Soul Eater, part 15

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Soul Eater

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I do not own this manga, so I will be reading fan translations online.  I am going to be doing shorthand descriptions on each chapter.  These descriptions are really more of a reminder to myself about what all I have been able to read so far.  Sorry if this bothers anyone!  I will do a full description on the final review page of each series I read.

Every post past this point will be a spoiler, so please read ahead with caution!

ch85: Tezca catches up to Justin in Ukraine. Tezca knows the general location of where the Kishin might be, but that’s all. they begin to fight

ch86: Shinigami-sama sent some Shibusen forces into Bagdad on suspicion that the Kishin was there, but he was not; Bagdad is now under Shibusen’s control after an anti-Shibusen faction there was wiped out (I’m sensing some political vibes here). Kidd decides to go to the Lost Island to search for the Kishin
back in Ukraine, though Tezca tries his best to reach Justin, it fails; Justin kills him once and for all

ch87: Chrona recounts a story s/he (I’m using this from now on; I should’ve just done this from the start) read growing up about all the ways to kill people. when Chrona gets back to Medusa, she praises him/her and makes xer favorite lunch, pasta. in Ukraine, Chrona used Mad Blood to engulf the death scythe, Czar, in black blood; when he fell to madness, he dissolved into the blood, turning it into a solid sphere of madness; Chrona then did the same to the nearby town, creating a much larger black blood sphere.
Kidd’s at the Lost Island (which is north of Alaska) where the magnetic field is. the real Eibon is in the field
back with Chrona! while Medusa praises him/her, Chrona recalls having to kill 3 rabbits as a child; if s/he didn’t, then s/he couldn’t eat for 5 days; after failing once, s/he killed them all like Medusa wanted; now Chrona can eat as much as s/he wants of his/her favorite food, and Medusa even gives Chrona a hug, but it makes Chrona snap because this isn’t the Medusa that Chrona knows. just before dying, Medusa says that the black blood is now complete since Chrona has thrown away his/her last attachment (JEEZ!!)

ch88: in Shiscepa Village, Maka, Soul, Black Star, and Tsubaki prepare for “the hunt” (whatever that is. on a quick side note, this page says this is chapter 78, but the site I’m on says ch88; I am very concerned now, but there’s nothing I can do about it Dx ) we meet Eihab the magical tank and Hemingu the village’s young hunter; if our heroes can catch the prey, then the village will prosper for an entire year (Idk what’s going on). so the prey is a giant sky whale. …. wat xDD anyway, Maka notices that at higher altitudes, the concentration of madness is higher
back at the Lost Island: Eibon references Excalibur as also being the kind of existence that can differentiate between knowing something and not being able to say something (I think Eibon is saying that Excalibur is also one of the old ones).
back with the others: Soul realizes that they can use sound to corner the sky whale (poor whale). when Hemingu takes the shot, he cuts Black Star’s scarf that’s been keeping him in the air xD Black Star decides to destroy the village, but Tsubaki, Soul, and Maka apparently stop him xD Maka realizes something about the Kishin, but then we cut back to Shibusen. They’re home! Marie has bad news, though; Chrona’s been added to Shinigami-sama’s execution list, and Spartoi must go after s/him.

ch89: Kidd thinks Shinigami-sama gave this job to Spartoi so they could make their own choice; Maka goes outside to search the world for Chrona using her soul perception -backed by Soul of course. while looking for Chrona, she finds the Kishin instead; he’s on the moon! Tezca reflected his own soul in his mirror, so from the grave, he tells Shinigami-sama his suspicions that Asura’s on the moon; Maka confirms, so a team is put together; Kidd is put on that team instead of Spartoi, so he leaves Chrona in Maka’ hands.
elsewhere, Toc plans to use Brew to obtain the Kishin’s madness to expand Eibon’s knowledge. also elsewhere, Noah and Gopher are going somewhere.
back at Shibusen! Maka sense Justin, and he knows it.

ch90: Maka continues to search with her soul perception while Ox and Havar try to track Chrona through their notes on Medusa’s movements. Liz and Patty have to write wills since they’re going after the Kishin, but they don’t have anyone to leave anything to. Black Star wants to join the Kishin mission, but he knows to respect Shinigami-sama’s decision, so he’ll stay with the Chrona mission instead (such growth, Black Star!). the last two death scythes arrive: Ding Diinga from Africa and Jingaran from West Asia; Tezca (from the mirror) and his monkey, Enrique, are also there for the meeting. down in the dungeon, Eruka realizes that Medusa is dead.
Spirit calls Maka to the roof to give her her mother’s wedding ring; it has a protection against madness written into the band. Spirit says Kami (Maka’s mother) is strong enough to resist madness but that she probably worried for Maka which is why she returned the ring (that’s sweet of him to say; I hope it’s true of Kami). he wishes Maka luck with dealing with Chrona and reminds her where she and Chrona met; realizing where to look, Maka runs off, and finds Chrona at the Santa Maria church with her soul perception; she thinks this is Chrona’s last attempt to ask for help.
Stein’s chosen as operation leader, and Marie worries that he’s enjoying this because he thinks he’ll die. Sid appoints long sword meister Hoshiakane and weapon Mareisaizumoa for the mission as well; they both work in Shibusen’s central info office (why have we never seen them before?). Shibusen reparation technician carpenter, Gen, has also finished the air ship and equipped it with magic tools for the trip to the moon.

ch91: the airship flies to the moon; they’ll be there in 10 more minutes (that’s cool but weird xD ). Justin’s waiting, and his clown companions begin attacking the ship. Kidd’s sent out, but he’s attacked by Clown Kaguya. Clown Shirousagi (meaning White Bunny) boards the ship and begins killing the crew.

ch92: the reception lady comes to help Kidd fight; apparently she’s so strong she doesn’t need a weapon (I’m reminded of Black Star; Kidd thinks of it, too). when Kidd makes an opening, she runs through with all the bombs to attack the enemy directly (rip office lady). Hoshiakane fights in the engine room against Shirousagi. Stein comes to help, and he kills the clown with one hit of his soul >3

ch93: Spartoi is in Italy. Havar is all for killing Chrona, but Kim doesn’t like it; Black Star says this mission is their decision, not an absolute order; Maka says she’s not sure what she’ll do until she meets Chrona, also, ps, she knows where Chrona is xD (I like the character diversity ❤ )
back to the moon: the ship has landed; no space suits needed. the receptionist lady survives the blast, but then Justin kills her and eats her soul (T_T). as the fighting continues, Spirit and Marie worry that Stein is becoming like the Kishin because of the madness

ch94: Spirit passes between soldiers to help with the battle, but when Justin appears, it’s for naught; he and Stein begin to fight. Sid slips into the moon’s nose to search for the Kishin while everyone’s distracted xD the clowns raise more fighters, and Kidd activates his madness to begin attacking. Noah and Gopher arrive at the nose, but they meet Akane and Clay (apparently these are their first names? these different translations are rough).

ch95: Noah and Gopher decide not to fight, and in order not to attract attention, Akane and Clay follow them in. in his own battle, Kidd activates the first Sanzu line (I wish he wouldn’t taunt the enemy before defeating them; just defeat them, Kidd xP ). Spirit says that Kidd must activate all 3 lines before they fight the Kishin. of course, the clown Kaguya summons more enemies because Kidd got cocky xP
back in Italia (Idk why it’s Italia now instead of Italy). Maka says she can’t find Chrona so everyone splits up; before leaving, Black Star says to call for him if she needs help; he knows that Maka knows where Chrona is. inside the church, Chrona doesn’t know who Maka is

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