Soul Eater, part 13

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Soul Eater

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I do not own this manga, so I will be reading fan translations online.  I am going to be doing shorthand descriptions on each chapter.  These descriptions are really more of a reminder to myself about what all I have been able to read so far.  Sorry if this bothers anyone!  I will do a full description on the final review page of each series I read.

Every post past this point will be a spoiler, so please read ahead with caution!

ch72: the 4 witches are fitting with exploding collars – in case they get out of line. in a flashback, we learn that Maka’s the one who checked out the manuscript for the Book of Eibon; it wasn’t Medusa; Maka had been trying to research the black blood. Spartoi is deployed into the book with Medusa as their magical conduit. inside, they meet the index and learn they must go through 7 chapters to reach Kidd. chapter 1 is Lust, and everyone turns into the opposite gender with whatever traits interest/entice them xD a succubus collected by Noah appears, and Maka gets a nosebleed xD if they stay too long, though, their souls will simply become passages in the book.
outside, Noah has Brew, and he orders Giriko to get the “irregularities” out of the Book of Eibon (aka: Spartoi).
back in the book: Kidd faces a great old one, but not one of the 8 warlords. it’s wavelength is similar to Asura, and it consumes him (no, Kidd!!)

ch73: Kidd gets twisted by the darkness that consumed him. he realizes that nothingness is a step beyond symmetry, and now, he wishes to bring everything to nothing by killing everything (no, Kidd T.T)
back with Spartoi: Lizz summarizes everyone. Maka’s a solemn young man, Soul’s a bossy little princess, Black Star’s a naive girl, and Tsubaki’s still being pushed around by Black Star xD Liz got dumber in that she (currently he) only thinks about dumb things, and Patty just wants to hit things/people. Kilik speaks more formally and more feminine (I think a refined young lady), and Thunder and Fire still haven’t spoken but they’re uncomfortable with being the opposite gender now – poor babies. Blair turns out to be a hot guy who’s unaffected by the succubus; Blair’s a seducer, so she (now he) can’t be seduced. he easily attracts the succubus, then destroys it; Kilik swoons, and now it’s time to move onto the next chapter xD
now we’re in chapter 2, gluttony. everyone’s personalities are back to normal, but their bodies are still gender-bent xD they’ll change back with time, but the higher their sexual desire is, the longer it’ll take (hehe) >3 Maka thinks it’ll be Soul, but Tsubaki worries it’ll be her (I’m just going to use their usual pronouns from here on). Soul convinces Toc (the index; Table of Contents abbreviated) to take them to the next chapter before everyone falls to their glutton -Black Star, Patty, and Kilik were already lost and Maka and Tsubaki were about to fall as well. good for you, Soul!
chapter 3, Maka is alone at Shibusen; she has pigtails again despite being a boy (they’re short xD). she’s confronted by the stalker girl from real life -though I’m pretty sure this kid’s just an illusion within the book. welcome to the chapter of envy.

ch74: Maka’s now fully female again. the girl of envy convinces Maka that she’s only gotten where she is because of Soul and that she’s not a good technician. as Maka cries, Soul (now male) appears. his envy had to do with his older brother, Wes, who’s a higher level musician, but Soul won’t let that stop him. he takes Maka and himself to the next chapter (good for you, Soul! you are a cool guy ❤ ).
now in chapter 4, wrath. Black Star, Kilik, and Patty (all their correct genders) trade out death threats xD Tsubaki is still male and is stil calm xD Liz is also still male, but she’s not calm xD Black Star manages to calm down after Tsubaki yells at him, but then he sees Excalibur xDDD turns out he was captured, too. Liz is so mad that she’s crying xD while everyone’s freaking out, Noah’s looking into the book to examine the mayhem, and he calls it unsightly xD even Toc is so annoyed that he agrees to move on to the next chapter.
now in chapter 5, pride. despite everything Excalibur managed to get into the same chapter with them xD he offers to help them save Kidd; with 1 swing, they would be there! Liz (still male) steps up, swings, and throws Excalibur out of the book xD her pride got in the way, but no one blames her, I think they all understand xD
Maka and Soul are somehow in chapter 6, Sloth, as is Giriko. the last chapter really bothered Maka; she asks Soul to leave her behind.

ch75: back in chapter 4, Wes asked if Soul liked being with Maka because she didn’t know music, so she never made him think of it, but when Maka asks Soul what he saw, he says he didn’t see anything. Giriko attacks Soul and pins Maka to get revenge for Arachne, but Soul saves her again. when the fight really starts, Maka can’t focus because she’s still dwelling on her insecurities as a technician. Soul decides to fight on his own.
in chapter 7, greed, Liz turns back just moments before Tsubaki does; turns out that Tsubaki is the biggest perv in their group xD also Black Star shares a room with Tsubaki; he’s considering changing that now though. Blair is still a tom cat, so she’s actually the biggest perv of them all (no surprise).
the Shibusen adults find Noah’s hide out, Maka realizes she should trust Soul, and Kidd is convinced he should fight Black Star with his new goal of nothingness

ch76: I almost feel bad for Giriko; he waited 800 years for Arachne to come back, and then she died after just a few months; he’s a bad guy, but I get why he’s ticked at Maka and Soul. Soul uses the black blood and Arachne’s power to play Adagio of the Soul and cancel out Giriko’s sound. when he stops, Maka kills them. but then a female Giriko appears behind her! What?! turns out the male Giriko was just a golem; the real Giriko put some of his genes into a child and had Brew accelerate the growth, so now Giriko is female. she got a surprise attack on Maka.
now in the chapter of greed, Toc can’t take them any further; they have to be invited by the old one in order to continue. only Black Star is invited, but he promises to come back with Kidd. as Black Star falls, he passes Kidd, but with only one look, he realizes that Kidd has fallen to the darkness.

ch77: Black Star and Kidd fight briefly before the old one arrives and halts Kidd’s movements; he says he gives out power equally and then asks Black Star what kind of power he desires. a large white star -like his clan’s- appears in Black Star’s eye as he considers; he’s not losing himself again, is he?!
back with Maka: Giriko is so worked up in a rage that Soul’s piano can’t reach him; Giriko’s just too loud now. just before he can deliver the killing blow, though, Giriko’s soul begins to burst from all the blood lust; it’s too much for a soul. and so by wanting to kill Maka, Giriko dies instead (that’s kind of a cool story mechanic, but it also feels like a cop-out…)

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