Soul Eater, part 16

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Soul Eater

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I do not own this manga, so I will be reading fan translations online.  I am going to be doing shorthand descriptions on each chapter.  These descriptions are really more of a reminder to myself about what all I have been able to read so far.  Sorry if this bothers anyone!  I will do a full description on the final review page of each series I read.

Every post past this point will be a spoiler, so please read ahead with caution!

ch96: Chrona only waited to tell Maka that s/he killed Medusa and can no longer go back; s/he finally feels free, and s/he has decided to go to the moon to capture the Kishin and wrap the world in madness; this is Chrona’s choice and plan because Chrona doesn’t feel compatible with the way the world currently works. even the door of the church that only opens inward, Chrona pushes it out to leave. Black Star tries to stop Chrona, but s/he says s/he doesn’t want to hurt anyone anymore; Chrona escapes, and Havar keeps Maka from chasing xer. they must inform Shibusen; Maka and Black Star will head to the moon as soon as preparations are complete.
Tezca keeps Shinigami-sama informed through the mirror (I guess he just lives there now); Kidd has connected 2 Sanzu lines. Stein and Marie finally kill Justin (he talks a lot without his earphones in).

ch97: Stein overcomes his madness after killing Justin; Kidd is ordered to retreat because Shinigami-sama has a message for him; Stein asks Marie to take Kidd back to the ship, and she agrees. Shinigami-sama has been negotiating with the witches so they can stop the Kishin; they want a shinigami to come finish the negotiations, so Kidd must go to the witches’ district. the death scythes will remain behind to continue fighting the clowns.
back at Shibusen, Eruka’s heard of the plan and thinks it seems valid (who is her Shibusen contact?). Free comes to get her out! but he actually got captured and is just with them on their way to bring Eruka to Shinigami-sama xD Enrique is there with Tezca (in a hand mirror), and apparently Free doesn’t like monkeys (something about monkeys and dogs? btw, I love Free; he’s such a dork xD ).
back in Italy: before Spartoi splits up, Soul and Tsubaki bought matching headbands for everyone. Soul drew his symbol on his; Maka’s apparently a painter, but she can’t draw, so she makes Soul do it. Black Star makes Tsubaki draw a star on his xD after splitting up, teams Maka and Black Star put on their old outfits with their new headbands and prepare to head to the moon

ch98: (and now this page says it’s actually ch 98; what happened to all those other chapters? I’m so scared and confused now…) Kidd wants to stay behind, but Marie convinces him that he has to go; the ship leaves. back on the moon, Sid meets up with Akane, Noah, and Gopher.
on Earth, Maka and Black Star are slowly making their way to the moon. at shibusen, Kidd’s back! he’s in a rush, but Kim and Jackie are still washing up. Kidd rushes into the shower area to help them, but Liz and Patty drag him back out xD the witches along with Free and Kidd will go; the weapons have to stay behind; Free’s very uncomfortable with Shinigami-sama and a monkey in front of him xD the portal to the witches’ realm must be opened by the youngest witch in the group, and it’s summoned by butt writing (what the heck, manga? xDD ). the witches probably can’t teleport to the moon because of the madness there.
they are all captured and put on trial by the witches. for working for Medusa, freeing Free, and helping Shibusen, Eruka is sentenced to 5 deaths (how does one die 5 times? that sounds terrible). Tabatha Butterfly, aka Risa/Lisa, is sentenced to 1 death for helping Shibusen and for being intimate with a death scythe, aka Spirit; Taruho Firefly, aka Arisa, has the same charges and will get the same punishment, but since she speaks against it, 3 more deaths are added to her sentence. Free is sentenced to 1,000 deaths for stealing Mabaa-sama’s eye and for escaping prison. Kimiearl Diehl is sentenced to one death for fleeing the assembly and for joining Shibusen; she tries to object, but since she has a block on her knees and can’t move, her objection is denied. Kidd is sentenced to one million deaths for being a shinigami.
Kidd’s had enough of this. he pleads with the witches for their assistance (it’s really beautiful; make sure you read it); he even breaks out of his bonds and lowers his head to the floor in order to ask for their help. the witch reading the charges wants to refuse, but Mabaa-sama herself intervenes (too bad Idk what “Nyamu” means); did she agree?!

ch99: Kidd is sent back early; the meeting is continuing as witches only. Kidd wants to believe in Mabaa-sama’s nyamu xD
on the air ship: repairs will take 4 hours, but Kidd wants to leave in 30 minutes; Gen will find a way, but if the ship gets hit even once, they’re doomed.
back on the moon: Sid just has to deal with the new complications. he prepares to drop a flare into the depths of the moon, but madness makes him hallucinate; they don’t know how deep the moon goes, but the Kishin is definitely down there.
back at Shibusen, everyone reminisces about the witches and how it all started… but of course the translation hasn’t been done on this page; all I can see is something about Excalibur xP Shinigami-sama and Eibon wrote the theory on weapon creation but locked it away; Arachne put it to use and mass produced weapons. with all these children in the world, Shibusen decided to find them and train them, and so the school was born. the children are still incomplete without a witch’s soul, though; so that’s why one is required to become a death scythe.
Kilik is on the airship, and he gives Kidd, Liz, and Patty armbands. Kidd has grown enough that he can wear it on one arm (woah!!), but he has to draw the picture perfectly xD they should reach the moon in 1 hour, but Kidd needs 4 hours to draw xD
Chrona enters the moon causing it to sneeze. Excalibur sneezes, too O.o (I wish I knew what it had said about Excalibur and the witches; jeez)

