Soul Eater, part 14

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Soul Eater

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I do not own this manga, so I will be reading fan translations online.  I am going to be doing shorthand descriptions on each chapter.  These descriptions are really more of a reminder to myself about what all I have been able to read so far.  Sorry if this bothers anyone!  I will do a full description on the final review page of each series I read.

Every post past this point will be a spoiler, so please read ahead with caution!

ch78: Black Star just craves power; he doesn’t need to define it more than that. he and Kidd begin fighting again, but Black Star’s eyes are still crazed. he comments that Kidd’s goal of nothing is similar to his own. when Kidd disagrees, Black Star says it doesn’t matter the means if the result is the same (these guys make good foils to each other -opposites that bring out their qualities). despite Black Star’s eyes, he making really good philosophical points to Kidd about power, nothingness, symmetry, and the scope of gods (way to go, Black Star). he doesn’t limit himself to anxieties or worries; he doesn’t dwell on the future; he’s too busy running towards it. and when he’s strong enough to defeat everyone, he’ll figure out what to do after that; he’s not going to waste his time now thinking about it (good for you, Black Star!).
back in the chapter of greed, Liz flashes back to when she met Kidd. he saved her and Patty and asked them to become his left and right hands, and they agreed because they wanted his money, but after being with him, Liz realized Patty had never laughed so much before (we also learn their mom was the most beautiful whore -their word- in New York, but that she abandoned her daughters). even in the chapter of greed, Liz only wants Kidd and Black Star to come back safe. Liz cries as she realizes she never thanked Kidd.
back at the fight: Black Star’s using the insanity to gain power, but he won’t let it beat him. he also figured out what he wants to do once he’s the strongest, but the old one cuts him off.

ch79: Kidd thinks about everything Black Star said, and he realizes he wants the ultimate order which is different than nothingness. with this realization, he turns back ❤ welcome back, Kidd!! he even thanks Black Star who no longer has stars in his eyes ❤ Black Star’s going to help Kidd create a truly balanced world ❤ when the old one hears this answer, he decides to help them leave the book and will even bring the others out as well.
outside the book, the teachers approach the hide out, but as Tezca opens the door, he’s attacked by a giant worm thing; I’m pretty sure he’s dead… more worms appear around the others. Stein is fatally wounded (though not dead yet), Sid loses an arm, and Nygus and Marie are injured by Justin. before more harm can happen, Spartoi emerges from the book. Black Star and Kidd defeat the summoned manticore, and they all face Noah (so cool!). Kidd gives Noah the death penalty.

ch80: while Spartoi fights, the teachers face Justin who says he’d like to leave. he explains that his faith was in a way madness, so he decided to follow the leader of madness, aka the Kishin (while I don’t like that he’s fallen, I can see his logic. I still don’t like it though). he also knows where the Kishin is.
Noah’s using his collection to fight, so even though he’s one opponent, he’s hard to defeat. he even summons a horadragon (a giant, multi-headed dragon, with masks and a graveyard on its back).

ch81: when the dragon eats something, a new headstone appears in the graveyard (creepy). during his soul resonance, Kidd connects the second (the bottom) sanzu line, causing a crack in Shinigami-sama’s mask. the attack kills Noah (and possibly also the dragon). Gopher steals the book of Eibon and flies off; everyone is too injured to follow.
Justin went to where the kishin is which if I had to guess is the land of clowns because JEEZ there are a lot!

ch82: Kidd gives his report to Shinigami-sama whose mask is whole again (Spirit looks so sad and concerned though; oh my heart!). Kidd was never able to see Noah’s soul, he seemed like just a collection/manifestation of greed.
back in the book of Eibon, Toc talks about the three types of madness: madness of knowledge, of power, and of fear (I think we’re about to get a lot more lore). rules may have created madness, or it could’ve been the other way around. the book of Eibon wants to grant even more knowledge, but Stein says that too much knowledge leads to no more thinking.
Toc creates the Statue of Rage, aka Noah returns only now he’s powered by rage instead of greed? he grabs Gopher and tells him to follow him (I’m pretty sure he will).
back at Shibusen: Stein opens the bag with Tecza’s corpse, but it’s not him. Tecza faked his death to trick Justin, and now he must disguise himself with a chipmunk head instead of a bear head. … apparently, he also smokes.
over in Moscow: Chrona’s on a mission to kill a death scythe to grow stronger. she(?) finds Magic Bullet, Tsar Pushka to fight.

ch 83: (this translation is calling him Magic Shell Czar Puuzuka) but Czar/Tsar has an anti-demon wavelength like Maka which is why he was chosen for Chrona to fight. in Death City, Soul’s old wounds ache as Chrona fights. the death scythe and his meister are consumed by madness because of Chrona’s attack. Chrona is convinced she can only taint things, even Maka’s smile.
Stein, and teams Maka and Kim are sent to Moscow. Kim (last name apparently Diehl) tries to heal the defeated with her magic, and it seems to work. Maka and Soul are sent into the room housing the defeated death scythe and meister who are consumed within a giant ball of black blood. when Soul touches it, the madness overtakes him. he fights it off long enough to get outside, but then the scar on his chest splits into a gaping eye (kind of looks like a target actually because of all the rings).

ch84: Stein partners with Jacqueline to take on Soul. internally, Soul is faced with a much larger demon that keeps asking what he is. Soul’s body continues to fight, though. he sends out sound mixed with madness. out of concern, Kim hugs him to remove the madness with her magic. Maka joins the hug so her anti-demon wavelength can help. though Stein is calmer, he can’t fight like this xD he does a good job of dodging, though. while they fight, Soul continues to deal with his inner demon who hasn’t actually grown, he’s just controlling a larger suit. he comes out and asks again what Soul is. Soul answers that he’s Soul Eater the Death Scythe. Maka hits him for acting cool and for pulling her hair before xD Stein orders the Russian branch to close and raises the warning from level A to S. Chrona’s attacking a town in Ukraine now. a giant orb of black blood surrounds the entire thing…

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