3rd yrs now). a lot has changed, but a lot has also stayed the same ❤ the end ❤
bonus1: set between when Kurosaki comes back but before he confesses to Teru, according to the author’s notes. Kurosaki notices that Teru’s been more serious about her appearance lately -he notices everything about her, so yeah xD he paints her nails for her because he wanted an excuse to do something for her where he could still be close -very sneaky, well done. he’s also thinking far ahead into their relationship o///o I wasn’t prepared for that, Kurosaki x///D;;;
bonus2: set the day after the other New Year’s special -so Teru’s a 2nd year. Takeda’s 1st dream involved Kurosaki having to kiss him to save Teru x’///D Mangaka, I was not prepared for these chapters!! xDD but I love them xD
bonus3: we see a parralel of Soichiro w/ Riko -from Kurosaki’s eyes- and Kurosaki w/ Teru -from Akira’s eyes. both younger men came to like the lady before them, but she always shone brightest with her guy, so the younger guy always made sure to stay out of the way. (it’s kind of really sweet, actually; sorry my description butchers it). also, Akira gets to go to his 1st festival! 8D
bonus4: we see when Antler and Soichiro met!!! Antler was coming to kill Soichiro DESPITE his inevitable death, but Soichiro was waiting for him. I think Soichiro’s foresight and brilliance took Antler by surprise, and when Soichiro offered an alternative, a small goal that might take years to achieve, that was so likely to fail but that Soichiro believed in so wholeheartedly, I think it got Antler’s attention and made him want to see if it could come true. Soichiro gave Antler the professor’s promise to Akira with the challenge that if Soichiro predicted correctly, then Antler must give the data to Akira. and Soichiro was right, and Antler -who worked for hire only, not for loyalty- decided to go along with Soichiro’s plan because (I think) it seemed fun, it was out of the ordinary in his very meticulous world. this made me appreciate Soichiro’s character even more, and actually helped ease me about Antler a bit, too; he’s been bothering me with his weird back-and-forth behavior!
bonus5: we see the fight between Riko and Soichiro that he apologized for during his test for the team. after getting sick and getting to work on deciphering the code, Soichiro tried to break up with Riko, but she wouldn’t let him. she cried and drank for 7 days after, and he finally came over, drenched in the rain. he admitted his weaknesses and his fears, and she comforted him. that’s the Soichiro she remembers and cherishes the most, the one who was broken that only she knew. I wasn’t ready for this chapter either T^T Soichiro gave her a ring -I guess in the bouquet he’d left for her during the test- which she wears
bonus6: apparently, Teru’s 17, Akira’s 20, and Kurosaki’s 25 (I had no idea Akira was 20; he looks so small and scrawny O.o; ). after getting out of the hospital, Akira started working at Boss’s café ❤ while Teru’s still in school, Kurosaki’s still the custodian -though he has to work for the government sometimes too. Kiyoshi’s dating Rena (Teru, your ship sailed!!)! every weekend, the team gets together at Kurosaki’s to eat together -Akira cooks while others help. the government’s paying for the whole team to study the island involved in M’s Last Testament; the research should only take half a day, but the rest of the time they can be on vacation xD Kurosaki’s a little more passionate in his kissing when he’s been drinking >///> it makes Teru flustered, but he promises to wait until after she’s graduated before they do any more than kiss. her friends say they should just get married, but Teru’s never thought about it. Kiyoshi says Kurosaki keeps writing sutras xD Teru wants to go to college to learn clinical psychology like Riko. the day of the trip, someone left a baby at Kurosaki’s door, asking him to take care of it until the parents return. so the trip’s postponed! Riko’s trained in child care, so she shows Teru what to do, but then she’s called away to help with a project! she brings Andy with her, assigns Boss and Akira to track down the parents, and puts Teru and Kurosaki in charge of baby care. they tried calling the police, but apparently, the letter made it sound like a friend asked, so the police won’t get involved (I guess they think the callers were trying to pass off responsibility for this kid and refused to be a part of it?). Kurosaki’s terrified of hurting the baby, so he can’t touch it. his resolve is set by day 2, though, and he and Teru switch roles ❤ by day 3, Boss and Akira find the parents, which is good because Teru and Kurosaki were at their limit xD the baby was in great shape, but they -and the apartment- were not xD (I hear that’s how it goes with real 1st time parents, too). turns out, the parents live in Kurosaki’s building. the husband was away on a business trip and the wife had to go to the hospital; for some reason, she couldn’t bring the baby to the hospital? and her family refuses to help. she heard Kurosaki and Teru talking and was so desperate, she left her baby with them, thinking she’d only be gone for a quick appointment. but she had to have emergency surgery for appendicitis; her husband just go to the hospital when Boss and Akira tracked them down.
with that ordeal over, the team goes to the beach -for work/research but also for a vacation! Kurosaki implies being able to handle a baby with Teru in the future <333 they’re not in a rush for that, though ❤
and that’s the actual end! next time, I’ll review the whole manga, so please click <here> to read that! thanks so much for reading this far with me!

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