Soul Eater, part 17

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Soul Eater

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I do not own this manga, so I will be reading fan translations online.  I am going to be doing shorthand descriptions on each chapter.  These descriptions are really more of a reminder to myself about what all I have been able to read so far.  Sorry if this bothers anyone!  I will do a full description on the final review page of each series I read.

Every post past this point will be a spoiler, so please read ahead with caution!

ch108: so it sounds like Asura came from Shinigami-sama as did Kidd O.o Excalibur says that he will ensure <something? the translation is hard to understand, but I guess he’ll take care of things>. Asura reveals that he is Kidd’s older brother; they’re both fragments of Shinigami-sama, fear and order (they do look similar and now what Shinigami-sama was saying makes sense). Black Star rushes in, saying that even though he’s a human, that doesn’t mean he can’t surpass a god; Asura captures him and prepares to blow him away; Black Star does all he can to protect himself, but he can’t stop the blast (I actually had to take a minute before I kept reading; I was freaking out). Black Star captures the beam in his body and throws it back up with some blood; he knew he could surpass a god! he then reprimands Maka and Kidd for letting him go alone xD (don’t scare us like that, Black Star!!) everyone realizes that the black blood is keeping Asura from being hurt, so Soul’s inner demon asks him again to indulge in his own black blood, and this time, Soul agrees

ch109: Asura gets the upper hand, and everyone’s worried or stressed. Kidd fears that if he awakens as a shinigami, then he’ll become like Asura, but Maka reassures him. Soul starts to play the piano, and Maka and Black Star continue to fight. Maka’s resolve and confidence bring Kidd back, and he decides to face his fear and become a shinigami. Shinigami-sama’s mask begins to crack more.

ch110: Shinigami-sama’s mask begins to break apart (T_T). Kidd’s pupils become skulls, and as the 3rd line begins to connect, Shinigami-sama collapses. Shinigami-sama leaves the aftermath to Excalibur to please watch over Kidd, then Shinigami-sama turns to dust (ToT)
back on the moon, Kidd realizes that he has a controlled madness within himself that his father must have dealt with as well; it’s their belief in humans that helps them keep the madness controlled. Asura doesn’t like this one bit. the fighting continues, and Soul uses his black blood to its fullest to penetrate Asura’s defenses; Asura senses the attack and goes after Maka, stabbing through her(?) (someone got stabbed but it looked like a white shirt, so I’m not convinced it’s Maka)

ch111: I was wrong; Maka did get stabbed! poor Spirit is freaking out (poor papa) but she embraced the black blood along with Soul, so she’s fine. her outfit changes to accommodate her new power? Maka the magical girl xD she needs the others to get her an opening, but Asura’s not giving them a chance. Black Star jumps in the way to protect her, but his arm gets crushed and something serious happens to his spine; he’s not ready to quit though (Tsubaki’s worried though and that makes me worried T_T).
a shot comes from Earth; it’s Asuza fired by Kilik assisted by Eruka’s calculation magic. she sends calculations to Stein and Marie who launch the next attack. Sid wielding Spirit and Akane with Clay deflect Asura’s beam meant for Marie. Black Star and Kidd jump on Asura, leaving him open for Maka’s attack; she’s putting her whole soul into the kishin hunter!

ch112: Maka and Soul enter the Kishin. before, Soul was terrified to play the piano in front of people; the pressure got to him, but now, he has the courage to play again. Maka looks for Chrona within Asura. in the endless darkness of the kishin, Chrona holds on because s/he wants to see Maka once more. Maka appears, and when Chrona doubts it’s her, Maka chops Chrona with a book. Maka tries to get Chrona to leave, but Chrona realizes Asura can’t die as long as fear exists, and fear will always exist. Chrona can trap Asura in the mad blood, though, if Maka can make him bleed. the book Maka chopped Chrona with is the book of Eibon, and it contains Brew; Chrona will use Brew to magnify his/her power to trap Asura. Soul leads them to the exit with a melody of the souls they’ve encountered along the way; Chrona’s soul becomes to beginning (which is really the end when Maka and Soul return eventually).
outside, Black Star and Kidd are still fighting Asura, and they’re looking beat up. they use all they have to open the hole for Maka and Soul to come out; with a soul wavelength that connects them all, they manage it, unleashing kishin hunter, and allowing Chrona to use Brew to magnify mad blood. it’s enough to encompass the moon, but Spirit, Sid, Marie, and Akane get caught as well

ch113: last chapter! we see Rachel, whose body Medusa used, with her parents; they see the black moon. Maka starts to cry, but she realizes the souls have moved; Mabaa-sama saved everyone still trapped on the moon; now they’re safely at Shibusen. even Gopher escaped with all the copies of Noah (I count 6, but there should be 7, right, for the 7 deadly sins? or did greed die, so he’s not here anymore?). either way, Gopher’s ^ mouth turns into a W xD
Maka and co return to Shibusen, and Maka sees that her papa is ok, so she hugs Marie instead (so mean xD ); Marie’s soul response looks different, though…
Kidd returns to find his father dead. Excalibur explains that there can only be 1 shinigami at a time, after all; he doesn’t let Kidd dwell on his father’s death, though; this’ll be interesting for Kidd to deal with xD
on a side note, Maka seems very focused on boobs now? elsewhere, Black Star continues to train; now he’s learning to float on his own. the narrative acknowledges that he’s a bushin/battle god, so he’ll continue to surpass human limits. of course he’s training where he can see Tsubaki bathing to train his concentration, too xD he still gets hit with a shuriken for his trouble. the kid witch Angela is there, too, and Black Star promises his soul to her; if he’s not a real man, then she can have his soul. Angela’s good with this plan
Kidd is also now more focused on boobs, as is Patty. Kidd thinks it’s because Chrona didn’t have a mother’s love and that boobs are the symbol of maternity (Kidd’s words), so the world will gain a greater interest in boobs; he conducts a survey that shows the boob interest had increased by 50% (seriously, what is this, manga!? xD )
at his enthronement, Kidd announces his new plan for witches to join back into the rest of the world; Kim and Ox will be their go-betweens, and the witches were even invited to the ceremony. Soul is named as the last death scythe, and he’s changed his name to Soul “Eater” Evans. he plays the piano without fear in front of everyone, letting the world know that he is of the Evans family. this is the courage Maka helped him find, and everyone will do all they can to reach Chrona and Asura all the way up to the moon to show them that courage hasn’t failed. on a side note, Marie is pregnant with Stein’s baby.
The end!

To read my final review, click Soul Eater.

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