ch100: the death scythes are beginning to get tired. as some accept that they may die, Spirit tells them to keep up their hope because expecting death doesn’t make you stronger; they have to be willing to fight no matter what.
Maka and Soul now have to carry Black Star since they’re above the ocean; as they approach the moon, the beam clown attacks them; Maka flings Black Star forward, and he grabs the beams and throws them back; he says he can do it because he’s super awesome (I believe it, Black Star; that’s the only explanation xD ). Maka hesitates to come down because of all the enemies on the moon; Soul hacks the moon beams with his rhythm (that’s pretty cool; also kind of evil, though, Soul xD ). Maka and Soul attack the enemies with their own beams.
everyone works to believe in the witches, but it’s hard. something hits Shibusen, and Shinigami-sama immediately blames the witches, but it’s only Excalibur come to watch the fight. Shinigami-sama says it’d be great if Excalibur joined the fight on the moon, and Excalibur says the same back to Shinigami-sama; he has something he could do, but he’s holding back
Kidd decides to attack the moon, but Azusa has doubts; she thinks he’s being childish for believing in the witches because they don’t forgive or forget easily. Kidd says that a true change in beliefs requires action and that it’s adults who only talk, so he’ll gladly be a kid forever if it means he’s willing to put in effort for his beliefs. he asks the 36 crew members if they’re willing to join the fight, and they all agree (another beautiful speech; it’s definitely worth reading). full speed ahead!

ch101: while Maka and Black Star fight on the moon, Kidd puts his faith in the witches and orders the ship into firing range. the ship is shot through. Kidd continues to believe in the witches, and Mabaa-sama appears. the witches have arrived. with the help, the clowns can now be destroyed

ch102: Kim and Ox re-unite, and she smacks him for shaving his head, but it’s an expression of his fighting spirit! the witches leave now that they’re job’s done, though some stay (like Eruka and Kim). the main 3 clowns combine into 1. Maka and Black Star team up to defeat it.
Sid and co reach the interior of the moon and continue towards the Kishin. Noah’s carrying Toc inside the book of Eibon, and it prepares to use Brew to capture the Kishin.
on the surface of the moon, Maka and Kidd can sense the Kishin. Asura’s awake.

ch103: the madness begins to infect everyone, but Maka and Soul cleanse it with their melody. inside the moon, Noah attacks the Kishin, and Toc even powers him up with Brew. once they’ve grabbed the Kishin -who is unconcerned-, Chrona appears behind Noah

ch104: Chrona swallows Asura and Noah with mad blood; s/he spits Noah out, though. Maka can feel that Chrona absorbed the Kishin. the moon’s mouth opens to reveal Chrona; Ragnarok releases a scream of insanity, and Kidd asks Free to teleport those who can’t handle it away. Free warns him not to rely on the spell, but he casts it and teleports them away; even Kidd gets teleported xDD Stein also gets teleported. Kidd sentences Free to death, but he laughs it off because he’s immortal; Kidd is so bothered by this, but he has to fly back to the moon, so he’ll deal with it later xD
back on the moon: Maka tries to decide what to do; Spirit backs her up and says this is her fight; reassured, she asks Black Star and Soul to help her fight (I don’t think Spirit expected to be excluded xD ). there’s a bad translation on this page; Maka shouts something to Chrona; I think it’s supposed to say something about fighting Chrona until s/he returns to his/her old self, but I’m not sure. Chrona just smiles a little

ch105: while Maka attacks, Black Star acts as her guard and back up. Chrona knocks out one of the moon’s teeth, and Black Star throws it out of the way; the fight looks very strange from Earth xD Chrona manages to cut Maka and Black Star, injecting them with his/her own messed up wavelength; they drop their weapons because they’re out of sync, and Chrona takes them away. Black Star is confident he can fight without a weapon, but Maka doesn’t know what to do; Soul’s useless without Maka, too; she’s the speaker to his sound. Spirit climbs the moon back to his daughter; apparently, he’s in his 30s.

ch106: Black Star tries to get their weapons back, but he gets caught trying to protect Maka; with Black Star out of the way, Chrona attacks again, but Spirit blocks it; he says Maka must use him; she worries about their soul wavelengths, and he says it’s fine since she’s his daughter (I think it has more to do with his ability to match to others wavelengths though). Maka feels stronger than usual now that she’s using Spirit, and Chrona doesn’t understand it. Spirit explains that parents have a bond with their children that can’t be severed, and Chrona starts to snap because s/he killed Medusa; sometime in the fight, Soul and Tsubaki are gotten back from Chrona. Chrona’s consumed by xer own madness, releasing the Kishin.

ch107: Kidd finally makes it back to the moon. Spirit says the connection between a parent and child is a closed one that repels others, so he and Maka can’t reach the Kishin; she’ll have to use someone else to make a stronger connection; she chooses Soul while Black Star reaches for Tsubaki. they fight, but the kids aren’t surpassing Asura; Black Star’s power reminds him of someone, though. Kidd activates 2 of the Sanzu lines and prepares to awaken as a shinigami.
on Earth, Shinigami-sama’s mask cracks again. Excalibur asks if Shinigami-sama has overcome the fear of death, and he says no; he fears dying just like everyone else (oh no; my heart!!!)

To read part 17, click here. We’re nearing the end!!

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